King, Queen, Knave

King Queen Knave Of all my novels this bright brute is the gayest writes Vladimir Nabokov in his Foreword to this revised and first English language edition of a classic story The setting is Berlin in the late s

  • Title: King, Queen, Knave
  • Author: Vladimir Nabokov Dmitri Nabokov
  • ISBN: 9780679723400
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Paperback
  • Of all my novels this bright brute is the gayest, writes Vladimir Nabokov in his Foreword to this revised and first English language edition of a classic story The setting is Berlin in the late 1920s An unprepossessing sullen little caf a lady in a moleskin coat a young man in tortoise shell glasses, sipping cherry brandy and gazing into each other s eyes The lady i Of all my novels this bright brute is the gayest, writes Vladimir Nabokov in his Foreword to this revised and first English language edition of a classic story The setting is Berlin in the late 1920s An unprepossessing sullen little caf a lady in a moleskin coat a young man in tortoise shell glasses, sipping cherry brandy and gazing into each other s eyes The lady in the fur coat is Martha Dreyer The myopic young man is Franz, her bumbling lover and her husband s nephew Her husband, oblivious to their meeting, plods on with his money making schemes Martha, strictly adhering to every rule of adultery, is clumsily plotting her husband s murder so that she and Franz may live happily forever after on his money.Husband, wife, paramour the classic triangle but, as in any Nabokov novel, the geometry is hardly plane As soon as Martha decides on the murderous solution the strange and hilarious workings of the god of chance begin Plot and subplot start their intricate courtship, and one of the most icily brilliant novels you have ever read is well underway.King, Queen, Knave will long remain the masterful, comic statement on classic bourgeois romance by the man whom Eliot Fremont Smith has called the greatest literary artist working today.

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      161 Vladimir Nabokov Dmitri Nabokov
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    1. Il re - soddisfatto, tronfio, narciso, iperattivo, egocentrico al punto da non considerare neppure l’altrui personalità, borioso, sicuro di sé, diciamo ottuso, non sente nell’aria la crisi, né quella della moglie né i primi accenni di quella finanziaria, e comunque infantile -La donna - eburnea, corvina, elegantissima, buona teatrante, ha imparato bene la parte di abbiente ma la classe non si compra: a volte il suo parlato perde il giusto accento, l’impostazione della voce per qualche [...]

    2. Lately, I've asked people who they think are the best wordsmiths in the English language. While some people can answer that question in a heartbeat, others turn into a puddle of contemplation. My answers for the last year has been: Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe and Vladimir Nabokov. In every work I've read by these writers, they continually astound me with their ability to string a shocking sentence together. Every work of theirs seems innovative and full of color; it's like taking a bite into a [...]

    3. Bir seyahatte daldığım bir sahafta rastlayıp, biraz zarar görmüş olsa da nefis cildi ile bu güzel baskıyla ters orantılı fiyatının cazibesine kapılıp almıştım. Nabokov'un gençlik dönemi (28 yaşında yazmış) ürünlerinden. Böyle bir romanı olduğunu dahi bilmiyordum, hoş bir sürpriz oldu. Konusu aslında klişe. Zengin ve orta yaşlı kocasının parası dışında hiçbir şeyinden hazzetmeyen 30'larındaki bir kadın ile amcası olan kadının kocasının yanında ç [...]

    4. What kind of car I drive, the girls I used to date, personal hygiene: these are all things for which I’ve never really had high standards. A book by Vladimir Nabokov, now that’s a different story. For a good portion of my reading, I was seriously considering giving this a mere two stars. It takes way too long for the plot to develop—because of this the pacing is off and parts are simply boring—and one can really see the artist behind the book. By that I mean that some of Nabokov’s brus [...]

    5. این ستاره دادن به کتاب هم چیز غلط‌اندازی است؛ مثلاً من به این کتاب سه ستاره دادم و به بعضی کتاب‌های دیگر که در سطح این نبودند هم سه ستاره دادم یا چهار ستاره. کلی کلنجار رفتم که ببینم قصه چیه؟ فهمیدم ستاره دادن هر کتاب نسبی است و نسبتش رو هم فقط خود آدم متوجه می‌شه. مثلاً به نظر [...]

    6. This is my favourite book of all time, from the genius of the opening page (the clock hand's 'once a minute gesture' which 'will set the entire world in motion') to every page thereafter.The fact is, no-one can touch Nab when it comes to metaphor, intellect, descriptive precision at large, and of course, he just happens to have the greatest sense of humour of anyone who ever lived to top it all off.The opening sequence contains such a remarkable descriptive of the sensation and shapes of a train [...]

    7. From this novel, we would be simply disappointed if we hoped to read a tragedy since it’s subtly been written as “a sensual and surprising black comedy.” (back cover) It is amazing to read Nabokov’s novel seemingly entitled like a detective story or a kind of soap-opera murder on television. Rather he has his own ways in manipulating the three characters, that is, Dreyer, Martha and Franz into the duo’s sin in disguise. One of the reasons is that Franz’s “insane aunt” (p. 145) an [...]

    8. The following is the conversation I had with the chatty, gray-haired volunteer at my library's used-book store when I bought a hardcover copy of "King, Queen, Knave" for three dollars.Me: I'd like to get this.Her: Nabokov. Russian. An intellectual, huh? Me: Oh, I guess he was.Her: No, I meant you.Me: I don't know about that.Apparently, at least according to the bookstore volunteer at my library, anyone who reads Nabokov has to be an intellectual. I don't know if that's accurate. I also don't kno [...]

    9. Nabokov's second novel and also my second Nabokov novel. I was a little disappointed after reading Lolita, I thought it was a bit overrated, beautifully written but the story was too straight/simple and by the end it had me thinking ~ so what? Kind of like how I feel about this book. It's amazing how it's written, no doubt how talented the guy is but the story was meh. This is only my second Nabokov book but I kind of get the feeling that while having a strong style the guy isn't good at writing [...]

    10. خیلی وقت بود نابوکوف نخونده بودم و باید بگم دلم برای کیفیتِ منحصربه‌فرد فضای داستان‌هاش، نثرش، و توصیف‌هاش تنگ شده بود. ولی «شاه، بی‌بی، سرباز» به نسبت خود نابوکوف کتاب درخشانی نبود، طرح داستان و مسیر تراژیکش کم‌وبیش شبیه به خنده در تاریکیه (به جز اون تمِ سای‌فای آدم‌وار [...]

    11. "Di tutti i miei romanzi, questo bestione è il più allegro"Questa la definizione di Nabokov.Infatti con una scrittura brillante viene raccontata la storia di un nipote provinciale e imbranato che entrato alle dipendenze di uno zio ricco con giovane moglie, viene eletto da quest'ultima come amante.Dato che: "Non era né un'Emma né un'Anna. Nel corso della sua vita si era abituata a concedere i propri favori al suo ricco protettore con tanta abilità, tanto calcolo e così efficienti sistemi di [...]

    12. Olayımız çok tanıdık. Zengin kocasına parası için katlanan bir paragöz kadın, vurdumduymaz kocası ve onun saf yeğeni ile aralarında başlayan tutkulu aşk. Aslında hepsinin hayattaki amaçları farklıydı, ama tesadüfler ve bastırılamaz duygular(!) ile durum değişiyor ve bu da sonları oluyor. Normalde çok sıkılacağım, trajik sona bağlanacağını bilerek okumaya katlanamayacağım bir kitap olurdu. Ama yazan Nabokov olunca durum değişiyor. Baştan sona her üç karak [...]

    13. This one was disappointing in a few ways: first, the first quarter or so of the book was extremely engaging as we followed Franz on his adventure. There was more than one time that I thought to myself "this language is so beautiful I can hardly contain myself." I mean, there are few things better in life than Nabokov writing madness in some form, right? The disappointing part was that it really slowed down toward the middle and never really picked by up. By the end, things had really just petere [...]

    14. Upon opening Vladimir Nabokov's King, Queen, Knave (translated from the Russian by Dmitri Nabokov in collaboration with the author), I was immediately struck by the degree to which certain passages reminded me of Proust. I consider Nabokov to be one of my favorite authors, and yet somehow this had never occurred to me. Maybe, I thought, the similarity is particularly pronounced in this novel, which I had never read before? But while this may be, I quickly realized that, previous to King, Queen, [...]

    15. If I was to give Nabokov one single descriptive name, it would have been "The Lord of the Word". I don't think he was a master with words. He did not use them; he controlled them. Nabokov was beyond words. He was one of the few people who understood the difference in the meanings of the so-called "synonyms", and created prose in the way that has been least experienced ever. His writing, though often complicated, never pursues to be so. He is one unpretentious stylist; words do not tend to induce [...]

    16. An absence of morality would be understating the spiritual content of the characters in this triangle of marital infidelity. They only want. They only will. Out of those desires comes a funny, intricate farce in which the things of this world possess more humanity than the humans. Nabokov's observations stun. In the scenes he paints, he misses nothing. Dreyer, the businessman and cuckhold, walking by a seaside rack of picture postcards:"The most frequent object of their derision was human obesit [...]

    17. Май доста сгреших, като реших да прочета почти всичко на Набоков за една година (издадено на български). То не беше решение всъщност – просто видех ли негова книга, я грабвах веднага и лакомо. :)Но започна да се получава едно насищане - нито стилът ми действа толкова омагьосва [...]

    18. با ابداع چنین فرجام ناگزیری، انریشت پیر که اسم دیگرش فرسین بود عطف بما سبق کرد و فله ای چیزی قاتی گذشته کرد که منطقاً به این فرجام ختم بشود. آخر، کاملاً میدانست-لااقل در این هشت سال اخیر میدانست- هشت مستاجر قبلی، دکترها، پاسبانها، رفتگرها، غرانتس و خانمی که دوست فرانتس است، آن [...]

    19. Nabokov blows me away. What appears to be a fairly straight-forward love triangle gets all doppelgängered-up at the end. While Nabokov said "of all [his] novels this brute is the gayest", I found it far more brute than gay. Only Nabokov could make the heavy themes of the pre-Nazi German psyche appear 'gay'. Not only is Nabokov able to get this cement kite airborne, but he is also able to make it seem light and nimble as it dances in the sunlight. You almost forget that he is writing about the d [...]

    20. Rua, Dam, Vale, Vladimir Nabokov__________________________________________________________"İnsanlar planlar kurarlar, çok iyi planlar kurarlar, ama bir olasılığı tamamen unuturlar; ölümü. Sanki hiç ölmeyeceklermiş gibi." __________________________________________________Nabokov külliyatı okumalarım kapsamında bu kez Rua, Dam, Vale'yi okudum. Roman, ilk kez 1928 yılında, Rusça olarak, V. Sirin takma adıyla yayımlanmış. 1968 yılında ise sıkı bir inceleme ve düzeltme sü [...]

    21. Utterly enjoyed it. Easily my favourite from the early Nabokov I have read so far. The style is playful, the prose brilliant. The theme of Martha’s dominance over Franz develops as subtly and imperceptibly as the phenomenon of dominance in real-life. His glimpses of awareness are touching and poignant and give a grotesque portrayal of his real emotional reaction to Martha as pure disgust. The robust, self-assured and life-affirming existence of Kurt stands in stark and healthful contract to th [...]

    22. I love how even the most despicable of characters is rendered so human by Nabokov. Their actions and senses are real. You can despise them for eternity but you still keep turning the pages, your mind still coming back to them.Take for instance Martha in King, Queen, Knave. She's the cold wife of a lively and boisterous businessman named Dreyer. Dreyer has a poor nephew named Franz, our main character, and when his nephew is sent to be employed by Dreyer he and Martha begin a love affair.Sneaked [...]

    23. I borrowed a 1968 hardcover of this "bright brute" from a professor. He wrote his name on the flesh of the pages pressed together next to the spine. He told me that if you want to get a book returned to you, that's the way to do it. I wish he hadn't. What a delight this book is. Often, I find Nabokov overwhelming and a bit overbearing - I enjoy his non-English work translated by people other than himself far superior to anything else with his name on it - but this book is a trove of pleasant and [...]

    24. The deliberate flattening of the characters in King, Queen, Knave undermines the credibility of the book's love triangle as if the text was, reflexively, mocking its own form.Martha, a brittle ice-queen who lives in an austere villa in Berlin, does not love her husband, Dreyer, and seems incapable of loving anyone. As the flat card-like character she is, however, Martha, the "queen" enjoys the power to manipulate others. Martha views Franz, her nephew through marriage, as a pawn, and reflects th [...]

    25. "Of all my novels this bright brute is the gayest." Nabokov opens his forward. I have always found his Russian novels to be brighter, gayer, and, yes, more brutish, than the more famous English ones. This is a favorite. It has no deeper meanings, nothing to say, practically nihilistic. But, man, is it fun. The relish Nabokov takes in crafting this story oozes out of every word. It's a very funny book, as well.An eclair sits on a table, "alone, despised, unwanted."

    26. I thought KQK was great; it's amazing that between 1926 and 1928 (between the publications of KQK and Mary), Nabokov became so much stronger as a writer. The plot of this novel isn't all that complicated, so most of the beauty lies in Nabokov's rich, almost visceral descriptions (the first couple of chapters particularly fucked me up). And I'm always impressed by the unraveling of threads and the infinity of realities that Nabokov manages to create. More of a 4.5/5, with my one quibble being tha [...]

    27. Второй роман Набокова, написанный им в Берлине в возрасте 28 лет и отредактированный им уже позднее, в 60-х годах, перед переизданием романа. Сюжет разворачивается вокруг любовного треугольника между коммерсантом Драйером, его женой Мартой и бедным племянником Францем, прие [...]

    28. شاه بي بي سرباز ولادمير ناباكوفرضا رضايينشر ثالثولادمير ناباكوف نويسنده اي بسيار مشهور است و تقريبا هيچ اهل كتابي وجود ندارد كه نام او را نشنيده باشد .ناباكوف درطول زندگي اش ١٨رمان و پنجاه و يك داستان كوتاه به رشته تحرير در اورده است و هر كدام از اين اثار در تاريخ ادبيات ،به ع [...]

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