J.M. Barrie and the Lost Boys: The real story behind Peter Pan

J M Barrie and the Lost Boys The real story behind Peter Pan J M Barrie Victorian novelist playwright and author of Peter Pan or The Boy Who Wouldn t Grow Up led a life almost as magical and interesting as as his famous creation Childless in his marriage B

  • Title: J.M. Barrie and the Lost Boys: The real story behind Peter Pan
  • Author: Andrew Birkin Sharon Goode
  • ISBN: 9780300098228
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • J M Barrie, Victorian novelist, playwright, and author of Peter Pan or The Boy Who Wouldn t Grow Up, led a life almost as magical and interesting as as his famous creation Childless in his marriage, Barrie grew close to the five young boys of the Llewelyn Davies family, ultimately becoming their guardian and devoted surrogate father when they were orphaned Andrew BirkiJ M Barrie, Victorian novelist, playwright, and author of Peter Pan or The Boy Who Wouldn t Grow Up, led a life almost as magical and interesting as as his famous creation Childless in his marriage, Barrie grew close to the five young boys of the Llewelyn Davies family, ultimately becoming their guardian and devoted surrogate father when they were orphaned Andrew Birkin draws extensively on a vast range of material by and about Barrie, including notebooks, memoirs, and hours of recorded interviews with the family and their circle, to describe Barrie s life and the wonderful world he created for the boys.Originally published in 1979, this enchanting and richly illustrated account is reissued with a new preface to mark the release of Neverland, the film of Barrie s life, and the upcoming centenary of Peter Pan A psychological thriller one of the year s most complex and absorbing biographies Gerald Clarke, Time A terrible and fascinating story Eve Auchincloss, Washington Post

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    1. Hmmp, not going to happen, thanks to this book.This is undoubtedly a powerful story, but I honestly wish that I hadn't read it. It left me deeply unsettled, and a bit shaken. The juxtaposition of the Peter Pan story with that of the tragic boys who inspired it, makes for a strange and haunting book. It's clear that Barrie loved the five Llewelyn Davies boys, was fascinated by their boyish innocence and bravado, mourned deeply the two who died young. But he also basically stalked the family, mani [...]

    2. J. M. BARRIE & THE LOST BOYS: The Love Story that Gave Birth to Peter Pan. (1979). Andrew Birkin. ****. This biography focuses almost entirely on the relationship Barrie had with the five sons of Sylvia and Llewelyn Davies. These boys were a substitute for the children that Barrie and his wife, Mary Ansell, could not have. Barrie devoted his life, his savings, and his writing to these boys to the exclusion of everything else. We learn of this relationship through the use of letters and extra [...]

    3. Perhaps the best biography I have ever read so far. Incredibly moving. Breaks your heart. Birkin tells the story of Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan, and of the family he fell in love with, and for which he wrote his most famous story. It's about dreams and childhood, about growing up and dying, about what you wish for and what you lose forever, it's incredibly well researched, and written with such compassion by Birkin that you can feel all the complex emotions that Barrie, and the ones he love [...]

    4. I couldn't say when Peter Pan became important in my life. Like Carroll's Alice, Peter has, no doubt, influenced and shaped a lot of my own writing. The images Barrie created then remain strong. Barrie the man I know very little about, but this book certainly helped.As a collection of letters from Barrie to the Davies and various others as well as the reverse, Birkin has done his best to keep his opinion out and let the letters of the people who actually lived the lives speak for themselves. It [...]

    5. While reading this biography, I couldn't help noticing similarities between J.M. Barrie and Michael Jackson. Both men were considered very child-like. Both were more comfortable with children than with adults. Both were unusual looking by "normal" standards. (Barrie was barely 5'3".) Both were very rich and famous. (Barrie was the top playwright of his era; "Peter Pan" being his best know work.) Both men were suspected of being pedophiles. J.M. Barrie's life was filled with more tragedy than Jac [...]

    6. This very academic biography is touted as the "story behind the movie Finding Neverland" but it quickly becomes clear that the movie (not surprisingly really) is a highly romanticized version of the truth. Indeed, several key plot points in the movie prove to be patently untrue to life even if the movie is true in "essence." The biography itself was deadly dull in its presentation. It is chockful of primary documents but in such a way that it rather feels as if you are reading the research notes [...]

    7. 3.5. There's a reason Birkin is the definitive JMB expert. With a delicate hand, he weaves together a variety of primary sources to tell the story of J.M. Barrie and his intimate relationship with the Llewellyn Davies family. It approaches the subject from an academic mindset- this is not easy, breezy bedtime reading. Learning more about Barrie's life will impact the way you view his classic characters; for some, the additional knowledge will taint and for others it will expand the meaning.

    8. I never thought that reading his biography would turn out as pleasant as it was (although the things that Barrie went through in his life weren't always that pleasant ). Even though Barrie was often seen as a serious and even weird persona, he was pretty damn hilarious in my opinion.Birkin used a very easy writing style to take the reader on his journey: the different passages from Peter's "Morgue", Nico's thoughts and the many, many letters show you the authenticity, if you don't believe what B [...]

    9. I almost thought that I would not be able to finish this book as the first 50 pages or so were SO dry, but I'm glad I stuck with it. Barrie's story itself became much more interesting & I was surprised at the almost pathological obsession that he had with the Davies family. The author adds to his own narrative plenty of excerpts from letters, play drafts and scripts plus wonderful photos. The Davies family (Arthur & Sylvia & their boys George, John, Peter, Michael & Nico) were ve [...]

    10. Billed as “the real story behind Peter Pan” this biography of JM Barrie the playwright and author best known for Peter Pan was a little dark. Starting with Peter’s suicide as the intro to the book and ending with the mysterious drowning of Michael. I thought that it was incredibly interesting how for most parts of Barrie’s story Birkin was able to add commentary from Peter’s writings. While it’s clear that Barrie cared immensely for the Llewelyn Davies boys it’s hard to tell if his [...]

    11. I have been fascinated by the back story of Peter Pan since I was a young boy. The idea of a sassy little guy leading children to a world of adventure appealed to my inquisitive and naive mind. I wanted to be there. As I became more mature I realized that those adventures had connotations that were both sinister and thought provoking. What is the truth behind J. M. Barrie, author of “Peter Pan,” and his wildly imaginative story?Barrie has long been under critical scrutiny for his strange lif [...]

    12. Whew! This book was published in 1979; I don't know how I had skipped over it, given my love for the Late Victorian Era. Before assembling this book, Birkin had worked on a BBC special called The Lost Boys (that I have moved to the top of my queue on Netflix). Birkin was intimately familiar with all the primary sources from Barrie and the family he created for the five Llewellyn Jones orphans. He put as little narrative as possible between the reader and the sources, so the first chapters were s [...]

    13. Tragedy started early for JMB. Brother David, his adored mother's favorite, was killed in a childhood accident. Her mourning and Barrie's feelings of rejection never left him: his vision shaped itself around boys who never grew up and iconic mother figures. He had many crushes on actresses and even married one, but the marriage was rumored to have been unconsummated and ended with his wife having an affair and Barrie demanding a divorce. He preferred young boys to all other people, particularly [...]

    14. I became interested in J.M. Barrie after watching Finding Neverland. After doing some research on Barrie and the Llewellyn Davies boys it became apparent that the movie was a bunch of made-up Hollywood garbage and if I wanted to delve into the true story, I would need to find a good biography. Birkin does a fine job of recounting Barrie's life and his involvement with the Llewellyn Davies family without actually writing a conventional biography. He uses excerpts from letters and the writings of [...]

    15. Biographies, when well written as this book, can be a blessing and a curse. Birkin does an excellent job in opening Barrie's world to the reader. Barrie was a highly imaginative man, but like many other artistic and creative types, he was haunted by illness, relationships and the world around him. Although extremely interesting, this book is also one of the most depressing biographies I have read. Not only was J.M. Barrie a very dark and lonely man, but the family in which he wanted to be a part [...]

    16. Once again an interesting topic is bogged down with far too much information.A lot of innuendo with no real answers.What I took from this story was this man (Barrie) who latched onto this family and despite the family (as well as others) concern, no one tells him that he is spending too much time with them nor that perhaps there is an uncomfortable situation/relationship developing.In the end who is really to blame?Especially when discovering that the boys all suffered with their 'fame' includin [...]

    17. THis is a very interesting book about the background to the play and later book "Peter Pan". J. M. Barrie had a lot of sadness in his life and also happiness and this book shows where a lot of both came from. This book was originally written as a script for a BBC miniseries (which is a tearjerker) and has since been updated and expanded. If you are interested in the origins of "Peter Pan" this book is a must read.

    18. This book is one of the best biographies I've read. Mr. Birkin attempts to remain unbiased as he gives us glimpses of Barrie through the accounts of his friends, family, acquaintances, and even through Barrie's own letters and writings. Barrie was a facinating man, if lonely, human, and misunderstood. The events that inspired and surrounded his life are truely exceptional, and make me wish I had known him.

    19. Took me long enough! I first checked out this book back in August after having seen the stage musical of "Finding Neverland." Now, four months later, Peter Pan is now en vogue again with the recent live TV musical.This book was filled with great photos and interesting tidbits, but overall it read far too much like a history book rather than an engagingly told memoir.

    20. my god. what an amazing life J.M. Barrie lived. his childhood and relationships are so vital to the many characters and themes included in all of his plays. so many of them are hidden stories of his own life. i really need to start reading more of his works considering that I view him as one of the most famous playwrights in the early twentieth century. fantastic autobiography!

    21. Harrowing story of stunted emotions in the life of Barrie, the author of Peter Pan. His own mother never wanted him to grow up, to help assuage her grief at the death of another son. His marriage to a famous beauty failed; he maintained a deep attachment to the Llewellyn-Davies family, especially their 5 sons. The boys' parents died, so he raised them.

    22. I was interested in learning more about him when I heard Michael Jackson compared to him. Book was interesting, but frustrating in what it didn't answer as well. Everyone who writes a biography of a person long dead is just guessing at their motivation, etc. Makes me wonder if they got it right. Very neat details in this book though - original correspondance from JM Barrie and pictures.

    23. I'm actually only reading the online preview version of the book, which leaves out several sections but gives so many more pages than I would have thought. I've always had a slight fascination with Peter Pan, and reading about Barrie and his life and where some of his inspiration came from is really intriguing to me.

    24. I read this book as part of the research for my master's thesis, and so while I technically "had" to read it, I still found it an interesting read. It flows well, has a lot of fun facts, and it leaves you feeling like you actually know not only Barrie himself, but also the people with whom he associated.

    25. Andrew Birken does a great job describing the enchanting life of J.M. Barrie using interviews and actual letters from family and friends. He presents the Lost Boys life as a sad and wonderful life, with Barrie taking on the role of gaurdian of the boys in the Davies family after the tragic death of their parents.

    26. The lives of J.M. Barrie and the Davies family that he based Peter, Wendy, John and Michael on and how his influence on the boys lives affected each one, both positive and negatives are shown in this work.

    27. Giving up on this one too. Made it about 60 pages in and I still think Barrie is an intriguing character, I just feel there are just so many "better" things that I could be reading rather than the "good".

    28. I like biographies and it wasn't bad. It gave a very detailed account of his early life and the relationships he developed over it. It was very academic and at times too dense and too long, even for me

    29. This biography is what movie Finding Neverland was based on. Although there were many notable changes to movie. Interesting and sad read. Not particularly easy to get through, it took me awhile and I kept having to put it aside for long periods of time.

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