Ascension This is an updated cover edition of B MRAXF N Tara is coming into her power but she has to keep fighting tooth and nail She must train herself to use her strange new powers and enter a mad tyrant s d

  • Title: Ascension
  • Author: Michelle Bryan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is an updated cover edition of B01MRAXF9N.Tara is coming into her power but she has to keep fighting tooth and nail She must train herself to use her strange new powers and enter a mad tyrant s domain to save the people she loves The quest that began in New Bloods 1 Awaken continues

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      304 Michelle Bryan
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    1 thought on “Ascension”

    1. Ahhhhh this book was so good! If you liked her first one, Michelle Bryan gives you so much more in book two. More action, more powers, more craziness, and most importantly - more Jax!!! This story sends Tara into the belly of the beast. Along with her allies, she decides it's time to stop running and hiding. It's time to face the coming fight head on. There's so much action that at some points I was flipping pages (metaphorically since I read it on my nook!) so rapidly that I had to make myself [...]

    2. After thoroughly enjoying Awaken (New Bloods Trilogy #1) I couldn't wait to read more about Tara & her motley crew in Ascension.I was pleased to see Tara still had the same sass and bulldog stubbornness she possessed in Book One, however as her relationships grew with some of the other characters it was nice to see more of her softer more vulnerable side, even if it didn't last very long. Without giving too much away, I enjoyed the new characters that appeared in this book and I can't wait t [...]

    3. I just loved this book and the one before it :) I enjoyed all the different characters even the bad guys.The story goes along at a good pace my only problem being is I finished it and book 3 is not out yet sob sob I want to read it now can not wait to get my hands on it.Thank you to the author for gifting me these books to read otherwise I might of missed 2 great books.

    4. This book is absolutely amazing!!!One of the best books I’ve read in a very long time!! This book grabs hold of you and does not let go. Tara and her ragtag group of survivors continue in their quest to stop the Presidant’s tyrannical rule and to free Tara’s kin and other imprisoned by his rule. They fight tooth and nail trying to find a way to get to the man without getting themselves killed along the way There is nonstop action and the characters are so strong- it’s impossible not to e [...]

    5. Very interesting storyVery interesting story. Had Mme from page one. Tara is such a strong character. Always something happening. Ready for the next one

    6. I'll be honest, I still didn't like Tara. But there were a lot more redeeming points that kept this book in my good graces. For one, I really liked the involvement of the different secondary characters; they weren't just filler, they actually had a role to play and they had different personalities. I also liked that the author took the time to explain more of the backstory of how things came to be and who the Prezedant is. It helped make the story more cohesive and enjoyable. Just like the first [...]

    7. Ascension is the follow up to Michelle Bryan’s Awaken.From the first page, I was thrown back into the entertaining world of Tara. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed her until she started ‘cussin’, and being unlady-like in true Tara fashion (which I absolutely love about her).I am so in love with Jax. I’m like fan-girl crazy in love with him. If he was a real person, I’m pretty sure there would be a restraining order against me. I love that he calls Tara on her crap, I love that h [...]

    8. Ascension by Michelle Bryon is a teens ya read. A shining city promises death. Tara must go there anyway.In this thrilling sequel to Awaken, Tara must choose between the impossible. She knows she isn’t the person everyone wants her to be; wants nothing to do with the rebellion and strange powers that are as likely to kill her friends as her enemies. But the Prezedant has Ben, her only remaining kin. She made a promise to save him. A promise she can only keep if she tries anyway.When they final [...]

    9. The first in the series was really good so I high hopes for the sequel and Michelle Bryan somehow managed to make it even better than first. There is just more of everything to the point you feel like you aren’t reading a book but have been pulled into an action movie! I felt like I was rushing headlong through the river rapids because I was exploding so fast through this book. You just keep turning page after page as Bryan pushes you through a rollercoaster of adventure.I got to be reminded a [...]

    10. In Awaken, part 1 of the New Bloods Trilogy, we were introduced to Tara, an innocent and vulnerable teenage girl possessing an awesome inner power that she could not even begin to understand, let alone control. After most of her tribe is massacred, she and a ragtag group of individuals quest across the unforgiving landscape to find and rescue what's left of their kin from the evil clutches of the Prezedant, who has his own nefarious designs on Tara.Ascension is for the most part, a rescue missio [...]

    11. This series just keeps getting better.Tara struggles to protect her loved ones and control her inner powers.The surprise ending really caught me off guard.The characters are so well written with strengths and flaws that are so relatable for the reader.I enjoyed this series so much I ended up buying three more of her books.I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

    12. Great bookAh I do not like complete cliffhangers!! I really hope the next book is ready. Very exciting. This one for sure was a page turner!!

    13. *voluntarily and honestly reviewed the ARC I received via NetGalley*This second installment starts off interesting enough with Tara learning how to continue being an asset to the rebellion against the Prezedant. I liked the first book, and this one was just as fast-paced and action-packed. I also liked that there was a little more romance and that she was aware there was anything going on where a certain guy was concerned. Tara definitely came off more as a coming-of-age MC with the things she w [...]

    14. I absolutely love the storyline, however, there are some flaws that really took away from the book.1.Tara is extremely emotional. For example, she can be hating on Beanie and Talbert one minute and the next (literally within a few sentences) loving their loyalty to her. She is constantly complaining about how many lives are in her hands and how she doesn’t want to hurt any more peopled I mean constantly. I get it, but I don’t need to be reminded all the time. Tara is also a street smart pers [...]

    15. Great story awesome charactets! This series just keeps getting better!! I deffinitly reccomend this series! You wont be sorry!

    16. I received an eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of this review.I had the pleasure of beta reading Ascension by Michelle Bryan back in April and I have been dying to share my thoughts with you all since! Ascension picks up just a few weeks after the events of Awaken. Tara is trying to learn more about her powers, Jax is gone, and Ben has been taken to the Prezedant’s city.Please note that if you have not read book o [...]

    17. This book definitely picked up more from the last. Tara is finally starting to think beyond herself, she's learning more about her powers, her past, and starting to really explore her feelings for her friends. Meanwhile, the tension is building as her journey takes her closer and close to the Prezedant. I really enjoyed this more than the first book because the story wasn't bogged down with Tara stopping all the time to ask a million questions. Plus, she's starting to catch on to different thing [...]

    18. Ascension The New Bloods Trilogy Book 2 By Michelle Bryan Ascension starts off where Awaken ends. This book is just as good as the first one. I enjoyed reading Ascension. In book 2 Tara and her friends must rescue Ben from the Prezedent. An exciting adventure that leaves lives lost and others reunited. There are more fascinating characters that you will meet in book 2 and they are just as lively and entertaining as the characters from book 1. Tara and Jax have great chemistry and I loved the par [...]

    19. Ascension was a fantastic second book in the New Bloods Trilogy. I enjoyed this one more than the first in the series probably because I had fallen in love with the characters by this book. Plenty of Tara, Jax, Finn and Cat. Tara is still out to find Ben and learns more an more about her powers. In this book they get right into the heart of in in Skytown in an attempt to beat the Prezedant. Plenty of action, plenty of drama, page turning from page 1. I'm really looking forward to the last book i [...]

    20. Being a fan of the first book, I was looking forward to reading the second installment, Ascension. What I didn't expect was how much I would love it. Not only is it a great follow up with so much tension and action, but add in the perfect balance of romance, and I was sucked right into the storyline. I really didn't want to stop reading, and if it wasn't for the fact I had to go to work, I wouldn't have. Ascensions is another well-written book by Ms. Bryan. I'm definitely a fan for life and I’ [...]

    21. This book was all over the place- in a good way. It went from Dys to Historical with a little bit of modern thrown in. The first book held a different feel than this one but it made more sense things are the way they are in this book. I even chuckled a few times. Wow! Lots of shocking details revealed in this book. A great build on book one and and an even greater set up for book three. It has me wanting more!

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