Found Forget everything you know about the world Vampires exist Werewolves exist monsters hide in the shadows and it s my job to make sure they obey our laws My name is Evelyn and I m a gargoyle The las

  • Title: Found
  • Author: B.L. Brunnemer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Forget everything you know about the world Vampires exist, Werewolves exist, monsters hide in the shadows, and it s my job to make sure they obey our laws My name is Evelyn, and I m a gargoyle The last one or so I thought A team of Gargoyles have found me And for the first time in over a century, I m not the only one of my kind around Which is a good thing since demoForget everything you know about the world Vampires exist, Werewolves exist, monsters hide in the shadows, and it s my job to make sure they obey our laws My name is Evelyn, and I m a gargoyle The last one or so I thought A team of Gargoyles have found me And for the first time in over a century, I m not the only one of my kind around Which is a good thing since demons are slipping into this world fully formed The bodies are piling up Something is going on in my city, and it looks like I m going to need the backup While this is a Veil Diaries world book, this is not a Young Adult book Graphic content.

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    1 thought on “Found”

    1. Update 1/15It’s soo good. I think i’m in shock. At first I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t a reverse harem, but now i’m glad it isn’t. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO FO THIS TO ME BECKY??? ISN’T THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE HOOKED ON THE VEIL DIARIES ENOUGH!?!Update 1/13I know it’s release day okay?!? But I’m reading this other great book and i don’t want to stop😭 I swear i will start it by tonight!!!Update 1/8I NEED THIS NOW!!!Blurb: Forget everything you know about the world. Vamp [...]

    2. BL Brunnemer you’ve done it again 😍 what a way to start a new series. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to continue reading this with The Veil Diaries. Already my mind is running on different theories. The only downside is that it’s only day 1 of being released I’m not sure I can wait for the next books in both series to be released. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    3. Sigh, I was hopeful because I have read the authors other work and this is not going to be a popular opinion with all the 5-star reviews this has. Right at the beginning, it was mostly dead in the water for me. In a book where a guy and his pal that you have known for less than 10 minutes says something to the effect of since you are a female, you’re going to have to come with me and you don’t have a choice I get turned off by the book ASAP. It goes more downhill when said male also tells yo [...]

    4. Bottom line- I had expectations for this book and was seriously upset they weren't met. Lesson learned. This is nothing like the Veil Diaries series in tone, character and actions. Because I thought it was an extension of that series, I read this book and was very disappointed. Yes, we find out more about Zahur, but the rest of the story put me off. It was too horrific and gory for my taste. While TVD delved into deep relationships to where we felt and understood characters, "Found" did not. I c [...]

    5. Set in the Veil Diaries world, Found is a page turning new series about gargoyles that had be invested from beginning to end. The story centers around Evelyn, a female gargoyle who has been protecting her city for over 40 years. She has a system in place with all of the supernaturals, a harsh but fair one. Not knowing that there were others out there like her, until at a demon kill she meets another, Atticus. Right from the start there is something about him that sets a fire to her. Besides the [...]

    6. This book in one sentence : Ancient gargoyles who all act like they're in their early twenties keep Chicago safe from demons on a murder rampage.My rating : ⭐⭐⭐Steaminess : 🌶️🌶️🌶️Would I recommend : Maybe? As much as I LOVED the Veil Diaries by B.L. Brunnemer, I was kind of disappointed by her new NA series. It was pretty generic NA paranormal urban fantasy. I think one of the things that works best in the Veil Diaries is the slow-burn romance and deep friendships developped [...]

    7. Really enjoyed this but i dont think i can cope waiting for the next one 😭 i think i prefer this to the veil diaries, looking forward to seeing more cross overs in future books! Only thing i’m dreading is when Atticus reveals who adopted him shit will go down, why didn’t he just tell her straight away, so frustrating!

    8. Evelyn is a gargoyle in Chicago. As far as she knows she's the last gargoyle in the world. She's been alone since her parents were murdered fulfilling her role as a gargoyle, being a guardian of the world. So she lives with the humans as a rare bookseller part of each day and ruling the paranormal world the rest. She keeps the paranormals under control and punishes those who harm one another or humans. While following a demon case one night she encounters something, someone unexpected, another g [...]

    9. Start out strong but not a real fan of the drama later onThis book sounded so interesting, the reviews were stellar, and I liked some of the authors other work. The short teaser sample had me hook line and sinker. I bought it in a heartbeat. Evelyn, our main character, is this crazy intelligent, smart, and independent girl running a city like it’s no ones business. Things started to unravel after what I can “ the premise personality”. It feels like the author has a great idea for a book bu [...]

    10. Finally!!! I thought I'd suffer heartburn if Atticus and Evelyn would still deny each other. Jfc. I think it took me almost one whole day? Though, in my defense, my reading pace/flow wasn't steady. I had to pause, taking a long period of break, before going back to it. Frankly, I'm exhausted and exasperated. BUT still in a very good wayI guess. First things, first. The first time I found out that this one was non-rhI was a tad hesitant. Two reasons:(1) As much as there's influx of rh books relea [...]

    11. 2 StarsPremise: Evelyn is a gargoyle and has been on her own for 100+ years after the death of her parents at age 17. She grew up not knowing that other gargoyles still exist and only training is what her parents taught her. A team of gargoyles are sent to her city to confirm her existence and bring her back to their society, lead by Atticus. Here we learn this: Evelyn is entrenched in her city, has treaties among all supernatural species. She is essentially peacekeeper, judge, juror, executione [...]

    12. I didn’t expect to love thisI soo didn’t expect to love this I started reading the sample bit you can see when you click on the book cover in the site,sighs and while Evelyn seemed soo amazing , I gotta say Atticus , well I think one reviewer understated it when she said Atticus is hard to love at first.Aaaaaaaaaaa,to me ha almost impossible to love,for at least the 1st quarter of the book I’d say he was a HUGE GINORMOUS D-nugget and a coward, beyond a idiotic know-it-all, I mean he finall [...]

    13. Kinda just meh. The author shifts the facts and rules of her world building to suit whatever scene she's writing. She has written her heroine to be incredibly naive for someone over 150 years old. Another reviewer referred to this book as NA, and I think that summarizes my complaint with it. When you write a book in which all your main characters are centuries old but the tone still comes across as NA, something is wrong. The romance felt flat. The cast of characters was a rehash of the urban fa [...]

    14. Found is a great beginning to a new series and a wonderful book. The story is told through Evelyn and Atticus's point of view mostly but once in awhile we get the point of view of the other members of the gargoyle team. This is set in the same world as the Veil Diaries but it's separate. Evelyn's a gargoyle and she thought she was the only one left. While investigating a murder scene, she comes face to face with another gargoyle Atticus and she learns that there are more coming to Chicago and ou [...]

    15. I liked it. It was good enough to hook me until the last page. Could not put it down. But it was also not an extension of the VD, even if it revealed some facts unknown yet in those books. The author managed another incredible feat: to combine the life of a librarian recently married with the supernatural hero-like life of an unusual gargoyle lady. Just like VD (the teen experiences of a new troubled girl to a new highschool and a new house combined with the fallout of different tragedies for di [...]

    16. Loved this story!Evelyn isn’t your average woman.For one, she is a gargoyle. A fairly young one at that.She didn’t grow up among her kind, but did learn that is was her species responsibility to protect the humans by policing the supernaturals.For almost 50 years, Evie has had treaties in place between the species in Chicago. When multiple deaths caused by demons show up in her hometown, the last thing she expects is for another gargoyle to show up.Much less a team of four of them.Evelyn lea [...]

    17. Interesting conceptbut the MC fell flatThe positive aspects of this book where the action, and concept, they kept the book moving at a great pace and continued to hold my interest when I otherwise probably would have given up on the book. The biggest issues I had where with the H/h both individually and in their relationship. While our heroin is an incredibly capable women that has been independently taking care of things for most of her life she completely folds to the guys, Its her city, and o [...]

    18. I really liked how this book just jumped straight into the story. It has a fast paced storyline with plenty of action. But is still easy to follow.This is the first book I have read from this particular author. And event though it is a spin off from another series it wasn't needed to have been read first to be able to understand what is going on in the book. (But I will be reading those books next)So we get to see the POV from different characters through out this book. Which is good because we [...]

    19. I didn’t want it to end…Just when I think I have her world all figured out, Becky hits us with yet another amazing dimension to her TVD world in a completely new series. She has created an original paranormal world unlike any I’ve read before and I’m loving it! Found (BOS), ties in subtly with TVD storyline and before you know it you are totally ensnared. The storyline flows so well and the characters really bring it all home for me. The characters have such big personalities. Some are g [...]

    20. Questo libro purtroppo non mi ha convinto troppo, ma continuerò a leggere anche questa serie dell'autrice perchè finirà per incorporarsi a the veil diaries. Ho avuto problemi con l'inizio perchè secondo me manca un introduzione a quella che è la situazione della protagonista, invece ci vediamo buttati dritti nell'azione. Ho invece adorato il rapporto della protagonista con gli altri gargoyle, che sono tutti più o meno ben caratterizzati! Ho invece apprezzato meno Atticus, il protagonista m [...]

    21. That was so epically good!I was absolutely certain that I would love this book, but if I had any doubts about it being in any way less that perfect, they would have been gone the moment I started reading. I was in from the very first word and damn you B. L. Brunnemer! You got me addicted to another fantastic series of yours! How could you!While the story mainly centers around Evie, it is told from different POVs, sharing other characters' thoughts and histories, making you want to learn more abo [...]

    22. This story was so intricate and well written. One of the things that BL Brunnemer does so well is developing fully realized characters with distinct personalities as well as fully realized back stories that make them into the character you meet when you read the book. Evelyn is a tough as nails heroine that through her strength and intelligence has managed to do the impossible in the city of Chicago while keeping her integrity. The group of gargoyle males are led by Atticus a no nonsense man who [...]

    23. Amazing!!!!Wow!! This book is even better than I could have imagined! Evelyn is the most bad ass gargoyle chick ever. Atticus is this broody, brilliant, and sexy, strong gargoyle leader. Falk is silent, but sweet. Ranulf is goofy and caring. And Zahur is an old, wise soul, a great friend, and looking out for everyone. I love them all. I love how Ranulf is mated to a werewolf, and I’m so interested in seeing how that plays out. I see a future for Falk and Rinna too. I hope maybe Zahur will find [...]

    24. Found is the first in a new series by B.L. Brunnemer, author of the Veil Diaries series. Like the Veil Diaries books, Found features flawed but loveable characters, deep relationships (both romantic and not), high-stakes action, and a carefully crafted world of paranormal creatures and politics. This book is set in the same world as the Veil diaries and fans of that series will notice references to Lexie, our favorite ghost-crossing teen, but this book focuses on a new cast of adult characters. [...]

    25. I very rarely write reviews, but I greatly enjoyed this book. It was an excellent read. The author did a wonderful job creating and presenting her world. Sometimes the first book in a series can drag a bit as the author introduces you to the rules and foundation of their paranormal word. Brunnemer did this through the story keeping it exciting. I am greatly looking forward to the next book in the series. I enjoyed meeting not just the hero and the heroine, but the supporting characters and the d [...]

    26. I love BL Brunnemer’s books. They suck you in and you have trouble leaving her worlds days after you have read the book and this new series is no different in that respect. This new series is not RH and it is NA not YA like the Veil Diaries. I absolutely loved this book - just as much as The Veil Diaries maybe more. It is definitely different to the VD’s. I was worried going in that the side series would be too similar to her other series (I always am when authors create side series) but you [...]

    27. Holy crap! B.L. Brunnemer is my spirit animal! I found this book from a Facebook group and I thought, "What the heck?! How did I miss this release?!" I then proceeded to purchase the book and started reading. This book was soo freaking amazing I stayed up all night and morning to finish it! I was absolutely enthralled my the story and characters. It was a new story but in the same world of The Veil Series and I couldn't ask for a better incentive to read it! Now comes the hard part waiting for t [...]

    28. Stone in loveI found a new writer to follow and enjoy her books! Lots of action, emotional, fantastical, and leaves you wanting to download the next book immediately! Evelyn is a lone gargoyle who protects her city by having treaties with each supernatural species in her area and has done a stellar job. Suddenly there is a demon infestation and she is stunned to meet a group of male gargoyles sent to collect female gargoyles and bring them home. Well, their home isn't Evelyn's home and she is no [...]

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