We Do Not Suit

We Do Not Suit Eli My name is Eli Todd and I ve made plans to go west I m ready to marry my perfect delicate and obedient wife and bring her along All I need to do is find her When the marriage advertisement I pla

  • Title: We Do Not Suit
  • Author: Emma Greenfield
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eli My name is Eli Todd and I ve made plans to go west I m ready to marry my perfect, delicate, and obedient wife and bring her along All I need to do is find her When the marriage advertisement I placed in the newspaper leads me to meet Lacy, an ill suited farm girl, I decide I ll have better luck finding a wife in Oregon.Lacy I m Lacy and I m a runaway, an orphan andEli My name is Eli Todd and I ve made plans to go west I m ready to marry my perfect, delicate, and obedient wife and bring her along All I need to do is find her When the marriage advertisement I placed in the newspaper leads me to meet Lacy, an ill suited farm girl, I decide I ll have better luck finding a wife in Oregon.Lacy I m Lacy and I m a runaway, an orphan and a street urchin but I have plans When I meet Eli Todd, a stuffy gentleman who turns his nose up at my offer of marriage, I decide to go west all on my own because who needs the likes of him I certainly don t But when I find myself in need, he s there He s willing to help me, but he has a few conditions.Publisher s Note This romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of danger, adventure, domestic discipline, explicit scenes, and mild age play If any of these offend you, please do not purchase

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    1 thought on “We Do Not Suit”

    1. I loved this historical western romance. The plot is filled with time traveling in a wagon train on the way west to a new life and the challenges they faced along the way. The characters were a fun pair that led to many laughs along the journey. Eli came across as a snob when he first met Lacy. He had a vision of what his future wife would be like and how the life they would share would be. However, sometimes having a preconceived idea of your life can make it easy to overlook what is right befo [...]

    2. I MADE MY CHOICE—IT ISN’T YOUR PLACE TO QUESTION ITThe story is an adventure of traveling the Oregon trail from Chicago to Portland, Oregon and some of the harrowing accounts along the way. It is also the story of two people, the main characters, Eli Todd and Lacy Yates. Eli has decided it is time to leave Chicago and move westward to Oregon. He has worked in his family textile business, but now he wants an adventure and new life. He will place an add in the paper.“A city gentleman of good [...]

    3. I have always loved mail order brides but We Do Not Suit had an unusual twist to it. Eli is rather a snob in the beginning of the book. His snobbery is kinda amusing though. Laci has never had the good things or the basics in life nor has she ever been really loved. Her story is heartbreaking. She is an orphan that was adopted just because she could be free labor for the family. When trudged you strikes, Laci is blamed and treated terribly by the mother of the family. Laci has run away and she a [...]

    4. Lacy was an orphan and homeless at 20 years of age. She had been dressed as a boy in Chicago was was cleaning the streets of horse dung for money. Lacy found an advertisement for a bride from a Chicago man heading west. She filled most of his requests -- small, could fix a fire, and help with the oxen. Eli was a tall man with a specific woman in mind -- one of his social class and a beautiful blonde. Though Lacy had found a dress to meet him, so was lacking in his eye. He rejected her. Lacy deci [...]

    5. ByDonna Lon January 10, 2018Format: Kindle EditionThis is a mail order bride story with a touch of ageplay thrown in.Eli Todd needs a wife for the journeyof a lifetime along the Oregon trail from Portland toChicago.Lacy Yate's life has been one of abuse,orphanedand taken in by her uncle,her life is full of trudgedy.Sheis determined to have a better life but is heartbrokenwhen Eli turns her down.Who is this dirty street urchinanswering his add for a bride.Eli rescues Lacy from acruel, fellow wago [...]

    6. This is the story of Lacy and Eli. Eli wants a wife to accompany him on the wagon trail to Oregon. Lacy is homeless so responds to Eli's advert for a wife and they arrange to meet. Eli had am image in his head about what his perfect wife should look like and act like and Lacy just does not measure up. After being told they do not suit Lacy goes away promising herself that she will show him they do suit. She saves all of her wages and joins the wagon trail dressed as a boy. When the man she is tr [...]

    7. I loved how this book started. Just with the title you know that there will be angst. And Ms. Greenfield definitely delivered. Eli Todd knew exactly what he wanted from a wife. And when Lacy answered his advertisement, she was definitely not it. Both Lacy and Eli were determined to go West and their paths met again on the Wagon train. I don’t want to give away the story, but it was so delicious- deliciously angsty, deliciously heartbreaking, and finally deliciously heartwarming. I just loved L [...]

    8. Ending was a bit of a let downThe story and plot were very good. I loved the development of both characters and their relationship. There were angst and drama - some not even theirs but comrades. But the last two chapters, I felt cheated. It was like there was a budget of pages or something and the author crushed all this info into two small chapters when the whole rest of the story was about developing feelings and the situations they found themselves in.Also, there were some major happenings t [...]

    9. Eli is looking for adventure and wants to explore the Wild West. He places an advertisement in a newspaper, looking for a good wife. Homeless Lacy is the one who offers to marry him, but she is rejected by Eli who wants a better educated and more sophisticated wife. They end up on the wagon trail together with Lacy posing as his niece. During the long days they have to travel together, Eli realizes that he might have erred in telling Lacy that he is not interested in her. We Do Not Suit is a swe [...]

    10. Wonderful read! Eli is heading west to Oregon. He has decided that the journey will be easier with a wife so he places an ad in the Chicago paper. Lucy wants to leave Chicago and find adventure. She decides to answer Eli’s ad, but he is not interested in her plain and dirty appearance. They end up in Fort Gunther, a part of the same wagon train. When Eli saves Lucy from the man who is trying to rape her, he unwittingly becomes her guardian as well as savior. As the wagons get closer to Oregon, [...]

    11. This was a great western love story that was different than any other I had read. I loved that these two started off not together but trying to reach a similar goal. Life brought them together when Lacy made some choices that Eli had to cover for. They worked together as they crossed the west to Oregon. Along the way, they began to care for each other. Eventually, Eli realized Lacy was the one he wanted and no one else would do. I enjoyed the fact the author allowed us to see this couple happy a [...]

    12. I enjoyed this book, it was easy to read and the characters were interesting. The plot was some what predictable but still had some twists to it that kept my attention. The setting so vivid that I felt like I was right there walking along with the wagon train. Lacy was courageous but at the same time makes some foolish decisions but at the sametime Eli does too which hurts Lacy. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys some age play added into their stories.

    13. Let me start by saying that I'm not into age play so I approached this book with caution. I didn't need to worry. The age play elements came in so gradually & gently that I was ok with it. It helped that we really got to understand what was going on inside Eli's mind. I ended up enjoying this book much more than I thought I would, but can still understand that it wouldn't be for everyone. Surprisingly enjoyable.

    14. This was a page turner and written well. Eli, a city guy wants to head west in a covered wagon, but lacks knowledge to accomplish this. He even had to read a manuel on how to be a dominant. It’s interesting how he turns his heel at Lacy, at first, but she has the knowledge he needs, and she also can fulfill his age play fetish. Lacy is small and can pass as his niece, so the story takes off. Happy ending. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

    15. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Eli advertises for a wife. A young, tiny, wife. An educated woman to stand by his side obediently. Lacy is not that woman. She answers his ad, but is poor and living on the street. They both want to go West, but Eli knows it will not be together. Even if Eli doesn't want Lacy, she is still determined to go. This is a really good read. Spanking western romance. Ageplay, spanking, figging.

    16. I liked this story even though I didn't like Eli. He was nasty to poor Lacy. The characters are very well written and described. The scenery and the journey across America is brilliantly captured. There is wonderful interaction between Eli and Lacy. A very good read. They do in fact suit and this is the story of how much. A well written and described story. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book and I highly recommend it.

    17. Good readI'm spoiled so I my regency romance this was not for me. But for you if your into these times well look no further this is the book for you. I wish you continue success. DH from New York City

    18. I adore Emma's books, I think she is a brilliant writer especially of d/s, domestic discipline and dd/lg troupe stories. Historical romances aren't my favourite pick when it comes to picking a book to read but when they are include d/s and alpha males like Eli I enjoy them. I found the plot to be enjoyable, I loved both the main characters, especially Lacy, I thought she was very strong considering the life events that she had been through before meeting Eli and than the events they both experie [...]

    19. This is my first book by this author and this was a solid read- especially given its on Kindle unlimited. I would have enjoyed alittle more after they actually arrived in Portland but the epilogue summed up any loose ends.

    20. I did not.I did not finish the book. I did not care for the abuse. Wish I had not wasted my time. Disappointing!

    21. Really discussed!!!Please give me 5 minutes with Eli, I will stick something up, you know where. I could not read this book straight through.I felt discussed.

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