Heart of the West

Heart of the West Independent minded women are considered highly unsuitable in Kate Donahue s wealthy Long Island society Yes Kate would lead a proper life should she marry but her dream of practicing medicine would

  • Title: Heart of the West
  • Author: Carolyn Twede Frank
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Independent minded women are considered highly unsuitable in Kate Donahue s wealthy Long Island society Yes, Kate would lead a proper life should she marry, but her dream of practicing medicine would surely be thwarted by her domineering fianc To follow her dream, she must take dramatic measures So when she reads a newspaper ad seeking a qualified small town physician,Independent minded women are considered highly unsuitable in Kate Donahue s wealthy Long Island society Yes, Kate would lead a proper life should she marry, but her dream of practicing medicine would surely be thwarted by her domineering fianc To follow her dream, she must take dramatic measures So when she reads a newspaper ad seeking a qualified small town physician, Kate embarks on a new life in the Wild West.Upon her arrival in the rugged settlement of Craig, Colorado, Kate is disappointed to discover that even in the West, no one wants a woman doctor As she struggles to establish her practice, she is kept busy fending off the unwanted attentions of a local rancher, a man unnervingly reminiscent of the ex fianc she left behind in New York Romantic entanglements are the last thing on Kate s mind That is, until she meets Lucas McCurdy, an Irish immigrant with whom she feels an undeniable connection But when their relationship inflames a dangerous land battle, Kate and Lucas find themselves defenseless in a lawless town a perilous position that may cost them everything.

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    1 thought on “Heart of the West”

    1. I enjoyed this story of strong women surviving in the Old West. Kate shows gumption and fortitude when she abandons her high society parents and fiancé and travels to Colorado so she can practice medicine and provide doctoring services to a new boomtown. I admired that she followed her heart and dream in spite of the difficulties. There is a variety of characters in the townspeople and ranchers she comes across, and I especially liked how she warmed to the women and wanted to help them improve [...]

    2. I love reading a story about a woman paving the way for others in history. Kate is passionate about practicing as a doctor, even if it means leaving her family to do so and heading out west to a tiny little Western town in Colorado. Kate's fortitude and determination really brought her to life, especially through the events she had to endure. and it's no secret--she's a big advocate for the underdog, which delivered a whole slew of trouble to her doorstep. I admired her character, wondering if I [...]

    3. Kate Daniels is a 21st Century girl living in the late 19th century! She is still a proper girl though and minds her etiquette! She wants to do what is right and wants to help people! So she became a doctor. Then when she realizes that her fiance never really loved her and her parents expected her to marry him and forget about her medical degree she just worked so hard for, she packed up, took $1000 of her savings, and left for the Wild West where there was an opening for a doctor.Little did she [...]

    4. I am awed by women who faced adversity and stuck to their convictions in history. Kate moved to the Western Frontier in the 1800's wanting to follow her passion of being a Doctor. This was not a popular time for a woman to be in the profession. The men were hesitant and defiant to have women outside of the home serving as a wife and mother.This is a fictional book, but gives a glimpse as to what life could have been life for a woman in these circumstances. I love that Kate is strong, smart, and [...]

    5. From page one in Carolyn Twede Frank’s novel Heart of the West, readers will immediately fall in love with this sweet historical, western, romance. The story is filled with delightful and fun characters, as well as the hardships and struggles of living in the west. But in-between it all, there is plenty of delights with growth of relationships; this story is full of heart, friendship, and romance that readers will not soon forget. Frank brings to life her characters, those that are pleasant an [...]

    6. I loved this book! I loved the characters, the setting, the plot line. I really didn't want to put it down until I had finished the whole book. And I read this one really quickly too! Let me tell you about Kate. She's a young woman of privilege in 1895, she grew up in New York City and I'd say she kind of tricked her parents into letting her train to be a doctor. She didn't tell them until she'd finished. By that point she was engaged and her fiance wanted nothing to do with being married to a d [...]

    7. Love women who are full of fire and determination, especially when it comes to what they want in life over what their influential parents want for them instead. Kate Donahue had to run away quite literally to head west after receiving her certification as a doctor. The man she was suppose to marry wanted nothing but someone who might make him look good as a senator and being a doctor was not in the plans, despite how much her mother and father begged her to reconsider. She waited for everyone in [...]

    8. 3.5, rounding upHeart of the West is a gentle story a woman determined to blaze her own path and live the life she wants. Kate Donahue might get knocked down a time or two but she doesn't stay there long. I loved her kindness and admired her bravery. Kate was a great representative of girl power- for herself and for the other women around her. She encouraged women around her to expand themselves, find what they love and do it, and encourage their men to be better all while staying feminine and k [...]

    9. When her fiancé and her parents won't support her dream to be a doctor, despite her successfully finishing medical school, Katherine Donahue leaves New York and heads west to Craig, Colorado, hoping to set up a medical practice there. While most of the men in town don't seem interested in a female doctor, some of the women seem open to the idea--but Kate doesn't know if that will be enough to sustain her practice. When a local cattle rancher is enraged by her rejection of his advances and her s [...]

    10. Heart of the West is a very enjoyable, fast read, with a spunky main character. My favorite leading ladies are those that don't fit the mold, and Kate was exactly that. She's a well-bred Eastern lady who longed to be a doctor. Her socialite parents were financially supportive through her schooling, but when the time came for her to setup a practice, they were very much against it. Her fiance also wasn't supportive, and she came to realize that he was only marrying her for her family's wealth and [...]

    11. I truly enjoyed this book by a new-to-me author. Kate Donahue is a wealthy socialite who's dream it is to be a doctor. She obtains her dream, but her parents want her to marry and be a dutiful wife. So, Kate takes a position in Craig, Colorado. Facing opposition from the men in the town, she works to win favor with the women.Lucas McCurdy is a sheep herder who finds himself attracted to Kate, but he is a married man who's wife left him, taking their daughter with her. Lucas is having trouble wit [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book! The story line reminded me of Dr. Quinn-medicine woman-loved it!! I loved Kate's spunk and determination to be a woman doctor in the west during a time when women were not recognized or embraced in such roles. She had such enthusiasm and goodness with helping others, regardless the circumstances. The story line was good, steady and kept my interest. I liked all the characters in the book and loved the clean romance part of the story as well. I received a copy of this [...]

    13. Pleasant, easy read. Kate embraces the new lifestyle she has chosen and weather's the challenges gracefully and with inner strength. Makes herself valuable to those in her town by being a good friend, a good business woman, and a good doctor. She allows others to help her, which I found refreshing. Lucas is a good, believable counterpart. Not five stars only because I predicted a few plot developments as I read.

    14. Very EnjoyableI liked the warmth of the overall plot and the delightful ending, even the recipes you included. Good variety of characters, serious, precocious, funny, and genuine to the end. Thank you for brightening my day. Carole

    15. Truly touching and romantic. I particularly enjoyed seeing the West through women's eyes, that of being repressed.

    16. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, was one of my favorite shows back in the day, and this book is reminiscent of it. Kate Donahue gets her medical degree back east, but no one wants her to practice. Her fiance wants her by his side, entertaining his friends, and smiling her pretty smile. Her parents agree. So Kate runs away to Craig, Colorado after she sees an ad saying that the town is in need of a doctor. Things aren't quite what she thought when she gets to the small town, however, and she must earn [...]

    17. This is an author I will be reading again! Loved the western, clean romance and the strong female lead. Loved the character of Lucas, who is strong and yet a gentle giant of a man. I want more of Lucas and Kate’s story as they start their life’s together with Celeste arriving. I loved Logan’s character too and want to see what happens to him and his sister Susannah!

    18. 2 1/2 Ok story but the writing and development weren’t very well done. Light easy read but not much to it.

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