Ballet Shoes for Anna

Ballet Shoes for Anna Three children having lost their parents in an earthquake come to England to live with their prim uncle and feeble aunt Anna lives only to dance but her uncle forbids her to have anything do with ba

  • Title: Ballet Shoes for Anna
  • Author: Noel Streatfeild
  • ISBN: 9780006753988
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three children, having lost their parents in an earthquake, come to England to live with their prim uncle and feeble aunt Anna lives only to dance but her uncle forbids her to have anything do with ballet How will she survive

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    1 thought on “Ballet Shoes for Anna”

    1. Katie made me pull this off my shelf again (for the first time in a decade, I think). It's not terrible, actually. Kind of more compelling than I expected. The earthquake is still shattering - that's what I remembered most about this - but Mabel is an oddly interesting character, too. This is short, though. Too short to develop a story well or to make any conflict or confusion around "S'William" convincing.

    2. Not my favorite Streatfeild, though I found it interesting that it was a little darker than her usual. The parents die at the very beginning and the effects of it on the kids are dealt with at least a little. (I mean, I know she has other dead parents, but generally they're far in the backstory.) The uncle didn't have much in the way of redeeming characteristics and (view spoiler)[one of the kids gets involved with a gang! (I mean, a gang of 10 year olds, but STILL.) (hide spoiler)]And it was mo [...]

    3. I'm giving marks for the start in which the children, three siblings, live in Turkey with their Bohemian-style parents. An earthquake kills their English artist father and Polish mother, so they are rescued by a kindly British diplomatic traveller and brought to England. After this the tale becomes rather like an Enid Blyton with the difference of poor spoken English standards which the kids need to address. Anna has a talent for ballet and early training from her grandfather, so she is determin [...]

    4. I was disappointed with this book. I thought it would have been more about Anna's struggle to convince her uncle that she should take ballet lessons, but instead it was about two brothers scrounging up money. That was the only thing on the brothers' minds- how to get money for Anna's classes. They had no interests of their own. Gussie started to, towards the end when he joined the school's gang, but even then his primary focus was to get money for classes.Anna had no personality of her own. She [...]

    5. This book is about three children - Francesco, Gussie and Anna - who are taken from Eastern Europe to England to live with their Aunt and Uncle. Unfortunately they disapprove of dancing, yet Anna is determined to be a ballet dancer. The book revolves around the children's gradual adaptation to British life, and also Anna's persistence in needing to find ballet classes and a teacher who will take her seriously.As ever with this author's work, the children are delightful - a mixture of good and ba [...]

    6. Another book dedicated to dancing by Noel Streatfield, ballet shoes for Anna follows the lives of three siblings. The youngest sibling, Anna has a rare talent for ballet which is developed by her grandfather who used to be a ballet teacher. A freak accident kills their parents and grandparents and they are sent to London to live with their uncle and aunt. Unfortunately for the children their uncle does not like children and believes dancing to be foolish and bans Anna from having dancing lessons [...]

    7. Melodrama! Oh, the poor, poor orphans! This isn't quite up to par with Streatfeild's best writing but is still a decent, if over dramatic, tale of orphans who overcome tragedy. Having lived a gypsy-type life with their Polish mother and British father, who ran away from his stiff upper-lip family to pursue a career as a painter, three children are devastated when all their living European relatives are killed in an earthquake in Turkey. Rescued by a British Lord, they are taken to live with the [...]

    8. The three children had been orphaned after their parents and grandparents died from terrifying earthquake along with the village. It's just vanished as if it was never existed.So the children was led by Sir William and they were sent to live with their cheapskate paternal Uncle, Cecil from Britain. The children hate their Uncle but shows kindness towards their Aunt, Mabel.They made friends with Wally (his parents sell clothes etc) and their twin neighbour, Jonathan and Priscilla.Anna, the younge [...]

    9. It's funny how relevant a story like this is in today's world. Here we have three children: with a Polish mother and a British father, they were born in India, Iran and Turkey respectively. They've travelled all their life and now, orphaned by an earthquake, they're refugees in Britain trying to make sense of a life totally unlike the one they left behind. Anna's a talented dancer, or will be if she has the training, but in a world where being given a home is expected to be enough, that's not an [...]

    10. As with many of Streatfeild’s books (at least those I’ve read), the children are the victims of unfortunate circumstances. In the case of Anna, Francesco and Gussie, an earthquake takes away their family, destroys their village. And they find themselves in England under the care of their uncle, a mean-spirited man who wants nothing to do with them and hates that he has to spend his money on them. His wife though is sweet and concerned but always puts the husband first. So the boys, with the [...]

    11. Having previously read and enjoyed White Boots, I was looking forward to reading more of Noel Streatfeild's work. Although there was nothing particularly wrong with Ballet Shoes for Anna, I found myself slightly disappointed at the abrupt and slightly 'lack lustre'. I was looking forward to seeing the relationship develop more between the children and their aunt and uncle. I found myself wanting to see more of Aunt Mabel's character, perhaps she would make a positive change and become a stronger [...]

    12. Anna and her two live with their grandparents in a small village in Turkey which is devastated by an earthquake. When the beloved grandparents are killed, the children are sent to live with a severe British uncle who refuses to allow Anna to take dancing lessons. Her brothers Francesco and Gussie are miserable too, until they unexpectedly find help. As with many of Streatfeild's books, one learns about an art as well as the characters. Not as much fun as _Ballet Shoes_, but an entertaining story [...]

    13. This book was just OK for me, I don't know if it's because this book is a children's book, or if it's simple not for me, but I didn't find it that brilliant.There were parts of it which I did like, and it was a quick and easy read, but overall it wasn't brilliant and I wouldn't read it again. I especially didn't like the ending.I read Ballet Shoes a while ago and I liked it, so I had high hopes for this book, but unfortunately it didn't live up to my expectations.For a full review, visit my blog [...]

    14. Ballet shoes for Anna, is a heartwarming, slightly teary story about three siblings who become orphans after a Turkish earthquake. They are sent off to their nearest relation. Anna the youngest of them all has her heart set on becoming a ballerina. The only thing that stands in her way is……………………There uncle did not approve of dancing so, with the help of her brothers and their friend Wally, will Anna’s earthquake inside of her finally stop.

    15. I have always loved Noel Streatfeild's books and as a child I got my library to ILL them for me or hunted through second hand book stores to find all of them. She tells the perfect "girls stories". I was always able to find one character in each book that was my favorite. They definitely stand up to re-reads.

    16. Впервые узнала об авторе Ноэль Стритфилд из прекрасного фильма "Вам письмо", а потом и одна из любимых аткрис - Эмма Уотсон сыграла в фильме "Балетные туфельки", снятом по одноименной книге автора. И я решила перечитать все остальные, потому что есть в них что-то волшебное. Чт [...]

    17. This is the first real book I've ever read. I don't really remember much about it, I know it had a girl who loved to dance ballet, but I'm giving it a 5 because I trust my 8-year-old self who thought this was an amazing book (and because nostalgia washes over me every time I see it on the shelf)!

    18. A simple yet sweet tale of three children who, after an earthquake which destroys their home and family, are left clinging to the only things they know: they must behave at their uncle's house, they must stick together and Anna must learn to dance. A lovely little book.

    19. A favourite childhood book but I did not enjoy reading it as much recently. Perhaps as a child studying ballet I could relate well to Anna's obsession and struggles. It had a certain amount of charm but the ending I found far too abrupt.

    20. its a great book but was a challenge. Thats because the printing was small. But still it was very interesting how the older sister was into witch craft.*GRACE*

    21. I was suprised how up-to-the-moment-it-was-written this was. It's a very late career Streatfeild and considering how old she was, this actually feels like she was still in touch with what was going on at the time it was written - unlike some other of her contemporaries. There's common themes and experiences with her earlier books, but life has moved on - the ballet of Ballet Shoes is here, but Streatfeild knows it's not the 1930s any more and things have changed - I was impressed.Beyond that it' [...]

    22. I read this book long, long ago. I don't really remember all the details of Noel Streatfeild's writing , but I was happy when I read the book. The book revolves around three siblings , the youngest being Anna . They are orphaned due to an unfortunate incident and move to England to live with their not-so-friendly-and-pleasant uncle.The book is mainly about Anna's dream to learn ballet, which is not really welcome by her uncle. And, how her brothers work towards fulfilling her dream

    23. This is an amazing, emotional book that had me gripped from start to finish. I have read it many many times

    24. Not one of Streatfeild's best.If you were a school administrator, would you hold the first day meeting telling kids not to ask the new ones about the earthquake IF you knew your school had people like Wilf's gang?Also, if you were in Wilf's gang, wouldn't you then immediately ask? It seems like you're giving bullies the buttons to push.The story itself feels pretty incomplete -- like a short story that was just barely extended to book length and so some things were added to bulk it up. Mabel is [...]

    25. This is probably the weakest Streatfield I've read - the accents for the Turkish/English children are painful to read - but I enjoyed it enough. It also has the most bad things happen in it - deaths, plus very naughty children - so it wasn't quite the relaxing read I was hoping for.

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