The Tea Master and the Detective

The Tea Master and the Detective Welcome to the Scattered Pearls Belt a collection of ring habitats and orbitals ruled by exiled human scholars and powerful families and held together by living mindships who carry people and freigh

  • Title: The Tea Master and the Detective
  • Author: Aliette de Bodard
  • ISBN: 9781596068643
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Welcome to the Scattered Pearls Belt, a collection of ring habitats and orbitals ruled by exiled human scholars and powerful families, and held together by living mindships who carry people and freight between the stars In this fluid society, human and mindship avatars mingle in corridors and in function rooms, and physical and virtual realities overlap, the appareance ofWelcome to the Scattered Pearls Belt, a collection of ring habitats and orbitals ruled by exiled human scholars and powerful families, and held together by living mindships who carry people and freight between the stars In this fluid society, human and mindship avatars mingle in corridors and in function rooms, and physical and virtual realities overlap, the appareance of environments easily modified and adapted to interlocutors or current mood.A transport ship discharged from military service after a traumatic injury, The Shadow s Child now ekes out a precarious living as a brewer of mind altering drugs for the comfort of space travellers Meanwhile, abrasive and eccentric scholar Long Chau wants to find a corpse for a scientific study When Long Chau walks into her office, The Shadow s Child expects an unpleasant but easy assignment When the corpse turns out to have been murdered, Long Chau feels compelled to investigate, dragging The Shadow s Child with her As they dig deep into the victim s past, The Shadow s Child realises that the investigation points to Long Chau s own murky past and, ultimately, to the dark and unbearable void that lies between the stars

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      390 Aliette de Bodard
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    1. The Shadow's Child, the brain of a mindship, is shellshocked and brewing teas for safer space travel when a consulting detective shows up at her doorThis was a Netgalley find and one of the few Netgalley finds that didn't immediately feel like a homnework assignment from a hated teacher.Set in an asteroid belt with a Vietnamese-influenced culture, The Tea Master and the Detective has its roots loosely planted in A Study In Scarlet. Long Chau hires The Shadow's Child to brew her tea and take her [...]

    2. I was lucky enough to get an early copy of this one, and I started reading it at 3 a.m. on a night when I was sitting up with a sick child. It's a sign of just how wonderful this story is that I was totally gripped and in love with it to the point where I hated setting it down when I was finally able to head to bed myself! I picked it up again first thing the next morning and it really saved me on an exhausted day.I have read so many Sherlock Holmes retellings, but this one has genuinely become [...]

    3. I received a galley from the publisher via NetGalley.De Bodard's Xuya Universe explores a fantastically-fresh space opera future based on Vietnamese culture. In this new novella, to be released from Subterranean Press, she smartly created a new take on Sherlock Holmes. This is not an easy feat, especially when one considers that Watson (the point of view for the story, as appropriate) is a battle-traumatized mindship with a multitude of bots, and Holmes is a drugged-out woman detective with a pe [...]

    4. Vietnamese-flavored Sherlock Holmes IN SPACE, except that Sherlock's a woman and Watson's a spaceship. This novella should have been right up my alley, but I didn't care for the style or the slow pace, and the characters just didn't gel with me. Not my thing, but maybe it's yours.Also, damn it, one arrives at deductions by deducing, not by deducting.E-arc from NetGalley and Subterranean Press.

    5. I received an eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.5 Stars!This is the first story I've read by Aliette de Bodard and I really enjoyed it! I was amazed at how much story was packed into this (just under) 100 page novella. This unique take on a Sherlockian story, where Watson is actually a spaceship - or rather, a shipmind - brings a different feel to a well known classic. The story was incredibly well fleshed out for its length and it left me [...]

    6. koeur.wordpress/2018/01/0Publisher:Subterranean PressPublishing Date: March 2018ISBN:9781596068643Genre: SciFiRating: 3.0/5Publishers Description: Welcome to the Scattered Pearls Belt, a collection of ring habitats and orbitals ruled by exiled human scholars and powerful families, and held together by living mindships who carry people and freight between the stars. In this fluid society, human and mindship avatars mingle in corridors and in function rooms, and physical and virtual realities over [...]

    7. Mary Robinette Kowal described it best when she said: "The Tea Master is an astonishing Holmesian mystery, in which Holmes is a woman and Watson is a spaceship. It is everything I wanted it to be. Tea, space, and mysteries within mysteries."Aliette de Bodard's writing is always stellar and her Xuya Universe is fascinating. There's always a new aspect of it to be examined, new genres to be crossed over, and great new characters to discover. I heartily recommend this.

    8. MINI- MASTERPIECE! This is my first encounter with the fiction of Aliette de Bodard and was amazed that in 98 pages she was able to seamlessly blend the genres of alternate history SF with resolution of two mysteries. It is no surprise she is a multi award winning author. The setting is the Scattered Pearls belt where obviously the dominant culture is Eastern with their scholars and scientists able to attain the stars with all of the accoutrements of advance technology to accomplish their domina [...]

    9. I was fortunate enough to get a review copy of this from NetGalley. I was immediately interested in it because of the title -- I love tea, so of course I wanted to read a book about a tea master. Once I read the description and learned that said tea master was a ship's intelligence that brews narcotic teas for spacefarers, well, I was definitely invested.The Tea Master and the Detective clearly benefits from world building established in previous books set in this same universe. I haven't read t [...]

    10. The Tea Master and the Detective is a gem of a short story: a unique blend of science fiction, Vietnamese culture, and of course, a murder mystery. The Shadow's Child scrapes together a living by brewing potions for human spacefarers. These potions keep humans sane when they travel through the unreality of deep space (the equivalent of hyperspace, or warp travel). The Shadow's Child is not human. She is a shipmind-- a sentient spaceship. Why is a sentient spaceship brewing teas instead of carryi [...]

    11. After I requested this story through NetGalley I looked it up and realized it is part of a larger universe. That was reinforced as there was little world building yet the story clearly takes place just a few years after a major upheaval and the culture and technology were unusual. The protagonist is an intelligent ship who was traumatized a few years back and ekes out a living making personalized teas to help people handle deep space travel rather than ferrying passengers. The author did a great [...]

    12. Aliette de Bodard has crafted an alluring alternate history in her The Universe of Xuya: a series with multiple entry points for any reader, a mosaic created with each new piece placed;threads of tales that stand well alone, yet weave a more satisfying tapestry with each new story read.The Tea Master and the Detective is a well crafted mystery/detective story at its heart, with a small set of flawed yet substantial characters, placed in a time and culture where mindships and people interact in a [...]

    13. I've enjoyed all the Xuya stories I've read, so I'm grateful to the publisher and NetGalley for a pre-publication look at this one.This novella is entirely from the perspective of a (wounded) mindship, which is new among the Xuya stories I've read, and an element I appreciated. We get a look at the conventions and technologies by which the mindships interact among humans. For me, the Holmesian element was influence and homage rather than pastiche.I'm going back and forth with myself as to whethe [...]

    14. The Tea Master & The Detective by Aliette de Bodard- This is a cat & mouse game between a damaged ship-mind retired from service and eking out a living as a brew-master of exotic teas that help people endure the strange unsettling effects of Deep Space or as she calls it Deep Spaces, and a stranger, who wishes to retrieve a corpse from these deep spaces, much to the reluctance of the ship-mind. As they begin their journey we gradually learn more about their recent lives and how their pas [...]

    15. Besides being a lifelong Xuya fan, and having gone on record that Aliette's mindships are wonderful, I blurbed this book! Here's what I said:"In Aliette de Bodard's excellent, far-seeing The Tea Master and The Detective, an unlikely pair comes together to solve a mystery in the void and to face their pasts. This philosophical thriller is beautifully steeped in deBodard's Xuya universe. For readers who are familiar with her mindships, this novella will be a welcome addition. For readers who may b [...]

    16. The Tea Master and the Detective is a speculative fiction novella that reimagines Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as a female (possibly Vietnamese?) consulting detective and a female “mindship,” respectively. The story is set in a future world heavily influenced by Asian culture (and remarkably well-developed given the brevity of the text), in which humans live in the farthest reaches of space and have created human-spaceship hybrids to handle the difficulties of traveling in deep space. It [...]

    17. Full disclosure: I received a copy of this novella from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.This was one of the more innovative homages to Sherlock Holmes that I've encountered. Here, Sherlock Holmes is a woman, apparently of Vietnamese descent (or at least living in a Vietnamese-inspired galactic empire called the Scattered Pearls Belt), and Dr. Watson is a spaceship who brews mind-altering teas.I enjoyed this novella, and intend to read more in the Xuya Universe. The [...]

    18. I was sold when I read a description of this as a "Holmesian mystery, in which Holmes is a woman and Watson is a spaceship". I have not read any of the other stories set in the Xuya Universe so it was a bit confusing in the beginning trying to understand what was going on. Once I did though I really loved the world it was set in. Long Chau and The Shadow's Child are two of the more interesting characters I have come across and play off each other so well. A quick read at less than 100 pages it l [...]

    19. Really terrific work. The Tea Master and the Detective sets up a Holmes and Watson pair, although this time it's a scholar and a sentient starship in the title roles. Bodard's writing is wonderful and my only regrets are that there's no way to avoid knowing what the template in play is, and that it's only a novellaough if there are enough mysteries for the pair to solve it could make for a great sequential novel.

    20. I received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. "Wow" seems to be a fairly standard reaction for me when it comes to Aliette de Bodard. She has a way of painting with prose that is evocative without being flowery, and nowhere is that more evident than in her Universe of Xuya books. Each is a novella, but the plotting is tight and the characters beautifully drawn. This latest installment has elements of Sherlock Holmes (with the traditional mystery elements that entails) de [...]

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