Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary

Alone of All Her Sex The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary Alone Of All Her Sex The Myth And The Cult Of The Virgin Mary by Warner Marina

  • Title: Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary
  • Author: Marina Warner Claude Lévi-Strauss
  • ISBN: 9780394711553
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alone Of All Her Sex The Myth And The Cult Of The Virgin Mary, by Warner, Marina

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    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary : by Marina Warner Claude Lévi-Strauss ✓
      328 Marina Warner Claude Lévi-Strauss
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ✓ Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary : by Marina Warner Claude Lévi-Strauss ✓
      Posted by:Marina Warner Claude Lévi-Strauss
      Published :2018-07-14T11:46:16+00:00

    1 thought on “Alone of All Her Sex: The Myth and the Cult of the Virgin Mary”

    1. You are my light; my life’s illumination: you are my refuge, O mother!Please don’t forsake me, Virgin Mary, you abode of kindnessSo runs one of the popular film songs from my youth – and it pretty much symbolises what the Virgin means to me.Kerala, unlike other states of India, contain a sizeable Christian population who trace their pedigree back to Saint Thomas, who is purported to have come to the state in A.C.E 52. So Christianity as a religion is as common for us Keralites as Hinduism [...]

    2. An accessible, engaging, and fascinating read! Marina Warner's argument is a compelling summary of and commentary on the Catholic Church's deployment of the Virgin Mother to its own ever-changing and self-serving ends. Among other points, Warner highlights how the Church has held up Mary as an ideal for women to aspire to -- fully aware that it's a wholly unattainable ideal. Virgin AND mother? We mere female mortals are doomed from (immaculate?) conception. Warner's ideas challenge conventional [...]

    3. An informative book, possibly the definitive book on Mariology - scholarly, comprehensive, and surprising objective. Wagner begins with a textual analysis of what little is written about Mary in the New Testament - and then, using her impressive knowledge of ecclesiastical and cultural history, tells the story of the two thousand year evolution of Marian thought and devotional practices, tracing the exuberant growth of this tradition as it was influenced by the demands of popular piety, theologi [...]

    4. Warner's books on culture, sociology, history, and folklore almost always top my list of favorites, and this book is a splendidly erudite history of the concept of the Virgin Mary. My only real quibble with the book is that Warner clearly has feminist Opinions about how the Church and society as a whole has used Mary to oppress women. This is not a problem; I hold similar Opinions, and would be interested in reading more about Warner's. The real problem is that her incisive cultural criticsm ten [...]

    5. My copy of Marina Warner’s “ALONE OF ALL HER SEX” was a loan from a writer friend, the understanding being that I’d return the book upon completion. But “ALONE OF ALL HER SEX” is not a book easily completed. It is a mammoth, inspirational, exceedingly detailed portrait of a woman named Mary, inspiration for some of the world’s greatest paintings, iconic symbol of Christian religion, mother of Jesus himself, a woman who represents an ongoing cult lasting 2,000 years. Warner has writ [...]

    6. I have been lucky to do a lot of traveling through European cathedrals and museums of religious art. It became a bit of an obsession when I first moved to Germany almost three years ago. I am from an American protestant background so I was previously unaware of how thoroughly the Virgin was entrenched in European Catholic (especially Roman Catholic) theology and culture. She is everywhere, even in my small town of Hochheim there is a beautiful statue in front of our favorite Italian restaurant. [...]

    7. The role of the Virgin Mary within the Catholic faith is a curious one. In many respects she is treated as almost as Christ's equal, the 'Mother of God', almost a goddess in her own right, worshipped, prayed to, honoured, venerated. And yet the scriptural evidence to support this position is almost non-existent. Almost all aspects of, as the title goes, the myth and cult of the Virgin Mary are non-Biblical accretions, Church traditions, that have been accumulating over two thousand years of hist [...]

    8. I am in love with the Virgin!Her 4 dogmas: the paradox of her divine motherhood and virginity; the Immaculate Conception; her assumption, body and soul, into heaven; and her mediating position, as a creature of both heaven & earth."A myth of such dimension is not simply a story, or a collection of stories, but a magic mirror like the Lady of Shalott's, reflecting a people and the beliefs they produce, recount, and hold." (xxiii)"the Platonic yearning towards the ideal is the core of the cul [...]

    9. I love anything that Marina Warner writes, but this book was the first to open my apostate Catholic eyes to how the Virgin Mary went from being a footnote in the Gospels, to a passively powerful substitute for the pre-Christian goddesses that evidently (judging by art and archaeology) ruled many religions. A fascinating, highly readable history.

    10. I'm new to scholarship about the Virgin Mary, but Marina Warner's Alone of All Her Sex, a feminist history of the myth & the cult of the Virgin Mary, has become a fast favourite. Her writing is elegant and engaging, her arguments are clear and convincing, and her erudition and perceptiveness as an historian are evident in every page.As a woman with a Catholic boarding school education, Warner's perspective is informed by personal experience of the oppressive influence of the Marian cult. She [...]

    11. Alone in All Her Sex; The Myth and the cult of the Virgin Mary, is another comprehensive, almost encyclopedia work by Marina Warner. In this one she traces the adorationof Mary chronologically beginning with her mention in the New Testament. Warner then takes the varios implications of each style of Marian adoration. This it seems is a two edged sword, the mother virgin conundrum male attitude toward women is examined in detail. How do women use and see it? And more particularly how church clerg [...]

    12. Marina Warner closely examines the history and influence of the idea of the Virgin Mary. This is not a biography. Instead, Warner looks at how society has viewed and even used the Virgin. Warner starts with the gospels and works her way up the early twentith century.What I found most intersting was the similarities between the Virgin and anicent myths and legends. While I knew that certain holy days occured during certain "pagan" feast days, I wasn't not aware of (or never really thought about) [...]

    13. Cue this video to 3:23. Watch the 40 sec montage.That's it. That's this book, but instead of JC it's all about the creation of the Virgin myth, and the immense, yet never surprising, amount of sexism and misogyny that went into that endeavor. Warner elegantly unpacks both the history and the symbolism; there's probably no better book on the subject.

    14. Although a bit long-winded, this is an excellent study of the cult of St. Mary. The author describes the importance of the Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages before showing how the Cult of Saints went into decline with the Cult of St. Mary becoming the focal point of prayer and inspiration assumed the role formerly held by many obscure female saints.

    15. Really interesting book about the 'cult' of the Virgin Mary. It's about the impact of religion on societies over time, with particular focus on gender relationships. Thought provoking, but tough to read.

    16. Not a bad book, but the "Cult of Mary" as I like to call it, leaves alot to be desired in the scheme of understanding religion. I believe that there are better examples of the religious evolution than this subject matter. The book is well written and makes a very poignant case.

    17. I very good book. Reflects the concerns of the women's movement which was VERY lively at the time of publication. Cleared the decks for me, washing out a lot of patriarchal rubble, and leaving room for deep appreciation, and in my dotage, love for the mother of Jesus.

    18. A well researched book that is both fascinating and informative. However, I feel that it could be quite a difficult book for the average reader.

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