Dark Ride

Dark Ride Some criminals have all the luck but Marty s is about to run out Marty Wedlow needs one last score before he can skip town It s only a matter of time before two thugs he swindled point a finger and t

  • Title: Dark Ride
  • Author: P.G. Kassel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Some criminals have all the luck, but Marty s is about to run out Marty Wedlow needs one last score before he can skip town It s only a matter of time before two thugs he swindled point a finger and their guns in his direction But even when Marty is brought to the police station for his latest crime, he s not worried Marty is incredibly lucky.After dodging the long a Some criminals have all the luck, but Marty s is about to run out Marty Wedlow needs one last score before he can skip town It s only a matter of time before two thugs he swindled point a finger and their guns in his direction But even when Marty is brought to the police station for his latest crime, he s not worried Marty is incredibly lucky.After dodging the long arm of the law yet again, Marty looks for another illicit payday at a local amusement park What he finds instead is a mysterious stranger who prophesies that his lucky days are running out He ignores the warnings as he pursues a vicious conquest But good fortune is a wheel, and Marty is about to find out what happens when it spins in the other direction.Dark Ride is a supernatural thriller in the vein of The Twilight Zone If you like eerie amusement parks, pulse pounding page turners, and a touch of the paranormal, then you ll love P.G Kassel s electrifying story Get Dark Ride to lose yourself in amusement today

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    1 thought on “Dark Ride”

    1. I’ve always suspected something otherworldly was going on behind the scenes at carnivals. Got creepy vibes every time I went to one. Probably because of a favorite movie of mine, Something Wicked This Way Comes.I want to give kudos to the author for the spectacular creepy cover for Dark Ride. It’s loaded with visual atmosphere.I didn’t know what to expect from Dark Ride. Coming in at around 130 pages, it’s not too short or too long. What I got was a main character, Marty, who had no rede [...]

    2. A Ride So Dark(Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.) Dark Ride by P.G. Kassel is a macabre, murder thriller suspense with a dash of paranormal. The author has portrayed both the main and secondary characters from the inside out showing their fears, failings, weaknesses, dark desires and insecurities. This created a page-turner effect that was nothing other than enthralling. I read the book in one sitting because I could not put the book down I had a com [...]

    3. I could not put this book down.The story caught my attention from the first page and did not slow down.There were situations that came up and I was curious to see what I thought would happen actually would happen.Good character introduction and I liked the descriptions of Oceanside Park. (which reminded me of the boardwalk that I used to go to when I was a whole lot younger).This is not the first book that I have read and it will not be the last. When I finish this review I am going to check and [...]

    4. This is a quick read, but very interesting. The ending is foreshadowed in many ways, but still a surprise. Although it dips a bit into the supernatural, the story is quite realistic. and it gives the reader an ending that will satisfy those who want evil to be punished. Not too many surprises, and a simple style of writing make it easy to read, but satisfying. The characterizations of those at the bottom side of society are very realistic, and the entire book seems very much like a slice of real [...]

    5. This is a nice piece of smooth storytelling that is always moving forward with clarity and confidence. It is a short story and not a novel, and is well-worth reading.In my reading experience Stephen King was the first “modern” writer of scary horror / supernatural tales. Several other writers tell stories that could well have been written by King. Phil Kassel has joined them.I took some time to decide if this was three stars or four. Four because I really wanted to read more by P. G. Kassel

    6. I thought that this was a really good read. I found it to be a gripping novel and suitable for all lovers of horror novels and suitable for their fans.This is the first book I've read by P G Kassel and I thought that the book had everything. Bad guys, drama, tenseeverything. I couldn't put the book down as I wanted to finish it.What happened at the end was a shock to me.This was a different horror book for me to read and I would love to read this again and again.

    7. Marty Wedlow is a man the cops would love to be able to nail for his crimes. Jack Larkin and Oscar Romero are two cops who know that Marty is guilty of several robberies but can't seem to make a conviction stick. When Marty and his accomplice Stevie Bander head into an amusement park to get away, they may find more than they bargained for. This is a quick read that takes readers in a different direction than your average crime thriller.

    8. A captivating RideA good read for anyone who appreciates a good horror story. It puts me in mind of the legendary writing of Hitchcock. The characters are brought to life brilliantly by Kassel who knows exactly how to draw his readers in and creates the scene perfectly to ensure the reader dare not put it down. I would most definitely read more books by this writer.

    9. Dark RideYou reap what you sow. Marty Wedlow is as slippery as an eel when it comes to running from the cops. But he never saw the end coming. He ran to the Dark Ride and litterally watched his life come to an end.If you lo e a good mystery combined with horror I recommend reading this book.

    10. Redemption?For those readers who need to be reminded that redemption is a gift not to be spurned, then Dark Ride is a lesson in never letting the chance to change for good go unheeded. As thrilling as the rides of an amusement park, so is the journey of this amoral predator who got what he deserved, as he took his final death ride in the amusement park from hell.

    11. FUN AND GAMES AT THE AMUSEMENT PARKThis creepy little tale is a perfect read if you like spending a casual day at the local fun park. I remember going on a scary ride almost identical to the one described in this book. I would prefer a little more character development but it is a good read.

    12. A Dark RideNot at all what I expected! A great story line with characters you love to hate. The amusement park was just so much fun. Best of all, the supernatural twist. I love it!

    13. Fabulous book, read it in one sitting.Very good book and good characters. People you don't want to meet,and good guys,too. Loved this book and will recommend it to others. Thank you.

    14. (4,5 stars) this is a thrilling and fast paced thriller set in a single day. After a slightly confusing start the story picks up really quickly and never slows down again. A quick read with just the right amount of characters and a good storyline.

    15. Short horror story that pulls you in.When I started reading I began to believe there would not be a full conclusion as there was only 100+ pages. Boy was I wrong. Worth your time, recommended reading.

    16. WellNot my cup of tea. 95% of this book is a build up to the short, fast-paced ending. Too much going on at the beginning that really had nothing to do with anything. Happy that I was able to finish it.

    17. Wow what a story, it not only grips you it scare's the heck out of you, and yet has that indefinable thing that keeps you reading even when you've other things to do, its a really brilliant read.

    18. This was an excellent book, I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an excellent read. I look forward to reading more of this author's work.

    19. Hit and missIts a very slow book with no real plot Loves the lengths of the chapters as it was easy to read just a little shabby in regards to the actual story it self.

    20. Must read The pages practically turn themselves in a spine tingling horror a bad guy who gets off easy does he get what he deserves? Find out for yourself

    21. CaptivatingCouldn't put it down. The writer has a way of bringing the reader into the story. Absolutely loved reading this

    22. WOW! Extremely IntenseFrightenly intense. This goes beyond your imagination with a carnival ride. Test your limits of fear with this DARK RIDE! Shockingly scary.

    23. Great readAlthough it was a short story it was well developed although there were some parts that were a bit slow but there was an unexpected turn that was enjoyable

    24. GoodA good eBook ,would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes horror, I would like to read some more books by this author

    25. Cool storyI really enjoyed this book . It was captivating from the beginning to end. Diffidently took some different twists. I highly recommended it.

    26. I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed this book. It wasn’t so horror-ish, even though I was hoping for some, but other than that it was still good!

    27. Good readFast moving, hard to put down. A good way to spend a cold and snowy day. I'll be reading more of his work

    28. This novella was high on suspense and thrill. I loved the creative elements of horror. I hated every single character though.

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