Soulbound A dark force is rising in LondonSebastian Montcalm knows freedom for the first time in his life but it has come at the cost of his father s soul If he can learn to harness his uncontrollable sorcery

  • Title: Soulbound
  • Author: Bec McMaster
  • ISBN: 9781925491173
  • Page: 273
  • Format: ebook
  • A dark force is rising in LondonSebastian Montcalm knows freedom for the first time in his life, but it has come at the cost of his father s soul If he can learn to harness his uncontrollable sorcery then he might be able to save his father from a demon s grip, but every move he makes leads to failure The only thing that gives him hope is the innocent touch of Cleo SiA dark force is rising in LondonSebastian Montcalm knows freedom for the first time in his life, but it has come at the cost of his father s soul If he can learn to harness his uncontrollable sorcery then he might be able to save his father from a demon s grip, but every move he makes leads to failure The only thing that gives him hope is the innocent touch of Cleo Sinclair, the woman he was forced to marry But will his darkness drown out her light He could be her destruction Cleo knew her father only ever loved her for the power of her visions, but when he bartered her away in marriage to a man she d never met, she realized how little value she truly had Her husband, Sebastian, was nothing than a dark warmth in her bed, a stranger who refused to touch her But together, the two tortured souls found friendship And now, when he needs her the most, he won t even look at her.Or she could be his salvationWhen Cleo receives a powerful vision of a darkness that threatens London, she knows she is the key to defeating it Only by working together can she and Sebastian prevail But is Sebastian the one who can end this prophetic doom, or the one bound to begin it

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    • [PDF] Download ↠ Soulbound | by ☆ Bec McMaster
      273 Bec McMaster
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    1 thought on “Soulbound”

    1. THIS WAS SOOOOOO GOOOD. This is officially one of my favorite Bec McMaster’s books.Sebastian and Cleo are the CUTEST. I love that they both helped each other out in their internal struggles. The way Sebastian cares for Cleo is the sweetest thing ever! He values and loves her so much that my heart aches. I love seeing how much their relationship has developed since their first meeting from the first book. I have to say that I was worried about them in the previous books because they were in suc [...]

    2. I’m so sad that this series is over. This trilogy has been amazing that I wish Bec McMaster has plans to continue the series in a spin-off. If you’re a fan of mysterious, sexy heroes and magic and mayhem, then this series is definitely for you.There is lots to love with SOULBOUND. First of all, the hero, Sebastian is delicious. I’ve always been a fan of McMaster’s heroes. They are always so alluring and mysterious, giving off that sexy vibe without being too over the top. And although I [...]

    3. Four and a halfSo this is the final book in this trilogy about three estranged brothers in Victorian England where magic and demons exist. We've seen Lucian and Bishop meet the women that will love them but for Sebastian it's never been exactly straightforward. Forced to marry Cleo and prepared to hate her and yet her sweetness and love of life captured more than just Sebastian's imagination unknown to him its also captured his heart. Sebastian is determined to distance himself from his wife and [...]

    4. Bec McMaster really is a wordsmith. I have been dying to read about Cleo and Sebastian ever since their mention. The book was everything I thought it would be. The romance, the love, the action and the climax. It was amazing. 5 amazing stars!

    5. Oh boy was this gooooooooooooood !!!! I've been im(patiently) waiting to read Cleo and Sebastian's story ever since they were first introduced in book 1 , and lord was the wait worth while . Bec McMaster has such a way with world building and character development that one can't help but fall in love with the books she writes.The spin off series is going to be amah-zing ! CANNOT WAIT !

    6. I received this book for free from Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I’m so sad that this series is over. This trilogy has been amazing that I wish Bec McMaster has plans to continue the series in a spin-off. If you’re a fan of mysterious, sexy heroes and magic and mayhem, then this series is definitely for you.There is lots to love with SOULBOUND. First of all, the hero, Sebastian is delicious. I’ve always b [...]

    7. I've been DYING to read Sebastian and Cleo's story since the first book and I'm so happy that their story delivers. The final book pits our heroes and heroines against the demon that plans to wreck havoc in London and has possessed Drake de Wynter's body. Cleo Montcalm has Vision about the doom of London, and lately she also dreams about a "chess game" in which she is directly involved with either London's survival or fall. Sebastian Montcalm, Cleo's husband is another key player.I think most of [...]

    8. I’ve been fascinated with Sebastian and Cleo since book two (I haven't read book one yet) and Soulbound did not disappoint. A satisfying plot full of sorcery, intrigue, action, and a great romanceeir rough road to love capped off a perfect ending!

    9. It's over!! NOOOOO!!! I wanted this book to happen so much because we got to know these characters through 2 other previous books, but I also didn't want it to ever end. Cleo and Sebastian were wonderful together and it follows one of my favorite romance tropes, a marriage of convenience. Both characters are flawed because of their pasts and their lack of love from absent parents, but they both need each other to bring themselves out of their literal and metaphorical darkness. The overarching st [...]

    10. I was provided a ARC form the author.A awesome end to a great series. This will have your attention for hours! Overcoming trust issues, mad mothers, and finally letting love win. Can't wait to read the spin-off.

    11. The wait is over - was soooo hanging out for this story and SOULBOUND didn't disappoint. A gripping conclusion to a great series. Highly recommended.

    12. ARC received from the author in exchange for an honest review :)a fantastic conclusion to this series I already want to get my hands on the spin-off series that is coming our way in the future ;) had a lot on my mind, so will need some time to gahter all of my thoughts, but I highly recommend this book, this series and just this author in general ;)edited to add my full review :)I got an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review :) this is the third and final installment [...]

    13. Soulbound is the final book in the Darker Arts trilogy. If you are enjoying this series, you will be thrilled at this stunning ending. However, this is not a standalone. It is definitely a concluding book that brings together three complicated storylines for a satisfying ending. This series focuses on three brothers who, based on prophesy, will either destroy the world or be its salvation. There is a demon lose in the world and it has taken over the body of The Prime, the leader of the magical r [...]

    14. Today's a day for short sentences.Intricate and intriguing world and metaphysics. Plot threads are well resolved. Excellent characterization. Relationships between all the characters are developed and complex. Compelling love story.

    15. Soulbound is the final book in the Dark Arts trilogy which not only completes the love story of Cleo and Sebastian, but brings to an exciting conclusion the battle against the Demon that wants to destroy Drake de Wynter, his family and all of London.Both Sebastian and Cleo were raised as the pawns of their scheming parents due to their immense natural gifts of magic. Cleo was kept blindfolded and imprisoned by her father since the age of five to ensure he controlled both her “Vision” and pos [...]

    16. I love all things Bec McMaster. I honestly could just finish the review there since now you know I’ll just be loving on this book!Things I loved:Buildup. This story was woven into the last two stories so the reader could feel how incredibly tortured this hero was. Seriously - nothing held back: mother tortures son, collars him to do her bidding, pumps him out for other women to fuck, makes him kill for her. You have to like a LOT of angst in your romances to find this one appealing. Lucky for [...]

    17. This is the final book in the trilogy and yes, you do need to start with book #1!This series is a wonderful mix of steampunk and magic and romance set in Victorian England. The overall arc is about a family with 3 brothers who will be tasked with saving the world from the evil plan of a demon. They each have personal struggles and issues to overcome including if they will accept the women in their lives as their partners. Those who weld magic are able to form a soulbond with their mate that can [...]

    18. After finishing Hexbound, I was itching to read Cleo and Sebastian's story. They may have been married the longest out of the three couples in the trilogy, but they know the least about each other. When Cleo and Sebastian were forced to marry as part of an alliance between their parents, neither knew what to expect. Both have been used by their respective parents for most of their lives and never felt the love of a family. Blindfolded by her father to protect her visions of the future, Cleo stil [...]

    19. Let me start by saying that this is more of a review for the whole Dark Arts series. This is the second series by Bec McMaster that I have read. The first being the London Steampunk series. I must say I definitely enjoyed this one a lot more. Her storytelling and writing have definitely improved. I really really loved the series and I loved the characters. Lets start with the cons. The reason I can't give it 5 stars is the same thing that bugged me about the London Steampunk series: sloppy conti [...]

    20. Full disclosure: I received an eARC of this book for review. My opinions are my own.wordpress/post/icanreadfoSoulbound, Sebastian and Cleo’s story, is the finale of Bec McMaster’s Dark Arts trilogy about three brothers, three relics, and a demon trying to kill everyone.The magic is not pretty. McMaster has said that Penny Dreadful is her aesthetic inspiration. The magic is dangerous, people are harsh and cruel, and life is cheap. Which feels kind of honest about Victorian life.Sebastian is a [...]

    21. Sebastian Montcalm is a really rubbish husband, it is not all his fault, he had a tough childhood, has major trust issues and he never wanted to get married in the first place. Add that to the fact that he really is quite fond of his wife but if his mother finds that out she will try and harm Cleo just to cause him pain (long story – this is the third book in the series) and you have a rather strained relationship. Cleo loves her husband, pure and simple, her forgiving goodness might be enough [...]

    22. The third and final book in the Dark Arts trilogy brings everything to a head and the couple I have very much looked forward to getting to know, Sebastian and Cleo. From the moment they grace the pages as secondary characters in books one and two they grabbed my attention so I was super excited to finally get to read their story. They deserved a happy ending the most, I think, and I loved their story from start to finish. The demon and its machinations come to a head in this one and the final ba [...]

    23. Soulbound is an unusual romance in part because Sebastian and Cleo have been married already for most of the series. But they've also been big parts of both of his older brothers' books - I think they are the only ones whose POVs are in every book of the trilogy. The story is about Sebastian finding a home with his brothers as much as finding love with Cleo. I think that makes the readers much more invested in their HEA than we might normally be. And I think the book provides a satisfying conclu [...]

    24. Bec Mcmaster's conclusion to her Dark Arts trilogy has all we want in a trilogy capper. It has the big action scene, questions are answered and more are posed (Bec confirms the world will continue after this trilogy. Bring on the Dark Curse!). AND we get the explosive coming together of Sebastian and Cleo. When they come together it is fireworks. I will say that while their smoky scenes are very smoky, they were not my favorite couple.Let me start with a Buffy comparison. Are you an Angel fan or [...]

    25. Having read and loved the first two books in this Dark Arts series and enjoying the characters and story lines, I have to say this is my favourite yet! The plot running through the background of the building love story between Sebastian and Cleo was masterful and kept me page turning right to the very end. The relationship that finally starts to grow between the three brothers Lucien, Adrian and Sebastian is very enjoyable, with jibes going backwards and forwards, but for me the star character i [...]

    26. Soulbound was a thrilling story full of surprises, and fascinating characters. Cleo and Sebastian's story has been building for quite some time, and I was very happy with how it all unfolded. The story was complex and interesting, and the characters were as well. Poor Sebastian had such a terrible life, and it definitely left its mark on him. It broke my heart to see him struggling, and my heart broke even more watching Cleo try to help him. She also had a difficult life, so there were some very [...]

    27. Out of the three books in this trilogy this one was the best. I felt the connection between the two characters far more than the others from the previous two. This book also held my interest from beginning to end a lot better. I enjoyed reading this book a lot and am glad to see a happy ending in the epilogue for all the main characters. I’d recommend this book but definitely make sure to all others that they read the first two books first since this one is the third and final book out of the [...]

    28. That was so good!! I think this has to be the best one yet of the series. We've slowly gotten to know Sebastian and Cleo in each book up until this one when we get to read their story. My heart totally went out to these two characters, the things they go through. The coming together of the brothers to defeat the demon and save their father and all of London. Sebastian is totally my favorite hero in this particular series! I've been a huge fan of Bec McMaster since the beginning when "Kiss of Ste [...]

    29. Soulbound Ended the Series WellOnce again Bec McMaster has created another great read and the series ended well. Since first meeting Cleo and Sebastian in Book 1, I've been waiting for their story (especially since we got more glimpses of it in Book 2). It was everything I'd hoped for and even had me slightly nervous for the outcome. I also enjoy that the other characters have remained a major part of the storyline -especially the growing relationship between the three brothers. Although I'm a b [...]

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