Two Man Advantage

Two Man Advantage Wells Lemiere knew the moment he saw Matty Haverbrooke he had to have him Matty was quiet he was talented he was beautiful and Wells couldn t stay away As the youngest and most talented son of the

  • Title: Two Man Advantage
  • Author: Toni Aleo
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  • Page: 411
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  • Wells Lemiere knew the moment he saw Matty Haverbrooke, he had to have him Matty was quiet, he was talented, he was beautiful, and Wells couldn t stay away As the youngest and most talented son of the NHL Commissioner, Matty had found the burden of family expectations almost too heavy to carry on even his broad shoulders He had no intention of getting involved in a relaWells Lemiere knew the moment he saw Matty Haverbrooke, he had to have him Matty was quiet, he was talented, he was beautiful, and Wells couldn t stay away As the youngest and most talented son of the NHL Commissioner, Matty had found the burden of family expectations almost too heavy to carry on even his broad shoulders He had no intention of getting involved in a relationship with Wells But the heart he d given up for dead had other ideas Their affair was intense and overwhelming, but when Matty couldn t bring himself to come out and admit he wanted a public future with the man he loved, Wells had no choice but to honor his vow to live openly and leave Matty behind But then he learns Wells is marrying another, and Matty knows he can t let that happen Can he throw down his gloves and embrace his future with both hands Or will he pull the door to his closet shut once

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    1. 4 stars!!!Two-Man Advantage is Toni Aleo’s first MM book and is a stand-alone, but if you’ve read her Assassins series, you’ve already met Wells Lemiere and Matty Haverbrooke. Since their scene in Wren and Jensen’s book, I’ve been dying for this story! I thought Aleo did a great job with it. Wells and Matty are both NHL players. They’re both great guys. And they’ve been together, in secret, for a while now. The reason? Matty is still in the closet. His dad is the commissioner of th [...]

    2. As far as I know this is Toni Aleo's first MM book and I have to say I'm impressed. This story can be read as a stand alone, though the MC's are previously introduced in the "Assassins" series. I myself haven't read that series yet, but I am sure gonna in the future ;) Wells and Matty are both players for the NHL. Both are gay and they have been together for some time. But while Wells is out and proud and really wants them to come out as a couple, Matty wants to stay deep in the closet.No one be [...]

    3. So let's wrap up what happened in the first 23% of this book, shall we?Two NHL player MCs. One is out. One is not. The out one doesn't want to be a secret anymore. (His prerogative.)He gives MC #2 an ultimatum to come out NOW, at the Thanksgiving dinner table with his family, or he's leaving. (NOT his prerogative.)MC #1 jumps immediately into another relationship and is engaged to new guy within 3 months #2 doesn't want to come out (still his prerogative), but won't let MC #1 get married to some [...]

    4. ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*Too much love*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ It was cute, but way too cheesy. I don't do lovey-dovey much, and this was over the top. The constant I love you's and the I'm not complete without you sayings are alright if it's said like three times, but not when it's almost every chapter. Hockey player for the Colorado, Wells Lemiere (34) and the youngest and most talented son of the NHL Commissioner, - also a hockey player for the Rangers - Matthew ‘Matty’ Robert Haverbrooke (23) were [...]

    5. "Two Man Advantage" is this author's first M/M story. It was actually a very good effort and an enjoyable read but it was way too romantic and corny for me. The drama was often too much and some of the characters' reactions were unbelievable.I liked the blurb and don't even let me get started on this cover! It won me over from the start. The idea of the plot was very interesting but something in the execution wasn't what I had hoped for. I wasn't able to connect with the MCs for the majority of [...]

    6. 3.5 stars. Edited to add: After a bit of thinking, I think this book deserves more of a 3.5 stars then 4. It's not fair for all the other 4 star ratings if I had kept this at 4.I think this might be Toni's first M/M novel? If it is, I am seriously impressed. This was so well written and I actually really enjoyed the story. Wells and Matty were adorable together and I loved seeing their relationship grow and develop from what it was on page one to the end of the story.Though I do wish there was a [...]

    7. I get curious every time an MF author writes and MM story.This one, i'm sad to say it was a mess. The first like 15% it's The plot of a telenovela. I was cackling because I find stupid drama hilarious. But a lot of The beginning felt super fast and unnexplained. I don't know if their story started in another book or what. A loy of The events in The beginning were quickly glossed over but then it went slow, like really slow. There were so many characters that by comments made in the book I assume [...]

    8. A waste of time for M/M readersTechnically speaking, the writing wasn't horrible. And that's the best thing I can say about this book. I was going to DNF this around 17% but I really hate doing that to new to me authors that have limited libraries to compare. So, I continued on to the end. I rarely write reviews because I'm not very good at verbalizing my thoughts and feelings and I'm over it and myself about half way through the review. But this one just irked me on so many levels. I mainly rea [...]

    9. We were teased by Wells Lemiere and Matty Haverbrooke's story in the last book In the Crease. For Toni Aleo series fans here is how they relate: Wells is Wren's brother and the best friend of Jensen (In the Crease) and Vaughn (Delayed Call) . He is a hockey player, gay, and in love with Matty who is Avery's brother and the NHL Commissioner's son (Hooked by Love). Matty is in the closet and the only one who knows he is gay is Wells. Matty is stoic, closed off, controlled, analytical, and smart. B [...]

    10. Two-Man Advantage was Toni Aleo’s spin off from her Bellevue Bullies and Assassins series. It was also her first M/M writing and I loved everything about it.Wells Lemiere was an openly gay NHL player. He was gorgeous, funny, talented, loyal to family and friends and all around a well loved and respected guy. We met him in previous Assassin books, but most recently in In the Crease as Wren’s brother. We also learned that he was about to marry a man that was his rebound after a break up from t [...]

    11. ok ya'll, I have to admit that I was so unsure going into this book.M/M is just not my typical read. I have nothing against it or anything, it just isn't my particular preference. But knowing how good Toni's books are, I knew I needed to give TWO MAN ADVANTAGE a shot. And that was exactly what I did.And I'm so glad I did too. It took a bit to really get into the book. I'm not going to lie, I was really disjointed from the story. But the farther I went the more I really enjoyed the characters and [...]

    12. It wasn't terrible, it wasn't great. I did have a problem with Wells issuing an ultimatum. If you start dating someone in the closet, they have to decide to come out. It's not up to anyone else. Spoiler aheadIt must be nice to have money to blow on paying off a blackmailer. 6 million dollars to someone, only to delay coming out for a week.It wasn't because the pictures were too graphic, but because Matty was too scared to come out. What a waste.

    13. Wells has watched his siblings find their loves while he struggles to find his own. He had a true love who wasn’t willing to come out of the closet to be publicly seens with Wells, and Wells isn’t willing to hide who he is. Wells has been in the league for a while, and is confident in who he is and what he wants -- he wants to be openly gay and in love. Matt Haverbrooke has an image to uphold. As the commissioner’s son, he is expected to be the ideal hockey player and strong man. His image [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this story! I haven't read many of Toni Aleo's work, so I didn't necessarily know what to expect. The twist of the couple being together, but essentially breaking up in the very beginning of the story was shocking and wonderfully different. Yea, you read that right. I normally like the lead up and courting of a new relationship, but this worked for them. It worked because it allowed the reader to experience so many more emotions. Second chance romance is normally not my cuppa. I [...]

    15. I’m speechless! Toni wrote her socks off with this one!! Perfect combo of everything I love about her books - great snark, lots of laughs, amazing chemistry between characters, the right amount of angst and more heart than should be allowed! Wells and Matty. This story was a second chance, but it’s also a redemption story and a fight for accepting who you are Story, and a what fills your heart story. This is Toni’s first m/m story, and it proves once again that love is love. These two men [...]

    16. 2.5 starsI'm not sure where to begin with this review. The cover and the prologue held such promise but went down quickly from there.I loved the concept of this M/M age gap sports themed romance however I had a hard time connecting with the characters and their story. Wells is an openly gay man who loves Matty however he's still in the closet and not looking to leave. This is the overall theme of the story but it needed more. I thought with them both being They are professional hockey players wo [...]

    17. I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy from the author.Two Man Advantage is about Wells Lemiere (Wren's brother from In the Crease) and Matty Haverbrooke (Avery's twin brother from Hooked by Love). I was a little unsure if I would like this book or even want to read it, not because it is a M/M romance, but because it is about Matty. I have to admit, I loathed him Hooked by Love. I understood his desire of keeping his secret, but I didn't think he would be able to redeem himself after being a hor [...]

    18. This review is for an advanced review copy. It is my unbiased, honest opinion. 4.5/5 StarsToni Aleo has done it again! Two Man Advantage is a standalone M/M romance novel that takes place in Aleo’s beloved Assassins universe. Matty Haverbrooke and Wells Lemiere are professional hocky players. They have a passion for the sport and for each other. However, because of Matty’s fears and family, their relationship was forced to come to an end. It takes Wells’s upcoming marriage to make Matty se [...]

    19. ★4 Stars★This was a sweet, HOT and at times angsty story!As far as I know, this is Toni Aleo’s first M/M book and I have to say I’m impressed.This book can be read as a standalone, though the MC’s are previously introduced in the “Assassins” series. I myself haven’t read that series yet, but I am sure gonna, in the future. 😉Read WENDY's full review on ►DirtyBooksObsession◄

    20. I loved it! Near perfect romance with the right amount of sweetness and angst. Could not give it 5 stars coz Wells almost married another man and Matty had to do a super melodramatic scene to stop the freaking ceremony. I did not like that at all. Their reunion should not have been almost too late. That entire situation of Wells leaving his fiance at the altar left a bad taste in my mouth. Overall, I did enjoy reading about Matty and Well’s struggle as a couple and I like that Matty finally ca [...]

    21. I'm huge M/M Romance fan and I think Toni Aleo did a great job with Two Man Advantage. It's a story about Two gay professional Hockey players in the NHL Wells & Matty's journey was enjoyable and heart warning. It's filled with so much love, frustation, fear and ultimately acceptance. I loved how it started off with them already into their relationship. Both in love but completely opposite with their feelings towards their future. Wells needs more Keeping their relationship a secret is no lon [...]

    22. Excellent M/M Debut!If there is one thing Toni Aleo knows well, it's hockey. Her Assassins series is the best out there and now she's added another element to it in the form of Matty and Wells. Matty and Wells are professional hockey players that are in love. The catch, Wells is out and proud, while Matty is still in the closet and under the thumb of his family. A family that is rich, snotty and Matty just knows the gay-thing isn't going to go over well with them. So he hides. Hides himself, Wel [...]

    23. Two Man Advantage by Toni Aleo is afull.length, standalone, m/m, romance sport-ish novel. I love Toni Aleo´s books. But I was hesitant to read Two Man Advantage. But she rocked it !Wells Lemiere and Matthew - Matty- Haverbrooke are both NHL Player and deeply in love with each other. But Matty´s deep in the closet too. And there he thinks he has to stay. Wells can´t bear that and breaks up with him. Both are more than miserable while apart.These two characters have many ups and downs, many. So [...]

    24. 4.5 starsSo there are four types of people who are reading this book. (okay maybe more, but I'm focusing on these)1. Those looking for a love story.2. Those looking for red hot lust filled orgasm inducing sex.3. Those that are looking to try out the M/M genre.4. All of the aboveGroup one will fall head over heals for the sexy sweet man that is Wells. They will cry out at the injustice and heartbreak. They will literally cry at the last one the first freaking chapter. Once they buck up, they will [...]

    25. This is the second story I’ve read by this author, the first being a shorter work from an anthology. With this being her first foray into M/M, my curiosity was piqued to see how it would turn out. While there are some areas of the story that felt a bit rough to me, overall I think the author did a good job in doing justice to Wells and Matty’s tale…even if half the time I wanted to smack some sense into Matty.You know, if I was Wells I’d be just as frustrated and disappointed in Matty as [...]

    26. When offered the opportunity to read the ARC of this novel, I debated about whether or not to try it. I don't usually read M/M romances. Please don't get me wrong - I have read plenty of novels with gay characters in them and some with, ahem, unusual sleeping arrangements (Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series make polyamory seem tame), but I don't think I've read a novel that focused strictly on a gay romance. So why volunteer to read this? I love Toni Aleo's writing - her A [...]

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