Sleeping Arrangements

Sleeping Arrangements Updated cover edition of ASIN B AU JUS Harper Lee A beautiful story I shall cherish for years to come Critics raved A model memoir funny and sad Michiko Kakutani the New York Times Laura Shaine Cun

  • Title: Sleeping Arrangements
  • Author: Laura Shaine Cunningham
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  • Updated cover edition of ASIN B01AU0JUS2Harper Lee A beautiful story I shall cherish for years to come Critics raved A model memoir, funny and sad Michiko Kakutani, the New York Times.Laura Shaine Cunningham s memoir of being orphaned at age eight and raised by two bachelor uncles in the Bronx In the glow of Yankee Stadium Twi Night doubleheaders , has become oneUpdated cover edition of ASIN B01AU0JUS2Harper Lee A beautiful story I shall cherish for years to come Critics raved A model memoir, funny and sad Michiko Kakutani, the New York Times.Laura Shaine Cunningham s memoir of being orphaned at age eight and raised by two bachelor uncles in the Bronx In the glow of Yankee Stadium Twi Night doubleheaders , has become one of the most beloved classics of contemporary autobiographical literature Anne Tyler wrote Reads like a novel You may find yourself sitting very quietly, mulling over the marvels of this truly wonderful book The Balti SunWhen her single mother dies, her bachelor Uncles Len and Gabe step in a wildly divergent pair Uncle Len is a self styled cross between Sam Spade and Abe Lincoln, who travels on secret missions , carrying only a manila envelope while Uncle Gabe composes and belts out Jewish Gospel songs and proposes to every woman he meets Len makes popcorn for breakfast and Gabe warps the wooden floor with bleach Their lives taken on a similar odd angle and then they are joined by the grandmother, Etka from Minsk who carries her own memoir Philosophy for Women and begins most sentences with Plato and I believe To top it off, they get a cocker spaniel puppy who isn t a dog but a democrat Excerpted in The New Yorker, presented at Selected Shorts, read by Linda Lavin, the book, published first by Alfred Knopf and then by Plume and Riverhead Books Penguin Putnam , the book soon became a bestseller in the U.S and was featured in The New York Times magazine, which ran several excerpts, including the popular Uncle Food, Bachelor Uncles, and a Hers column on being raised by men Her column devoted to her single mother appeared in The New York Observer Laura may have been raised by two eccentric men who knew nothing about running a household but they knew how to love Her family story is interwoven with her adventures with her little girl friends as they played forbidden games in the Babylonian Bronx Jessica Mitford Absolutely delightful a terrific treat Muriel Spark A great pleasure very interesting, moving and amusing Chaim Potok Wise, sobering and witty Compassion and wit are a rare literary combination but Sleeping Arrangements is illuminated by both Los Angeles Times Cunningham transforms her Bronx of the emotions into the Babylonian Bronx , a world simmering with sex and death and intrigue Sharp witted and funny but never mean Julie Salamon The Wall Street Journal Comic, touching, delightful the kind of book you buy multiple copies of to send to your mother and best friends People

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    1 thought on “Sleeping Arrangements”

    1. This wonderful little gem is Cunningham's autobiography about an unusual upbringing in the Bronx. As a child, she and her mother moved to an apartment at AnaMor Towers in the Bronx. She runs wild with another child in the neighborhood and becomes rather unrestrained herself. Sadly, her mother passes away, and her two bachelor uncles arrive on the scene, with their own idiosyncracies. They move their mother in and thus begins Laura's new life as an orphan. If you loved the movie "Unstrung Heroes" [...]

    2. One of my favorite books of all time. Wildly funny, deeply touching, and an absolute example of how a family that might look pretty odd and possibly dangerous from the outside can be warm, loving, and supportive within.

    3. Dedication: To my Uncles,And in memory of my motherI wish to thank Victoria Wilson,Daniel Menaker, Owen Laster, and Daniel Stronefor their help and enthusiasm.Opening:I began my life waiting for him. When the other children asked, "Where is your father?" I had my mother's answer: "He's fighting in the war." That was a fun departure from my usual fayre. Enjoyable, and at times worrying! Thanks Overbylass.

    4. (I usually read much older memoirs, so this was a departure for me.) With her sparkling imagination and charm, Cunningham shows the magic of a childhood that might otherwise seem bleak and painful. There were uncomfortable bits, yes, but things happen to children for which they have no frame of reference, it's no use to pretend otherwise. At the heart of this memoir is the author's loss of her parents and the commitment of her Uncles to give her a sense of family and stability in spite of that. [...]

    5. This book is a page turner; it’s a memoir that reads like a fast moving novel. Most of us will never know what it’s like to be orphaned by the harsh realities of life, but Laura Cunningham paints a Daliesque portrait of just how crazy that life can be. This is a first class memoir and I find the fact that some folks posted negative reviews astounding! The cast of characters in this girl’s life is colorful, to say the least, and the author is unflinching in her revelations of all the idiosy [...]

    6. This was a simply wonderful read. I suppose growing up in Brooklyn in the 1940's-1950's and attending public schools that were overwhelmingly Jewish has something to do with it. We too were a dysfunctional family, though removed from the socio-economic milieu of the author. But the idea of a whacky household has always appealed to me, and my favorite childhood play (seen on early TV) was what my mother, sister and I referred to as "The Crazy Family"--otherwise known as "You Can't Take It With Yo [...]

    7. "Sleeping Arrangements" is a rich, warm, funny and loving story of growing up in exceptional circumstances. I loved it. I loved being so very included in the telling. That's the gift the author offers in this novel;she brings you in close to her, and she does this by confiding her most intimate thoughts and experiences.The story is told in chronological order and that sits quite nicely within the lilting humour.It rings very true to life.A top read, beautiful, magic, tragic and quirky.

    8. Memoir of a girl growing up in the care of her very loving and eccentric famil. I originally thought this was a work of fiction, everyone is so off beat. Loved it.

    9. Loved this book to bits. Unusual story but no less enjoyable. One of my favourite of all time.Anyone who is a fan of coming of age stories in New York this will appeal to you.

    10. A tender, hilarious and completely readable memoir. Sleeping Arrangements is as much the story of a young girl coming of age in the 50s and 60s as it is a portrait of New York at the same time. At age eight, Lily is orphaned and her two bachelor uncles begin to raise her and take care of their senile mother in a cramped apartment in the Bronx. What begins as a tragedy for Lily ends up a sometimes sad but more often hysterical story of how she learns to negotiate life, love, sex, school, religion [...]

    11. This was a laugh out loud, shake your head, can't believe they did that sort of story. And who knew it was a memoir. Well, you would if you read the back which I hadn't.Sleeping Arrangements is about a young Jewish girl, Lily, and her mother who descend upon relatives for periods of time and then move on. When Lily's mother dies and her two uncles come to live with her, Lily's life takes on a more "normal" approach to life. Building a home and structure needed for a young girl to survive the eve [...]

    12. Did I love this book? Excessively, but rather than gush I will quote Lily as she describes her thoughts during the dreaded Home Visit from social services, in particular her response to their inquiry as to whether she was happy in her unusual home/family and received enough affection there:"How can I tell her about my life here? How do you describe love that need not be spoken of? Can someone tell Miss Riordan how high feelings run here? "No. Excess love may be regarded as worse than no love.I b [...]

    13. A favorite memoir. Stunning, sweet, funny (sometimes laugh-out-loud funny) It's amazing this tough little girl survived.Another reviewer, GraceAnne, said this. I agree."One of my favorite books of all time. Wildly funny, deeply touching, and an absolute example of how a family that might look pretty odd and possibly dangerous from the outside can be warm, loving, and supportive within. "

    14. I loved this book! It's a classic that nobody knows aboutally well written and an engaging and interesting story. Keeps you on your toes!

    15. Slow to start out, only because the main character is not so sympathetic at firstbut becomes so pretty quickly. Sometimes shocking, sometimes gripping but always fun to read and well written.

    16. A wonderful look at the world through the eyes of a child from an unconventional, but loving family. Laura Cunningham will break your heart and inspire you to daydream again.

    17. An interesting book about a Jewish girl being brought up by two uncles in 50s New York. A look at what is a family? The answer love and care for each other and not always a mother and father but what works to give stability and happiness for that family.

    18. Quirky and delightful, but not cloying or sentimental. There is so much love and celebration of eccentricity that I forgive some of the less plausible aspects (most of which would be eliminated if Lily were just a few years older than claimed). Lily has an intense and loving relationship with her mother, despite being raised on secrets and collusion (mainly concerning her father, who has allegedly been away fighting the war all Lily's life until 1950 and beyond). Secrets continue throughout. Muc [...]

    19. I absolutely loved this little gem of a book. This is the author's memoir about her unorthodox but loving upbringing. You walk away from this realizing that loving families come in many different shapes and forms. Highly recommend.

    20. I read this book years ago but I remember that it was hilarious though wild in some parts. Never forgot it!

    21. This was a wonderful memoir. It had it all--tragedy, devoted family, quirkiness, a funky grandmother, wonderful uncles, and a look inside the Bronx in the 50's.

    22. Beautifully written testament to the family: a group of people in one home with a common love and motivations! I laughed and cried, I cheered for the uncles! Bamboozled by a ten year old little girl!

    23. fantastic read! Beautifully written, couldn’t put this down! Eloquent and poetic, this is an unconventional Family with a love that transcended all boundaries, definitely worth a read!

    24. I loved this delightful memoir about an 8 year old, left an orphan when her mother dies. Sounds grim? not a bit of it - two batchelor uncles move in with her and stay - and what a delightful and eccentric family unit they form; especially when Grandma - a Russian Jewess with a leaning towards petty theft moves in too.

    25. I got this book on interlibrary loan from the Chandler Public Library. I always like looking at the interlibrary loan papers, and the stamps and such from other libraries that's because I'm weird. I can't quite remember what prompted me to get it via ILL, but it came with another childhood memoir, Wait Till Next Year by Goodwin, so maybe I was on a memoirs kick.This one is pretty good. It follows the author as a little girl growing up in New York, first with her mother (a wild, unrestrained sort [...]

    26. This is one of those books that is hard to describe.Starts off with odd descriptions of growing up, including a lot of risque references, then turns absolutely sweet and funny then ends with a tough, all-the-sudden-its-over and I'm grown up ending.This is a true story of a small girl who never knew her father, who then loses her mother and is raised by two, totally unselfish, sweet, eccentric uncles. When she describes her friendships with neighborhood children, it's uncomfortable and part of me [...]

    27. Just started this one about growing up in the Bronx on the Grand Concourse in the mid 20th century. Not sure if It will hold my interest but the opening chapters were shocking and also lacked some suspension of disbelief.but I was never a projects kid, so who knows? I will keep going

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