High Stakes

High Stakes It s just not life if no one s trying to kill you I never meant to end up in the middle of a vampire rebellion But when vampire s are running amuck in London and the Baron is refusing to do anything a

  • Title: High Stakes
  • Author: Izzy Shows
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It s just not life if no one s trying to kill you I never meant to end up in the middle of a vampire rebellion But when vampire s are running amuck in London and the Baron is refusing to do anything about it, I can t exactly ignore the problem It was bad enough when the Baron wouldn t help, but now he s blackmailing me into doing all the dirty work for him If I don t dIt s just not life if no one s trying to kill you I never meant to end up in the middle of a vampire rebellion But when vampire s are running amuck in London and the Baron is refusing to do anything about it, I can t exactly ignore the problem It was bad enough when the Baron wouldn t help, but now he s blackmailing me into doing all the dirty work for him If I don t do as he says, he ll tell the Order I ve been working hand in hand with the vampires It s do or die If I can t get this rebellion under control, the city won t survive the aftermath Scroll up and one click High Stakes today to find out if Blair can get these vampires under her thumb The Codex Blair Series Book 1 Grave Mistake Book 2 Blood Hunt Book 3 Dark Descent Book 4 Wild Game Book 5 Grim Fate Book 6 High Stakes The Codex Blair series is ongoing and this is not a complete list.

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    1 thought on “High Stakes”

    1. High Stakes (Codex Blair) (Volume 6) by Izzy Shows is another action packed adventure/fantasy that just keeps on getting better with each book. If you like magic, adventure, elves, demons, wizards, vamps, weres, and creatures of the unknown, then these books are for you! They are high octane, fast action, full of suspense, fights, love, tension, quick wit, and never a dull moment. An imp named Fred that lives with Blair, the gal of the story. He is old, wise and very powerful. He is sweet butI w [...]

    2. I liked this book a lot. I like that we see Blair trying to trust others. She has more confidence in herself and you see that she is growing. Blair was more cutthroat which I loved and I like the bloodshed. She really became more deadly and kinder. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    3. "High Stakes" is another good installment in the Code x Blair series and although I enjoyed this read I am not sure that I like where the series is heading especially in the romance department.Blair is now under the tutelage of Diego the wizard. He is trying to get her to embrace the importance of book knowledge and she is quite frankly a string like a petulant child. She argues and whines only to finally recognize that Diego does actually know what he is doing. As a matter of fact her magical a [...]

    4. “High Stakes” is the 6th book in the Codex Blair series, by Izzy Shows. It followed very quickly on the 5th book, “Grim Fate”, so if you like fast-paced action, and an author who provides the next book quickly, this is the series for you. “High Stakes” picked up where “Grim Fate” left off, with Blair getting a notice from the Order that she was being summoned before them, to answer for her ‘crime’ of practicing magic without their knowledge. It was something she’d feared ev [...]

    5. This series keeps on getting better. I have loved every book so far and this is no exception. Diego is now training Blair to be a wizard and she is trying his patience, which was only to be expected. Weylyn is superb, just what Blair needed to help her through the training and her job of looking after London. He is her other half and I love him (almost as much as I love Mal, who was absent this time and much missed).Blair has to deal with Dudley once more because the vampires are playing up agai [...]

    6. To start I just want to mention that Weylan is my absolute favorite character in this series. Blair has come a long way in her magic training and Diego is a good mentor, however I believe Blair doesn't make the best choices sometimes. I think there could have been a way around Dudley blackmailing her and the whole collar with leash to make an example, not up my alley. The battle scenes were cool though and she totally kicked ass.The situation with Blair and Emily I feel is more like a sisterhood [...]

    7. This, the sixth book in the Codex Blair series, really shows Blair taking a few steps forward in terms of trusting and relying on others. It was getting a bit frustrating reading about how she felt her (short-lived) mentor foolishly didn't ask for assistance yet Blair kept jumping into things not asking for assistance!Never fear, she still has work to do in that regard.The book follows just a brief time after the conclusion of the fifth book, and Blair begins her training with Diego. They might [...]

    8. The Codex Blair series has become a sure-fire fun must-get-asap series for me and Izzy Shows has become a favorite author based on how so very good it is. With High Stakes the bar has been raised once again - and once again exceeded. Our heroine Blair is as kick-a** as ever, now getting wizard training from Diego, still developing her relationship with Weylyn (side comment: yummy) and taking care to make sure London stays jolly (which here means taking care that it's vamps don't get out of line [...]

    9. OMG she did it again!I just can't even I mean wow! Seriously, just.wow! Blair is in the thick yet again, vampires galore. Who to trust, will she trust? So much to learn. What will happen from here? She is slowly coming into her rights as a wizard. I loved every second of this book. Her mentor is the perfect amount of kick butt mixed with professor, who has a side of angst all his own. I'm excited to learn more about him. Weylyn is awesome! He keeps her grounded, showers her in love, and is never [...]

    10. I just cannot get enough of this series. This book picks up with Blair beginning her training to officially become a wizard. It wouldn’t be Blair if everything went smoothly though. I loved how she teamed up with the vampires to try to prevent a civil war. Some of the sacrifices she made were hard to stomach. That big battle at the end though. So much epic. I could not believe what happened after the outcome, and I look forward to seeing how that changes things moving forward. And can I just s [...]

    11. Omg what a story, a great addition to this series. It was all I had anticipated and so much more. Full of action, magic and lessons learned as she grows into her role of city protector. So looking forward to reading the next in this series when it comes available. One I will be adding to my special collection of stories I will read over and over again.

    12. Blair continues her wizard training when see finds out that the vampire's are planning to over through Dudley. Can Blair get thru her training and stop the vampire's that plain to take over not only Dude's rane but also cause millions of casualties in London?

    13. High Stakes (Codex Blair Book 6)I am stunned once again, and anxious to see what happens next with Blair. I can't wait for the next book. Also excited for Mal's book.

    14. GoodI am thoroughly engaged with this series. Blair continues to develop a depth and strength that I want to follow.

    15. Fun storyI enjoyed reading this story and learning more about what Blair can do. I do wish we had seen more of Emily though. I love it when she kicks butt!

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