Hand and Talon

Hand and Talon Steal the bag Don t get caught Repeat Not the most glorious existence but Krea likes it just fine When Sorin a cranky old soldier barges in and decides to take over her life Krea is less than enth

  • Title: Hand and Talon
  • Author: Melonie Purcell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Steal the bag Don t get caught Repeat Not the most glorious existence, but Krea likes it just fine When Sorin, a cranky old soldier, barges in and decides to take over her life, Krea is less than enthused Sure, he saved her from a brutal death at the hands of the guards, and he did stop decrepit faerie monsters from eating her But declaring she isn t human and draggiSteal the bag Don t get caught Repeat Not the most glorious existence, but Krea likes it just fine When Sorin, a cranky old soldier, barges in and decides to take over her life, Krea is less than enthused Sure, he saved her from a brutal death at the hands of the guards, and he did stop decrepit faerie monsters from eating her But declaring she isn t human and dragging her through a cursed forest to the Royal City is going too far Now, she is eyeball deep in magic wielding nobles, shapeshifting dragons, assassins and an ancient elf war that could destroy the Empire Her cloak is too small Her horse thinks she wants to eat it and her companion resents her very existence And then there s Dane.

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    • Best Read [Melonie Purcell] ì Hand and Talon || [Historical Fiction Book] PDF ↠
      331 Melonie Purcell
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    1 thought on “Hand and Talon”

    1. Five star classic fantasy with a twist.Suspicious heroine, reluctant father-figure hero/mentor. A journey quest and exploring magic, its all here and beautifully executed. Characters are believable, and have impressive story arcs as they learn to slowly trust each other and get over past trauma.Add in shape-shifting dragons griffons etc and evil elves, and this is a romp that will have you blurry-eyed the next day.Highly recommended for gripping escapism.

    2. This a great story for everone to read! Great characters and writing will keep you turning the pages and when you get to the end you'll want more. Can't wait for the next in the series. Great Reading Everyone!

    3. FantasticThis was such a wonderful book I hope you take the opportunity to read it for yourselves 's authors development of your characters make you want to be part of the story itself

    4. Nice Indie editionIt was a little rough in places, but thoroughly entertaining and we'll written. A good start to a series and I recommend to YA fantasy readers. I'm hoping for an audio edition when I come back for a reread.

    5. Now, she is eyeball deep in magic wielding nobles, shapeshifting dragons, assassins and an ancient elf war that could destroy the Empire. Her cloak is too small. Her horse thinks she wants to eat it and her companion resents her very existence. And then there’s Dane.Sooold! 😏

    6. Good readWell written. Good story. Good characters. And thank you, dear author, for being or finding good proofreaders. I want more

    7. It’s often done so wrong, when you have two characters who don’t appreciate each other’s company – but Melonie plunges her young thief with a higher calling and a reluctant older (but not old) sage into a fantastic tale with grace and good humour. Young Krea is a lovely addition to the patchwork quilt of high fantasy – she is a great tilt on the scrappy archetype and blesses her with a far more interesting curse that I first took it for. As the main character I found her a pleasure to [...]

    8. The mystery kept meading until the end. The characters were damaged, imperfect (in a cool, perfect way), and generally worth knowing. The style of writing told the story in a personable way while using a familiar storyteller’s manner. In other words, the 5 stars is for keeping me entertained, caring, and mystified.

    9. Solid world building. Fun story, paced well. Characters that "feel" real, with great interactions between them. Enjoyable read, looking forward to the next one in the series.

    10. Rich world-building and well-developed characters throughout the narrative, adding depth to the story. Recommended.

    11. Much better than I expected.Fun read. The book moved at a good pace. Can't wait for book two.Was expecting a three star at best. Got a five star. Was pleasantly surprised.

    12. Wonder fullA tale that grows with every character. A plot that can't be ignored, hadto finish as soon as possible.

    13. Great read!Interesting magic. Complex, fully realized, flawed, but not stupid characters. I really enjoyed reading this book and can't wait to read the next one!

    14. Good StartWasn't sure about purchasing this book. I have recently run through a spell of not so good ones. You know the ones where you quit about a third of the way in because the plot is so familiar the writing so poor, or the editing so bad. This book has none of that. I enjoyed the storyline. The writing flows well and is intelligent and the editing is good. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.

    15. A Brand New WorldThis is a well fleshed out brand new world. Characters are growing as the pages turn. Callers and their counters, elves, humans! They all have a pretty good build up so you know how they all fit together. Can't wait for the next installment!

    16. Very good fantasyHand and Talon is a brilliant fantasy that looks like it will be the start to a great series. It introduces a well realised world with faerie, elves, magic and shape changers. The characters are fully rounded and likeable. There is lots of action, just enough suspense to keep your attention. If you are looking for your new fantasy fix you've found it.

    17. The world Melonie Purcell has created is richly populated—I’m not just talking about people, I mean everything—forests, water, skies are crowded with fae creatures of one kind or another. It’s a perilous place if you don’t understand where you are and how to appease them. And the young thief Krea is just beginning to understand that. Krea has no idea of her past, and cannot recall where she came from. All she has is a fierce will to survive. When Sorin, an apparent noble, comes upon he [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait for the second one. Krea was strong and independent but she knew when to accept help. The different groups were fascinating.

    19. Overall a good book. It started out a little rough and I wasn't convinced by the writing style, wordage or plot. But about mid-way it started to pick up (seriously the longest ride ever), and then it really caught my attention. Now I can't wait for book 2. It's maybe not the best read ever, but I'm very pleased and worth the kindle price.

    20. Krea is a thief who just stole the wrong moneybag. But when she's about to be captured, an unlikely intervention changes the course of her life. Her rescuer, Sorin, is an old caller. He tells her about the kryni, the shapeshifters, and insists she is one---and that she needs to be linked up with a caller before her first shift or she will lose her humanity forever. Krea doesn't agree with him, but they journey together towards the capital in hopes of finding help for her. But unexpected dangers [...]

    21. "Conventional starting point does not limit book"Plot devices such as the world-weary mentor taking on a teaching role to a young chosen one that doesn't yet understand his/her power is not an uncommon starting point for many fantasy series, but the crucial thing is what they do from that starting point and this book proceeds to deliver an engaging start to a new series with some interesting ideas fleshing out the world and the magic system in use there.Krea is the teenage thief with the unreali [...]

    22. Audiobook review: I’m hooked. This book is for teens, YA, & adult fantasy fans. The story is interesting and captivating from the start with an action scene that leads to a trek across the kingdom filled with danger, fighting, mythological creatures, and exploring magic. The characters are believable and likable and have depth. The narrator did an awesome job with providing unique voices for each character and appropriate tone inflections to meet the scenes. I received a free copy of this [...]

    23. A Very Creative StoyMelonie is an exceptionally gifted writer with a very unusual approach to developing a story line. I suspect she's still a relatively young writer because her male/female interactions have little depth to them. That being said, her characters are creative and fresh. She left me wishing to know more about her two principle players. I look forward to spending more time in her world and watching her storylines develop. A very entertaining effort

    24. An interesting idea told in a really boring way with really unlikable protagonists. I also didn't appreciate the entire story revolving around a prophecy I was only let in on near the end of the book when the main character was told. By all means keep your characters in the dark, but readers tend to appreciate being slipped subtle hints and bits of information along the way. Especially if the story is an otherwise rather bland "traveling" tale.

    25. Epic new fantasy seriesThis is great world building and interesting, flawed, brave, likeable characters. It never dragged, and though a lot happens there isn’t a sense that lots of action is simply packed in to substitute for a plot. Well written and edited. Heartily recommended for fans of epic tales.

    26. Dragons are always goodA grubby thief saved by a Noble becomes more than a story about saving a girl. It becomes a story about saving himself, his people and setting the thief free to become more than she ever thought possible. Add wicked elves, a living forest, tree nymphs and flying dragons and this is a great story.

    27. Outstanding!Wow! Bought this because of the low price and was in between books didn’t have high expectations. Boy was I wrong. Terrific book! The author's style is addictive and she has a great way of keeping the reader engaged. Can’t wait for the sequel.

    28. Good read a must readA very well written story kept me gripped to the end cannot wait for the next instalment please hurry as I need to know what happens next.Is you pick this book up you will not want to put it down very gripping.

    29. I really enjoyed this. The basic plotline of a young girl who is a misfit in society discovering that she is in fact special and part of a prophecy is quite a common one however the story is well written and I enjoyed the interaction between the characters.

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