The Cleansing

The Cleansing After the earth suffered from a series of severe natural disasters that claimed many lives people are still fearful years later America allows in foreigners from other devastated areas to assist with

  • Title: The Cleansing
  • Author: Danielle Tara Evans
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  • After the earth suffered from a series of severe natural disasters that claimed many lives, people are still fearful years later America allows in foreigners from other devastated areas to assist with rebuilding As a result, a new wave of immigration occurs, and now Americans are in the minority They are discriminated against and blamed for global warming When a foreigAfter the earth suffered from a series of severe natural disasters that claimed many lives, people are still fearful years later America allows in foreigners from other devastated areas to assist with rebuilding As a result, a new wave of immigration occurs, and now Americans are in the minority They are discriminated against and blamed for global warming When a foreigner named Julian becomes president of the United States, he devises a plan that will prevent Americans from standing in the way of his tyranny He forces them to attend the Earth Education Program, where they are supposed to learn how to take better care of the environment.The story follows John and Annie Weber, an American couple, who discover that the program is malignant than it appears As a massive genocide takes place, John and Annie struggle to survive in this new world.

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    1. “What is scarier?” asks Danielle Tara Evans in her new novel The Cleansing, ”Brainwashed humans without a conscience who would stop at nothing in order to kill you or Mother Nature who yielded far more strength and power than any amount of humans combined?”And that’s the main question that the two protagonists, a married couple John and Annie, seek to find on the pages of this dystopian novel. Throughout the book, they struggle with the aftermath of series of natural disasters, and eve [...]

    2. This dark dystopian thriller follows John and Annie Weber and their struggle in an all too real future America. The Cleansing by Danielle Tara Evans amps up today’s problems and uses them to create a frightening look ahead. As the nation has a new foreign-born president and “traditional” Americans are a discriminated minority, they push back against the new religion Erdinism and see the horrors of genocide, still they (and we) cling to the hope. The drama, violence and challenges make this [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this book. It's depth surprised me. The character development in this book is superb and by the end of the novel you really feel connected to the characters. What makes this book even more amazing is how the plot is handled. It's pacing, subplot interjections, flashbacks, and plot twists kept me hooked. In a distant future I suppose the events in this book could become a possible reality. I think that the potential possibilities is what makes certain dystopian novels truly chill [...]

    4. With the earth ravished by the effects of global warming, America's population is left depleted, allowing foreigners to move in and change the face of the country. Now a minority in their own land, Americans are blamed for much of the world's problems and trucked off to sinister re-education camps. A young couple, John and Annie, discover their true fate at the program, and escape only to live a life of danger and fear in a country they no longer recognise. Evans has come up with a highly origin [...]

    5. The CleansingI was given a free eBook copy of The Cleansing in exchange for a fair and honest review. This book is absolutely riveting. In fact, I did not want to put this book down and read the entire novel in a single day. From the first chapter I was hooked. John and Annie (the main characters) are extremely relatable. I found myself caught up in their story and rooting for them throughout the entire book. The ending was unexpected (which is a rare occurrence).What makes this story so compell [...]

    6. The Cleansing is an absolute page turner! Your heart will be pounding the whole time you read this. The subject matter of ethnic cleansing is something that will grip you as it has been a reality for many groups of people. In this book Americans are now the targets. The story is crazy intense and will leave you thinking. The ending is so unbelievable I'm still trying to come to terms with it. It's simply amazing.

    7. Evans really makes you feel the desperation and fear overtaking the main characters in The Cleansing. Each time you turn the page there is something that keeps the story flowing wonderfully. Though the story is mostly a thriller there is another element that shines through, "Love can help push us past anything"If you'd like to read my in-depth review of The Cleansing, visit my blog at indiebookreviewer

    8. The Cleansing is by Danielle Tara Evans. It is a tremendous book and I can’t wait to start the second book. In today’s political climate, it is a frightening book as well as being good. Can something like this happen in the next twenty- six years? John and Annie Weber are simply middle class people. They own their house and their cars and both work to pay for what they have. They live in Philadelphia, PA and both of their families are nearby. They have drawn away from their families a bit be [...]

    9. The Cleansing follows Annie and John, two Americans living in the devastated country after an apocalyptic series of natural disasters wipes out much of the Earth’s population. Many begin to immigrate to the United States, causing natural-born citizens to become a minority. Annie and John soon find themselves targeted, like all the other Americans, and blamed for causing the natural disasters with their careless pollution.That’s not to say that the book portrays all the Americans as strictly [...]

    10. Having just read a few other dystopian type books, I may have been a little too critical of this one. Had this been the authors first work, I probably would’ve given it five stars. This was definitely a unique story. It was well plotted and I like how the scenes moved along nicely.The Cleansing takes place in the near future, only in this story, natural catastrophes changed the earth in an eerily predicable way as some suspect could be the real-life damaging effects of global warming. The Unit [...]

    11. The Cleansing Author Danielle Tara Evans.Wow I just finished this book and it is now 3:37 am couldn't stop reading as I had to find out what happened to John and Annie. This book has some strong themes running through it and did have me in tears at some points. That said there are so many things that made this novel a gripping and nail biting read that once I started I can't put it down or stop reading it. The novel itself followed Annie and John who were Americans as they were sent by the gover [...]

    12. Honestly, when I read the blurb for The Cleansing, it didn't sound like something I would enjoy. But a friend on talked me into giving it a try, and I have to say that I was impressed. It's a good story, it's well-written, and it's thought provoking.For some reason I thought it would be all about politics in the future. I was wrong. It was about people dealing with the horrors of what has become of their country in the not too distant future. A new president has been elected, and with him a new [...]

    13. The CleansingWhat if Nazi Germany was alive and well in a future America? And what if this neo-Nazi government targeted native born Americans for its own holocaust using ecological crises as an excuse? That is the basic premise of "The Cleansing." What is especially frightening about this is that it can actually happen. The story concerns itself with the main characters' attempting to survive in a society bent on seeking them out and eliminating them.That said, I wish that the writing here was a [...]

    14. I bought this book last night and finished it this afternoon. It is a complete page turner. Needless to say I already bought her next book.Main characters John and Annie endure pain that no person should ever have to, and I can't imagine those that may have had to. This plot exceeds Hitler's regime and yet it feels like with the way the world is going and the way we treat each other through racism, sexism, the amount of war, etc. who knows how far off we are from something like this happening. I [...]

    15. I read this book in one sitting while waiting for jury duty (where every person is innocent until proven guilty). That's not the case in this novel. All our civil and moral rights have been stripped away. There's been a world-wide environmental disaster and many people have died. The US (Americans) are blamed for the problem. Therefore, after environmentally conscious immigrants attain power in the country and rename it, the two protagonists are in a struggle for their very survival. Why? Becaus [...]

    16. An intriguing read‘The Cleansing’ is a fast-paced read and truly dystopian novel that follows the desperate attempts by the two young American protagonists, Annie and John, to escape ruthless military enforcers of the dictator Julian. A married couple, Annie and John’s characters are well fleshed out and the predicaments and challenges they face, expose their respective strengths and weaknesses.Danielle Tara Evans' story is in many ways disturbing yet thought provoking. Conventional presum [...]

    17. In the not-too-distant future, natural disasters have killed millions of people all around the world. Global warming, or climate change, is responsible. The majority of the world blames the USA, because of irresponsibility in trying to take better care of the environment.John and Annie Weber are surprised one evening, as soldiers come to their door to tell them that they are being taken to a mandatory Earth education program, and that all Americans are having to go to this week-long course. This [...]

    18. “The Cleansing” by Danielle Tara Evans is a powerful and thoughtful dystopian post-apocalyptic thriller. Set in the US in the 20140s after a natural disaster we follow John and Annie Weber participate in the Earth Education Program, something that is mandatory for original citizens of the US, who are now being subjected to discrimination and racism from immigrantsCleverly plays or turns the tables on some contemporary issue such as of environmentalism, racism and immigration in the US. I lov [...]

    19. I love the concept of this book - although it did get me worried! The aftermath of a devastation will always make good reading, especially in a world that always seems to be on the brink of self-destruction. I thought the author caught the emotion of being in such a situation rather well, and I felt the anguish of John and Annie as the story unfolded and they realised what was going on. Can you imagine being fazed out? Being held responsible for all the world's problems and more than that, being [...]

    20. Living in a dystopian future in the aftermath of global, natural disasters, John and Annie find themselves victimised for being multi-generation American. A new regime has taken a hold of the government, a regime that blames the old American culture of living to excess for the state of the planet. An intriguing look into a plausible future and the horrors there in are expertly portrayed, The Cleansing is an insightful, imaginative story that is well worth a read.

    21. I really enjoyed this book. Excellent dystopian view into the future. Actually very scary as many elements of the story could have a basis in events and attitudes that are seen in our country today. Must say it was more frightening than most Stephen King books. Look forward to the next book.

    22. An awesome read. Full of love, hate, and everything else that makes life. The picture painted is as vivid as it is heartwrenching. A wonderful read that I'm happy I picked up.

    23. "But this is no longer America. The old laws no longer apply. And what are the new laws?" (The Cleansing, Kindle Locations 1336-1337). What if America were no longer a place where freedoms prevailed and hard-working citizens fought for the second amendment's right to bear arms? What if, in America, Americans were no longer the majority and were in fact the population bearing the brunt of prejudice and animosity? What if the president was no longer a US born citizen? The Cleansing is aptly named [...]

    24. Currently reading the sequel so I'll try to avoid spoilers.I normally really like and look forward to reading dystopina novels. This one features the dystopian breakdown of society and establishment of a new world order. This follows environmental disasters which everyone in the world blames on the USA (global warming is all the USA's fault) causing invasion and the takeover of the USA and the native Americans become hunted. Nice allegory.I liked the idea but the telling was a little simplistic [...]

    25. I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair review.The premise of this book is great; it makes us consider whether the holocaust would be possible, and could it happen to Americans? It was an interesting twist to see that being American as negative, and I like the concern about the environment. I love the concept. But the story fell a little flat. The writing could have used a good copywriter to review and cut out extraneous or habit words that pop up throughout (Like the word 'so'). T [...]

    26. Global warming! This is something we all hear about regularly. Every day there is new information describing how we are ruining our planet. Every action we take has a reaction. In The Cleansing, global warming advanced far enough that many natural disasters, of epic scale, ravaged the planet and killed millions. In this dystopian future, the U.S. is largely to blame for the harm caused to our planet. Americans are disliked and the story paints a very gloomy future for any American citizen. U.S. [...]

    27. The Cleansing is a quick and easy book to pick up and read. While it might be a science fiction book set some 30+ years from now I wanted call it a high-concept story. It is more about the state of the world - namely the United States following a continued series of natural disasters that is ultimately blamed on the United States my its now majority immigration population. I enjoyed the characters but would have liked to have gotten to know who they were prior to the events of this book. Since t [...]

    28. The Cleansing reminds me of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 (1953), Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaiden’s Tale (1986), and other dystopian examples of that time telling of a future world and its effect on the characters. With a title like “The Cleansing” and blurbs about an apocalyptic world, I had certain expectations; therefore, the story was predictable. With the infinite imaginative realm of the science fiction genre, I was hoping for something unique.I completely understand the author [...]

    29. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I had a really hard time caring about this story or its characters.Its written in a very distant and clinical way.It feels as if the author is writing a report about global natural disaster,genocide and a ruthless dictator.I do think that there are a few good ideas in the story that could have been fleshed out more.The natural disasters & ruthless dictator could have made for an intriguing read. I wish the characters were [...]

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