Rich People Problems

Rich People Problems When Nicholas Young hears that his grandmother Su Yi is on her deathbed he rushes to be by her bedside but he s not alone It seems the entire Shang Young clan has convened from all corners of the g

  • Title: Rich People Problems
  • Author: Kevin Kwan
  • ISBN: 9780385542241
  • Page: 351
  • Format: ebook
  • When Nicholas Young hears that his grandmother, Su Yi, is on her deathbed, he rushes to be by her bedside but he s not alone It seems the entire Shang Young clan has convened from all corners of the globe, ostensibly to care for their matriarch but truly to stake claim on the massive fortune that Su Yi controls With each family member secretly fantasizing about gettingWhen Nicholas Young hears that his grandmother, Su Yi, is on her deathbed, he rushes to be by her bedside but he s not alone It seems the entire Shang Young clan has convened from all corners of the globe, ostensibly to care for their matriarch but truly to stake claim on the massive fortune that Su Yi controls With each family member secretly fantasizing about getting the keys to Tyersall Park a trophy estate on 64 prime acres in the heart of Singapore the place becomes a hotbed of intrigue and Nicholas finds himself blocked from entering the premises As relatives claw over heirlooms, Astrid Leong is at the center of her own storm, desperately in love with her old sweetheart Charlie Wu, but tormented by his ex wife a woman hell bent on destroying Astrid s reputation and relationship Meanwhile Kitty Pong, married to billionaire Jack Bing, finds a formidable opponent in his fashionista daughter, Colette.

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    1. Sometimes the best antidote for the craziness of the world is reading a wacky book. (It leaves my head clearer than drinking would, anyway.) Kevin Kwan's Rich People Problems, the third in his Crazy Rich Asians series, was just the ticket. Campy, a bit melodramatic, and utterly outrageous, Kwan's tales of three generations of Chinese families, set mostly in Singapore, provides a hysterical glimpse into how the ultra-rich live."Peel away the veneer of wealth and sophistication and you'll find ext [...]

    2. Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan is a 2017 Doubleday publication.Hilarity and intrigue merge to create yet another wildly entertaining installment in this fabulous series!As with the previous installments, a little time has elapsed, meaning there have been a few changes since we last touched base with all these zany characters. Rachel and Nicholas receive word that his grandmother is suffering from congestive heart failure. As the family begins to gather around her, Nicholas feels pressured fr [...]

    3. I received an ARC of Kevin Kwan's Rich People Problems from Netgalley and Doubleday in exchange for an honest review.In this third installation, Kevin Kwan brings back the magic I felt China Rich Girlfriend was missing. Although to be honest, I could still do without Kitty. I did not like her in the second book, and still felt like she was mostly unneeded - mainly because there are so many great characters in the book who could have used the time given to her. Back to the great parts of this boo [...]

    4. I loved Rich People Problems, it was hilarious, outlandish and filled with entertainment. It reminded me a lot of what I loved out of Crazy Rich Asians, the bizarre antics of the Shang-Young family, the name and label dropping and all of the deliciously decadent food. Full review to come.---Actual Rating: 4.5This review was originally posted on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews!What do you do when you’re outrageously rich and you’re part of the most powerful, influential famili [...]

    5. Wow, Kevin Kwan has done it again ( I knew he would). I had VERY high expectations for this book and they were exceeded so so far. This book is full of unexpected plot twists, hilarious and outrageous moments, and had characters I could relate to even though I can't even imagine being 1/100 times as a rich as them. Truth is, Asians (esp Chinese) still have their cultural roots, most of which I could 100% relate to and that's why I love this series so much. The storylines get more and more compli [...]

    6. I've loved this series, primarily because it is outrageous, funny and over the top. New money, old money, extravagances beyond comprehension combined with family rivalry, secrecy and love stories - delicious! Add that it is centred in Singapore, provides reams of cultural education as a serious side dish to the funky fun, and the series was simply a treat of entertainment and novelty. I hope that Kevin Kwan leads readers on more adventures. The romps were "divine", and I'd like to savour another [...]

    7. I’m so so so so so sad to leave my friends in this series. I didn’t want this book to end so I could spend more time with them. Overall, more emotional, with more backstory than the first two and we really sunk into the spirit of the characters and the elements that make up the glue that holds the family together. Ugh, I’m obsessed. If I had to rank the three, the first one is my favorite, followed by this one, and the second is my least favorite. But they’re all wonderful.Something to m [...]

    8. Rich People Problems is a fabulous read. Kevin Kwan’s witty writing and highly entertaining characters make Rich People Problems so much fun to read. There are A LOT of characters to keep up with, but once I had them all straight again I didn’t want the book to end. Kwan is a master at depicting familial relationships, and with everyone descending on Tyersall Park, there is much family drama to be had. I really enjoyed learning more about Su Yi’s background and Tyersall Park itself. Kwan [...]

    9. When Su Yi, the matriarch of the Shang, Young and Leong families is affected by heart problems, everyone rushes to see her. While some are there to say good bye, the rest are there after one thing only: Tyersall Park. Tyersall Park is a grand mansion on sprawling property in Singapore that currently belongs to Su Yi. Being a prized estate, everyone is wondering who will inherit it. Meanwhile, Nick has not seen nor spoken to his grandmother (Su Yi) since he announced his intentions to marry Rache [...]

    10. You can read all of our reviews at reallyintothisHappy Reading, friends! totally meant to have this review ready 2 weeks ago when Rich People Problems was published, but you know what? I wasn’t finished reading it. I’ve found that when I am Really Into a book, it takes me a while to finish it. I feel like that’s opposite of a lot of my reading friends. The thing is, if I’m Really Into a book, then I want to savor it, stay in the story & make it last. That’s exactly what happened wi [...]

    11. WHAT a whirlwind. You guys, I cannot recommend this series enough, and this just might be my favourite book in it.Rich People Problems is OUTRAGEOUS, and outrageously funny. It's got scandal after scandal, and Kevin Kwan has MASTERED the art of ending his chapters with a shocker, so that it is physically IMPOSSIBLE to stop reading this book until the very end.It was great to read more about Su Yi (Nick's grandma) and all of our faves, but the real scene stealers were the anti-heroes or the strai [...]

    12. A disappointing, bloated mess. The book starts off promising enough, with 3 tongue-in-cheek anecdotes about "rich people problems", but then it totally veers off course. Part 1 is almost unreadable, as it tries way too hard to recapture the perfect blend of snark, humor, and ridiculousness of Crazy Rich Asians. The whole book is a hot mess with so many plot holes and unnecessary story lines. I'm glad to have finished the trilogy and know how it all ends, but the Kitty vs. Collette story line is [...]

    13. More like 2.5.I didn't find this book nearly as entertaining as its predecessors. Not sure if the novelty's worn off or what, but it just seemed a lot idk, tackier than the others? The constant footnotes got pretty annoying - did we really need that whole spiel about Jon Snow? It felt like there was just so much name/reference-dropping, but the names and references seemed less impressive than before.Nick and Rachel, having been the focus of the first two novels, were reduced to secondary charact [...]

    14. 4.5. THANK YOU NETGALLEY FOR PROVIDING ME WITH AN ARC!Now that I think about it, I realize that it's a bit weird that I've never talked about one of my favourite series. Written by Kevin Kwan, Crazy Rich Asians depicts the crazy adventures of the extravagant Chinese elite. Admittedly, the set of three books is not for everybody. Think of it as a mashup between Gossip Girl and 90210 where the cast is in their early 30s and instead of hanging out in Barney's or Nordstrom, do their shopping between [...]

    15. Spectacular fun. A book that you cannot help but be entertained by due to the richly engaging and extravagant characters. This book will leave you reeling from the laughs and the realization on how the other half lives.

    16. I didn't want the book to end. I want to spend more time with these amazing and hilariously over the top characters. I enjoyed learning more about Su Yi in this one. This is the perfect summer read. Thank you to Doubleday for sending me an ARC.

    17. While there were definitely a couple things I could really do without--anti-blackness, a dig or two at biracial kids--this series has been really good at owning what it is. The satire is biting and so very funny, and the emotional beats feel true and honest. I've really enjoyed walking with Rachel and Nick as they navigated this world of excess and entryways, and I'm sad that this is the end of a series that has distracted me from the crap that's going on all the time.

    18. I loved this trilogy. It was just so much fun from start to finish. I will miss all the wacky antics of this large family, but I'm grateful for the peek into their lives that Kevin Kwan showed us.

    19. Bagus, kok. Masih di atas standar buku ini. Hanya saja, aku merasa kurang, kalau dibandingkan dua buku sebelumnya. Sebagai penutup, buku ini termasuk yang kurang epik.Aku agak kecewa karena porsi Colette Bing kurang banyak, hanya disampaikan dari berita-berita tentangnya saja. Padahal kalau ada sudut pandang Colette, pasti lebih bagus lagi. Lalu, aku merasakan pudarnya pesona Astrid Leong yang mahamemesona di dua buku sebelumnya. Why Astrid, why? Dia adalah karakter favoritku sebelum ini, dan di [...]

    20. While I breezed through the first two novels in Kevin Kwan’s trilogy (can I call it that?), this one was harder to sink my teeth into. There are still many positives: I really enjoyed the added focus on the history of the Shang and Young families, which did a lot to redeem some of the less agreeable characters throughout the series (namely, the matriarch of the Youngs, Shang Su Yi.) In general, Rich People Problems reversed my opinions of several main characters, as well as a few supporting on [...]

    21. In the third installment of the Crazy Rich Asians series, we find that the matriarch of the family, Su Yi Young is on her death bed and her relative will stop at nothing in order to get the most coveted prize of her estate, Tyersall Park. Tyersall Park is a sprawling compound that is the most valuable piece of real estate in all of Singapore. Will the family be able to put away their differences long enough to agree?Thank you to NetGalley and Doubleday Books for the opportunity to read and revie [...]

    22. Title: Rich People ProblemsAuthor: Kevin KwanPublisher: DoubledaySeries: Crazy Rich Asians # 3Reviewed By: Arlena DeanRating: FourReview:"Rich People Problems" by Kevin KwanMy ThoughtsThis author gives the reader in this third book in the Crazy Rich Asians series a read of great drama, some hilarious laughs with some characters, wonderful vacations spots, entertainment and scenic descriptions[clothing and jewelry] that will really have you thinking you are looking at a movie right in front of yo [...]

    23. It's over. DON'T LEAVE ME, TYERSALL PARK. & EVERYBODY. I'm thankful for these books for all the emotional investment and being able to see so much of my family and everything I grew up with (sans 1/10000000 of the riches, ofc) portrayed so vividly on the page. I'm thankful for every single little footnote. I'm going to miss those ridiculous tidbits. ;________;(psssst though I was cheered up seeing the 'motion picture' addition to Kevin Kwan's bio there. a little something to look forward to [...]

    24. You either love this style of writing or hate it. I love it. I love it so much. It's like the best kind of gossip tattle ragd my god, the food descriptions. I'm either really hungry or ready to head to the airport for a vacation.

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