Making Sense of the Alt-Right

Making Sense of the Alt Right During the election a new term entered the mainstream American political lexicon alt right short for alternative right Despite the innocuous name the alt right is a white nationalist movement

  • Title: Making Sense of the Alt-Right
  • Author: George Hawley
  • ISBN: 9780231185127
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Hardcover
  • During the 2016 election, a new term entered the mainstream American political lexicon alt right, short for alternative right Despite the innocuous name, the alt right is a white nationalist movement Yet it differs from earlier racist groups it is youthful and tech savvy, obsessed with provocation and trolling, amorphous, predominantly online, and mostly anonymous.During the 2016 election, a new term entered the mainstream American political lexicon alt right, short for alternative right Despite the innocuous name, the alt right is a white nationalist movement Yet it differs from earlier racist groups it is youthful and tech savvy, obsessed with provocation and trolling, amorphous, predominantly online, and mostly anonymous And it was energized by Donald Trump s presidential campaign In Making Sense of the Alt Right, George Hawley provides an accessible introduction and gives vital perspective on the emergence of a group whose overt racism has confounded expectations for a tolerant America.Hawley explains the movement s origins, evolution, methods, and core belief in white identity politics The book explores how the alt right differs from traditional white nationalism, libertarianism, and other online illiberal ideologies such as neoreaction, as well as from mainstream Republicans and even Donald Trump and Steve Bannon The alt right s use of offensive humor and its trolling driven approach, based in animosity to so called political correctness, can make it difficult to determine true motivations Yet through exclusive interviews and a careful study of the alt right s influential texts, Hawley is able to paint a full picture of a movement that not only disagrees with liberalism but also fundamentally rejects most of the tenets of American conservatism Hawley points to the alt right s growing influence and makes a case for coming to a precise understanding of its beliefs without sensationalism or downplaying the movement s radicalism.

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    1. I knew some things about the alt-right before I read this book: they were younger than the racists I was used to, more upscale, more tech savvy (than me and the old racists combined), dressed in suits (or at least in slacks and polos), liked to carry tiki torches, loved to troll people on the internet, and believed—mistakenly in my opinion—that they possessed a well-developed sense of humor. (Maybe it’s just me, but I have never heard a holocaust joke I really liked.)What I did not realize [...]

    2. This is probably the best objective, non-partisan, and fair account of the rise of the "Alt-Right" in American politics. Regardless of your politics, this is worth understanding. I'm pretty familiar with the topic, and I learned a few things about the early origins of Alt Right which I didn't know before.If you're not familiar with the material, more information about "Internet troll culture", forums like 4chan/8ch, you probably will want to look into those to really understand the movement.A fe [...]

    3. A good overview of the history and development of the alt-right, offering clarifying distinctions between "alt-right" and "alt-lite." Hawley explains the differences between the alt-right and the mainstream conservative movement, highlighting the traditional gate-keeping role of institutions like the National Review and William F. Buckley in weeding the most noxious racist and antisemitic elements from the right-wing mainstream.It's a useful read paired with Angela Nagle's Kill All Normies, whic [...]

    4. This book provides 2 chapters of historical context for white supremacist/nationalist journals, thinktanks, figures; goes through the first wave of the alt right (Richard Spencer), the second wave (election), conservatives and the alt right, and finally the alt light. It's new but was sent off for publication before Charlottesville and the Buzzfeed expose. As such, the last chapter on the alt "light" has aged **incredibly** well. Making Sense of the Alt Right is ~well informed but falls short on [...]

    5. This book attempts to explain what the alt-right is and what it is not. It is a white nationalist movement that is an online phenomenon. Just as the KKK members hide their heads under their white hoods, the alt-right members hide their identities while online. The movement is diverse and does not have a leader or cohesive ideology that all of its followers would agree upon. It is a reactionary movement against the staid conservatives that uses humor to attract young people and to hide their hatr [...]

    6. This volume marks the beginnings of the efforts of political science to understand the altright, at least as far as work aimed towards a public goes. Like Dave Neiwert, Hawley is pitching the work towards an audience baffled (and presumably disgusted) by this new thing, so you get a lot of the same explanatory stuff, though from a markedly different angle. Neiwert emphasized continuity between the earlier far right, as well as mainstream conservatism, with the altright. Hawley insists that the a [...]

    7. This was a pretty decent introduction. Hawley keeps a relatively academic tone throughout. The downside is that the book is wide in its coverage but not deep. There's no real exploration of the philosophy behind the alt-right, just its internet manifestations. Though he is correct about the trollish nature of the movement, I think he's wrong not to devote some attention to the thinkers (such as they are.) He also assumes a predominantly pagan ethos on the alt-right, which, while accurate in some [...]

    8. Over the last year or so, George Hawley has arguably become one of the foremost experts on the Alt-Right, and, with Making Sense of the Alt-Right, he has produced what can be seen as being the most informative account of the movement to date. Despite its short nature (Hawley's analysis runs to around one-hundred-and-seventy-five pages in length), Making Sense of the Alt-Right excellently traces the movement's history and development, explaining how it first came to be and why it became one of th [...]

    9. This was an interesting and well-researched book that should be read by anyone interested in political movements. One of the strengths of the book is the extent of the research done by the author, especially as it means people can get a sense of what the alt-right is (and isn't) without having to actual view the social media sites or listen to the racist ignorance of the alt-right followers. A second strength of the book is that the author does a good job of explaining who/what the alt-right isn [...]

    10. As you can tell by my start date, I had a hard time plowing through this book. But, it strikes me that the problem may be as much with the alt-right (alternative right) as it is with the author. Rather than trying to precisely define the alt-right George Hawley uses descriptors such as: “vulgar, ironic, irreverent” and even “goofy.” The alt-right phenomenon is also racist. Although there are people Hawley associates with the alt-right, it is essentially a leaderless amalgamation and to a [...]

    11. An excellent book on the current movement we know as the Alt-Right. This book definitively shows that while the Alt-Right movement is an offshoot of the Conservative politics, although I would say it is more of an offshoot of Paleoconservative politics, the white nationalist movement of the Alt-Right is not of the Conservative movement. They are not trying, like the Neoconservatives or Paleoconservatives, to rebrand Conservativism in their own image, they are just trying to destroy it because Co [...]

    12. Making Sense of the Alt-Right is the second book I've read by George Hawley. The first was Right-Wing Critics of American Conservatism. No one in the 21st century has done a better job coming to terms with right-wing political ideologies than Hawley. And in this book, Making Sense of the Alt-Right, Hawley explains that the Alt-Right is a decentralized, mainly internet-oriented right-wing movement built around white nationalism. There's also in general consensus among the Alt-Right on what might [...]

    13. This book is essentially a short analysis of the alt right, from where it started to where it is now, the part the movement playing in the 2016 election of Donald Trump, and it's key players, such as Richard Spencer and Milo Yiannopoulos.I have some background knowledge of the alt-right, and though this book was somewhat academic in the way it was written, I found it accessible enough that I understood it and came out of it with a greater knowledge of the movement. I also found it had me toying [...]

    14. A nice book with erudite historical discussions on "American Alt-Right 2017". It complements nicely with Angela Nagle’s “Kill All Normies” as this book has more of an academic tone. It discusses the relationship between classical American conservatism, traditional American White nationalism and the Alt-Right with its Web origins. I think it does a good job of differentiating between these different segments of the American Right unlike some other books that just bundles up the whole range [...]

    15. Author George Hawley makes a valient attempt to evaluate the thinking of right-wing individuals and groups. This is helpful in some respects as the reader learns the variations that exist. Some are racist; some are not. Some are anonymous, some are not. Some are solely Internet-based with no physical connections among the so-called members. Nevertheless, this book seems to be a theoretical study based on generalizations, and there is no evidence that the author has any personal experiences with [...]

    16. Hooboy, not sure how well this will age, especially as it seems to have been sent to print before the events of Charlottesville which definitely places blood on their hands. But for now, it's a good academic snapshot of the alt-right, what it is and what it isn't (I think to the larger populace many of the alt-lite examples are still under the broader umbrella of alt-right, though I get the unrepentant white nationalists are going to have the stricter definition of who's in their club). Traces g [...]

    17. Analyzing a dispersed, leaderless group of angry white male nihilists who will do or say anything to provoke their enemies while hiding their identities is not easy. We can hope that they're a group of undersexed, pimply, loners who will eventually fade away as they're methods and beliefs are exposed, but the rise of young people in the 21st century who espouse views once held by the KKK, seems like something we should keep an eye on. Attracting recruits to the cause by appealing to the so-calle [...]

    18. A decent coverage of the history of alt-right and it's current state. I have to admit that i found it hard to read because as much as I was interested in the theoretical aspect of the movement I am more repulsed by everything in it. It was really a struggle to read this book as i fucking hate the alt-right.

    19. This is a well researched explanation of the white supremist movement and how they are currently using media to manipulate their audience. Having had personal experience with an alt right speaker, I would say they are immature ignorant people with little knowledge of history or geography.

    20. Well researched, annotated and indexed. I lost the thread a bit because it was so well done, and it's Advent, and I just don't want to think about racists, so I put it down for a few days. If you're concerned, it's a good read. Maybe save it for after the holidays!

    21. a quick primer on the relatively new extremist offshoot of American conservatism.The Alternative Right's primary focus is aggressive, irreverent white-identitarian politics, but as it gains traction has also begun to capture a jumbled web of disgruntled conservatives seeking an outlet from the mainstream.Hawley details the ideological foundations (racial realism, paleoconservatism, radical libretarianism) as well as the projections for the future of the movement in Trump's America. Because there [...]

    22. Interesting. The main uniting theme for the hard-core members of this group is white supremacy. A lot of the movement is made up of anonymous commenters on the Internet. Some have suggested placating the Alt-Right. Other people have rejected appeasement. Recent developments have continued to show how much the Alt-Right was encouraged and heartened by the election of President Trump, and how he is reluctant to condemn them. But then, he's made it clear that he's a racist himself. It doesn't surpr [...]

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