Shelter the Sea

Shelter the Sea Some heroes wear capes Some prefer sensory sacks Emmet Washington has never let the world define him even though he his boyfriend Jeremey and his friends aren t considered real adults because of t

  • Title: Shelter the Sea
  • Author: Heidi Cullinan
  • ISBN: 9781945116506
  • Page: 388
  • Format: ebook
  • Some heroes wear capes Some prefer sensory sacks.Emmet Washington has never let the world define him, even though he, his boyfriend, Jeremey, and his friends aren t considered real adults because of their disabilities When the State of Iowa restructures its mental health system and puts the independent living facility where they live in jeopardy, Emmet refuses to be foSome heroes wear capes Some prefer sensory sacks.Emmet Washington has never let the world define him, even though he, his boyfriend, Jeremey, and his friends aren t considered real adults because of their disabilities When the State of Iowa restructures its mental health system and puts the independent living facility where they live in jeopardy, Emmet refuses to be forced into substandard, privatized corporate care With the help of Jeremey and their friends, he starts a local grassroots organization and fights every step of the way.In addition to navigating his boyfriend s increased depression and anxiety, Emmet has to make his autistic tics acceptable to politicians and donors, and he wonders if they re raising awareness or putting their disabilities on display When their campaign attracts the attention of the opposition s powerful corporate lobbyist, Emmet relies on his skill with calculations and predictions and trusts he can save the day for himself, his friends, and everyone with disabilities.He only hopes there isn t a variable in his formula he s failed to foresee.

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    1. ~4.5~Today I took my kids to a hot springs. It was busy, on account of it being spring break, and there were kids everywhere laughing, running, splashing. I had my Kindle with me in its awesome waterproof cover and was rereading parts of Shelter the Sea. I am very good at tuning out the world when I read. But there was one child I couldn't tune out. He was 7 or 8, hanging with a young man no older than 20 who I assume was his older brother or maybe an uncle (they looked alike). The boy rocked. H [...]

    2. A moving sequel to one of my all time favorites, Carry the Ocean, Heidi Cullinan hits high notes again with Shelter the Sea.Carry the Ocean is a book that I can barely talk about without getting choked up. It had a deep, profound affect on me, and it changed my scope of romance novels and who romance novels can be about forever. It has a very special place in my heart, and I was scared when I saw that a sequel was coming out with the same two MCs. One of my biggest pet peeves ever is when an aut [...]

    3. ***4.25 Stars***I didn't have to shelter the sea. I had to find the way to let the sea shelter me.As you can see below by my thoughts before reading, I had some reservations about this book. Based on the blurb, I was worried this was going to be all about politics and not enough about romance. Well, I'm here to tell you that I was right and wrong. This book isn't A romance, but it is a book WITH romance. The romance isn't the central plot of this book, but it is a key component. Emmet and Jereme [...]

    4. 4.5 StarsDamn, that was beautiful. First, I want to say thank you to Ms. Cullinan for not introducing relationship angst into Shelter the Sea. Emmet and Jeremey went through so much in Carry the Ocean that I was loathe to see them struggle like that again. But she didn't do that to us, or to Emmet and Jeremey, so thank you. Thank you.While we definitely see Jeremey struggle with his anxiety and depression and Emmet struggle with how to best help him, Shelter the Sea is mostly a political story. [...]

    5. I was so excited about this follow-up story about Emmet and Jeremey, but I have to admit, I was also a bit worried. Book 1 left me with an amazing feeling when I was finished and I was a bit nervous this book would mess that up for me.I shouldn't have worried though, because this book left me feeling even happier, than book 1 did.Before I continue this review, I would like to point out, that this is not a stand-alone. You should read book 1 first and if you haven't, you are missing out big ti [...]

    6. Updated 6/14/2017 for audiobook: Iggy Toma rocks this! He is fantastic, the narration is damn near perfect, and such an absolute joy to listen to.Dual POV from Jeremey and Emmet, no messing with the established HEA, just more feels and more love.I loved it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!Audio review has been cross-posted at Gay Book Reviews.**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~I do not disguise the fact the Carry the Ocean is one of my favorite books of all time. Emmet and Jeremey are two of the most sp [...]

    7. This sequel to one of my favorite books - Carry the Ocean - kept me reading until late in the evening. One of the best things about these books is that the two guys don't "overcome" their difficulties. Emmet's autism and Jeremy's anxiety and depression are ongoing players in their lives, shaping their day to day routines, and their interactions with the world. They adapt, accommodate, and integrate their abilities into their lives. Despite the difficulties, the guys clearly love each other, and [...]

    8. Super quick reviewI am so happy that I decided to read both Carry the Ocean and Shelter the Sea.Emmet and Jeremey are two people I will not soon forget. I adored their love story. It was wonderfully simple. The barest form of love.I was sadden a bit by the journey they had to take to be together, to live independently and to be surrounded by those who meant the world to them. But as things came full circle I was equally happy by what came to be. ❤Life if a journey no matter who you are. One of [...]

    9. I loved this book hard core and did my husband and he didn't even read itt really. But I was so taken with this story that I did something I don't often do, I rambled perpetually about it to him and because he's patient and loves me, he sat and listened.'Shelter the Sea' is Heidi Cullinan's follow up story to 'Carry the Ocean' and like 'Carry the Ocean' it's a story that is touching and burrows its way into your heart but it's also a story with such an important messagea message that is both cur [...]

    10. So how do I do this brilliant book justice ? I loved Carry The Ocean and it's one of my all time favorites here comes Shelter The Sea and I wonder, can Heidi do it again ? Well YES she did ❤️ This book was all the feels, all the hearts and all the tears. We are back with the delightful Emmet, who thinks in algorithms and works his "mind octopus " to make sense of challenges and issues that don't make sense to him. His love of Jeremey is extraordinary and his support of others, even though he [...]

    11. 5 hearts!!!!Tag Team review with Adam!….ere was a man named Emmett who loved a man named Jeremey. These two men had to fight the mean King who wanted to take away their home and their friends happiness. Even though everything seemed to be against Jeremey and Emmett, when they had each other they were courageous and brave and could defeat anything.“When you’re with me, Emmet Washington, I always feel as if I could do anything in the world.”There's not much I can say that will express how [...]

    12. I loved this so so much.At first I was a bit scared it would be too political, because this story starts out with a lot of healthcare talk. But I was happy to see it was only at the start. The rest of this book was filled with so many emotional moments that I couldn't stop crying. I usually don't cry with my books, so the fact that this book moved me to tears several times really expresses how much I loved it, and what a wonderful writer Heidi Cullinan truly is.In this Emmet and Jeremey have bee [...]

    13. Carry the Ocean was my book of 2015, and Heidi's problems in bringing this sequel to her readers have been well documented, but at last it's here and it was worth the wait, although for me, not quite as good as its predecessor. Hardly surprising as CtO was such a stunning story and a huge success.Yes I cried, yes I laughed (although not as much as with CtO), and chapter 16 just about wrecked me emotionally. I love Emmet to bits, and we now have some new Roosevelt Blues Brothers to fuss over. 4.5 [...]

    14. 5 fantastic Roosevelt Blues Brothers Stars! I don’t know about the rest of you but I get nervous whenever authors write sequels to stories I consider epic, outstanding, unforgettable etc. I bit my nails down to quick, nervous they may make a disastrous misstep and ruin these phenomenal characters that they created. That's kinda crazy when you think of it, Afterall; they created these awesome characters that I love right? So, who am I to question their brilliance when they thought up these guys [...]

    15. I have two things:1) FUCK RJ King2) I seriously do not understand how US of A is considered the "greatest nation on earth"?!I cried a lot of tears in this one. The hope is still present in the end, and Emmet is probably one of my all-time favourite MCs. But the struggles and the heartbreak, had me gripping my Kindle and cursing the callousness of big business. Just I love Emmet and Jeremey, and I cannot wait for David and Darren's stories (even if David's end up being MF Shocker I know:-). I jus [...]

    16. I absolutely adored Carry the Ocean, and all I can say is that I loved Shelter the Sea even more.Read it.

    17. There isn't a prayer that I can possibly do justice to this book, or this series in a review. It's so outstanding that a perfect superlative has yet to be invented. Add to that, the fabulous voice of Iggy Toma as Emmet, Jeremy, and the whole cast--male and female, and the audiobook has moved to the top of my 2017 favorites. I can't wait until it's time for award nominations because this one is the best! A continuation of Emmet and Jeremy's story, this one focuses on the plan Emmet and his friend [...]

    18. 5 +++ StarsI've been waiting, hoping and wishing for this book for a long time. I loved Carry The Ocean and I couldn't wait to get to revisit Emmet and Jeremy. These two young men are so special and Heidi didn't disappoint with their follow-up story. Emmet and Jeremy are so different and they have such unique and distinct personalities and traits, and it just absolutely amazes me that both of these characters are written by just one author. The love that Emmet and Jeremy share continues to grow [...]

    19. "This story is about how we undid those complications and got ourselves the rest of our happy ever after anyway."This series is so important. This book is so important. This series gives you a glimpse into the way lives differ for those that don’t fall under our screwed up umbrella of neurotypical. Not only is it eye opening and informative, but it’s a lot of fun as well. When I read the first book in this series, I was really worried that is would portray mental illness and autism in a way [...]

    20. I thought about this book for a long time after reading it. Just like with Carry the Ocean it left me breathless. When I read Shelter the Sea, like with the first book, I couldn't help how impacting it was.My son is autistic but he also suffers from severe anxiety, and Executive Function Disorder. That means his memory isn't good at all. There's a lot to say about it but that's not why I'm mentioning it in my review. I'm mentioning it because every day I see the struggles he faces and I see how [...]

    21. Shelter the Sea is such a good follow up to Carry the Ocean. Loved seeing Emmett and Jeremey's love continue to grow. This book was much lighter than book one. Not saying that the guys didn't have difficulties, but I am so ecstatic that Heidi didn't torture our guys apart to give us a story. This was a lot more realistic then book one if you want to say that. This book dealt with the difficulties of living with a mental illness. This was such an eye opener for people who don't seem to matter or [...]

    22. My heart is SO FULL right now. I have a lot of favorite book-people, but Emmet and Jeremey will always be my superheroes.They went through so much in Carry the Ocean to be with each other, to have that right to live their lives with each other. And though there were personal battles to fight here, it was amazing to see them support and love each other. They were strong together, and being so gave them courage to fight for others that couldn't fight for themselves. It was exciting and inspiring a [...]

    23. Follow up books usually aren't as good as the first book but I thoroughly enjoyed this book as much as the first. Emmett had me giggling a lot throughout this book. I didn't think I'd enjoy reading about their political activities but it made me want to reach out to my Congressman/woman in support of their cause.This book makes me understand people who aren't on the mean a bit more. There's this bagger at the HEB Grocery store that I shop at. He doesn't really talk very well so he sounds like he [...]

    24. I've really enjoyed readingShelter the Sea, the second volume inHeidi Cullinan's 'The Roosevelt' series.Although I cannot say I've loved it as deeply and thoroughly asCarry the Ocean, it still made a very good impression on me and it felt like an important book, more political than the first in the issues it tackles (care for the disabled, the importance of a working and fair public health system, etc.). To recycle an old way of saying from the 1960s, in Shelter the Sea 'the personal is politica [...]

    25. This is a beautiful story with an excellent narration. It was such an excellent reading experience that I find it hard to review. The characters are both amazing and inspirational. The story is realistic and tackles some hard issues, but most of all there is love and a deep, enduring love between the two main characters. I loved this story. There are ups and downs in the story which the characters go through but they emerge at the end just being all the more beautiful for all that they ecounter. [...]

    26. Grab your tissues, folks. There will be crying when you read Shelter the Sea. Happy tears…sad tears…alllllll the tears. But, read it you must. If you loved Carry the Ocean, the first book in The Roosevelt series, you will undoubtedly love having more Emmet and Jeremey in your life. If you haven’t read Carry the Ocean yet, you definitely need to do that first. Not only because it’s an amazing book, but because there is a lot of history and background you really should have before diving i [...]

    27. 4.5 wonderful stars.Couldn't QUITE match the 5 star amazingness of the first novel but it still touched my heart very much.

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