Betrayed and Blessed - The Viscount's Shrewd Wife

Betrayed and Blessed The Viscount s Shrewd Wife In the USA Today bestselling sixth installment of author BreeWolf s emotionally charged Love s Second Chance Series Beth must find a way to unravel Tristan s past his life will be forfeit One night

  • Title: Betrayed and Blessed - The Viscount's Shrewd Wife
  • Author: Bree Wolf
  • ISBN: 9781370318087
  • Page: 430
  • Format: ebook
  • In the USA Today bestselling sixth installment of author BreeWolf s emotionally charged Love s Second Chance Series , Beth must find a way to unravel Tristan s past his life will be forfeit.One night, he saved her reputation.Now, she is determined to save his life.Tristan Turner, Viscount Elton, is haunted by a night he cannot remember.After his parents untimelyIn the USA Today bestselling sixth installment of author BreeWolf s emotionally charged Love s Second Chance Series , Beth must find a way to unravel Tristan s past his life will be forfeit.One night, he saved her reputation.Now, she is determined to save his life.Tristan Turner, Viscount Elton, is haunted by a night he cannot remember.After his parents untimely demise, he has done his utmost to live up to his family s expectations However, despite his best intentions, his reputation is far from respectable.Wary of a life he cannot escape, Tristan wishes for nothing but a wife who knows the best and the worst of him and loves him nonetheless However, so far he hasn t had any luck finding the woman of his dreams among the ladies of the ton.Until one night when he comes upon a young maid in the Earl of Radcliff s household.Elizabeth Beth Walker is faced with a terrible truth.Upon her mother s death, she learns that her life began far away from the simple, hard working existence she s always known Determined to discover the truth of her mother s past as well as her own, she finds a position in the household of the Earl of Radcliff only to discover that often people are not who they appear to be Before long, Beth s priorities shift as the future suddenly holds sway over her than the past ever could and her heart leads her down a different path.Will Beth uncover the reason for her mother s silence Will Tristan live long enough to find the woman of his dreams In a world where a privileged upbringing is not always what it seems and simple joys can outweigh high social standing, two people must face their past and determine who they are on their own apart from the lies their parents forced on them.

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    1 thought on “Betrayed and Blessed - The Viscount's Shrewd Wife”

    1. Betrayed and Blessed is a lovely read that brings Beth back to London after escaping as a child from an abusive father. What Beth doesn't remember is the "why" of her life alone with her Mother and when she arrives in London, she is hired as a maid. The backstory is well written in the beginning so that we understand more about the history of Beth and Ellen than Beth does. We watch her look for answers and find a man she is irresistibly drawn to. We also learn about the foggy past of Tristan. He [...]

    2. I really love these series and I wanted so much to read Tristan’s story!!I loved this one also very much and I highly recommend every one to read it as a stand-alone book or better to read the whole series! Although it is a clean romance it has so much power, passion and desire you can’t stop reading!I received a fee copy for exchange of an honest review! Thank you so much Bree!

    3. Short review. Another wonderful edition to the Love's Second Chance series. The chemistry between Tristan and Beth is full of so much passion and love, it's easy to see why they are instantly drawn to each other. I admired Beth's resolve to not give up fighting to free Tristan from the hold that those who meant to do him harm had on him, both her and Derek are the type of people you want in your life. I felt so bad for Tristan, all he wanted was to be loved by his family and to not be seen in th [...]

    4. Aaaahhh what a wonderful strong heroine ! This book is not to be missed , especially if you have read volume 4 of this series .

    5. This is one of my favorite series. I'll start about by saying that this book can certainly be read as a standalone. If it's your first book in the series, I encourage you to go back to the beginning. Although I have read each book as they have been published, I have promised myself that someday I will read them in order, without interruption. Yes, they are all that good, this one included, to re-read again.Beth grew up with a loving mother. They both escaped a mean and abusive father and husband [...]

    6. first of all i would like to mention " ***I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book from the author in exchange for a true and honest review.***dis is d 6th book in d series i was very excited to read Tristan's story as in book 4 d end was about Henrietta discovering d truth about her uncle rushes to save her younger brother Tristan from being killedok 4 had an abrupt endingi am disappointed with dis book . leaving d heroine Beth who's character is strong, sensible,rationale,br [...]

    7. DON'T BLINK OR YOU'LL MISS IT!!!A well written, easy to follow, heart pounding, mouth dry and lies galore tale with surprises around every corner. With so many twists and turns its hard to catch your breath. A world where nothing is as it seems and hidden dangers at every turn. This is one read that will keep your attention and your seat until the last word.

    8. I love this book as the other of this series.The story is sweet with strong and willful characters and a villain.This story will bring you in a fantastic world and that keeps you enthralled until the last word.A book for all that love sweet romance with some mystery.

    9. Tristan & BethCaught in a comprising situation at a masked ball Tristan is forced to do the honorable thing by Beth. Tristan is full of angst but Beth is a loving and carrying woman who helps him to feel loved. Add to that the mental trauma Tristan endures from his uncle. Great story with a number twist and turns. Bee Wolf is a great author and I will be reading more of her works

    10. Oh my, I loved this book so much! I think it is my favorite from this series, with my second favorite being the one about Henrietta (even though I couldn't stand her in the 2nd book) I personally think these books must be read in order, especially this one. They reference the other characters too much. I finished it in a few hours, I couldn't put it down.

    11. Let me start by saying how much I adore this series. I have loved every book so far. I was looking forward to reading Tristan’s story. Not to mention I wanted to know what was going to happen with Beth and her family situation. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much Tristan got on my nerves. I loved that he wasn’t a huge alpha male and that he had his insecurities and issues. That wasn’t the problem. What annoyed me to no end was how he refused to see what was going on with his uncle’ [...]

    12. After reading some of the reviews of this book I found that some people found the Hero, Tristan Turner, to be weak. If you really pay attention and were a little empathetic of the way Tristan was brought up, you would see why he was the way he was. Low self-esteem can make people seem weak. However, when it really came down to doing what was right and standing up, Tristan came through for himself and his wife. This is the story of Henrietta Turner's little brother from a previous book. He meets [...]

    13. A suspenseful Regency romance, this book is well written but at times I found myself getting frustrated with the hero Certainly Tristan displays the results of a lifetime of conditioning and brainwashing, making one realise just how scary propaganda of any type can be. Beth on the other hand has lived in the shadows, not understanding that her life is very different to what it could have been. Both young people have been living a lie, but in her way Beth is the stronger of the two personalities. [...]

    14. I've read all of this series and this I liked the least. I felt Tristan is a rather weak "hero"; he's an adult, but doesn't seem to have a spine or a bit of drive. The heroine Beth has a stronger personality and empathy. She seems to easily "read" other people and their relationships, which helps her in her new situation in London after her mother's death. The storyline is not the usual historical romance fare, but at times a bit predictable and at other times a bit suspenseful. After the banter [...]

    15. What a very shrewd lady Beth is! She is clever and loving, has a mystery to solve about who her father is but when she finds out that is when her real troubles begin.Tristan we learned about in book 4 of this series as he is Henrietta's baby brother. There is someone who wants his downfall and his life and thoughts are manipulated constantly.When Tristan and Beth meet it is definitely the beginning of a love that cannot be contained and it goes without say that there is the normal "does he/she? [...]

    16. Tristan Turner, Viscount Elton, lost his parents when he was young. His uncle took over care of his sister and him. But he abused them. Elizabeth Walker's mother died recently and she found out, they were not who she thought. She went looking for answers.The characters are amazing, the things they go thru in this story, may make you feel uncomfortable. There are plenty of lies, danger, intrigue and even a couple of murders. There are some twists to the plot but the author has managed to, again t [...]

    17. *I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.*I think it is a nice quick read for summer, the story flows well, if somewhat predictably. I liked to heroine, but couldn't get rid of the feeling that she was too "modern" for the time and place the story suppose to take place in. She is very outspoken, even though she belongs to the "lower" class at the beginning of the story. It didn't always fitI honestly didn't like the hero at all [...]

    18. Suspenseful, yet lighthearted at times.Although I'm a great fan of Regency novels, I haven't read one in awhile.I' m glad I choose this one to revisit this genre. It was just what I needed after reading a fairly dark psychological thriller. Ms. Wolf's characters proceeded to take me along on their journey. I fell in love with Beth and Tristan, enchanted with their love story. It touched my heart and made me smile. I recommend this one to those who also may be in need of a feel good read.

    19. Beth’s mother died and she comes to London trying to find out more about her mother. She starts out as a maid in the household of an Earl but discovers that she is the daughter of the Earl. Her grandmother helps her attend a ball in the Earls home and she ends up married to Tristian three days later. He is haunted by his father who killed his mother then killed himself. Really good. I read it in one sitting.

    20. Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Tristan wanted so badly to be loved - Beth was the one. It was love at first sight. Many don't believe in that, but that is what happened to me when I met my husband nearly 44 years ago. My only criticism has nothing to do with the story, on with the back cover of the book. The writing on the back is white and very difficult to read. I would make it a darker color.

    21. First of all, please forgive my grammar or spelling mistakes, since I’m ESL.It’s about Tristan and Beth HEA, even if it’s a series there’s no cliffhanger. Sorry, but for me this one was hard to keep reading. Not sure if winding or convoluted get near the meaning. There were really repetitive parts that got in my nerves. I got more excited about Tristan’s friend Derek than his child whining. I do like Bree Wolf’s books, just not sure if I enjoy this one.

    22. After reading book 4, it was really hard to not skip ahead and read this one next. The setup was great, but I feel this book didn't quite meet my expectations. I still enjoyed the book, but I didn't like knowing who the villan was before I even read the book, it lost the intrigue. Even though I didn't know exactly how things would turn out, it was pretty easy to guess. That said, Beth and Tristan still have a sweet relationship and I may read it again one day.

    23. Spoilers ahead: Infuriating at times. At one point I thought that if that idiot Tristan didnt end up getting killed I would certainly do the job and wring his stupid neck for him. Jeez, these characters were beyond dense at times. Hellooo! Wicked uncle is psycho!!! I saw that miles away! But, I DID like Beth and also only the vaguely hinted prospect of Derek (whom I really LOVED) getting his own HEA redeemed this book/series. For the sake of those 2 this book is a 2.5 star read

    24. She did it again! I received a copy from Instafreebie and I just finished it. So nice! If you are looking for HEA and witty conversations, mystery and fun, this is it! Maybe too sweet for some people, but sometimes you just need a well written positive thing that help you believe there is good people out there. Love it!

    25. I really enjoyed this book. I especially loved Beth. I liked Tristan at times but he was sometimes irritating because he couldn't see what was right in front of him. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get to see what happened to Clementine and her granddaughter. Hopefully that story is in another future book. This is a clean and sweet series that is very enjoyable to read.

    26. Tristan and Beth are two of the most sympathetic characters whose story I have read in a long time.They really deserved their HEA. Well-written, well worth reading. (I voluntarily reviewed this free ebook).

    27. Tristan, the hero, is Henrietta's brother and has suffered the same family abuse that she has suffered. His surprise marriage brought some interesting secrets with it. She helps him to realize his true place in the world and both are overcomers.

    28. This author continues with her wonderful style of writing in this book! The plot is well planned and well written and the characters are so fascinating that I was glued to my kindle until the turn of the very last page!

    29. I pushed myself to finish this book. The story was too "convenient" and unbelievable. Clean still, but not great.

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