The Palace of Love

The Palace of Love In the midpoint novel of the Demon Princes series Kirth Gersen sets his sights upon the mysterious Viole Falushe Vance describes this murderous creature as a sybarite Sadistic pervert would probably

  • Title: The Palace of Love
  • Author: Jack Vance
  • ISBN: 9780879974428
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the midpoint novel of the Demon Princes series, Kirth Gersen sets his sights upon the mysterious Viole Falushe Vance describes this murderous creature as a sybarite Sadistic pervert would probably be a apropos phrase.After several false leads, Gersen backtracks the villain to his point of origin Earth, of all places Then the trail moves outward again,In the midpoint novel of the Demon Princes series, Kirth Gersen sets his sights upon the mysterious Viole Falushe Vance describes this murderous creature as a sybarite Sadistic pervert would probably be a apropos phrase.After several false leads, Gersen backtracks the villain to his point of origin Earth, of all places Then the trail moves outward again, to the starworlds and a place back of beyond where there is actually a physical Palace of Love

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    1 thought on “The Palace of Love”

    1. 3.5 stars. This is the third book of the "Demon Princes" series by Jack Vance. Not quite as good as the first two (the Star King and the Killing Machine) which I though were superb. This is still a very good read (as just about everything Vance ever wrote was) and a nice addition to what I believe is a fantastic and under-appreciated series by Jack Vance.

    2. ORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Two down and three to go… In order to exact revenge on Viole Falushe, the third Demon Prince, Kirth Gersen must first discover who Mr. Falushe is, and then find and infiltrate his famous Palace of Love.The actual plot, while just as brisk and fun as usual, isn't the most entertaining aspect of The Palace of Love. This volume is particularly charming because of Jack Vance's exquisite characters — three in particular:1. Vogel Filschner was rejected by th [...]

    3. Keith definitely wasn't up to his game. Lots of wine drinking and playing 'who is it?'Not as good as the previous two in the series but amazing nonetheless! I loved it a great deal !

    4. The Palace of Love was first published in 1966 in Galaxy Magazine. It was released as a novel in 1968. This is the third book in Jack Vance's The Demon Princes and remains in print. My copy is 154 pages long, making it slightly longer than the first two novels in the series. The first novel of the series, The Star King, provided essential background material so should be read first. In The Killing Machine, the second novel, there is further development of the main character, Kirth Gersen, so tha [...]

    5. I'm enjoying the series, this the third book, was my favorite so far. The Skinny: Kirth Gersen's family were murdered when he was a small child by the five Demon Princes. The Demon Princes are five notorious criminals that live in the galactic world imagined by Jack Vance. Gersen's grandfather ensured that his grandson was trained by some of the most vicious assassins in the galaxy. Now, Gersen, is a monomaniac whose only goal in life is to kill the Demon Princes. Two down, three to go. In this [...]

    6. As the title suggests, the Palace of Love is a sensual and occasionally psychedelic story. You want a harlequinade with naked girls? Doggerel poetry and bar-hopping? The more outrageous bits are fun to read, but soon it's clear that Vance doesn't have a narrative to drive his story. The prior Demon Princes novels are revenge tales where the hero gets by on wit and reflex, but here our hero Gersen founders through a series of dumb choices and lucky breaks, making the climax feel cheap and lazy. N [...]

    7. Like the other books, this is part detective and part spy novel in a science fiction setting. Gerson must not only locate the Star King in a large section of the galaxy, he must also determine the true idendity of the villain.

    8. Sorry to tell this, but it has been a bit disappointing, I expected much more of this book (we are talking of Jack Vance, isn't it?!). However I found it quite boring, monotonous, it seems to have been written unenthusiastically.

    9. Beautifly written, but lacking in story. Not my favorite Vance - but still Vance at the end of the day.

    10. After spacing the first three novels of Jack Vance’s The Demon Princes pentalogy so that they didn’t become formulaic, The Palace of Love proved that I needn’t have bothered. Kirth Gersen is the equivalent of a bounty hunter/avenger. He’s not a science-fiction version of Marvel’s The Punisher (the novels precede the comic hero anyway)—killing all the bad guys in sight—but he does have a personal vendetta against the so-called “Demon Princes” and each novel deals with his attemp [...]

    11. I wrote in my last review that I hoped Vance stretched himself for his character portrait of the next Demon Prince, and he failed to live up to my hopes. Again, Viole Falushe is in concept very distinct from the other two Princes, but when we actually meet him, he is relatively unmemorable. Vance has taken on an ambitious task, that of creating five very powerful, very distinct super-villains, each of which must be developed more than superficially, complete with backstory, motivations, manneris [...]

    12. This book is wisdom masquerading as interplanetary revenge tale.Evidence?"I am an unhappy man. I am haunted by my inability to express the inexpressible, to come to terms with the unknown. The pursuit of beauty is, of course, a major psychological drive. In its various guises--which is to say, the urge to perfection, the yearning to merge with the eternal, the explorer's restlessness, the realization of an Absolute created by ourselves, yet larger than our totality--it is perhaps the single most [...]

    13. This third chapter in the saga of Vance confirms what was said in the previous ones. The story is already well known and described in the preface. What always amazes me is how easily this author tells about alien environments as if they were part of the culture of the reader. References to articles or interviews invented yet absolutely credible, that do not weigh ever reading but rather enrich it. Now I am hunting for the following two novels to end the hunt for the five principles demons. If I [...]

    14. Il terzo capitolo della saga per me rappresenta un passo indietro rispetto ai due precedenti.Esclusa una prima parte ambientata sul pianeta Sarkovy e ricca di descrizioni sugli usi macabri e sadici dei suoi abitanti, il resto del romanzo viaggia pigramente attraverso una parte centrale in cui accade poco e niente e un finale affrettato e piatto.I dialoghi sono spesso troppo lunghi e ripetitivi. Le descrizioni dei paesaggi (uno dei punti forte di Vance) spezzano molto l'azione, già scarsa di per [...]

    15. I have re-read all five books of The Demon Princes series at least seven times. I own all five in hardbound editions, signed by the author. I would like to give The Palace of Love 4.5 stars only in comparison with the final two of the series. Of all Jack Vance's colorful characters, Viole Falushe is one who will uncomfortably remind the reader of someone he once used to know. And Navarth the Mad Poet, someone you might wish to knowif only so as to claim that you did.The Demon Princes series is a [...]

    16. I recorded all of Jack Vance's Demon Princes books in 50-55 minute episodes for Golden Hours, my local radio service for blind and reading-impaired listeners. Too bad I didn't make CD copies for myself, since the radio station broadcast the tape versions and then erased them too reuse.I guess I'll have to re-record them for Golden Hours and this time keep a copy, since Jack Vance has a wicked and sardonic sense of humor that I really enjoy, and this series of books is his absolute best.I especia [...]

    17. Easily the best of the first three. This is mostly because of the additional characters, such as Navarth, the Mad Poet, and because of the fantastic description of The Palace of Love, as well as, the pilgrims to this strangely not very perverse place. As a matter of fact, it is this lack of sleaze that says more about Viole Falushe, than any real perversity. The banality of evil is the order of the day at the palace, as for a change, the detective story is almost secondary. Am amazing SF masterp [...]

    18. The personalities of the Demon Princes grow ever more outré and extravagant. Within the outlandish displays and shallow artistry of Viole Falushe one sees the original insecure youth, whose intricate manipulations have as goal the reparation of an ancient injury.Kirth Gersen in comparison plays an increasing role as the straight man in all this, a stolid figure with little overt personality except a wit that is not so much "dry" as "dessicated". His monomania for justice/revenge falters and it [...]

    19. "The Palace of Love" is a enjoyable novel I read many years ago. It is part of the 'Demon Princes' series.Kirth Gersen survives a massacre as a young person. He begins his quest for vengeance against the five Demon Princes who were responsible for the deadly deed. His third target is Viole Falushe. Viole operates a planet wide brothel and kidnapping is part of his modus operandi. How can this be used in Kirth's quest.

    20. Not quite typical Vance. The hallmarks of effortless world-building and exoticism are there. But large portions of the novel are told in a rather normal and not so interesing environment.The plot is strange and not really convincing. There is this legendary brothel at the end of the world, that is so famous, but only very few are allowed to get there? Not logical nor convincing. The character development of the villain is detailed. The end is not very satisfying. I would give it 3.5 / 5

    21. More than anything, its Vance's writing that keeps me captivated. The soft flowing nature of his prose takes the reader into a fantasy SF world, rich with charm and adventurous plots. There are few writers like Vance. However, I suppose he's not for everyone. If your looking for Hard SF, I don't think you'll be satisfied. Still, Vance is classic SF. A good read for anyone who loves the classics.

    22. Entertaining, but too much hype about the Palace of Love. Gersen grown more human in each book, and makes mistakes. In therms if vengeance and chasing after an enemy, he is at least superficially comparable to the book version of James Bond, which is quite different from the movie versions. And on a personal note, I think the villain deserved far worse death than being dumped out of a sky hopper.

    23. Not the best in this wonderful series but Gersen and his worlds,cultures is deep,thought-provoking,weird as usual.I have come to see this series as his best SF series. A must if you want to try Vance the science fiction writer.

    24. Is Kirth Gersen really cut out for a life of revenge now that he has limitless money?This series is one big novel, they just couldn't publish giant SF novels in the early 60's. So read them in order!

    25. So far, the whole Demon Princes series is A-OK. I like the protagonist. I like the setting, which is rich but not tiresomely detailed. I like Vance's style. I also like that the books are just long enough, and no longer. I will now immediately proceed to book four.

    26. Among the Demon Prince series books, this was one of those I did not like as much. Somehow there was a so much hype around the Palace of love and it turned out a damp squid. The villainy of Viole Falusch did not come as much as the previous villains.

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