Where I Found You

Where I Found You Riley Carhart enlisted in the Marines as soon as he was able to He thought it would give his complicated life meaning and for the eight years he served it did When he returns to civilian life in his

  • Title: Where I Found You
  • Author: Parker Elliot
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Riley Carhart enlisted in the Marines as soon as he was able to He thought it would give his complicated life meaning and for the eight years he served, it did When he returns to civilian life in his hometown of Claxton, Georgia he hopes to find something that will fill the void he can t quite explain always being there When he takes a position as a live in gardener fRiley Carhart enlisted in the Marines as soon as he was able to He thought it would give his complicated life meaning and for the eight years he served, it did When he returns to civilian life in his hometown of Claxton, Georgia he hopes to find something that will fill the void he can t quite explain always being there When he takes a position as a live in gardener for a wealthy recluse, the last thing he expects is to find what he s unknowingly been searching for all along Hollis Freemont believes he was dealt a bad hand in life It didn t matter how much wealth and beauty surrounded him he would have traded it all just to be normal Or at least treated like he was Recovering from the heartbreak and humiliation of being left at the altar by his ex and dealing with idle gossip that came along with being the only gay man in a small town, Hollis keeps mostly to himself When he hires Riley for a gardening position on his large property, he doesn t expect than a professional relationship But when Riley encourages a friendship with Hollis, he can t help getting close to the blue eyed muscled Marine As the summer heat intensifies, so does the friendship between the unlikely pair When Riley finds himself at a crossroads about who he is and what he wants, it s Hollis who he turns to for answers But with fragile and introverted Hollis having been burned before, getting attached isn t in the cards Because love is never simple, is it Nobody can just walk into your life and not expect anything, right Dreams don t come true do they Where I Found You is a full length sweet and steamy MM gay romance novel and the first in the Carhart Brothers series It can be read as a standalone, has no cliffhanger and a very satisfying happily ever after.

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    1 thought on “Where I Found You”

    1. 3.5*I really enjoyed this one! Is my first book from this author and I find it really sweet!It has not a very complicated plot, the story is pretty simple with the "stupid misunderstanding" at the end but the main characters are so cute together, so fluffy and zero angst ♥ so for a very light reading I liked it!I will check more books from the author! :)

    2. Slow Burn A sweet, slow burn, low angst romance with some not too descriptive sexy times. I really liked the dual POV, but wish the characters had communicated and interacted romantically on page more. I was a bit disappointed when the story drags in the middle and there was a miscommunication/overreaction device used to try to inject some.drama that I wasn't too fond of toward the end, but overall I liked the story and can see potential in the writing.In the end it was sweet and uncomplicated a [...]

    3. A really nice romance. Very emotional. I almost had tears in my eyes, too (the same as the characters), at times. Great sexual tension especially in the beginning. Normal small town life where the biggest problems were some misunderstandings and hurt feelings. And I always love an artist MC.I would give the first third full five stars, the rest deserves easily four. It got a little bit more normal romance story in my eyes towards the end, whereas in the beginning I was truly entranced.

    4. Not bad for a relatively new authorThis is quite a sweet story but there's a couple of minor flaws with it in that the big dramatic moment doesn't really feel like it was earned, it just comes across as a huge overreaction without true justification, and it's all a little but one dimensional.By that I mean the story's all on the surface, the reader is told Hollis has had a sad and lonely life and was betrayed by the one man he loved, but there's them not enough depth given to that to make his tr [...]

    5. DNF at 34% I cannot believe I'm about to say this, but this was going too smoothly. No real tension. So utterly unbelievable. This just wasn't working for me today.

    6. Riley Carthart hat die Marines verlassen und ist zurück in seiner kleinen Heimatstadt. Die Chancen für eine beruflichen Neuorientierung sind in der Provinz allerdings nicht besonders groß. Doch der Einsiedler Hollis Freemont sucht einen Hausmeister und Gärtner, der sich um das Anwesen und den Garten kümmert. Riley hat zwar nur wenig Ahnung, aber er bekommt den Job. Und dieser beinhaltet auch noch eine Hausmeisterwohnung über der Garage. Perfekt für Riley, der inzwischen bei seinen Eltern [...]

    7. Almost 3 stars It dragged too much. By the time they realized they were attracted to each other (at about 60% of the book), I was exhausted to read all the internal insecurities of these two.

    8. Your smile. Your laugh. Oh, God. --RileyRiley Carhart is a 26 year old who recently returned home after being a Marine the past 8 years. Hollis Fremont (mid 30s) owns a house with a lot of land and is in need of a groundskeeper. Riley really wants to work again and Hollis is a bit eccentric and just likes to stay home and paint.When the two meet for the interview Hollis is attracted to Riley and I find his reaction and thoughts to the younger man sweet.Get it together, Hollis.Please don’t let [...]

    9. True rating: More like a 2.5 star rating, and while I would normally round down, I felt compelled to round up, just because there's something about this author that I want to encourage. It's obvious this author wants to make his stories work and that he truly cares about his characters. This author is new and while I think the book could do with a little polishing, it's obvious he worked hard on this book. I believe this author shows good potential. As an act of good will and good faith, I'm goi [...]

    10. First off, this was a really sweet story. And, I really did like it. Riley was a character I instantly fell in love with. Hollis, while I did sympathize with his backstory, was so immature. The first half of the book was a sweet, slow development of their relationship. First as friends, then as lovers. And while IMO, both MC's acted like children while mooning over each other and going through the cliched moments of not talking to each other about what they were thinking or feeling, I had more o [...]

    11. What a charming, unpretending tale (the bare-chested hunk on the cover art was unnecessary, as it suggests much more porny overtones than this sweet book entails) ! Of course, it goes rather far on the cutesy side, with some late coming, feeble complications to keep the readers on their toes, but this is really the season for feel-good fluff written with enough skill to avoid jarring elements and with the kind of zest able to make for a few hours of delightful escapism (perhaps the holiday spiri [...]

    12. Love is full of surprises It lurks around the corners of your heart, waiting for the right soul to come along and free it. Love likes to shake things up from to time, and just when you think you only like one thing - you quickly find you were looking for the wrong type all along.

    13. Nice find This was a nice story. It wasn't quick and it took time to develop. I liked both the main characters although one did seem as if he would allow his insecurities to block something good.

    14. CuteCute quick read. Likeable characters. Not much angst and misunderstandings are cleared up fast. A few things were left hanging - like old friends but maybe they will be addressed in the next book.

    15. DNF-When I made it to around the 70% mark and everyone was ready for declarations of love I had to give up. I don't think the MCs ever opened up to one another or had anything in common so where would this undying love have come from? Sorry, not for me.

    16. A new to me author that I found on KU. I really enjoyed this book from start to finish. I'm looking forward to reading the other two books when they are released.

    17. 4 1/2 starsI loved this story between Hollis and Riley. Hollis had been left at the alter. Riley just home from the service needing a job.

    18. RomanticLovely story about loss of love and finding it again. Riley is such a strong and honest person that I'm happy he got his happy ending.

    19. WOW!!!! First book I have read by this author and I will be reading his other 3 books next! This story is wonderfully enjoyable, with characters that are complex real people. Can't wait to see what happens to Riley, Hollis and of course Riley's brothers in the next book in this series. I loved the pace and plot in this story especially because rather than 2 star-crossed lovers it felt like something totally realistic and true. Congrats to Parker on a truly stunning book which brought me to tears [...]

    20. B-o-o-o-r-r-r-i-n-g!I won't be reading the rest of these. There's no discernible angst over being a gay first timer or GFY. The fact that I didn't get half a book of that was okay, but some conflict there would have been realistic. As it would with at least a questioning family. Riley's friends in particular would have had something to say but we only 'saw' them once. Rich small town recluse meets returning hometown war veteran and we get one big snooze-fest. I am mourning the lost potential her [...]

    21. 4.5 starsWhat a sweet read, I loved this, minimal angst, sweet building romance, a great female sidekick, I felt the spark between Hollis and Riley, they were great together, of course we had the 'misunderstanding' but the guys worked it out. If you want a sweet read with a very sexy epilogue then I suggest you read this.

    22. Start to finish, this was a good book. Riley has never had a significant, emotional relationship and he never considered that he could be attracted to a man.Hollis was left at the alter by someone he thought was the only one for him. His pain and disillusionment has kept him for connecting with anyone since. When Riley applied for work with Hollis, neither knew where it would lead but both were intrigued by the other. This is not an “instant” love story. Time passes as they come to know each [...]

    23. Riley Carhart and Hollis Fremont had each made life decisions which they hoped would bring meaning and fulfillment to their lives. Riley enlisted in the Marines and found the structured life fulfilling, but, once he is discharged and home he finds himself rudderless. Hollis is a wealthy artist. He had invested every emotional thing into a fiancé who left him humiliated and jilted at the alter on what was to be their wedding day. He now merely exists in the emotional void of his family home. The [...]

    24. As usual from Parker Elliot who writes romance so well this book is no different. Riley comes back to his home town with no job and he's living with his parents. When he comes across a card in the shop window his hopes are answered this job comes with an apartment. Hollis an artist is looking for someone to work for him doing the gardening. Both men feel the attraction when they meet. Riley doesn't understand his feelings, Hollis has been hurt so many times he's not prepared to do it again. Thei [...]

    25. Riley has just finished eight years in the Marines and is now back home living with his parents, jobless and looking for work and an escape. In desperation he answers an advert for a gardener/handyman which he sees in the local grocery store.Hollis is an artist, has no family and is living as a recluse in his family home. The house is really too big for one person and the upkeep is too much for him so he places an ad in the local grocery store.Hollis gives Riley the job as although he has no exp [...]

    26. This is an honest review from the ARC I was sent by the author Parker ElliotThis is a first time author for me and DEFINITELY not the last time I'll pick up his work and this is only book one in the Carhart Brothers sage BRING ON MORE!!!!! This book is so charming. The characters are real, honest, hurting, hunting and I want to hug them both and never let go the story is old and yet fresh and surprising in Parker's story. As soon as I finish this review I am going to go buy his other three book [...]

    27. I had high hopes for Where I Found You, but sadly this was disappointing first book. Sure I liked Riley, but his fast developed romance with Hollis was bad and shallow. I wish it had a stronger and deeper storyline and not this fluffy cloudy romance. Blah, this was boring!

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