Tall Tall Tree

Tall Tall Tree There s a magical wild world happening in the tallest of tall trees a world teeming with life that very few people ever see Come take a peek at the animals that make their home in a tall tall redwoo

  • Title: Tall Tall Tree
  • Author: Anthony D. Fredericks Chad Wallace
  • ISBN: 9781584696018
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover
  • There s a magical, wild world happening in the tallest of tall trees a world teeming with life that very few people ever see Come take a peek at the animals that make their home in a tall, tall redwood tree Children will love the rhymes and count the critters from one to ten Look out for the hidden animals, too Lots of fun and lots of interesting science includingThere s a magical, wild world happening in the tallest of tall trees a world teeming with life that very few people ever see Come take a peek at the animals that make their home in a tall, tall redwood tree Children will love the rhymes and count the critters from one to ten Look out for the hidden animals, too Lots of fun and lots of interesting science including STEM activity suggestions.

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      451 Anthony D. Fredericks Chad Wallace
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    1. Tall Tall Tree is a children's book about coastal redwoods that teaches children about their size, location, and wildlife within them. This book is easy enough for very young readers and counts numbers up to ten, but also includes the author's experience with these giant wonders. Children learn about their age, needles, bark, roots, and all the wildlife including bats, squirrels, woodpeckers, and even insects like millipedes and bumble bees. This is an educational book that we loved. It's perfec [...]

    2. Wasn't expecting this to be a counting book. A second surprise awaited me at the end: a list of STEAM activities for teachers who include this in their curriculum!

    3. This beautiful counting book is written in rhyme. A northern spotted owl welcomes everyone on the introductory page and he invites readers into the magical world of the tall, tall Redwood tree. Scientists have discovered a busy world on top of those gigantic trees. Its overhead canopy is one that is teeming with life unseen by human eyes. "Creeping, hopping, zippingThroughout the redwoods greenAre many different creaturesWho are very seldom seen.They live among the branchesHigh in this tall, tal [...]

    4. A Northern Spotted Owl introduces the book by saying that until recently humans didn’t know what a thriving ecology could occur so high up in trees, with many different animals living or visiting.The rhymes are inventive, following the usually more hilarious conceit of what would be the last word in one stanza starting off the next. Each verse describes a creature that lives way up there, though there’s only so much information you can include in three lines (the fourth is always “And now [...]

    5. As anyone who has ever spent much time around them or reading about them knows, redwoods are so much more than just being very tall trees. This book with an introduction by the Northern Spotted Owl, functions as a counting book of sorts as well as a peek into the unique world and living things that can be found in the upper portion of the trees. Starting with one eagle and concluding with bats, banana slugs, and lady bugs, the book will prompt a whole new appreciation for these extraordinary tre [...]

    6. I was expecting a non-fiction science information book with Tall Tall Tree by Anthony D. Fredericks. The added surprise is that it is also a counting book. This made the book a hit with the 3-year old who is learning to count as well as the 6-year old who loves all things related to nature. The illustrations give the reader the feel of a thriving healthy community within the trees. Animals not always associated with the Red Woods are included in the main ten. Then there are hidden animals which [...]

    7. This is a nice concise little children's book which introduces readers to 10 different species that live in the Redwood trees. The good thing about this is that there are a few animals which youngsters might not be aware of, such as a salamander. The book counts to 10, numbering each of the animals, so is good reinforcement of basic counting. The text is in rhyming verse which is a nice touch.The book includes several page of facts about Redwood trees, which is great for slightly older readers t [...]

    8. Thanks to Netgalley and Dawn Publications for early access to this title.Absolutely delightful! The illustrations in this one are just stunning in both their realism and their artistic presentation. I really liked the "I Spy" aspect of the book. The simple yet effective rhymes tell a wonderful story of life in the tall treetops of the redwood forest, something I knew nothing about. The longer explanations at the back of the book are excellent for teachers and parents to help them further a child [...]

    9. I received this book as an ARC reader for Netgalley for an honest review. I really enjoyed reading this book to my 4 year old daughter because of the counting. The educational value of this book is amazing and we learned so much about redwood trees from this book. My daughter enjoyed the pictures and the amazing artwork that accompanied the story. I enjoy reading books that are educational to my daughter because she asks questions and wants to learn more. This book would definitely be a book tha [...]

    10. This picture book is perfect for teaching numbers and counting 1-10. When you read it you'll also have the opportunity to introduce ecological facts about the great Redwood forests and the animals that live there. The beautifully dynamic illustrations will keep young readers focused on the fun, rhyming story. They'll be so engaged they won't even realize they're learning.Thank you to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this upcoming title. Reminds me a lot of the [...]

    11. *thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*4 stars.This is such a good book for children who are interested in nature. The illustrations are absolutely amazing! They are beautifully done. The story is told in a poetic way, using numbers to make it fun. I know that this would have appealed to me when I was little. At the end of the story, there are all these different facts about all the animals and plants that were mentioned throughout the story. You can tel [...]

    12. This thoroughly enjoyable children's book is beautiful as well as educational. Toddlers and early readers will appreciate the rhyming pattern. The title offers number reinforcement by embedding it in the story. If you dive into the world of these redwoods, you'll learn more about the creatures inhabiting the trees while viewing the exceptional illustrations.I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

    13. I really loved this book. I plan to read it to my young children to show them the diversity and importance of the great trees. I also like it for my ELD students, who likely haven't ever seen redwoods or maybe even heard of them. The illustrations, poems, and information at the end of the book, especially the STEAM activities, were well done.Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy.

    14. Anthony Fredericks rhythmic prose invites readers to discover the animals secretly hiding among the Giant Redwoods. The illustrations are a stunning companion and kids will love trying to find all the animals in each picture. A former educator, Fredericks includes background information on the animals and STEM activities to extend the learning. This is a great addition to any classroom library.

    15. Age: Toddler-KindergartenNature: Forest habitat, redwood treeA variety of wildlife live on the majestic redwood tree as Fredericks invites the readers to count along. Sweet rhymes and close up shots of animals make this perfect to read aloud. End papers provide more facts about the redwood tree, a game to find more hidden animals, and a set of STEAM activities.

    16. Wonderful book! Me read it twice in one sitting! It's simple, but very informative! Me never see a redwood tree, but was eager to learn how many animals depend on and live in one single tree! Awesome!

    17. This nature book is absolutely gorgeous. I love the opening line 'Dear Humans'. Yes, I want to explore this forest. And I want to be friends with all these animals. This rhyming book is a must read. It is inspiring as well as educational.

    18. Thanks to NetGalley for providing this ebook for review. First impressions: This is a gorgeous book! The writing and illustrating are spotless. (I especially love the owls.) So informative. Highly recommend for homeschool or classroom learning.

    19. High above the forest floor is a world few people know about. The author presents the story as a counting book with gentle rhyme highlighting ten different animals. This is a wonderful addition to any nature library.

    20. Wonderful counting book! I love that it teaches what lives in the redwood trees! The illustrations were wonderful and realistic! Kudos to the illustrator!

    21. I remember my awe visiting a giant redwood tree forest in California over 20 years ago. I was enchanted, standing between the majestic trees and I could not take my eyes from them. But I did not exactly know, which animals lived in that forest. This picture books brings the redwood and 10 different animal species that live on this tree into the spotlight for little children. The illustrations are beautiful and the rhymes make children chime in with you when you read the book to them. At the end [...]

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