Papillon Goes to the Vet

Papillon Goes to the Vet Papillon the kitty so fluffy he floats is back Only this time he s grounded Literally Weighed down after swallowing a toy and beset with hiccups Papillon is miserable Miss Tilly takes him to the v

  • Title: Papillon Goes to the Vet
  • Author: A.N. Kang
  • ISBN: 9781484728819
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Papillon, the kitty so fluffy he floats, is back Only this time, he s grounded Literally Weighed down after swallowing a toy and beset with hiccups, Papillon is miserable Miss Tilly takes him to the vet, but will he ever float again

    • Best Read [A.N. Kang] ✓ Papillon Goes to the Vet || [History Book] PDF ☆
      412 A.N. Kang
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    1 thought on “Papillon Goes to the Vet”

    1. Papillon is so cute, it hurts. Illustrations are delightful. There's a squirrel with a priceless facial expression in the next-to-last scene. Story subtly suggests that pets must go to the vet if they swallow something they shouldn't. Also includes the ever-popular "be proud of who you are even if you're different" narrative crammed in.

    2. This book is all about a fluffy cat named Papillon, and guess what? He can fly! Which is really cool because the first thing I noticed was his name, Papillon, which means butterfly in French. This cat is so big, white and fluffy, he looks like a cloud, and I just wanted to hug him. He loves to play catch with his best friend, a bird (strange relationship there, lol). One day, Papillon swallows the toy mouse they are playing with and gets sick. He is stricken with the hiccups and can no longer fl [...]

    3. Every time I see this one I almost roll on the floor from the sheer pleasure its images bring. I'm sorry (not really) but it is really JUST THAT CUTE! Papillon is an ADORABLE kitty who (we learn in his first adventure) is so fluffy that he FLOATS. Yes, floats! He's just THAT FLUFFY! Well, this time around, Papillon isn't really feeling like himself, in fact, with a *HIC* here and a *HIC* there, he's downright under the weather. Good thing his human knows what to do and rushes our friend Papillon [...]

    4. This was so hard to rate. I just devoured the pictures because they were so amazingly adorable! The first half of the story made me want to rush home from work and hug my own cat who is also so fluffy and goofy like Papillon! But then, Papillon goes to vet's office and the story just gets dumb! I wonder if Kang has ever visited a vet's office. They don't let the cats all run around together in one room. Usually cats are not able to just "burp" and dislodge a pretty big cat toy and start dancing [...]

    5. Papillon is a cute AF kitty who can FLOAT and who loves to play catch with a bird friend until UHOH he gets the hiccups from swallowing a fish and has to be taken to the vet. This book is terribly sweet in the best way and I'm in love with Papillon's expressions and fur design - very reminiscent of the two polar bears in Balto, and to me, that's a fab thing. I also am in love with the wallpaper designs throughout the book, soft, floral, and lovely. I'm eagerly awaiting the first book so I can se [...]

    6. Kitty-people may enjoy this more enthusiastically than I did. The idea of a floating cat just didn't strike a chord with me, although having hiccups that won't go away certainly did. I know this is the second in a series about this very fluffy cat, and his fans will undoubtedly welcome his time spent wit other kitties.

    7. Oh no! Our fluffy friend, Papillon, has the hiccups because he accidentally swallowed a toy. And as a result - no floating! Off to the vet he goes. Fortunately, the problem is eventually resolved and life returns to normal for Papillon and friends. Another fun book to add to the hiccup storytime list!

    8. These are some of my favorite books. I love this cat. The pictures are so much fun, I want to pet and snuggle with this cat. This is a fun story about a kitty who has to go to the vet and there makes some friends. I would totally do this for a storytime just for fun. It cannot help but be adorable.

    9. Less-developed concept than the original Papillon, though a cute idea. Poor thing has to go to the vet-- might be a good read for children nervous about a doctor's appointment, because this luckily ends all happily. :)

    10. I loved the first Papillon but this was a let down. While I liked the idea of Papillon going to the vet, there was very little detail! Most cats when they swallow toys need surgery. It just wasn't realistic of full enough of a story for me.

    11. Poor Papillon swallows a toy while playing with his bird friend and ends up staying overnight at the vet. He hacks it up eventually and shows off for his new kitty friends at vet, floating and singing. Shallower than the first one, but still adorable.

    12. This cat is so adorable! I absolutely loved the illustrations! It's wonderful and amazing. The story is charming and cute and I hope more books come out with this fluffy kitty because I love that fluffball so much!

    13. Cute Tail on an Adorable Kitty!I read Papillon while waiting for my hubby. It's so stinking cute! The illustrations are soft and easy to enjoy, while the story just makes you smile.

    14. Story is even fluffier than the cat. Do kids like this? Maybe the very youngest. I'd rather watch a video of Maru and a box.

    15. Yay! My kids love Papillon and were so happy to see a return in book #2! As my daughter wants to be a vet when she grows up, this was especially cool!

    16. Another super cute story of Papillon the cat that floats. Loved it! Would make a great read aloud for elementary children.

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