The Promise Bride

The Promise Bride In a booming frontier town a heavenly match may be in store for mail order brides seeking a fresh start women of strength and spirit who embrace the challenges of life and love in the wild Montana Te

  • Title: The Promise Bride
  • Author: Gina Welborn Becca Whitham
  • ISBN: 9781420143973
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In a booming frontier town, a heavenly match may be in store for mail order brides seeking a fresh start women of strength and spirit who embrace the challenges of life and love in the wild Montana Territory Determined to save her father and siblings from a crumbling Chicago tenement, Emilia Stanek becomes the long distance bride of a Montana rancher But when she aIn a booming frontier town, a heavenly match may be in store for mail order brides seeking a fresh start women of strength and spirit who embrace the challenges of life and love in the wild Montana Territory Determined to save her father and siblings from a crumbling Chicago tenement, Emilia Stanek becomes the long distance bride of a Montana rancher But when she arrives in Helena, a rugged lawman shatters her plans with the news that her husband is dead and deeply in debt.County sheriff Mac McCall can t afford to be distracted by the pretty young widow, not with scandalous secrets emerging as he investigates his friend s suspicious death Mac s gruff order that she leave town at once only spurs Emilia s resolve to take ownership of her late husband s ranch and face his debtors But as her defenses soften, Emilia begins to accept Mac s help, feel compassion for his own wounded heart and learns that trust means taking a leap of faith .

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    1 thought on “The Promise Bride”

    1. A refreshing new look at a Mail Order Bride where most arrive at their destination and quickly go to the preacher, our bride, Emilia, because of circumstances has chosen to be married by proxy and arrives already married. Emilia has only to file the paper work and she has a valid marriage to Finn, but when she arrives in Helena her life will never be the same.The author gives us a wonderful glimpse into daily life in the west, and had to chuckle how Emilia goes about her ranch life from book lea [...]

    2. The Promise Bride is book #1 in the Montana Brides series.I have read plenty of mail order brides books before. I do enjoy them and have no complaint there.I thought this one would be a pretty typical one as well. Well blow me away, this one really surprised me! It wasn't your typical mail order bride book. There was trouble right from the start. The twist and turns I just didn't see coming . What threw me for a loop was it was also a who dun it mystery as well. I eagerly read this and couldn't [...]

    3. I spent fourteen days in June sitting at hospice with my father-in-law. I was elated to have a review copy of The Promise Bride because at the end of each day, I would crawl into bed and escape into the old west with this riveting story of love anticipated and lost and new love found.Emilia and Mac are one of the most engaging couples in my summer reading experience so far! Of course, when the story starts, they are not a couple but they sure do have chemistry. Their engaging dialogue kept me ri [...]

    4. I'm a fan of mail order brides and find them to be a light and fun read.  Boy, this book is  that and a whole lot more.  I was just as shocked as the protagonist, Emilia, when she arrives expecting to be greeted by her husband.   Instead, she's met by the sheriff to find out she's not meeting him, because he's been murdered.  Emilia has left Chicago with her younger siblings, for a better life.   My heart broke for her as she figures out a way to pay some debts her husband has left and set [...]

    5. The Promise Bride is where Montana meats Mail Order Brides - Victorious. Poor Emilia marries long distance for certain reasons that you need to find out for yourselves. I don't want to ruin it all for you - she goes to Montana to meet her new hubby and gets there and finds she's a new widow in major debt and run out of town by the Sherriff but she refuses to go ( you go girl) she takes over the ranch debt and all and guess who tries to help her? then there is a romance or is there a brewin' with [...]

    6. I have always enjoyed mail-order bride stories but The Promise Bride is a little different. Usually the bride travels to meet her groom, enjoys a short time of courtship while waiting for a circuit rider to arrive to marry them and then she and her new husband begin to build a relationship and marriage. Emilia Stanek is instead asked to marry by proxy and that means that when she arrives in Montana she will already be Mrs. Phineas (Finn) Collins. She agrees because she has already fallen in love [...]

    7. This was a mail order bride with a twist! She did a proxy marriage without even meeting her husband to be Lots of twists and turns, interesting characters and a mystery of who killed off one of the first characters we meet! Once I started it I didn't want to put it down So looking forward to the next book in this new series! I was gifted a book by the author and my review is voluntary

    8. Love Christian western romance novels? What about Christian murder mysteries? What if you could find both in the same novel? You might just want to pick up The Promise Bride by Gina Welborn and Becca Whitman. I really LOVED this first novel in the Montana Bride series, and features Emilia Stanek who wants a better life for herself, her two siblings and her father, working for Spiegel as a Customer Service Manager. Living in a run down tenement in Chicago in the late 1800's, she struggles with th [...]

    9. I’m not really sure how I ended up with this story on my kindle, but I was looking for a book to read, so I chose this one. The cover on my kindle didn’t show this image, but my first glance at this cover doesn’t really appeal to me. It looks like a book created by an unknown publishing house, with a less than polished look. Essentially, the designer for the cover needed to place a little more time and effort to improve the cover.However, despite the less than polished outer cover, the ins [...]

    10. Note: I received this book for free through Giveaways. I think I should start off this review by saying that someone else might really enjoy this novel and like parts about it that bothered me. The novel itself had nothing I would consider bad about it but rather immature and underdeveloped. One of the main hiccups that I kept having a problem with was that the main characters did not in any way act their age for the time period of history they were supposed to be occupying. The female lead is [...]

    11. I liked the idea of two writers teaming together to write one book. I anticipated that the historical setting and dialogue would be stronger because of the team effort. From the other reviews it also seemed to be a clean read. I encourage the writers to continue their efforts and, if reading this review, to consider the following well-intended Pros/Cons:Pros: Very consistent character development (for example, the methodical Heroine does not become "flighty" at stressful moments, etc.) Intricate [...]

    12. A copy of this review can also be found at Book Ink Reviews.Oh my goodness. I read this book right after reading the Brides of Montana 3-in-1 and was worried I wouldn't care for it if it followed the same writing style and lack of an intriguing plot. But I was so very wrong.Instead, it was a near-perfect romance story staying true to wild west settings, a strong female lead, and swoon worthy love interests. It delivers what it promises without appearing contrite and is perfect for any reader th [...]

    13. Emilia becomes a mail order bride in order to save her family from living in the dregs of Chicago. She feels lucky that she has fallen in love with her groom, Finn, through letters and she agrees to marry him by proxy. However, when she arrives in Montana she is told he has been killed.Sheriff McCall just lost his best friend and is looking for the murderer but now he must make sure that stubborn Emilia and her family are protected while also trying to protect his heart.-A main focus of the stor [...]

    14. Murder. Mystery. Satisfaction.It will make you lose sleep. If you’re like me and read at bedtime, the problem is that you won’t want to stop reading. I was engaged with the lead character Emilia right away, and thoroughly invested in the story shortly thereafter. Emilia lives in Chicago with her brother, little sister and father in terrible conditions. She is a planner – one of the best – and finds a way for them to get out of the tenements by becoming a mail order bride to Finn who is i [...]

    15. The Promise Bride is about a lady named Emily Stanek who is living with her family in Chicago. After her mother's death, Emily has taken on the role of a mother figure to her younger brother and sister. She works hard as a sale clerk but her and her father are barely making ends meet so Emily answers an ad to be a mail order bride. She is to marry Finn Collins by proxy and move her family to Montana to be a rancher's wife. When she arrives in Montana with her brother and sister, she thinks she i [...]

    16. "The Promise Bride" by Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham is an excellent Christian romance. Readers get to enjoy the two main characters meeting for the first time, slowly getting to know and learning to trust one another, and eventually falling in love. Emilia and Mac are both well-drawn, complex characters, and it is enjoyable to watch them move through the story and toward each other.What makes "The Promise Bride" stand out from many other romances is the detailed care given to the book's other [...]

    17. I really liked the story of Emelia and Mac. They met under less than ideal circumstances and were at odds with each other for quite a while but learned to move past that. It was hard for Emelia to accept that people often helped others without the expectation of being repaid. I loved seeing her realize that often people help others because they want to. I also liked seeing her come to realize that she didn’t have to depend only upon herself.A couple of pieces of advice that were given to Emili [...]

    18. What can I say. I read this book and totally loved it. It shows with determination, love, & family, you can conquer anything. Emilia left the tenement of Chicago with her brother & sister to become a mail order bride. Their Father was to join them later. Once they get to their destination, Helena MT, only to find her groom has been murdered & left a lot of debts. Since she was married by proxy, she could leave or stay & pay off the debts he owed as his wife. She finds ways throug [...]

    19. The Promise Bride by Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham is a captivating beginning to the Montana Brides Romance series. Through a proxy marriage, Emelia finds herself a widow before she's even a wife. She became a mail order bride to escape the horrors of tenement living in Chicago in the late 1880s. She was willing to do anything to get her siblings and father to a better place. Arriving in Montana she is met by a handsome lawman who greets her with the message that her husband is dead and insists [...]

    20. "Be cautious because people aren't always what they present themselves to be." Good advise for Emilia who comes to Montana, with her brother and sister, as a mail order bride to find out her husband has been murdered. She finds everything is not what it seems including the bossy, handsome sheriff who tries to get her to leave. He may be her biggest help, especially when they start having feelings for each other. But Emillia may end up pushing away the one man she cares about because she doesn't [...]

    21. The Promise Bride is full of wonderful history. With great descriptions I'm taken back in time to how it must of felt for the poor to live and work in Chicago during the 1800's. How you dream at night of finding a way out for you and your surviving family.Emila spoke to my heart with her hardworking and never give up attitude. She was smart enough to gain as much knowledge as she could while she was waiting for just the right chance to leave the squalor of Chicago.I loved the twists and turns th [...]

    22. The Promise BrideThis is not your typical mail order bride book. When Emilia arrives in Montana she finds out her husband has been murdered. She had hoped to bring her father and two siblings to a thriving ranch and to settle in with a wonderful husband. Emilia is also taking on the ranches debt and in doing she is having to learn that every kindness does not come with strings attached. As the handsome sheriff helps her grow in her faith and trust him things begin to come together better than sh [...]

    23. This has to be one of my favorite mail order bride books I have ever read. I love Emilia and Mac. They both gave a hard time accepting help from each other. It would be hard to come all that way west to find out that your husband has been killed before you even meet and you have all his debts hanging over your head. I love the characters and how they all interact. I look forward to the second book in this series. I received a copy of this book from the author for a fair and honest opinion that I [...]

    24. Oh my goodness what a delight to kick off my summer reading! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Emilia's adventure as a mail order bride, while accidentally picking up a bit of historical knowledge in the process. The gently alluring romance drew me in from the second we met Mac, and I'm afraid I won't be able to get him out of my mind. This is the perfect blend of romance and mystery/suspense! The pacing was just right too as I was able to set it down for some zzz's each night. Truly a book tha [...]

    25. I was a First Read Winner of this book, and even though it was not exactly what I thought it would be it was a nice enough read. I liked the characters and the storyline was fine, but if you are expecting a somewhat steamy read you are way off, there was not even so much as a kiss in this book. It could be described as a Christian read, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it would not have been a book I would have chosen to read if I had known that before. Overall a nice read with some mys [...]

    26. I was very fortunate to win a copy of The Promise Bride from . I read this book in two sittings and loved how true to the western lifestyle the writing was. This Christian romance was done very well and any religious undertones truly blended with the plot. The main characters are completely engrossing and the writing style immerses you in the small Montana town. It's a very slow build up to the ending and the only problem I found was that it came too quickly and didn't completely resolve the mul [...]

    27. The Promise bride A great start to a new series. I really admire Emilia and how she worked so hard. She was a mail order bride that got married by proxy, when she got to her husband she finds out he had been killed. The sheriff tries to help her in many ways but she wants to do things herself. She wants to take care of her family. There is also a mystery to the book that kept me wondering how it was going to end up. I received the book from the author. Loved it.

    28. This was a great read! Fast-paced and engaging, it also takes the time to delve into real human emotion and explore some of the mess of our broken world. It doesn’t shy away from the hard stuff, which I appreciate. Definitely recommend! (For more, check out the review on my blog at graftedheart/2017/09/12/b)

    29. The Promise Bride is a sweet mail order bride romance written by authors Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham. I will definitely look for more in this series. Thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books-Zebra for the advance copy.

    30. Fast paced, well written and keeps the reader interested in the characters and story line. story about honor, strength, fortitude and doing the right thing eventually win out. Characters are diversified, interesting and realistic. An easy read to follow and enjoy.

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