Mr Romanov's Garden in the Sky

Mr Romanov s Garden in the Sky From the Prime Minister s Literary Award winning author Robert Newton comes a novel full of heart warmth and friendship A violent incident sparks an unlikely and surprising friendship between a youn

  • Title: Mr Romanov's Garden in the Sky
  • Author: Robert Newton
  • ISBN: 9780143309307
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the Prime Minister s Literary Award winning author, Robert Newton comes a novel full of heart, warmth and friendship.A violent incident sparks an unlikely and surprising friendship between a young girl and an old man, leading to an adventure that brings both drama and understanding to their lives in contemporary Melbourne.Mr Romanov s Garden in the Sky is a delightfulFrom the Prime Minister s Literary Award winning author, Robert Newton comes a novel full of heart, warmth and friendship.A violent incident sparks an unlikely and surprising friendship between a young girl and an old man, leading to an adventure that brings both drama and understanding to their lives in contemporary Melbourne.Mr Romanov s Garden in the Sky is a delightful and compelling tale with a strong sense of contemporary multicultural Australia and a vivid cast of characters.

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    1 thought on “Mr Romanov's Garden in the Sky”

    1. I feel kind of sad giving this book two stars because it was very beautifully written. However, it just all seemed a bit off while I was reading and there were some situations that I thought were a little implausible, given that the novel is set in present day Australia. I liked the characters well enough but this book just fell really flat for me. There are a lot of very tough themes, which I didn't expect, and I almost stopped reading a few times-never a good sign. This book just wasn't for me [...]

    2. This book left me really cross. I was willing to suspend belief for many aspects: when a widowed mother and her kid got into housing commission in central Melbourne immediately rather than the real 25 year wait; when a junkie's daughter used manners on a stranger; and that the police would take an unrelated drug dealer's missing person report seriously enough to install road blocks on the other side of the country. However, I lost it by the end when the protagonist's life was starting to fall in [...]

    3. The incident that happened at the start of this book nearly made me put the book down. I found it quite horrific and devastating.But I am glad I continued. This was a short book and well worth the read. The first third of the book was a chance to get to know each of the main three characters; Lexie, Davey and Mr Romanov. They each had their own crappy situations and had each learnt how to survive. I enjoyed watching the friendship grow between the two children Lexie and Davey - and Mr Romanov an [...]

    4. An OK story for lower high school. I found the story to be fairly slight, in spite of the heroin addicted mother and the dead father. And this book is mis-named - Lexie, Davey and Mr Romanov spend so little time in the garden - this is more of a road trip novel, with Lexie fulfilling her long held wish of traveling to Surfer's Paradise. Nice idea, but far from being as good as When we were two - now that was a fabulous book! As an aside, I found the reference to the Twin Towers in the beginning [...]

    5. Gorgeously crafted coming-of-age road trip novel. This is a really sweet story about two vulnerable teens who become friends with an old Russian man. Both have rather imperfect parents and set off on a journey of discovery to uncover answers to life questions. While a couple of incidents in the novel are improbable, they're a small part of getting us to where we need to be, of shining the light on our main characters and their development. This is a feel good quirky story which has a beautiful e [...]

    6. this was such a gorgeous read. once i read past the horrible event at the beginning i really felt like i could connect with each character and had empathy for each in their situations. loved every minute of this YA story

    7. The story begins on Lexie’s 13th birthday when she meets the old man in her commission building, nicknamed ‘the Creeper’. She spots him on the top of the building, about to commit suicide and she saves him and gets to know him. She discovers that his name is Sergei Romanov and quickly worms her way into his life by offering to clean his messy apartment and help with his ‘garden in the sky’. She enlists the help of her friend, Davey, and together the three of them form an unlikely frien [...]

    8. I’m in two minds about this book. On one hand, the writing is really lovely and the way in which Lexie befriends Mr Romanov is very beautifully done. On the other hand, there are a bunch of things that I can’t buy into and so it made it a bit hard to truly sink into the story.Lexie lives in a block of housing commission flats in Fitzroy. Her mother is a junkie, always searching for her next fix and dodging appointments with the Department of Human Services who are understandably concerned ab [...]

    9. A raw opening leaves one in not much doubt as to some of the damaged individuals who inhabit the main character, Lexie's housing commission home. I felt very moved by this book. It is not totally original, there are many stories of 'misfits' forming unlikely alliances and sharing an adventure. But Lexie's balancing act - experiencing grief at the loss of father, grief at being the sensible 'adult' caring for her drug-addicted mother whilst facing a her own teen identity struggle - made me feel i [...]

    10. I AM SO CONFUSED. This book frazzled my feelings and I don't know what the heck just happened! Can I just say, that ending was rather abrupt! I have so many unanswered questions and they're not exactly the kind that made the ending mysterious. They're plot holes. Like, who the heck is Cath?! From what I read, it seemed like she should be Lexie's sister or mother or something but NOPE! She just had a kid called Alexis? That was sorta weird/confusing but I guess it kinda made sense?? Also I feel l [...]

    11. This book was not the story I was expecting from the title and cover - I was vaguely expecting something about gardening and friendship and nature in the city but this is very different.There are big themes here - friendship, addiction, bullying, poverty, belonging and authority. There are absent parental figures and the reality of life and death for 13 year old Lexie and her friend Davey to deal with in the bleak surroundings of a Melbourne housing commission apartment block.The story starts wi [...]

    12. A beautiful story that encourages inner strength, resilience and a quest to seek the positive side of life. I enjoyed every minute of the story! A great book for young teenagers to either relate to or be informed by, the author encourages the reader to see the world through the low socioeconomic lens a young girl and her two down-trodden friends. Helpful for encouraging the development of empathy in younger teens.

    13. A very poignant young adult story of 13 year old Lexie, living in a housing commission estate in Fitzroy with her drug addict mother. Despite all the hardships, Lexie looks for the best in everyone (except her mother who has lost her respect). She teams up with two other social outcasts and goes on a road trip, which turns out to be more a journey for self discovery than for the destination. A really uplifting story.

    14. This novel has a combination of excitement and sadness all mixed into one. I love how it made you feel as if you were going on the adventure with Lexie, Mr Romanov and Davley. as a 13 year old i loved the way it was written with artistic vocabulary that portrayed a realistic and magical story. One of my favorite books because it teaches you about how to stand up through the bad in life.

    15. This book was really interesting and I really enjoyed reading something from a younger characters perspective, that dealt with some really interesting themes, but ultimately it didn't quite grip me enough to want to keep reading it. I think it's very good and I'm sure other people will love it but ultimately it just wasn't for me.

    16. I think I was expecting something for a slightly older audience. On reflection this would probably be quite a good book for middle school readers.For me the plot was unlikely, and the characters were not engaging. Perhaps because I spent too much time thinking like an adult, not like a child.

    17. A compelling story about the friendship between a lonely girl and an old man with a history who escape together in an attempt to make one of her dreams come true. Newton has a deft touch in making this contemporary story live.

    18. Easy read, fairly unrealistic in most parts but then it's nice to read a book where dreams come true.

    19. Lexie felt her whole world was grey. The Commission building, she lived in sucked the life out of her. Her mother was a junkie and mostly not around, and when she was, she wasn’t with her. It was Lexie’s thirteenth birthday and she planned to celebrate. She raced to the shop, dodging Gordo, the tough bully who was squeezing money out of everyone in the complex. That’s when she spied a lonely figure on the roof. The Creeper was an old guy and Lexie couldn’t just watch him jump from the ro [...]

    20. Living in the commission, Lexie is left to fend for herself. Her mother is mostly absent, out searching for something to help her forget the tragic death of Lexie’s dad.But then, after witnessing the aftermath of a shocking incident, Lexie finds solace in the most unlikely of places in a troubled old man called the Creeper.A chance, life-saving encounter on the commission’s roof seeds a friendship between the two and when they enlist the help of Lexie’s friend Davey, the three set off on a [...]

    21. For fans of Lost and Found, A Man Called Ove and Boy in the Tower or anyone who loves a story with an eclectic group of characters who form a bond.

    22. Having seen Robert Newton introduce this book I was very keen to read it. I wasn't disappointed nor was I blown away. It was a gritty beginning that developed to an almost saccharine ending. That said it is an important read in being able to help kids understand another side to life. 3.5 stars.

    23. 4.5 stars.This review appears on Happy Indulgence. Check it out for more reviews!A new Aussie YA release, Mr Romanov’s Garden in the Sky is a heartwarming and hopeful story of friendship and self-development. It’s a short book that is appropriate for younger readers as well as older readers and is one of the most touching stories that I’ve read so far this year.The story begins on Lexie’s 13th birthday when she meets the old man in her commission building, nicknamed ‘the Creeper’. Sh [...]

    24. Just average, unfortunately. It had glimpses of brilliance but never really reached the heights it could have gone. I knew a little bit about the author and his story prior to reading the book so that helped; but didn't elevate it.

    25. Advanced reading copy.I enjoyed this book set in the heart of Melbourne in one of the big tall tenement buildings in Fitzroy. It is rough and bleak where Lexie is. She is a child who looks after herself and at times, her mother. She witnesses something a child her age should not and that changes everything. Her friend Davey and the old man they call The Creeper begin a journey together in the aftermath of this event. This journey starts with an idea that comes about whilst constructing Mr Romano [...]

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