Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warriors The first in an exhilarating new series following a group of extraordinary women who are out to see justice done a step at a time Nikki Quinn is devastated when her best friend Barbara is knocked down

  • Title: Weekend Warriors
  • Author: Fern Michaels
  • ISBN: 9780821775899
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • The first in an exhilarating new series following a group of extraordinary women who are out to see justice done a step at a time Nikki Quinn is devastated when her best friend Barbara is knocked down and killed by a hit and run driver who claims diplomatic immunity But Nikki has her work and her lover, fellow lawyer Jack Nolan, to keep her going, whereas Barbara s mThe first in an exhilarating new series following a group of extraordinary women who are out to see justice done a step at a time Nikki Quinn is devastated when her best friend Barbara is knocked down and killed by a hit and run driver who claims diplomatic immunity But Nikki has her work and her lover, fellow lawyer Jack Nolan, to keep her going, whereas Barbara s mother, Myra, has nothing Festering in a sea of recriminations and hatred, unable to gain a sense of perspective, Myra is lostuntil one day she switches on the evening news and sees Marie Lewellen, mother of a murder victim, take matters into her own hands and stab her daughter s killer An idea is born, and within months Myra and Nikki have drawn together a group of women who have one thing in common they have been failed by the American justice system, they re down but they re not out, and they re ready to find their nemeses and make them pay First up is Kathryn, a long distance truck driver who was raped at a road stop by three motorcyclists as her paralysed husband watched, helpless Banding together, the Sisterhood plot the ultimate revenge but with dissension from inside the group and out, there s no saying if the plan will work until the moment of truth arrives.

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    1 thought on “Weekend Warriors”

    1. What an entertaining series the Sisterhood brings with this first audio Weekend Warriors. This is just plain fun. Nothing fancy, nothing to take serious, but a well done romp with a group of women who have been wronged and are seeking revenge. Short and sweet. I will be continuing this audio series, as I read too many serious books, and it's nice to have breaks in between with a book that makes you laugh.4 out of 5 stars

    2. A couple weeks ago I was browsing in the public library and struck up a conversation with this sweet older lady. She's probably in her late 60s. And seemed like the nice grandmotherly type. In the course of the conversation she recommend Fern Michaels Sisterhood series. So I picked it up. Little old ladies are rarely wrong, right? Wrong.Revenge makes for great stories in all media. I mean, who doesn't like Chuck Bronson in Death Wish?While I liked the plot idea, a group of wronged women joining [...]

    3. Weekend Warriors is the first in the Sisterhood Series by Fern Michaels. Myra Rutledge, a wealthy billionaire takes it upon herself to form and fund a vigilante group of other women who have been victimized and whom the law was unable to help. Myra formed this group after her own daughter was hit by a drunk driver and could never place charges on the man. These women formulate a plan to vindicate each woman in the group. The first woman whom they help is Kathryn Lucas, who was raped by three mot [...]

    4. I actually read the rest of the Sisterhood series first as this book was so hard to get in the library. The book is a fast and entertaining read. After her pregnant daughter Barbara was killed in a hit and run accident by a Chinese diplomat whose diplomat status saved him from prosecution, Myra goes into a depression for over a year. The depression ends when she watches a mother shoot the man who had been freed on a technicality after the man murdered her daughter. Myra vowed that she would help [...]

    5. This is the first in a suspense series in which the amount of action and quirky characters fit perfectly together. A very smooth operation is pulled off by non professionals to right a horrible wrong that each of them feel equally motivated to vindicate. I enjoyed this very entertaining story by Fern Michaels that was made great by Laural Merlington's narrative. Not quite a cozy because of some of the brutality and lack of sexy romance, but would definitely be a fun dramady for the big screen. I [...]

    6. Weekend Warriors, Payback, Vendetta, etc. is a series of books about a group of women who get revenge on situations where the law has done them completely wrong because friends or partners have lied and managed to ruin their lives. One lady had a business partner get in an accident killing a family then claiming our heroine was driving and succeeded in getting to spend a year in jail and lose the business. Another lady's husband was running for president, but he beat her, had affairs on her, etc [...]

    7. This was one of those books that made me glad I've adopted a three chapter rule. After the first two chapters I was convinced that this book was headed for a early departure to the bad book graveyard. It was disjointed as the author spent more time attempting to build the foundation for a series rather than focusing on the current storyline. Also, having listened to the audiobook, the narrator was mediocre at best and made it hard to get through. However, the book takes off once the sisterhood i [...]

    8. This is a story with balls!!! Get your attention? Well it is true. This novel really does have balls. Literally. I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the fact that the writing is a tad rushed and a bit amateurish compared to many other bestsellers. I have passed over this novel thru the years because for some reason, it is always in the Romance area. However, upon recommendation of a co worker I gave it a go and found there really is no romance in it. On the contrary, it is about 7 women that have be [...]

    9. 2 ½ stars. Characters not developed. Action and events not interesting enough. Dialogue was so-so. Needed more suspenseORY BRIEF:Myra is a billionaire. Her daughter Barbara was killed in a hit and run. The driver had diplomatic immunity so he couldn’t be prosecuted. Myra invites five women to her home who were victims of crimes where justice was not done. Their purpose is to get revenge. They call themselves the Sisterhood. Nikki is a defense lawyer who was close to Myra and Barbara. She also [...]

    10. This book was somewhere between awesome and awful. It was completely cracked out and unrealistic as all get out and yet, I enjoyed the heck out it.Years ago I watched an episode of that tv show L.A. Law. In this episode there was a woman who was raped but her rapist escaped prosecution because he had diplomatic immunity. So the woman walks over and shoots the guy and then hands over her gun and says "read me my rights." I flashed onto this episode while reading this book because this book includ [...]

    11. Where to start From the very beginning, this story was forced and contrived. The writing was choppy and every other sentence the characters were calling each other by their names. How many times do you actually say the name of the person you're speaking with in a conversation? Exactly.In addition to clumsy dialogue, where were the actions, the body language that SHOWED the reader what the character was feeling, the sighs, the running of one's hand through one's hair, the emotional tug 'o war, et [...]

    12. This is one of the worst books i have ever read ! I picked it up thinking it would be enjoyable light entertainment, a no-brainer. Well I was right about the no brainer, seems to me the author has no brains as the writing is truly awful. The premise of the plot sounds good but the writing is so bad and the revenge the scorned women wreak is so unbelievable that really the book is just a waste of good paper. Suspension of disbelief just didn't happen for me. I certainly won't read any more in the [...]

    13. This was a really fun easy read. It's the first book in the Sisterhood series. It's about a group of women the legal system has failed (for various reasons) they form a sort of "club" and get their own justice. Vigilante style. At times it's far fetched but was extremely entertaining. I've been looking for a new fun series to read and I do believe i've found it.

    14. Book 1 in the Sisterhood series. Who hasn't been treated unjustly and would love to get retribution? These women are doing just that. Seven women from all walks of life and that had different situations have been brought together to become vigilantes in a sense to even scores. With the help of one millionaire woman and mother of the ring leader and former MI6 agent Charles Martin they are after the first mission. Kathryn Lucas was brutally raped while her invalid husband watched from a weekend b [...]

    15. Every book, movie, etc. creates its own world that must adhere to the principles the author dictatesch like the real world. This is a novel about revenge in a real world type setting that suddenly has a ghost and psychic thrown into it thereby negating the author's initial premise.I would like to have seen a hint of mental disorder with the character who saw the ghost and maybe even with the psychic as well. The thought that one or more of the Sisterhood members are headed for a mental breakdown [...]

    16. Sisterhood RulesWhat can I say, I loved this story. I know parts are gruesome and vigilantes should not be touted as heroes. However, unless you have been sexually assaulted you may not be able to relate. I'm not saying what was done was the "right" thing to do, but I can understand the need/want for this type of justice. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

    17. My 78 year old Mother recommended this series to me. As a general rule I only read Christian fiction and of course this isn't. I enjoyed the story and the concept of the sisterhood. It lost a rating star due to the profanity. Personally I always feel it detracts from the story. I do plan to eventually read the entire series.

    18. I did not want to stop reading this book. It was so easy to read that I was halfway done in less than three hours and finished it on a bus trip. It is the first book in the Sisterhood series, so t explains who the members are and why they are members.I am using this as an occupation for What;s in-a-Name-2016 challenge.

    19. I didn't know that this was a series when I read what I believe is book #25, so I decided to read the first one to see how the wonderful sisterhood came to be. This delighted me. Who doesn't love a good revenge story? The sisterhood is very good at evening the score for victims who don't find justice through "legitimate" channels.

    20. I have never heard of this series before, however my mother has read all but 3. She got me interested in reading one to see if I would like itI could not put it down. She gave me all her books on Sisterhood. I proudly has displayed them. This was not only suspenseful, but what imagination Fern has! Loved it.

    21. I read some of the reviews for this book and some of them said the book wasn't worth reading. I decided to download a sample of the book on to my Kindle. After reading the sample, I ordered the book because I was so intrigued by the story. I enjoyed this book and all of the characters. I'm glad I read this book and want to read the whole series.

    22. This was the first book in the series about a group of vigilante women procuring justice for themselves where the legal system failed. It was a fun, fast read, and I can't wait to dive into the rest of the series.

    23. It's hard for me to believe this was written by the same author who wrote The Scrolls because they are so different. That one was hard for me to get through. This one was impossible to put down. A group of women who have been wronged and are out for vengeance. Love it.

    24. Awesome book!!!!I really enjoyed the sisterhood. It's great to have a few close great friends sharing l the things they do together. I first read sweet revenge a friend lent me the book and now I gotta read the rest! Thank you you much for writing these books!

    25. wow! can't wait to read the next oneYes, yes, yes! Something that should happen yo all rapists. Although I know that rape isn't about sex, it's about power. But this really is the best revenge book I ever read. Can't wait to get reading number 2.

    26. SisterhoodA great first novel in the sisterhood series. A great read. Can not wait to read the rest of the books in the series.

    27. Weekend warriors book 1I am a big fan. As usual once I picked up her book I couldn't put it down and read until the wee hours.

    28. Such an entertaining read, I enjoy the Sisterhood very much. I will definitely read the next one in this series

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