The Shadow Roads

The Shadow Roads After the King of Ayr died without naming an heir a century of enmity destroyed the one kingdom as the mighty families of the Renn and the Wills fought to determine the crown in a bitter storm o

  • Title: The Shadow Roads
  • Author: Sean Russell
  • ISBN: 9780380792290
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • After the King of Ayr died without naming an heir, a century of enmity destroyed the one kingdom, as the mighty families of the Renn 233 and the Wills fought to determine the crown in a bitter storm of treachery and blood But now the decades of hatred have woken the unquiet river spirits from their timeless sleep, andrevived a feud deadly than any conflict of man.AsAfter the King of Ayr died without naming an heir, a century of enmity destroyed the one kingdom, as the mighty families of the Renn 233 and the Wills fought to determine the crown in a bitter storm of treachery and blood But now the decades of hatred have woken the unquiet river spirits from their timeless sleep, andrevived a feud deadly than any conflict of man.As alliances shift and loyalties are tested in the harsh civil war between the two great families, each determined to destroy the other, Toren Renn 233 still fights for peace, hoping to stop the age old war But betrayals and double crosses rack the Renn 233 and the Wills, even as a larger threat rises For the dark knight Hafydd has made a sinister alliance that leads him to secrets hidden for eons, including one that could destroy them all.Only a brave few have managed to stand against Hafydd, and they are scattered throughout the land after a painful defeat lost, separated, and weakened Left for dead, the enigmatic wanderer Alaan must find his way through the treacherous, shifting southern lands, accompanied by the courageous Valeman, while Elise Wills, transformed by an eldritch bargain, pursues Hafydd herself as the nagar fight for revenge and the armies of the Renn 233 and the Wills clash for supremacy on the battlefield.But what began as a struggle for a crown hasbecome a fight far perilous, for woken by the wars of man and nagar, even Death himself is preparing to leave his fell kingdom and walk the world again And if the door to his dread domain cannot be shut, the feud between the Renn 233 and the Wills and even the ancient wars of the nagar will be as nothing compared to the coming doom.Lyrically written, dramatic yet poignant, the eagerly awaited The Shadow Roads concludes at long last the epic tale of the Swans War, a triumph of literary achievement and the height of Sean Russell s acclaimed career to date.In the stunning conclusion to Russell s monumental fantasy trilogy The Swans War, the war between the Renne and the Wills has nearly destroyed the one kingdom, but hope yet remains, as long as a few brave soul dares to oppose the dark knight of Haffyd.

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    1. De laatste van deze trilogie. Wederom 5 sterren waard. In dit slot akkoord van de zwanenoorlog volgen we de verschillende queestes van verschillende helden. We volgen Elise die nog steeds vecht tegen de nagar in haar, Tam, die met zijn vrienden Boare en Fynnol de rivier afgevaren waren om een avontuur te beleven, Toren en Prins Michael, Hyfed de slechterik en Alaan die samen met Elise probeert de waanzin te stoppen. Zelfs tot aan de poorten van de dood. Zeker zijn 5 sterren waard.

    2. Previously Published at TheQwilleryA co-worker recommend this series to me seven years ago. I attempted to read the first book shortly after that but got caught up in another book and never finished The One Kingdom. Being the dedicated reader I am, I recently returned to the series and I'm glad I did. Sean Russell is a very talented writer, especially when it comes to world-building and character development, which is his his focus in the three books—building a wonderful world that sucks the r [...]

    3. It always saddens me when a series ends – especially if it’s a series that I’ve enjoyed. I’ve spent time following these characters, applauding their triumphs and mourning their losses, getting to know their personalities and rooting for their success. So, when the story ends, when the final chapter closes, I invariably feel some sort of sadness. Usually, it’s mild, but sometimes, it’s flowing along a tinge of frustration, and that usually comes when I’ve got questions that were no [...]

    4. The swans’ war trilogy by Sean Russell concludes with volume three The Shadow Road in which this captivating, complex mystery comes to its dramatic conclusion. Beginning with The One Kingdom wherein readers are introduced to the author’s world that is truly unique, original and highly distinctive followed by The Isle of Battle. Here we enter the land of Ayr that has been left in utter turmoil to find that a deadly feud from the past is now being awoken from its slumber. The once predictable [...]

    5. I just recently reviewed the second book in this series, and since I've finished the concluding volume of this trilogy, I figured I might as well review it too. Russell covers a lot of ground in this book, and I wasn't entirely sure that he could do it, because it was clear all the way through just how much there was to cover--epic fantasy like this takes a lot of pages to get right! Russell does a good job, though. As in the previous volume, he continues to expand the scope of the battle that r [...]

    6. “The Shadow Roads” is the third book in the “Swan’s War Trilogy”, and it presented a satisfying conclusion to the series. It took until the last book, but the author finally revealed more of the backstory for the children of Wyrr and what they were fighting against. I found the past was more interesting than the current story, and I would have enjoyed learning more about what took place to cause the situation; however, the author only provided a glimpse from time-to-time throughout the [...]

    7. While in general, I enjoyed the series and would recommend it, I had a harder time with this book than the first two. I found myself, on a number of occasions, having to remind myself that this was a trilogy. The further in I got, the more concerned I got about how the series would be completed. As a result, I found the climax / end of the book to be something of a let down, as if Russell woke up one day and figured that was it and wrapped it up. I found that story elements that had been eluded [...]

    8. This series was enjoyable, but disappointing. I absolutely loved the characters of Toren, Lady Lynn, and Lord Carral. Alaan was a likable rogue. And contrary to some other reviews, I loved the inclusion of Carl's adventures. Some people thought it was too complicated to introduce and dwell on yet another side story, but his bravery and compassion for his friends were some of my favorite parts of the story. Elise was beautiful, but to me, she died when she dove into the river. The contrast of her [...]

    9. By now I have become completely immersed in this world, with its large cast of heroes, innocent victims and evil villains. I begin to understand why this is a book about groups more so than individuals. Each group, depending on the task at hand, is made up of characters vital to that quest. In addition, the group dynamic makes for an interesting study in human nature. It becomes easy to see who is a natural leader, a loyal follower, a potential problem or simply a reluctant participant. Even tho [...]

    10. I wanted to give this book 4 stars, but I just couldn't do it. I liked the overall story from book one too three, but the last book left me unsatisfied. In the series as a whole i felt there were one too many characters. A few of them could have been left out. They made the third book drag a bit. There could have been more travel in 'the other lands' to fill this space. The weird love quadrangle thing between Llyn, Carral Willis, Toren, and Dease was kinda dull and wasted a lot of time. It felt [...]

    11. (Review for the whole trilogy)I was in the mood for an epic fantasy saga, and this series turned out to fit the bill quite well. Sean Russell doesn't have the sheer brilliance of Tad Williams or Lois McMaster Bujold, but he is pretty good. Tis trilogy had many of the typical elements of fantasy: young adventurers from the country, ancient magics, mysterious rogues, heroic nobles, lots of exciting battles, etc. But Russell manages not to use them in entirely predicatble and cliched ways. I also l [...]

    12. This is the conclusion to Russell's Swan's War trilogy, and while I generally adore Russell, this book failed to satisfy for me. It could have been the lack of well-drawn female characters, or the lack of a vivid setting, or the confusing number of (mostly male) main characters one had to track. Really, I think it was a bit of all of those in combination with the fact that Jason and I were reading this book aloud to each other over the phone. When that works it's an amazingly vivid and wonderful [...]

    13. Really. THAT is how it ends??! ><I really enjoyed this book, up until the end at least. This is the last book in th Swans' War series. This book was full of action and suspense, just like the previous two. That being said, I am not someone who enjoys "up in the air" endings. Endings don't have to be happy necessarily, but I want to know what happens!!! I feel like after all the time I spent with these characters, and all the strange things they went through, that I deserved a better ending [...]

    14. c2004.So this book had some lovely comments on the back cover by personally liked authors such as Robin Hobb, Kate Elliott, Dave Duncan etc. However, the comments were for Sean Russell and the Swans' War as a whole. I do not think that they read this final. I personally found this book to be a little tedious and overpopulated with characters. The ending appeared to be contrived as well and perhaps the author just ran out of steam. FWFTB: unquiet, river, spirits, sinister, eldritch. FCN:Alaan, El [...]

    15. The concluding volume of the Swan's War trilogy. The Shadow Roads continues the story of the previous two books, with the families of the Renne and Wills pursuing their ancient feud and the otherworldly powers of the dark knight Hafydd complicating matters. As the characters attempt to navigate the treacherous world they inhabit, many characters are forced into unexpected roles and others encounter situations which test their bravery and courage. While an okay read, I am disappointed with this s [...]

    16. While I enjoyed the series as a whole, I found the ending slightly anti-climatic. Perhaps I was expecting a real clash for the inevitable battle scenes at the end but found them a little underwhelming. Then again, battles are usually better viewed than written about and perhaps it was not the author's intended focus as they were so abbreviated. I did enjoy the history of the world Sean Russell created, the storytellers and myriad mythos.

    17. I finally finished this series today and overall I would say I was disappointed with the series. There were intriguing elements, but I feel the author attempted to have too much going on so at times the book was muddled. This third book in the series was probably the best and I was looking forward to the end, but when it came, I again felt it was overly complicated.

    18. It's been a very long time that I felt sad because there are no unread pages left in a book. It's been a wonderful read. Great story, wonderful language, lovable characters with a real development. I want to read more about all of them. These books go to my favourite-books-forever-list right now. :) If you like fantasy and love good writing, get the books and read them right away.

    19. I struggled to work my way through this book as I was simply reading it to see how the whole trilogy tied together at the end. The only reason I managed to take the book to its slightly disappointing/predictable conclusion, was because I had a Robin Hobb book waiting for my attention next.

    20. Good ending. Almost And they all lived happy after. Except some died, other are struggling with the meaning of life, and the whole kingdom was turned upside down. It was cool to see all paries converge, although the final epic battle could have been more epic.

    21. i was a little unhappy about the ending as i thought the resolution of one of the major plot threads somewhat unclear, still a mostly satisfying finish to a really enjoyable fantasy trilogy.

    22. This is book three of the Swan's War Trilogy. It's a world of fantasy in terms of magic as being some huge mystery and only the wizards of ancient times knew how to wield it.

    23. I loved the setting and characters in this series. And this was a great ending to the story. The power of the river, the warring families and the deep history, made for a lush and colorful story.

    24. Great world building, but I felt the story rambled a bit, and some of the characters' actions did not tie out very well.

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