Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln This self made man from a log cabin the great orator the Emancipator the savior of the Union the martyr was arguably our greatest president but it takes a master storyteller like Thomas Keneally a

  • Title: Abraham Lincoln
  • Author: Thomas Keneally
  • ISBN: 9780670031757
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This self made man from a log cabin the great orator, the Emancipator, the savior of the Union, the martyr was arguably our greatest president but it takes a master storyteller like Thomas Keneally, author of the award winning novel that inspired the film Schindler s List, to bring alive the history behind the myth Acclaimed for his recent Civil War biography, American SThis self made man from a log cabin the great orator, the Emancipator, the savior of the Union, the martyr was arguably our greatest president but it takes a master storyteller like Thomas Keneally, author of the award winning novel that inspired the film Schindler s List, to bring alive the history behind the myth Acclaimed for his recent Civil War biography, American Scoundrel, Keneally delves with relish and a keen, fresh eye into Lincoln s complicated persona Abraham Lincoln depicts all the amazing man s triumphs, insecurities, and crushing defeats with uncanny insight his early poverty and the ambition that propelled him out of it the shaping of the man and his political philosophy by youthful exposure to Christianity, slavery, and business his tempestuous marriage and his fatherly love We see him, elected to the presidency by a twist of fate, unswerving in the grim day to day conduct of the war as his vision and acumen led the country forward Abraham Lincoln is an incisive study of a turning point in our history and a revealing portrait of its pivotal figure, his greatness etched even clearly in this very touching human story.

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    1. After seeing the Spielberg film "Lincoln," I was inspired to go back and brush up on the key points of Lincoln's life. I didn't want to a devote a lot of time to a dense tome, so I picked up this 175-page Penguin Lives bio. I've read two other entries in the Penguin Lives series (Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King) and found them both to be lively and well-written profiles that left me with a clear sense of the person and of his historical importance, like especially engaging long-form mag [...]

    2. Abraham lincoln is a auto biography on one of the best presiedent of the united states. In this biography you learn about his true point of views and his political reasons. you learn allot about his life and values, like were he gets his ideas from and what inspired him an example is how even when he was the president he subjected himself to manual laber because he felt it built charecter. As the famouse emblem of him cutting down a tree. i also learned that he didnt want to free the slave but h [...]

    3. A factual account of the most famous US president's life that is based on other biographies. It delivers as a textbook but as a novel it is unable to draw the reader into the life of Lincoln.

    4. Pretty dry and rudimentary biography of Abraham Lincoln. It could serve as a good introduction to Lincoln but if you are knowledgeable about the topic, I would highly recommend the more comprehensive Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln instead.

    5. This biography was short which made it easy to read. I didn't like that the author seemed to dwell on the negative aspects of Lincoln's life and his imperfections. He was a great man and I would rather read about the good things he did.

    6. Unlike most of the other biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Keneally's version, Abraham Lincoln: A Life weighs in at a meagre 175 pages. At times I felt that I was reading an extended version of Lincoln's life. This is not to say that I didn't enjoy the brevity and incisiveness of Keneally's writing. The length and pace of the book was perfect for someone who might not want to wade through the standard 500+ page alternatives.I have never read anything by Keneally before, but from reading th [...]

    7. This was a concise and informative biography. It is well balanced as it focuses on his younger life to his older life evenly. The author does an excellent job of describing the complex political events of the time.

    8. A concise, quick read; perfect for those who are curious but don’t have a lot of reading time to spare (183 pages, no pictures/illustrations).

    9. One would think that the biography of such a famous man and president would require many more pages to cover his entire life happenings and events, but this is one of the Penguin Lives series, whose key is brevity but accuracy.Keneally does a great job of covering Abraham Lincoln’s life, from birth to death. There is no lacking, as every facet of Lincoln’s life is researched and revealed, albeit not in as much depth as one would expect, but with enough information to answer any questions. Th [...]

    10. A slender volume that gives a solid overview of Lincoln's life. Interesting to read a non-American view. I felt enlightened by the beginning of Chapter 13 that laid out the legislative reforms that were possible once the Southern Democrats were out of the way: "Indeed, in seceding, the South gave up its domination of policy making" (p. 135). However, I didn't care for his casual dismissal of Mrs. Seward and Mrs. Lincoln: "They [Seward and Lincoln] were comrades not only in the preservation of th [...]

    11. A good overview of Lincoln's life from a biographer who has not written too much on the Civil War. If you only want to read one short biography on Lincol, this one will work (although if you are intrested enough in the subject, you should make the effort ot read one of the outstanding long biographies of this President).As an aside, it is unbelievable that a guy with Lincoln's background got elected in 1860ere were so many better known and, in theory, better qualified candidates available that y [...]

    12. Very good if you're looking for an in-a-nutshell look at an astounding life. I'm glad I read it, I was looking for a book about Lincoln that would not feel like a huge commitment, but would still satisfy my interest. I liked it, but it didn't quite satisfy. I had to re-read things, whether that is because I'm rusty on my knowledge of the mid 1800's or because I never adjusted well to Keneally's style is hard to say. Though I knew a little bit about Lincoln's childhood, I had no idea of his diffi [...]

    13. This book is rich in information; it's about Abraham Lincoln. He has done lots of great things for this nation. First, he started at the bottom: born in a one room cabin, he helped his father at a young age on the farm, and he had poor education. As he grew, he realized that education is the key to success. He became a lawyer to seek justice and to make a change in peoples lives. He grew up being interested in reading books; he enjoyed reading books about the life of George Washington, he also r [...]

    14. We celebrate this year the 200th anniversary of the birth of Lincoln and Darwin. So I'm warming up with books on Lincoln before braving Darwin's "Origin of Species." This short biography is a well-written account of the rather sad life of Abraham Lincoln. Chronically depressed, unhappily married, ridiculed by opponents for his common mannerisms, and weighed down by the deaths of so many thousands of young men, Lincoln kept plodding toward greatness. With such great material it is almost impossib [...]

    15. I wanted to read this book, because I was interested with his background story, since the main points about him that I learned in school, was about his assassination and him freeing the slaves. So I wanted to learn more.What I liked about this book, was how that about more than one third of this book was about him as a child, where it would talk about his family as a broken up family(the parents). Also, how he was helping the president before him in his campaigne to become president.What surpris [...]

    16. I have decided to do biographies for a little bit because they don't suck me in as much as fiction. This book was a good introduction to Abraham Lincoln. I would like to read more because I understand that to some people he's a very controversial figure and I'm curious about that. For instance, Lincoln is my mom's favorite president and my friend's husband's least(?) favorite president. This book didn't portray him as either a saint or a demon but this is really all I've read about him personall [...]

    17. In "Abraham Lincoln: A Life," Thomas Keneally offers a brief biography of the 16th president. This thumbnail sketch offers a decent picture of Lincoln's life, giving the important episodes of his life a clear focus without delving into great detail. This works both for and against the volume: it is a concise, to-the-point exploration of Lincoln, yet it leaves the reader wanting to know more than just the brief outline presented. In summary, "Abraham Lincoln" succeeds as an introduction of "the G [...]

    18. Much research with references from the “Library of Congress” was involved in presenting the real Abraham Lincoln. An example; -- Thomas Keneally claimed it was a myth that he gave his famous Gettysburg Address spontaneously from a few notes written on envelopes. But a number of witnesses indicate that he already had a draft before he left Washington. He was traveling with 5 others and the circumstances were not right for his polishing his short speech on the train. I saw a different side of [...]

    19. As someone completely submersed in Calvinism for most of my life, I was always under the impression that one could not be both a Baptist and a Calvinist. I'm still fairly certain that those two flavours of Christianity don't mix too well.That's not all that I took away from this book, don't worry. I thought it was a well-written. I can't say how authoritative it is on Lincoln's life, since this is the first biography on him I've read. This is a short one, so it was nice for getting a rough outli [...]

    20. This book served its function as a biography while being both interesting and brief. I love reading about Abraham Lincoln becuase his story intrigues and inspires me. This book gives insight into his childhood, marriage, presidency. It includes tidbits from some of his speeches and correspondences surrounding the Civil War. I would recommend this book as a biography if you are looking for a good, short overview of Abraham Lincoln's life without excruciating detail and marathon endurance for read [...]

    21. This book is about the life of Abraham Lincoln. You wouldn't expect a man like Lincoln to ever be president. He was born in a log cabin and he grew up a poor person. But as Lincoln grew up, he established a set of morals from what he observed on the streets of America. He witnessed the way black people were being treated everywhere he went. They were being sold and bought as property. He felt bad for this abuse of human rights and when he became President he signed the Emancipation Proclamation [...]

    22. I loved the brevity of this book, as most biographies I've started to read on Lincoln have been so long and dry that I couldn't finish them. However, I was still left wanting more details, particularly on the personal life and personality of Lincoln. He is a fascinating character and so peculiar, and yet essential for the very time and place he lived. I have a lot more admiration for his persistence despite repeated "failures," and his graceful balance of humility and confidence.

    23. I wanted to know why Abraham Lincoln is so revered by Americans and having read this book, now I know. He wasn't given any 'breathing space' as Keneally points out, the Southern states had met to succeed from the Union before even the votes were all counted. I would have read Oates's book if it were available. I read his biographies of John Brown and MLK and they were both really good. But Keneally is a great writer, Schindler's Ark was brilliant.

    24. Fantastic. Abraham Lincoln provides a wonderful life for such a talented writer as is Keneally. As usual, his writing is concise without ill-placed tangents and belaborments. This is a great and quick read for an overview of Lincoln's life. It also shows Lincoln in the light of a real person, who did suffer emotionally from his tough life. I appreciate that this isn't just another hagiographic biography of him as so many are.

    25. Very short and concise. Mostly facts and not a lot of speculation. I read this because we went to Springfield, IL for 2 days to see the museums and sights and wanted to orient myself before getting lost in lots of detail. Someone looking for a in-depth Lincoln will not like this book, but it was great for my purposes.

    26. A fantastic getting to know Lincoln introduction kind of book. I picked it up basically because I feel like I never learned very much about the civil war, and thought that would be a good place to start. This book was enough to tell me some things I wanted to know about Lincoln, and raise a lot of questions that I look forward to learning the answers to . . . .

    27. This is a quick read of the political life of Abraham Lincoln. It covers all the activities prior to the presidency and then a quick trip through the two terms that Lincoln served, covering all the major benchmarks and giving some of the flavor of Lincoln.

    28. This is a good biography about President Lincoln. This would be great in a text set and to use to teach about biographies and what they are. I found this book to be very informative but also a nice read.

    29. A well-written, well-researched brief life of Lincoln. Even though I've read a good bit about Lincoln (including Doris Kearns Goodwin's Team of Rivals), I found this biography enlightening. I think Keneally captures key characteristics of Lincoln's personality and many of his accomplishments.

    30. Bit of a dull read - it was just fact after fact after fact, then a war and then he died. I would have liked to know more about he person, maybe more about things like the invention of the greenback and less about the war. The book also needed a map.

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