The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror

The Doll Master and Other Tales of Terror Bold and haunting The Doll Master and Other Tales is a collection of six psychologically daring stories from Joyce Carol Oates In the title story a boy becomes obsessed with his cousin s doll after

  • Title: The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror
  • Author: Joyce Carol Oates
  • ISBN: 9780802126719
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bold and haunting, The Doll Master and Other Tales is a collection of six psychologically daring stories from Joyce Carol Oates In the title story, a boy becomes obsessed with his cousin s doll after she tragically passes away, and as he grows older, he begins to collect found dolls from surrounding neighborhoods But just what kind of dolls are they In Gun Accident, Bold and haunting, The Doll Master and Other Tales is a collection of six psychologically daring stories from Joyce Carol Oates In the title story, a boy becomes obsessed with his cousin s doll after she tragically passes away, and as he grows older, he begins to collect found dolls from surrounding neighborhoods But just what kind of dolls are they In Gun Accident, a teenage girl is delighted to house sit for her favorite teacher, until an intruder forces his way inside the old Colonial changing than one life forever The Doll Master closes with a taut bibliomystery, about the owner of a middling chain of mystery bookstores whose plan to take over a rare bookshop in scenic New Hampshire derails into a game of verbal cat and mouse that threatens to have real life consequences Throughout the collection, Oates evokes the fascination of the abomination that is at the core of the most profound, the most unsettling, and the most memorable of dark mystery fiction.

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    1. When Robbie's cousin Amy died of leukemia, a disease he knew nothing about, he didn't ask questions, nor did he cry. Instead he stole his cousins doll. When all the adults around him were busy whispering and grieving, I felt sorry for this little boy being left in the dark. Robbie had been a a quiet student, but teachers seem to like him and his grades were usually high. At home, Robbie's being quiet maddened his father"for it seemed sullen, rebellious". Robbie had the habit of grunting instead [...]

    2. Copy provided by Net Galley in exchange for a review. Six short stories, touted to be tales of terror. Terrifying, no. Sorry. Entertaining, yes. Absolutely. Well written and slightly dark, but nothing new or unexpected to prickle the back of my neck or make my thumbs twitch. Recommended for those who are carefully considering a walk on the dark side, or those who like to dabble a bit without the worry of gore. Well-seasoned terror fiends will go away hungry.

    3. The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror. The problem here lies with the "Tales of Terror" part of that title, because it's a bold statement and I'm afraid these stories never did reach that level.Don't get me wrong-all of these tales were well written and a few of them were extremely creepy, (such as The Doll-Master and Big Momma), but for me it was always easy to see where the stories were going to end up and they were NEVER scary. (I guess a lot of my problem with this collection is with the [...]

    4. **** The Doll-Master (Previously read in "The Doll Collection." Re-read.)While, in general, I don't think that there's anything wrong with little boys playing with dolls, there's certainly something quite, quite wrong with this specific boy playing with dolls.**** SoldierPowerful, disturbing story. This isn't what I expected from "Tales of Terror" but it's quite horrific. Oates brings us into the head of a man who's something of a cross between Bernie Goetz and George Zimmerman - and it's not a [...]

    5. This is an impressive collection of dark and twisted tales; I simply couldn't have asked for more! "The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror" contains six short stories which are all cleverly written in such a way that makes you unable to see what is coming. I loved it!Some of the stories are very contemporary and deal with modern issues in a twisted way, whereas other stories ressemble classic horror tales that we all know and love. What all six of them have in common, though, is that they are [...]

    6. Never having read Joyce Carol Oates before, but having heard much about her and her writing, I decided to lose my JCO virginity with these tales of terror.The Doll-Master 4*My favorite. I have this fascination with dolls. Not that I collect them, heck, I barely played with them as a child. I just like how certain dolls can be adorable and creepy at once. And the main character collects themHow? That is the big question. I expected there to be some supernatural element to this, but in the end, I [...]

    7. Was hoping for so much more from this collection of short horror storiesI just could seem to connect to any of them.There are a total of 6 stories, coming in at about 300 total pagesybe that was part of the problem for me. The build up seemed to be a bit drawn out and I think that hurt in maintaining any suspense. I didn't find many of the tales to have much 'terror' to them either.These aren't bad stories, just a bit forgettable to me. ARC provided by NetGalley

    8. Oates is someone I've been reading off and on for 20 years or so, and of course I've barely scratched the surface of her work. This is a pretty standard collection of stories from her--stories that are chilling, but grounded in the real world, and stories that sometimes (like real life) lack a satisfying ending. I'm giving this collection of six stories 4 stars based on the strength of "Gun Accident" and "Equatorial."The Doll-Master: 3 stars. A solid suspense story; the vague ending of this one [...]

    9. My many thanks to Mysterious Press for the copy that showed up at my door!There are six stories in this rather dark collection, and once again the author has focused on human horrors rather than anything supernatural. While I admit I wasn't overly in love with each and every story in this book, I will say that the author's ability to create atmosphere continues here as it does in most of her short-story collections. If you've read her work in the past, you know exactly what I mean. As usual, she [...]

    10. Excellent, beautifully written collection of short stories. I enjoyed each and every one of these stories and found them to be disturbing, chilling, suspenseful and thought provoking and sometimes even sad.My favorite of the six, though it was hard to choose a favorite, was “Mystery, Inc.”, which every mystery book lover will devour like candy (pun not intended for those who have read the story). I felt like I was reading an Edgar Allan Poe story that I had somehow missed over the years. As [...]

    11. This is a book full of Joyce Carol Oates' trademark poisonous little gems of stories. Grotesque, macabre, chilling, what makes them frightening is her fearlessness in plumbing the depths of humanity. She draws us into the twisted worlds of these tales making us almost scared to recognise where they're going.Anyone who has read her unforgettable Daddy Love will know what this writer is capable of: this isn't as shattering as that book but these stories bear some of the same marks. A ferociously i [...]

    12. I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.A very fine collection of dark stories by a master writer in her prime. Really, it is a matter of taste with regard to which of the individual stories you will prefer, but Oates genius is evident in every word.I found the first story, the title story--The Doll-Master to be a bit predictable and that took away from my enjoyment but it also reinforced for me something I really enjoy about Ms. [...]

    13. Este libro es definitivamente una sopresa para mi, no conocía a la autora y la verdad es que desee leerlo por el título. Ninguno de los cuentos se siente incompleto, como puede suceder en algunas ocasiones, de hecho para mi el falló está en que, en las historias más largas, se siente como que das vueltas a lo mismo sin llegar a una conclusión, pero los cuentos más cortos son bastante sólidos. En la mayoría, los protagonistas son niños, aunque hay algunos narrados por adultos acerca de [...]

    14. 2.5 stars.While Joyce Carol Oates is undeniably an incredible writer, these "tales of terror" really fell short in the "terror" department for me. Her literary style is strong, and the stories evoke real emotions and often portray events from an angle other than what we're used to. While I admire her prose, I felt that a true horrific element was missing in these particular tales--some much more so than others.Still, personal favorites of mine were "The Doll Master", and "Mystery, Inc.". The tit [...]

    15. Terror? Not so much. More unsettling. I have read several of Oates novels, but never her short stories, so I was unsure of what to expect here. Many of her novels deal with dysfunctional families and that is where she flourishes in this collection. The stories are disturbing, but she shows her hand a bit too soon. There is some suspense but the endings are usually a bit of a letdown. The "terror" in these stories can be chalked up to human nature and its many perversions. Not quite the tales of [...]

    16. I will write a sentence or two about each story in the book but not too much as I don’t want to give anything away and spoil your enjoyment of the book.The Doll – Master: Robbie’s cousin Amy passes away from Leukemia at a very early age. Stealing Amy’s doll is the start of his obsession and begins collecting more throughout his life. His collection includes china, wooden and even barbie dolls which he keeps in a deserted part of the house, however they are not just any old dolls.I gave t [...]

    17. A book of six exciting, thrilling short stories that had me anxiously turning the pages and covering up the last paragraphs of each story so as not to inadvertently spoil myself.

    18. 3 1/2 stars for this offering of six short stories/novellas from Joyce Carol Oates.This collection was a real mixed bag. Some of the stories had inconsistencies in them, the author repeated herself, and in places the writing could be termed no less than clumsy. But when it was good, it was very, very good. All but one have that macabre little twist in them that makes you catch your breath.1. The Doll-Master: A young boy starts collecting dolls after his cousin dies. 3 stars.2. Soldier: this was [...]

    19. As an opening to this review I must say I love Joyce Carol Oates, she is one of America's finest and prolific authors who I sometimes think that writing to her is like breathing to the rest of us, it's a thing she must do to live.I was very happy to get a chance of an early copy of this new collection of short stories. Again I love the short story format, at their best they offer us a glimpse of life at it's best or worst. And so to this collection, I've got to be honest and say it was disappoin [...]

    20. Joyce Carol Oates es una de las escritoras norteamericanas más prolíficas de su generación. Novela, relato, ensayo, teatro, poesía, literatura infantil no hay género ni formato que se le resista. A lo largo de su extensa trayectoria editorial la hemos visto cosechar multitud de reconocimientos. De hecho, su nombre suena constantemente en las quinielas para el Premio Nobel. Sin embargo, nunca había encontrado el momento oportuno para adentrarme en la obra de esta mujer todoterreno. Desoía [...]

    21. Collection of 6 short storiesThe Doll-Master- a young boy becomes infatuated with his deceased younger cousin's doll and as he grows, he becomes a very quiet, reclusive individual. He also begins to collect "found dolls" and develops quite the fascination with them. Robbie's (main character) first person point of view was creepy and written well enough to evoke a sense of unease about him. Rating: 4/5Soldier- A troubled Caucasian man is on trial for murdering an African American teenager. The st [...]

    22. It's been a long time since I've read such a subtly creepy horror short story collection. It was refreshing to read such a well-written subtly horror stories. It made it so much creepier and unsettling as I knew where each story was going, and hoping it would not go where it went.

    23. Review on The Literary Sisters.Joyce Carol Oates was one of those authors whom I had been hearing a lot about but had never had the opportunity to experience myself. Seeing one of her upcoming short story collections being available on NetGalley, I hurried to request and read it, anticipating great things from it. However, the stories were not at all what I expected. As the title of the collection indicates, all the stories included here are 'tales of terror'. Even though I haven't read much hor [...]

    24. Joyce Carol Oates belongs in the upper echelon of American writers. I think she doesn't get the respect she deserves because she is 1) prolific, and 2) alive. It is a shame that it is unseemly to recognize genius until it is safely in the ground.Putting the soap box away, let us address The Doll-Master and Other Tales of Terror. These six "short stories" (though I believe two qualify as novellas) are not what the average reader would think of as terror or horror stories, which I have seen has le [...]

    25. Six stories, not of otherworldly terror but the bad things that humans do to one another, includes "The Doll-Master," "Soldier," "Gun Accident," "Big Momma," "Equitorial" and "Mystery, Inc." all of which had been previously published in various magazines and collections, but in the recent past (2014 or later). My favorite was probably the one I had read before, "Mystery, Inc." but all were interesting and likely to be enjoyed by fans of Oates's work.

    26. Well, I will never think of dolls the same now. The doll master was my favorite in this collection, but I enjoyed the others as well. I always find it hard to rate books with multiple stories involved. It goes without saying that some will be liked more than others, and with this as a whole I'm going with 3.5 Rounding up.

    27. 3,5When reading the 'Tales of Terror'-part of the title one might jump to the conclusion that some form of supernatural, otherworldly horrors might be awaiting. Non of that is to be found in those 6 stories, Oates version of horror is made up of human nature. Which to her seems to provide more than sufficient darkness. I've enjoyed some of these stories immensely while others left me relatively untouched. They all seem to follow a similar scheme. They abandon the reader right in the middle of th [...]

    28. Five wonderfully creepy stories. Not necessarily scary, but def. creepy.Joyce Carol Oates has a flair for writing characters who are just a little bit over-the-edge. These people are delightfully weird, often witty, unfailingly complex and always embroiled in what I like to think of as 'small adventures' which put these characters in situations that run the gamut from 'off-putting' to extremely perilous. You often don't know which way the story's going - and I often feel that Oates doesn't k [...]

    29. This is my first approach to the writings of Joyce Carol Oates and I guess I should have started with one of her more renowned works. This collection of short stories is surely well-written but lacks in atmosphere and suspense. The characters are interesting but not very likable and the ending in almost all the stories is vague and not conclusive (although this is not an issue for a lot of readers) leaving the rest to our imagination. These are stories where the action is limited and the charact [...]

    30. While I was entertained, this book didn't deliver what was promised which was tales of terror. We have six short stories that are suspenseful and bizarre, but not scary. Really it should've been billed as a crime fiction book.

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