Caddy Ever After

Caddy Ever After Indigo is playing matchmaker and knows exactly who his dream date will be Saffy tries to help Sarah feel better but she s too caught up in the stars Rose has made an important promise but can she ke

  • Title: Caddy Ever After
  • Author: Hilary McKay
  • ISBN: 9780340903155
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • Indigo is playing matchmaker and knows exactly who his dream date will be Saffy tries to help Sarah feel better, but she s too caught up in the stars Rose has made an important promise, but can she keep it And Caddy has probably found the real thing Will she live happily ever after

    • Õ Caddy Ever After || ↠ PDF Read by à Hilary McKay
      425 Hilary McKay
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    1. I felt a little trepidation going into this because Caddy is my least favorite of the Casson kids. It's not that I dislike her, but she's so fluffy-headed I feel impatient when she takes center-stage so it was a surprise that I actually wish she had more of a role in this book. It just seems unfair that she has such a walk-on role in "her" book. Rose takes center stage once again. And I'm afraid that I'm getting a little tired of her. As she gets older the rude/precocious naif persona gets a lit [...]

    2. My least favorite Casson novel, so far. And by a relatively wide margin. Epistolary novels are hard enough, but none of the Cassons have been terribly writerly and it strained credulity a bit to have, say, Rose detailing actual conversations. Add that I really didn't care much for the various storylines and you have a book that felt like it was mostly filler.Oh, and what's up with it carrying Caddy's name in the title but only having her even show up in the last few pages? Which is bad enough, b [...]

    3. Huh. This was an odd one. I knew from reading friends' reviews that this wasn't really Caddy's story (which is a shame--I LOVE Caddy), but I still wasn't prepared for how little she was in it.And I liked the first two-thirds, but that last third . . .(view spoiler)[Okay, so I'd read all the descriptions before I started the series and, after finishing the first book, I was worried about this one because I'd grown quite attached to Michael. That worry diminished some after the next two books sinc [...]

    4. Rose somewhere along the way completely took over apparently. Really all of these last four books are all about Rose, even though Indigo and Caddy get their names mentioned in two of the titles. Caddy is actually the Casson represented the least in this volume. I did like the format though. It made for a somewhat disjointed narrative, but the switch to first person and having each kid narrate a different section really made their personalities stand out. I found each part to distinct and individ [...]

    5. I was mildly disappointed with this entry in the series, after the first three. The quadruple narrative simply didn't work for me. The siblings' voices all sounded too much the same, especially as none of them used contractions (even in dialogue), which sounded unnatural. None of the plot threads got enough space (what about Indigo and Sarah? Saffy and Oscar?), and for a book named for Caddy, hers was the shallowest section of all. I do think hers is the least interesting character of the four s [...]

    6. This is perhaps my favorite book in the series. I love how different members of the Casson family take turns narrating their own sections of the book. It is different from the other three before it because this book is written in first person as opposed to third person. This different perspective gives more room for the individual characters to show their personalities and styles of writing. I especially like Rose's section; she has such a simple, matter-of-fact way of talking that makes it hila [...]

    7. Coincidentally, this is the second book in a row that I've read featuring a disabled character. Incidentally, I noticed that all the wheelchair-users in books that I've read are rather reckless and stubborn and/or feisty. I don't know if this is a deliberate attempt at proving a point, or just a coincident, but it's interesting either way. The story as a whole is good, and reminds me of Clarice Bean in the way it's told. I just would've liked the various narrators to have more of a distinct, ind [...]

    8. Caddy, Saffy, Indigo, and Rose are back in the next volume of the Casson family. This time it's a little different as all the children narrate throughout the book. Saffy and Sarah are dreading the upcoming Valentine's dance and Saffy is haunted by a balloon. Rose is still mooning over Tom in America and sets out to make him a perfect Valentine's Day card well as a perect night sky for herself. Indigo is determined to change the traditional rules for the dance. And Caddy is moving on after Michae [...]

    9. Apparently the fourth installment of McKay's saga of the Casson family, English eccentrics with artist parents and names like Saffron. I picked it up because it was new and had a nice cover without the benefit of reading the previous 3. McKay does a great job of developing the enigmatic characters through their stories, though without much description or background. I found myself waiting for the real story to start, for some details that would suddenly illuminate the characters, that would give [...]

    10. the most recent addition to the saga of the casson family. i discovered it at my library yesterday and finished reading it this morning, despite the tall stack of books waiting in line to be read before it. i love this series and i eat up the new books like a slice of my dad’s awesome rhubarb pie–knowing i don’t get it very often, knowing it won’t last very long and enjoying every second of it. the family reminds me somewhat of the austin family in the books by madeline l’engle. each o [...]

    11. Oh, what a pity Rose stole Caddy´s book! Poor Caddy, she gets mentioned almost in passing, and her story is more as if she is some remote stranger, one of Kiran´s many cousins perhaps. Caddy deserved better I think. OTOH the Rose stories are totally brilliant, naively funny in a way that reminds me of Little Nicholas ( if he was ever translated into English!), I was giggling my way through it. But as a novel, this feels very disjointed, and yeah poor Caddy, her book got hijacked!

    12. I would have really liked a Caddy-centered story - this isn't it. Telling Caddy's story from Rose's perspective seems unfair to Caddy.Also, I can't say I'm all that enamored the children grown up (except for Indigo).And I kept hoping that Rose and the Casson clan would be wrong, and their rather childish grasp on Michael would prove futile, and that Caddy would have made the right decision with Alex. Oh well.

    13. Not as good as the other Casson family books (in spite of the title promising Caddy, it is more about Rose than anyone else, and saddeningly short to boot; the plot is more sloppily constructed & less compelling than in previous installments) but still possesses the trademark McKay spark. Really, any chance to spend more time in the company of these characters is a good thing.

    14. this wasn't as good as I thought it would be! It really has no plot I think. I wanted to get on with the other books I want to read!

    15. I did enjoy this book quite a bit but it doesn't top the other Casson Family books so far. It felt very overwhelming with the multiple story lines. It didn't have many moments about the family itself.

    16. This one isn't my FAVOURITE of the series, as it took quite a while for me to realize what the central theme was (it was romance), but still Hilary McKay can do no wrong.

    17. I've reached a point with my 12 year-old son where I don't quite know what to read aloud to him, so I often just end up reading books I like. Thus, we've read through most of the Casson Family series together, and Indigo's Star is the only one he's been willing to include on his official school reading log (which is online, and a little like ). The others are mostly too pink.Although he recognizes that these books "have some quality" he finds the Casson family irritatingly (not charmingly) insan [...]

    18. Fourth in the Casson family series about a rather bohemian family. In this one, each of the children relate their own stories - intertwining, but separate. Rose writes about Valentine's Day, Indigo about the school disco and his negotiations with the slightly strange Oscar, who is keen on Saffy. Sarah, Saffy's best friend, doesn't really want to go to the dance until she's invited and persuaded that she can indeed dance As for Caddy, despite the book having her name in the title, she doesn't app [...]

    19. I love Hilary McKay's writing. She's one of the few authors who can actually make me laugh out loud when I read her books. This 4th book in the Casson Family series is no exception. It had plenty of heart, humor and joy.I read the American editions and I'm always puzzled by which Britishisms get changed and which don't. Of course, I'm in the middle of reading book 5 and I can't remember which changes were for which book, so I don't think I can give example for this book. But I do remember one of [...]

    20. Oh, the ending. Didn't you just love it? My reaction was: Aww Michael! Of, course, Michael. Alex was like, blaah, boring and too perfect and just so wrong for Caddy. But Michael - he bought Rose a bike! I mean, what more can you ask for?! Moving on, Rose is still my all time favourites and so is Indigo. I wish there was some extra story of him. I loved Rose's description of him, it suits him perfectly. And Saffy's got a new boyfriend everyone's just growing up. And that's the beauty of these boo [...]

    21. I love the Casson family, and I love all the Casson family books (with the exception of Indigo's Star. This isn't my favourite Casson book - that'd probably be Saffy's Angel - but this is a light, easy read and, like any Casson family book, is full of gentle comedy and touching scenes as well. (Also, could Rose be any cooler?One thing I would say though, is that the section of the book dedicated to Rose was released as a single novella for World Book Day a couple years back, called The Flying Fe [...]

    22. My mom recently read this series and I decided that I wanted a re-read. I've just finished Caddy Ever After Casson Family 4 and have decided that it was better than I originally thought. I love Indigo and Tom even more than before and I sympathize with Saffy more and now list Rose as one of my literary heroes (which is different than my real life heroes), up there with Emma Woodhouse and Scarlett O'Hara. (At a party, I once said that Saffy would be the literary character I wanted to be most like [...]

    23. This is the fourth in a series of award-winning books about the eccentric Casson family in modern-day Britain. The parents are both artists, and live separate lives. Father (Darling Bill) is studious, neat and professional, and very distant from his more rambunctious and untidy family. Eve, the mother, is very unmotherly in many ways, paying little attention to house-keeping or cooking, and very much letting the kids fend for themselves, though she is very loving and encouraging. This book revol [...]

    24. Not the best of the series. Rose struggles with an exaggerating best friend and missing Tom, while trying to keep Caddy from getting married while Michael is traveling. Indigo throws a fantastic disco for Valentine's Day, which he goes to with Sarah. But we never hear about their night, and Indigo doesn't play a very big part in the book at all. Saffy goes to the disco and ends up with some guy named Oscar, but that doesn't go anywhere either. However, Caddy falls for Alex, Oscar's older brother [...]

    25. Caddy is a young woman on her own in this fourth book in the engaging series about the quirky Casson family, but it is not her point of view that shapes the story, but those of her siblings Rose, Saffy, and Indigo (no longer given to sitting on window ledges to develop his incipient courage). Caddy has broken up with "darling Michael," the patient driving instructor whom we met in _Saffy's Angel_ and who helplessly gave in to Caddy's innocence and beauty, but her siblings are uniformly dismayed. [...]

    26. 22 October 2013I can't decide if these are more like drugs or potato chips to me. And this is the last one. We left the library and plunked ourselves down, side by side, Natasha and I, she reading Saffy's Angel while I started this one. Then, at bedtime, when I was going to read just a little bit, I stayed up to finish it. No regrets. This one makes a great October read, with its scary stories related by Rose, and Indigo, and Saffy (there's also one about Caddy). maybe I just love reading about [...]

    27. I fell in love with Hilary McKay's middle-grade books about a year ago. Caddy Ever After is the fourth book about the Cassons (Saffy's Angel, Indigo's Star, Permanent Rose). They're everyday-life books about an unusual, artistic British family. McKay's books are always full of great characters. I especially love Rose.

    28. It was okay. The story didn't even start off with Caddy in it, and she didn't come in until halfway through the book! (Not that I didn't love her siblings) The format of the book was a little confusing. The switching of past to present tense, you had to figure out where they lived, and how old everyone was. The climax just went straight up straight down. Completely flat, then one little area of static. You read the book cover and hear all the events that happen to the kids. You read it, and it f [...]

    29. I'm a fan of all the Casson Family books. Hillary McKay is such a talented writer, all things considered. One of my absolute favorites, in fact! Now, all that aside, I think Caddy Ever After is a bit of a plummet from her previous books (Saffy's Angel and Indigo's Star) as well as the newer ones (Permanent Rose and Forever Rose). It was good, by far, better than many books, but still not the best in the series. I couldn't connect as much with Caddy's character as I would have liked. Nevertheless [...]

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