Huérfano X

Hu rfano X Evan Smoak es Nowhere Man un hombre entrenado para matar sin dejar rastros que emplea sus talentos y recursos en una misi n personal ayudar a todos cuantos no pueden recurrir a nadie m s Tambi n es

  • Title: Huérfano X
  • Author: Gregg Hurwitz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Evan Smoak es Nowhere Man, un hombre entrenado para matar sin dejar rastros, que emplea sus talentos y recursos en una misi n personal ayudar a todos cuantos no pueden recurrir a nadie m s.Tambi n es un hombre con un pasado peligroso Cuando a n era un ni o, Evan fue criado y entrenado como parte de un programa secreto dise ado para crear asesinos perfectos para los serviEvan Smoak es Nowhere Man, un hombre entrenado para matar sin dejar rastros, que emplea sus talentos y recursos en una misi n personal ayudar a todos cuantos no pueden recurrir a nadie m s.Tambi n es un hombre con un pasado peligroso Cuando a n era un ni o, Evan fue criado y entrenado como parte de un programa secreto dise ado para crear asesinos perfectos para los servicios de inteligencia l era el Hu rfano X.Evan rompi con el programa y utiliz todo lo que hab a aprendido para desaparecer Ahora, ha descubierto que alguien con talento y un entrenamiento parecido lo est persiguiendo, alguien que empezar a pisarle los talones y que aprovechar su punto d bil su trabajo como Nowhere Man para encontrarlo y eliminarlo Apaga el mundo real y zamb llete en este asombroso inicio de una nueva serie Daily Mail Un gigante del thriller por derecho propio Los Angeles Times Desde su explosivo comienzo, Hu rfano X supera a la mayor parte de los thrillers que he le do David Baldacci La mejor novela que ha escrito Hurwitz hasta la fecha Lee ChildGregg Hurwitz es el autor de quince novelas de suspense, traducidas a m s de veinte lenguas Ha escrito c mics de mucho xito, guiones para Marvel y DC, as como para importantes estudios cinematogr ficos.

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    1. 5 HUGE Stars! Believe the hype on this one!!! Orphan X is phenomenal! This is a crazy fast paced thriller! The story grabbed me from the very start and never let go! Evan Smoak is taken out of a bad life in Baltimore at the young age of 12 and he is taken to DC where he is trained in a secret Government program to be an assassin. He is mentored by a man named Jack, who becomes a father figure to him. When this program is disbanded, Evan moves to California where he chooses to use these skills an [...]

    2. Holy freaking crap. This book absolutely rocked—every heart-racing, pulse-pounding second!When Evan Smoak (not his real name) was young, a man rescued him from a troubled life. The man became a surrogate father to Evan, training him in every imaginable form of self-defense, weaponry, and intelligence. In short, he trained Evan how to kill, as part of an off-the-books program called the Orphan Program, which took children from difficult life situations and taught them to be employed as assassin [...]

    3. For the first 100 or so pages I was seriously debating giving up on this book. I found Evan Smoak pretentious with his drinking only vodka that has been made from four varieties of French wheat and distilled nine times, micro oxygenated and charcoal-filtered. Really! On page 33 when he tops his delicately seared ahi steak with a garnish of parsley I went back to read the reviews and found many, many people raving about the book and giving it five stars. They couldn't all be wrong so I ploughed o [...]

    4. I can't think of anything special about this story.An off-books black op program takes children and trains them to be assassins, they grow up and perform their missions, and then the program ends.It was hard to know Evan Smoak. He's mechanical, ever on edge, aware of his surroundings. He turns his skills toward helping those in need, but it still involves killing people. And even with all his training and experience, someone manages to find him, manipulate him, and come very close to killing him [...]

    5. Evan Smoak is the best new series protagonist since Jack Reacher. I engulfed this book and cannot wait for the sequel! A total master class of thriller writing.

    6. U.S. Governmental Black Ops soldier goes rogue. Uses his substantial training in taking up a new hobby vigilante. Some character development along the way with a nice twisting story line.This book is the first in a series( I do not like series) but the cliff-hanger is actually a rather small one so that this would have worked well as a stand alone. For me, it is reminiscent of 1970's/1980's Executioner Series written by Don Pendleton.Orphan X is updated with the newer weaponry and electronics of [...]

    7. Oh this book was a lot of fun! I listened to the audio version of this as I was unable to read actual words due to debilitating morning sickness, and the narration was absolutely fantastic!Evan Smoak is the Nowhere Man. Brought up as a child in the "Orphan Program", Evan has some killer James Bond/Jason Bourne skills. Since the orphan program was disbanded, he uses these skills to help people in need. People in extremely desperate situations. Unfortunately someone is tracking him Someone as dang [...]

    8. As long as you are prepared to accept that this is a totally over the top “boys own adventure” then it’s a lot of fun! It has elements of Oceans 11, James Bond and Marvel superhero comics fused together to make the world that is Evan Smoak’s. Evan is part of the ‘Orphan’ program, taken from the mean streets as a youngster and trained to be a first class fighter and assassin. One with refined tastes in interior design, vodka and freshly prepared gourmet food as well as the best weapon [...]

    9. Gregg Hurwitz is an author that I have been meaning to read for a while, an author on my radar with books that I have been recommended and seen some great reviews. So I went for the Orphan books knowing this would be my type of book. I was right !Gregg Hurwitz brings us a cracking novel with a great character Evan Smoak, adopted as a child by a shadowy figure called Jack and trained to be an assassin as part of a secret US government scheme. Known as Orphan X meaning there were at least 23 other [...]

    10. Oh, publishers, if you print a quote from Robert Crais on the front cover: "the most exciting thriller since The Bourne Identity", you have only yourself to blame that The Bourne Identity is the standard a reader expects you to deliver against. I read The Bourne Identity. I loved The Bourne Identity. Orphan X? it's no The Bourne Identity.In the interest of full disclosure, I abandoned Orphan X on page 40. For a contemporary novel of 354 pages that sells itself as a thriller, 10%+ is plenty long [...]

    11. Top 50 Books of 2016!Classic. Bold. Innovative.Action-Packed Adventure. Explosive. Suspenseful. Impressive. Non-Stop thrills. Electrifying. My New Hero!Loved the author's note: “To all the bad boys and girls, rule breakers and vigilantes, for being so wicked that they’re good.”For centuries, notable orphans and foundlings include world leaders, celebrated writers, entertainers, figures in science and business, as well as innumerable fictional characters in literature and comics. We love an [...]

    12. Evan Smoak was part of the government's black ops 'Orphan Program', which recruited children and trained them to be world class assassins. The Orphans learned how to use weapons of all kinds, became skilled in a variety of martial arts, were taught to blot out pain, became experts in surveillance and bugging, and so on. Dubbed 'Orphan X' Evan eventually carried out many killings assigned by his handler/father figure Jack Johns - who raised and trained Evan from a young age. After Jack is killed [...]

    13. I’m late to the party with this one. Just about every thriller reader I know has read, and loved, this story. I’ve previously picked up a few of the author’s books and I know he’s a competent scribbler, so I’m not sure what’s kept me away so long. Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and I can confirm what everyone else already knows: it’s a winner.There are gazillions of reviews on this site alone so I won’t delve to deep into ‘what happened’ territory. Suffice to say, a young b [...]

    14. Gregg Hurwitz is one of my all-time favourite authors and a go to author if I need little sleep as a result of not being able to put his book down. Orphan X is definitely one of those books! Tons of fun and a page-turning, exciting thriller.Evan Smoak, a young boy rescued from a boys home, is secretly trained with a group of orphaned children to become a lethal assassin when he grows up. Many years later as a grown man, he leaves the group and disappears. He resurfaces only to help those in desp [...]

    15. Believe the hype about this one Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz is really good full of intrigue & government conspiracy's there wasn't anything i didn't like about this kept me turning the pages was full of suspense & intrigue a boy he was chosen then taken from an orphanage he called home, raised& trainedas part of a top secret programme he was sent to the worst places in the world to do things his government denied any knowledge of.Then he broke away with the programme, using everything [...]

    16. If you enjoy thrillers that have 15 page fight scenes full of carefully explained martial arts moves and weaponry, this book is for you. If you enjoy a protagonist who lives in an ultra-hip penthouse suite with poured concrete and gleaming stainless appliances while he sips rare imported vodka and nibbles organic masterpieces that he prepared, this book is for you. If the addition of a ditzy single mom DA neighbor with an adorable but ADHD son who will add complications to the plot is your cup o [...]

    17. Back in 2012 I read my one and only Greg Hurwitz book 'They're watching' which I loved and rated 5 stars and writing in my review that I intended to read lots more of his books. So it is surprising that I have left it over 3 years before I decided to read the next one. 'Orphan X' is the first book in a new series of books that features Evan Smoak, a man with a dangerous past who helps the desperate people who have nowhere else to turn. Evan Smoak is taken at the age of 12 and trained in a secret [...]

    18. Fun, twisty thriller along the lines of the Bourne series and "I Am Pilgrim." Yes, it's kind of silly - you'll have to suspend disbelief more than once - but it's also very addictive and hard to put down, as all good thrillers are. This is being made into a movie with Bradley Cooper under consideration to play Evan Smoak, so make sure you get this read before the movie comes out!

    19. I can not believe I've not come across a Gregg Hurwitz novel until now. Wow, what an intense thrill ride. It kept me glued to every page. I'll definitely be checking out his previous novels and looking forward to the rest of this series.

    20. I received Orphan X as a birthday gift from one of my best friends who noticed on the back cover that this book was recommended by Tess Gerritsen, a favourite author of mine, hence she thought it would be a delectable read for me. She was right! Orphan X is an action-packed and fast-paced thriller, having a movie vibe. I have read loads of psychological thrillers lately and although I enjoyed the majority of them, it was rather refreshing to experience a more traditional thriller. The entire sto [...]

    21. This is the first in a new series, which will appeal to anyone who enjoys fast paced, exciting thrillers which also have excellent characters. Evan Smoak was just twelve when he was plucked from a children’s home by Jack Johns for the clandestine ‘Operation Orphan’ programme. Trained as the ultimate undercover operative, Evan is known as ‘Orphan X’ and is widely regarded as the best agent, alongside ‘Orphan O’ or Zero. However, after many different operations around the world, Orph [...]

    22. Orphan X is a roller coaster of an action thriller that grabs you and only lets up when you reach the end. It centres on Evan Smoak, picked up as a youngster and trained to be an assassin on a off the book programme run by the government. He was named Orphan X and he left the operation. He has now evolved into someone who only does good, the iconic Nowhere Man. He uses this persona to aid those who are in the greatest need of his help utilising his unique set of skills and resources. However, al [...]

    23. “The Nowhere Man is a legendary figure spoken about only in whispers. It’s said that when he’s reached by the truly desperate and deserving, he can and will do anything to protect and save them. But he’s not just a legend.Evan Smoak is a man with skills, resources, and a personal mission to help those with nowhere else to turn. He’s also a man with a dangerous past. Pulled from a foster home by the US government when he was a boy, he was raised and trained to be part of a covert operat [...]

    24. 3.5 starsI was kind of disappointed in this one but I thinkI just had too high expectations and it ruined it for me. I did like it but I didn't love it. It just seemed to drag a bit.

    25. As a child Evan Smoak was recruited into an off the books program the called Orphan. The program was designed to create the perfect deniable intelligence assets. The children were raised and trained being given the skills to become assassins. Evan used his skills to escape the program and is now a legendary figure known as the Nowhere Man. Now despite disappearing from his past someone is out there that knows Evan was Orphan X and a part of the program. Using his work to help people as the Nowhe [...]

    26. Hurwitz has done it again. This master of the high speed novels has come up with a masterpiece in "Orphan X". In this a young man is taught to be an assasin and lives his life apart from others. He grows tired of working for the government and goes out as a freelancer called "The No Where Man'. He kills for civilians who are in some kind of trouble. I recommend this book highly.Enjoy and Be BlessedDiamond

    27. This was my first Gregg Hurwitz book. I was approved to read the third book in this series through NetGalley, and wanted to catch up with the first two before I do. The premise behind Orphan X is intriguing. Orphans are chosen around the age of 12 and put into a training program where they will become assassins for the government, which will deny their existence entirely. Evan Smoak is raised by Jack, who becomes a pseudo-father in addition to handler until the age of 19, at which point he is se [...]

    28. Really good. If you like Jack Reacher books, give this a try. Evan is excellent at hand-to-hand fighting, shooting, and computer-technology things. People in trouble call him for help. He eliminates bad guys. In this story he beats up bad guys in neat ways several times. There might be a couple of technology things that don’t exist but that’s fine with me. It’s creative. It’s fun.I also liked that several times I smiled or chuckled. One example: his neighbor’s son is being bullied and [...]

    29. Entertaining non-stop action thriller.Classic thriller fiction about an assassin taken as a young boy from an orphanage and trained in a secret operation known as The Orphan Program. Years later he leaves the program and helps those in need in exchange for them to refer his services to someone else in need. If you’ve ever seen the TV series “Person of Interest” you get the idea.However, someone, somewhere wants him dead and the body count starts to mount.The author appears to know his stuf [...]

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