Sayonara Bar

Sayonara Bar At the center of the story is Mary a graduate student from England who has taken a job at a hostess lounge in Osaka Japan so that she can earn money to travel the globe Unfortunately she has falle

  • Title: Sayonara Bar
  • Author: Susan Barker
  • ISBN: 9780312362102
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • At the center of the story is Mary, a graduate student from England who has taken a job at a hostess lounge in Osaka, Japan, so that she can earn money to travel the globe Unfortunately, she has fallen in love with Yuji, Mama san s son, who has an uneasy alliance with the Yakuza Watanabe, a somewhat diffident cook, who works at the Sayonara Bar, has also taken an intereAt the center of the story is Mary, a graduate student from England who has taken a job at a hostess lounge in Osaka, Japan, so that she can earn money to travel the globe Unfortunately, she has fallen in love with Yuji, Mama san s son, who has an uneasy alliance with the Yakuza Watanabe, a somewhat diffident cook, who works at the Sayonara Bar, has also taken an interest in Mary, and supposedly he can see into a fourth dimension, a manga infused dimension which allows to see danger before it happens And then there is Mr Sato who has become a regular at Sayonara Bar, as he tries to escape his wife s ghost When Yuji crosses the Yakuza, it has dire consequences for them all, and their lives become irrevocably intertwined in this wonderfully imagined debut novel.

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      312 Susan Barker
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    1 thought on “Sayonara Bar”

    1. once you get past the incredibly stilted and awkward prose of the first 30 or so pages this books is pretty awesome. this copy is a galley, and i wouldn't recommend running out and purchasing, but if anyone wants to borrow when i'm done, it's some ideal vacation reading. basic plot elements -- gaijin working in an osaka hostess bar, a potentially crazy/potentially transcended dishwasher, some yakuza intrigue laced with sex and violence, and the seduction of a lonely salaryman with or without the [...]

    2. Story of three characters lives in Osaka who are loosely linked by the Sayonara Bar. The characters all have some interesting traits and back stories. The story sort of comes to a climax but some things are left unclear. Well written but nothing earth shattering. Would make a good, if violent, film.

    3. Struggled to go through this book confused stories of different people lives mixed together in a strange mix. Everyone is eventually unhappy there, and hardly bearing their existence, chosen for unclear reasons. Seriously, hard to belle that it is the same autor who wrote "The Incarnations", which I really enjoyed.

    4. I live to discover new authors and books like this. I could not put it down and loved all three of the ongoing storylines. Simply incredible. It's amazing this book didn't get more press when it was published. And not even an e-book yet?

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    6. Amazingly written, even if one doesn't like the plot I think anyone could enjoy and appreciate Susan Barker's prose. She's got talent just oozing out of her. This novel is the second I've read of Barker's; I found it monstrously entertaining, clever, and often I was attaching myself to characters and yelling at the things that happened to them. The story (or, stories) follow three separate characters that are connected by a location: Sayonara Bar. Mary, the first main character, is an England-bo [...]

    7. A well-written but ultimately frustrating novel. It follows the lives of three people in Osaka Japan: Mary, an English graduate working at a hostess bar, in love with a young yakuza gang member; Mr Sato, a middle aged workaholic salaryman recovering from the death of his wife; and Watanabe, an autistic short-order cook who believes he has the power of omniscience at a microscopic level (or IS it just a belief?). Each chapter rotates to their different points of view. Mary's is a familiar western [...]

    8. Cleverly written, the novel tracks the intertwined lives of three characters in contemporary Japan: Mary, a bar hostess from England; Mr. Sato, an overworked and consientious salaryman haunted by thoughts of his deceased wife; and Watanabe, a kitchen worker who can transcend into the fourth dimension and see into other people's minds and bodies. In a way the strongest character is likely Watanabe: the author manipulates language and creates an intricate inner world of near-manic thought. At firs [...]

    9. The parts of this novel that are truly excellent lie in the poetic quality of Barker's writing. There are points in this book where the prose really lifts the story off the pages and creates a magical, surreal sensory experience. The problem is that the story itself needs the prose to carry it along, and it struggles out of the gate. Even towards the end when the pace of the "action" picks up and the climaxes approach, it seems to run out of steam. Barker's keen observations keep the reader intr [...]

    10. This book is a layered confection of genre-bending rich with subtle metaphors and liquid language. We follow three characters with distinct first-person voices: Mary, the troubled dame in a noir/yakuza intrigue; Watanabe, a young man experiencing a science-fictional transcendence; and Mr. Sato, a middle-aged salaryman plagued by a ghost he refuses to believe in. Not one of these people is a truly reliable narrator, and Barker masterfully uses the three narratives to let the readers in on which p [...]

    11. I read ths because I am reviewing Barker's newest book The Incarnations and have to say, I liked it very much. Three overlapping narratives - a British woman working in as a hotess in a bar, a salaryman who may or may not be haunted by his wife's ghost, and a young cook who can see in the fourth dimension. It's quite artfully put together and despite some very purple writing, is thoroughly entertaning. Ghosts figure prominently in Barker's fiction and I love the way she uses them.

    12. Realistically I know this book is a 3 but it won my affection and I was sorry to see it end. Bruce Wagner (I'm Losing You) meets Hillary Raphael (I Love Lord Buddha) - what more (or less) could you ask for?

    13. Susan Barker is now one of my favorite writers--her prose is beautiful--a joy to read. Sayonara Bar is great; it's very original. I loved her characters and was very sorry to leave them at the end of the book.

    14. Another random grab at the library which has turned out really well so far.Almost done.If you like sex, drugs, Japanese gangsters,time/space travel, hostess bars, under dogs and intricately written stuff read this.

    15. A really interesting peak into 3 lives. I struggled with the Watanabe bits, but was eager for the Mr. Sato and Mary perspectives. I'd definitely read more Susan Barker!

    16. I read the cover and expected some huge turn of events to connect the characters, and in the end it was more like, oh they were roommates.

    17. My mom brought it for me because it was Japan-related and I love that kind of stuff. But it was kinda boring and kind of weird and I really couldn't get into it :(

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