An Introduction to Political Philosophy

An Introduction to Political Philosophy What would life be like without the state What justifies the state Who should rule How much liberty should the citizen enjoy How should property be justly distributed This book examines the central pr

  • Title: An Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • Author: Jonathan Wolff
  • ISBN: 9780199296095
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • What would life be like without the state What justifies the state Who should rule How much liberty should the citizen enjoy How should property be justly distributed This book examines the central problems involved in political philosophy and the past attempts to respond to these problems Jonathan Wolff looks at the works of Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Mill, MarWhat would life be like without the state What justifies the state Who should rule How much liberty should the citizen enjoy How should property be justly distributed This book examines the central problems involved in political philosophy and the past attempts to respond to these problems Jonathan Wolff looks at the works of Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Mill, Marx, and Rawls among others , examining how the debates between philosophers have developed, and searching for possible answers to these provocative questions His final chapter looks at recent issues, particularly feminist political theory.

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    1 thought on “An Introduction to Political Philosophy”

    1. This book possesses a virtue I greatly appreciate in non-fiction that purports to teach me something; it is written in a measured and qualified style. Wolff introduces the key points of political philosophy from Locke, Rousseau, Hobbes, and so on whilst also recognising the lack of conclusive answers within the discipline. The book is structured around simple yet impossible questions like who should rule and are there such things as natural rights. It provides a useful, accessible, and brief int [...]

    2. A while I went looking for a good introduction to political philosophy and eventually found Jonathan Wolff’s “An Introduction to Political Philosophy”, a clear and well-written book I definitely recommend reading. It consist of six chapters which cover the central questions or themes in political philosophy: The State of Nature, Justifying the State, Who Should Rule?, The Place of Liberty, The Distribution of Property, and Individualism, Justice, Feminism. From this book I learned about th [...]

    3. Ok, second reading. What follows is more of a synopsis than a review - for the review, scroll down to my first reading!--- The State of Nature -The contemporary state claims the right to command its citizens in a variety of ways. What would life be like in a society without such a state? Hobbes idea was that an absence of government would inevitably result in civil war. Human beings are constantly strifing for felicity. In order to achieve felicity, they have to gain power: But power can only b [...]

    4. Jonathan Wolff's "An Introduction to Political Philosophy" was the best of the four books that were assigned for my freshman history of ideas course in college. I especially liked how each chapter was about a different fundamental question in political philosophy. If nothing else, readers learn what important questions they should be asking.One criticism of the book is that the first chapter on "The State of Nature" only considers the views of Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. As a libertarian anarch [...]

    5. A very interesting and accessible introductory work. The book not only gives an overview of the powerhouses of political philosophy (Hobbes, Rousseau and Locke etc) and their landmark theories, but posses many questions about the state, justice and rights, etc to the reader, which I myself had previously never considered.

    6. Very good intro to political philosophy. It's got a great deal of good material. Sadly, there's no Thomas Paine. :(

    7. Siapapun yang tidak memiliki ketertarikan kepada politik, maka dia bukan warga negara yang baik.Sebuah buku yang simpel dan sederhana untuk dibaca. Pertanyaan-pertanyaan sederhana tentang bagaimana sebuah keadaan tanpa adanya otoritas, bagaimana otoritas itu didefinisikan, siapa yang harus memerintah, perihal kebebasan dan sejauh mana kebebasan itu harus diberikan, demokrasi serta justifikasi demokrasi sebagai sistem yang paling baik dan bahkan terbaik yang ada saat ini meskipun banyak di alamat [...]

    8. A very nice introduction to political philosophy. The book chapters are focused more in broad topics of relevance to political philosophy than in a historical survey of ideas. The interesting part is that, while examining these topics, the author also provides an account of some of the important philosophers whose ideas have represented major contributions to political philosophy.A nice starting book to anyone interested in the study of political philosophy.

    9. In An Introduction to Political Philosophy,Jonathan Wolff presents broad and aphoristic argumentation pro et contra the most crucial questions of political philosophy. These questions viz “what would life be like without government,” “what justifies the State,” “who should rule,” “the value of liberty in society,” “the problem of distributive justice,” and the function of Feminism in political philosophy, are all given scrupulous consideration. Wolff's writing method crystall [...]

    10. I read parts of this book a few years ago for a political philosophy course I was doing at the time and found it very lucid and easy to read. When I later found it going cheap(ish) in a second hand bookshop I nabbed it without hesitation, even though the course was long finished. I'm a politics geek in any event, but I had never seriously considered the philosophy underpinning it before that course, and in this book, Wolff goes through that philosophy step by step.He starts by suggesting that we [...]

    11. I picked up this book because so much of my work and research keeps bumping me up against issue of democracy and political philosophy. So I wanted to step back and get an overview. This book did a good job of doing that. The author, a British political philosopher, walks the reader through the basic philosophical questions of the the role of the state, the nature of power, the role of liberty, the concept of justice and how they all fit together. In the process he touches on all the major politi [...]

    12. As someone who just started to learn about political philosophy, I feel this book gave me a great grasp on many important concepts. His explanations seemed sufficiently detailed and unbiased (the only chapter where I felt he could've given a bit more detail was the last chapter, though it was understandable because it was about slightly controversial things like affirmative action and gay marriage). It was written clearly and in such a way that it was a bit enjoyable to read. Certainly pick up t [...]

    13. Exellent book for beginners to political philosophyThe study of Politics and philosophy is like understanding your mind mess thoroughly, and people's greatest conquest is understanding themselves, other and their world.Assist me knowledge so I don't feel ashamed of knowing nothing about philosophy but called myself a blogger.

    14. Beginning with Plato and ending with Rawls, the entire spectrum of western political thought is made accessible, amusing and thus definitely readable. We discover that all the talk today about “democracy”, “liberty” and “freedom” often originates in the retrospective thoughts of philosophers who had seen too much of human nature.

    15. This is an easy read and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs a simplified yet very interesting introduction to Political philosophy. It prepares you for the heavier philosophical material by building your interest through its simplified explanations. Good work!

    16. Very good summery of the main western political philosophers writings and thoughts.The only thing I'm not sure about is the structure of the book and the logic beyond it !

    17. On rereading - this is an incredibly solid book. All the basics laid out in an interesting, engaging and readable way! Conclusions at the end of each chapter really add depth to understanding

    18. Buen libro para como dice su título, introducirnos a la filosofía política y que resulte interesante.

    19. Perfect elaborative text. Easy to follow with great structure of the ideas considered. Perfect for students. I strongly recommend it.

    20. An easy to read, concise, and enjoyable introduction. Fantastic for those who need a quick reference guide to some of the greatest thinkers in political philosophy.

    21. As an introduction (which this book is intended to be), it does a marvelous job in both providing the basics and a base for further exploration of major ideas of philosophy.

    22. A good overview of central issues in the field. I like that it's divided into major themes rather than 'views' but it's not as richly argued as the Kymlicka Contemporary Political Philosophy.

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