Darkside Blues

Darkside Blues Be careful in Darkside because its darkness is seductive Once you feel its allure you won t be able to resist Zyara al Sirian has devoted most of her adult life to the art of healing As the First Di

  • Title: Darkside Blues
  • Author: Anna Carven
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Be careful in Darkside, because its darkness is seductive Once you feel its allure, you won t be able to resist Zyara al Sirian has devoted most of her adult life to the art of healing As the First Division s medic, she s seen than her fair share of war wounds and trauma And ever since the Kordolians arrived on Earth, she s had her hands full tending to a motley gBe careful in Darkside, because its darkness is seductive Once you feel its allure, you won t be able to resist Zyara al Sirian has devoted most of her adult life to the art of healing As the First Division s medic, she s seen than her fair share of war wounds and trauma And ever since the Kordolians arrived on Earth, she s had her hands full tending to a motley group of survivors She hasn t had a break in longer than she can remember A break What s that again After much persuasion, she finally agrees to take some well deserved time off to explore the city with Sera, Arin, Jia, and their Kordolian mates You need to relax It ll be fun, you ll see Darkside comes alive at night When she crosses paths with a mysterious, charming Human called Kainan, she realizes there s to this lawless place than meets the eye The Federation holds no sway here Beneath Darkside s glittering facade, Humans rule hidden empires from the shadows through secrecy and violence Zyara gets a taste of their world when Human conflict spills out onto the street She can t help but intervene It s what she was trained to do Her actions save a life In return, Kainan says he will give her anything she desires Oh dear What s a Kordolian to do Warning This book is a science fiction alien romance It contains swearing, violence, sensual sex scenes and silver aliens It s definitely recommended for readers aged 18 and over Darkside Blues is a novella set in the Dark Planet Warriors universe It will make sense if you ve read the other books first, although that s probably not absolutely essential.

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    1 thought on “Darkside Blues”

    1. This is a great novella entry to Anna Carven's Dark Planet series. We meet up with favorites Abbey and Tarak, along with all the other pairings going on in the Kordolian/Human universe. This story is about First Division's lead medic Zyara. She is the only sympathetic Kordolian female we've seen in the four books of the series so far, and I had hoped she would get her own full length novel. Her character is interesting enough to merit that, and there was enough material in Darkside Blues to expa [...]

    2. More, now please!!I just love these characters and their worlds. Zyara is such a fantastic intriguing character. Medic, warrior, woman. And Kai, so many layers and levels.Can't wait for Arin Varga and Rykal's backstory. The story is so focussed on the main characters that you can jump in here without having read the previous books. But do yourself a favor and read them, wow.Looking forward to the next release from this author wether it's this universe or another.

    3. I love it when in the alien romance the human is male. The hero in this is an honorable mob boss. Not that the heroines cares that he is honor. She figures his job is a job like any other. I love in this series that humans are seen for their strengths as well as their follies. The hero is mega sexy. A sharp dressed asian gang tattooed man. I can't tell if he is asian but it is likely that he is mixed in some way. The heroine is the wonderful healer from the series. The romance is very good and s [...]

    4. Ahhh KordoliansKordolians! Kordolians!I took a day before writing this review, because I wasn't sure of my rating. I'll give it a 4,5. But before I explain why, I want to say: that I love these series.I look long and hard, and still browse in search of what I want to read about aliens meeting humans And romance salted with action and horror. And I found some, a few were good, many not that good, a lot I just need to forget, but Anna Carven is an author who hit the mark straight in the Center.I' [...]

    5. 4 Kordolian StarsI love me some Kordolians, I just love how they have come to Earth. this time though the loan Kordolian Medic Zyara meets he match in the Ourboro boss master Kia. I can't wait to read about them in future books.One small complaint. It has several grammatical errors I did find annoying.

    6. Darkside Blues by Anna Carven is a novella centered on the First Division's female medic, Zyara. While spending a night in the town with some of the human mates, Zyara sees a girl injured in a fight between rival gangs and jumps in to save her. She meets Kai, a gangster who control the North side of lawless Darkside; and as thanks for helping the girl he offers her anything she needs, anytime she needs it. Zyara doesn't expect to require his help; but when two of the children rescued from the la [...]

    7. Fun love storyFinally we get to know more about Zyara. She is really interesting, and not just because she is the only female Kordolian in the fleet. I love her love story. Kai is really interesting too. Of course she would fall for a gangster. Still he isn't completely cold blooded but he protects what is his, just like the other males in this series. It is definitely fun to see him interact with the Kordolian soldiers. This is definitely an important part of the series so I am not sure why it [...]

    8. My least favorite in the series so far Probably because it so short, but the characters, especially Kainan seemed one dimensional. The story could have been fleshed out a bit more with Zyara's back story for example. And overall I was just disappointed that the one female Kordolian in the series didn't get a full book of her own.

    9. Absolutely captivatingThis book is just as good if better, than the previous ones? A love story with enough action and drama to keep you glued to the story. A captivating series, I love each book and hope to see more.

    10. Zyara and KaiThis story takes place on earth; I enjoyed the previous stories in space more than this one. Zyara is a Kordolian Doctor. She and friends venture into the Darkside for a night of bar hopping. While there she witnesses an ambush of some cars and sees a young girl get stabbed. Zyara fights her way to the girl in hopes of saving her life before she bleeds to death. Once they make it to the hospital she meets Kai, the girls guardian. There is interest between them but then neither is in [...]

    11. I loved the storyline, but not the text errors. The story was fun and futuristic, which I was expecting in this series. Although the text was spell checked, it was not edited for grammatical errors. This type of errors push me out of the stories and make me wonder why no one had the time to read through the book and correct these glaring errors. Was the book rushed through to be completed? I can only guess that was the cause. I wanted to give the storyline a five star revue, but I felt it may ga [...]

    12. Awesome!I'm so glad I read the list of books or I would have missed this one, book 4.5. Awesome story! I was hoping to find out more about the medic. I love how each story ends also! Can't get any better than this series. Might find some as good but Anna Carven is up there with the select few that there is no way to make the incredible series any better than it is! Thank You! Now on to book 5!

    13. Should have been longer. Zyara and Kai could have had a lot more story to tell. The ending was hurried and too easy. Lots of missed chances on real intimacy and feeling between the two characters. I would have liked to know what the other Kordolins thought of her mating a human. Kai was a cool character but I wanted him to have more chances to be a bad guy since he is supposed to be a gangster. Then redemption is so much sweeter. The whole implant/virus thing would have been a great area to brin [...]

    14. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅI loved it,it had everything,love,intrigue,action&sex that was hot. ๐Ÿ˜‹ fun that's why I read all of the searies The whole series was totally fun. Couldn't,wouldn't,want to put it down. Thank You for fun ride.

    15. Correct Timeline Reading Order:Dark Planet Warriors (1-3) - Abbey & TarakOut of Darkness - Jia & KalanForged in Shadow - Arin & RykalElectric Heart - Riana & KailDark Planet Falling - Sera & XalikianInto the Light - Abbey & TarakDarkside Blues - Zyara & KainanInfinity's Embrace - Noali & Ashrael

    16. I was so looking forward to read Zyara's book but I was slightly disappointed. I'm not saying it was a bad one, just a mix of a slow-burn story and a hurried one. A few chapters before the end, almost nothing was dealt with and then boom, a clusterfuck happened and then bam, everything was solved.

    17. And another homerunI wish Anna Carven could teach the Cleveland Indians team her home run method then they world win the world series. I don't know : how she dose it but I have the feeling she will continue to deliver for her readers.

    18. Awesome BookThis was a very interesting book. I loved the characters and their personalities. Kai and Zayra were so well-written and intriguing. The storyline line was perfect. I'm addicted to this Series!

    19. Great seriesToo short - but a great read!Love this series and it's characters! In this book alpha human male meets alpha alien female who knows what she wants and doesn't hesitate to take it

    20. It a sweet story I was enchanted by how quickly the good girl falls for the bad boy with a good heart. It was so sweet to see how they fall for each other.

    21. Great readThis book explains the conditions on earth and how the average people are living. I can't wait for the next book in the series.

    22. Finally!!!I had been waiting for her story and I am not disappointed. What a great twist to her story and she maintained all of the characteristics of the alien badasses.

    23. Love itAction pack couldn't put the book down .I would recommended to read this book took me 2 days couldn't wait too see what happen next

    24. So glad Zyara got a book. I was wondering how her story would play out. I liked it. I would have loved a bigger story, but it was actually fantastic as a short novella. Can't wait for the next one now.

    25. I was honestly concerned about what type of man could possibly be any kind of mate to Zyara, she comes from a planet where the men are รผber Alpha to the power of a thousand. To be honest the only male I thought could possibly be good enough for her would have been The General, but Big Bad was wonderfully taken.When I first read the write up I though no way would a Human be any kind of match for Zyara's strength and character, well I am so glad to be proven completely and utterly wrong.Not only [...]

    26. Dark side Blues-a good name for a good bookThis story was a combination of sci-fi , mobsters, a little bit of the Godfather, and some, no, a lot of romance. When an alien medic Zyara, jumps in to a mob ambush to save the young daughter of the Big Boss who has been stabbed she meets Kai, the first man under the Boss. Then the intrigue, romance and mob wars begin. The story has several storyline s woven throughout.It is an intriguing book, good reading and I highly recommend it.

    27. Great readThis was another great addition to the series. I just wish it was longer. I was hoping our female medic would find someone. I just didn't realize it would be a human gangster - what a twist! I highly recommend this series, but you must start from the beginning for it to really make sense and just be plain awesome. I can't wait to read what happens next. Keep writing Anna Carven.

    28. Yummy sexy story;Alien and human story of recognizing each other as deep live. There are great adventures, a little bit of misunderstandings and hot, passionate sex and love. Set up in decadent earth sector of forbidden p!measures this is no angst, just bliss love story. I loved it!

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