Dragon's Heat

Dragon s Heat Dragon love burns bright can she survive the flames Graeme made his way to Serenity for one very specific hopefully deadly reason but a few friendly wolf shifters on the Serenity Police Department

  • Title: Dragon's Heat
  • Author: Lisa Ladew
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook
  • Dragon love burns bright, can she survive the flames Graeme made his way to Serenity for one very specific, hopefully deadly reason, but a few friendly wolf shifters on the Serenity Police Department almost made him reconsider his centuries old death wish His body, however, remembers it well, acting upon it when he is unable.Heather Herrin has just received news that threDragon love burns bright, can she survive the flames Graeme made his way to Serenity for one very specific, hopefully deadly reason, but a few friendly wolf shifters on the Serenity Police Department almost made him reconsider his centuries old death wish His body, however, remembers it well, acting upon it when he is unable.Heather Herrin has just received news that threatens to change everything for her, but when she sees a half naked beast of a man in a hospital bed, he takes center stage in her thoughts, giving her some relief Until he runs hot then cold so often she almost gives up on him, having no way of knowing he s someone that will make her entire life make sense.Are Graeme s reasons for turning down what he thought he d never be blessed to have enough to keep them apart Or will Heather manage to break through his walls in time to save them both

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    1. "I don't know, boyfriends maybe, doesn't your generation do that kind of thing? Netflix and relax? Don't you need a couch and a TV for that?"It's Netflix and chill, and that means fuck, Mom.Seriously, I totes love dragon-shifters. They are sassy, they are mean, they are just fucking. sexy.And they need to be in my bed.Lava Jizz. Immaculate ejaculate. Boiling hot man chowder with a side of hot sauce. Man Chili. Spicy salty surprise."So, your nut butter comes toasted then?"I CAN'T!! I think I have [...]

    2. Oh man once again this author has taken a book with such potential and just mucked it up with a weak suicidal hero. I get the whole brooding male thing but this was beyond tiresome. Thank goodness there was no prophesy with this couple. Many things were left unresolved, were unbelievable, and the heroine came off as having a sexual arsonist fetish which was just not cohesive in anyway. This author has the potential to create a very well rounded and suck you in story but seems to not develop the [...]

    3. 3.5 stars.This book is in regards to a new character, Heather and Graemte, the dragon, who we met in book one.We as readers already know that there are unidentified human females that are one true mates. We know each book is about the a shifter meeting his one true mate. What we learn in each book is how the meeting plays out; Along with the underline storyline of the evil Khen.Although I enjoyed this book, I did some major skimming. Heather and Greamte story was ok. To me they really didn't con [...]

    4. Oh my gosh what a great read. This book was better than the first book of this series. What made this book different; a Deagen not dragon 🐉. He's said he's a hybrid of both dragon and human forms. When he ejaculates as a man, its molten. "I'll kill you" speaking to Heather. The writing and attention to detail is amazing. You see every character and scene perfectly in your mind. I'm could visualize everything. Yes, Graeme is a dragen, which made this book off the charts. Graeme is a dragen shi [...]

    5. I can imagine that Reptiles and Dragons are not attractive to a lot of women, I on the other hand do like them. I don't keep any myself but love seeing them in nature parks and learning about them on nature programs. Imagining you are the last living Dragen I can understand Graham's reluctance to find or complete his mating, knowing the biology and what is most likely to happen would do that. However! he is forgetting that these True Mates are biologically especially for their one and only, as s [...]

    6. Title: Dragon’s Heat   Series: One True Mate 2Destination: Book 2 280 PagesAuthor: Lisa LadewReviewer: Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre: #PRN #DragenShiftenMy Score:   #5Stars☆☆☆☆☆♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡¤▪♡I have to say this lady is such a remarkable writer, this is my second book from her, I got news for you I am totally sold on this series. Here I thought Book 1 was fantastic, well Book 2 is phenomenal. Talk about an Adventure shazam, here you go r [...]

    7. >Book review – Dragon’s Heat>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the 2nd in the One True Mate series and ends with an HEA for the couple, but the story line continues. Graeme is the last of the dragens. He holds a lot of guilt and loneliness within himself. Graeme’s story begins with him recovering from the end of his adventure in book 1. Heather is a person with a weird ability to cause fires. She has a bit of a backstory, but not enough is really explained. When she finds ou [...]

    8. Awesome series for a new writerI have to confess, I will just about anything as long as it is a wonderful creation. This is a wondrous series. I read the first book yesterday and was in such a hurry to read the second, that I forgot to leave a review. Sorry Ms. Lisa my bad.My compliments to Lisa Ladew for having such a wild imagination and the guts to put her work out to us. Some people you can't please if you hung them with a new rope! Ignore the ignorant I say. There were a few errors in the w [...]

    9. Dragon's Heat-5 ***** readThe second book in the series Dragon's Heat will entice and enthrall you. I couldn't put it down. The writing and attention to detail will amaze you. You will see every character and scene perfectly in you mind. Lisa Ladew is a talented writer and should not be missed. As the primary male character Graeme is a very old dragon and he thinks the last of his kind on earth. As he is over 900 years old he is ready to die until his one true mate Heather touches his hand and g [...]

    10. Book 2 Graeme the Dragen and HeatherThis is book 2 in the series. Please read book 1 sine the story continues and you meet the characters in book 1. Each book is about the characters finding their one true mates and filling a prophecy. All of the cops in the town are shifters. Overview. Graeme is a Dragen shifter. He was hurt in book 1 saving Ella from a demon. With Graeme down, the shifters doc can't help him. He calls around looking for someone whom specializes in reptiles. He call Heather. He [...]

    11. He stepped into the stream and held out a hand to steady her as she stepped in also. He bent and cupped his hands to gather freezing-cold water, and began to wash his legs, his cock, his hips, then up his chest and finally his arm. When the water hit his ring, it resonated again, sending out that sweet, melodious note they’d heard before. The sound filled her with happiness and hope. Being a one true mate wasn’t all bad, or all good. Just like anything else in life, it just was. She would fa [...]

    12. After reading the first one I was super excited to read this one! I haven't read many dragon shifters so I was very interested in seeing what this author could do! I already feel for Graeme and his heroic nature in the first book. Graeme was haunted by his past but so genuine that you can't help but love him! Watching him fight the mating pull had me laughing out lid many times. Heather has such a fascination with reptiles/Lizards! I love how she wanted to care for them and do the right thing! S [...]

    13. Graeme has finally gotten his story. I had a couple of issues with this story and his name is Graeme!!!! He just seemed to just have a whole bunch of reasons why he must not take a mate. I thought they were all trash excuses. Like I know you have been living for over 900 years but come on. You wanting to die and then pushing your mate away, who I do believe is a saint, is just horrid. Heather was just an amazing heroine she knew what she wanted and that was Graeme. In the beginning of the book I [...]

    14. Humorous, stubborn (dragon) But great to read!Alright so the second one in the one true mate series, I loved this book. It was funny it had the same weird stuff that the first one had (swear it's a good thing)What I didn't like was that the book had gone from Graeme and Heather to Ella and Trevor (from one true mate 1) I like getting updates from the couple but this was suppose to be about Heather and Graeme and it felt like everything else was being taken from them. Now Greame also managed to t [...]

    15. A stubborn but loyal dragen, or is it Two?Graeme is the last dragen, or is he? He never expects to have a true mate, in fact he's sure he doesn't deserve one. So when Heather appears at the police station, despite his immediate attraction to her, he decides he must avoid her. Fortunately the shiften around him realize she's his one true mate and they won't let him ignore his fate, or Heather. Heather proves she has surprising & awesome powers, she's certainly as stubborn as Graeme. Exciting, [...]

    16. Wolves and Dragens OH MY!!The characters are typical bad boys meeting the awkward beautiful women. Some of the personalities are shallower than I would like to read and the descriptions are a bit vague as to their personalities, looks and lifestyles.Some parts in the story end abruptly and without a completion. IE. Some of the information of Ella's aunts house. Seemingly an unimportant detail but leaves the reader curious and wondering what happened there. I suppose it could be answered in the n [...]

    17. 5 star story, 1 star writingYou ever read a series where the plot is compelling enough to continue buying but the writing isn't very good? I feel like I'm reading a rough draft of what will eventually be a fantastic series. The world building is very interesting with the different shifters and the plot line is exciting. However, this story was a short story about the dragen and his mate within an overall continuation of Trevor and Ella. The characters are not being fleshed out very well within o [...]

    18. This book started right were the 1st book left off. Graeme the last dragon had sacrificed himself to save Ella the One True Mate of Trevor. He was dying. Heather Herrin is a human that loves fire and is never burned by fire or heat of any kind. Their love story is found in this book and the continuing war between the Shiften and Khain who wants to destroy them all before they find their One True Mates.It's a different look at shifters and Good and evil. I love them you become so involve in the b [...]

    19. The story got even better! I had just finished The Children of the Gods series by I.T. Lucas and had a massive book hangover (seriously, they are that good) but I was pleased to see this series in my recommend list. I didn't have high hopes because I wasn't over the other series yet, but holy mother of wolf I was wrong. These sucked me right in from the start. I don't describe the plot in my reviews because it's been done by a bunch of other readers, but I will say that I am extremely picky and [...]

    20. Dragens and mates, oh my!How can you resist a protective dragon/man who fights mating so he won't hurt his potential mate? Graeme is wonderfully complex and Heather is his perfect counterpart if only he would accept it. It is great to see the characters from book 1 as well. I liked them all very much and can't wait to hear their stories. This is a very original and engaging shifter story. Star with book 1, though, if you haven't read that one yet. I think you will be pleased. Enjoy!

    21. Stubborn MaleGraeme held out for the vast majority of this book, due to a fierce protectiveness he felt towards Heather. He was driven by this skewed guilt and he transferred that into his budding relationship with his One True Mate. However frustrating, it made it all the more worth it when he finally realized that he needed Heather, no matter what. The backstory of Khain continues to build towards what is looking to be something epic. We continue to be told more and more shifter history to bet [...]

    22. I love these series of booksThis is the second book by Lisa Ladew I have read. I enjoyed it a lot. Heather & Graeme's love story is very hot & sexy. Heather is another of the One True Mate that is talked about in the prophecy that will help save the wolfen & dragon males. Graeme is the only dragon left in the world & he doesn't seem to want a mate at all but he changes his mind about he life after meeting Heather. These are great, hot sexy love stories I can't wait to read the ne [...]

    23. I don't read many adult romance books. I prefer not to get into all the particulars of sexual encounters. So, I skip those pages completely, I've become an unexpected nun due to my medical condition. That said the plot line was good, the visuals were great (especially the flying part), but the angst and self-loathing got a little out of hand. (I get though, men are like that, they kick/scream and run but once they get it, it's all about now).

    24. Excellent, Imaginative, and Interesting The saga continues, and the fascinating world the author is giving us, and the characters in it, holds my imagination and my attention easily. I read this book in 2 days. That's not easy within my life's parameters. I'm looking forward to the next story in the series. Hopefully, it will capture my interest and fervor as the 2nd book did!

    25. Loved it!Kudos to the author. It's very rare to find such a perfect balance of a truly good storyline with just the right amount of sexiness, and the same can be said of the first book in this series. I've thoroughly enjoyed both books and cannot wait for the next in the series. Please tell me you have the world's fastest fingers and the next book will be out two weeks from now!

    26. Love itI really love when a series flows from one book to another. All Graeme wanted was to die. Dragen were not good. He is the last and wants them to end with him until he meets Heather. The pull is overwhelming and he tries to fight it. Is she his " One true mate?" From the day Heather saw Graeme in that hospital bed she thought " mine" Can they come together? A great story. I recommend it for anyone who loves Shifters.

    27. Great Shifter RomanceI enjoyed the second one more than the first. The first had a lot of necessary information needed to establish the story line, but this one was more about the two main characters. I like that it is building on the first one and continues to include those characters. This book also pulls you into the following ones, so if you read this one be prepared to want to keep reading. I’m off for book three!

    28. I’m hooked!Lisa Ladew was a new author to me. I enjoyed the world I was introduced to in book one and now the second book has me truly immersed in this series. Now I am on to book three. This is a perfect example of why I love the Kindle Unlimited program. It allows me to try many new-to-me authors and find those that will be added to my list of favorites.

    29. Loved it! This is a new to me author and I am really looking forward to more of this series. I enjoyed this book more than the first in the series because you have a better understanding of the foundation of her world and this book was much easier to follow. I loved the complex characters in this story. I love the audio option!

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