Sky The Blue Fairy

Sky The Blue Fairy The seven Rainbow Fairies are missing Rachel and Kirsty search for one in each RAINBOW MAGIC book Read all seven books to help rescue the fairies and bring the sparkle back to Fairyland Fairyland is h

  • Title: Sky The Blue Fairy
  • Author: Daisy Meadows Georgie Ripper
  • ISBN: 9780439746847
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • The seven Rainbow Fairies are missing Rachel and Kirsty search for one in each RAINBOW MAGIC book Read all seven books to help rescue the fairies and bring the sparkle back to Fairyland Fairyland is home to seven colorful sisters Together, they are the Rainbow Fairies They keep Fairyland dazzling and bright But when evil Jack Frost sends them far away, the sisters arThe seven Rainbow Fairies are missing Rachel and Kirsty search for one in each RAINBOW MAGIC book Read all seven books to help rescue the fairies and bring the sparkle back to Fairyland Fairyland is home to seven colorful sisters Together, they are the Rainbow Fairies They keep Fairyland dazzling and bright But when evil Jack Frost sends them far away, the sisters are in big trouble If they don t return soon, Fairyland is doomed to be gray forever The beach means bubble trouble for Sky the Blue Fairy Can a special friend help Rachel and Kirsty track her down

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      182 Daisy Meadows Georgie Ripper
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    1 thought on “Sky The Blue Fairy”

    1. When I read the part when Sky was trapped in a bubble and the goblins were skating around the pond around her, then I was kind of scared because I thought the goblins would get her. I thought it was funny when one of the girls got the red stone and threw it on the pond so the goblins went running and shouting "ow, ow my feet hurt". I hoped the spell from Ruby, Amber, Sunny and Fern would work on Sky even though there were only 4 fairies to do the spell. It was a great and teeny bit scary book.

    2. This wasn’t my favorite of the fairy books, but Emma liked it a lot (blue is her favorite color) so we read it in 2 sittings. The crabs were cool! After the crab part we took some time to learn more about crabs, so I guess that was actually pretty cool!

    3. I really liked this book because a magic hot stone appeared in Rachel's hand and it got really hot, which was really funny!

    4. HMMM After Isabelle gets over this fairy phase, I think I should look for some books with more empowered girls in it. In this book, there were just too many instances of the girls and the fairies not stepping up to challenges. When the girls find Sky the Blue Fairy, she is trapped in ice that was created by the close proximity of Jack Frost's goblins. Rachel and Kirsty spent all of no time trying to come up with a way to rescue Sky by themselves, which was all the more disappointing because they [...]

    5. This is the fifth book in the original Rainbow Magic series by the group of authors who go by the pseudonym Daisy Meadows. This series is the first of the many (about 125!) books in the Rainbow Magic series (yes, it confused me at first, too.) In any case, I'm not sure why we waited so long to read these original books, as now our oldest is finally reading about how Rachel and Kirsty got together with the fairies in the first place. Our oldest took a little break from fairies, but is getting int [...]

    6. This was kind of reminding me of Saffron the Yellow Fairy (the third book) and just how easy it was to find the fairy (Sky the Blue Fairy). Something different that did happen in the book was that the goblins (Jack Frost's minions - Jack Frost being the bad guy for this series) was actually able to get close enough to Sky to make her get sick and the girls (Rachel and Kirsty) had to find a way to help her. Being a children's book the girls quickly find a way to help her and she is reunited with [...]

    7. I just finished reading "Sky the Blue Fairy" and it was awesome. It was awesome because the frog, Bertram, was really funny. I thought he was funny because I did not know frogs could talk, but in this book the frog Bertram can. There was a blue crab. He was trying to help Sky because the goblins got to close to her. I felt sad because Sky got hurt. Rachel and Kirsty helped Sky, too, even though Sky was a fairy. They collected feathers for her to get warm. But it didn't work, so they found the ot [...]

    8. Okay, I feel weird rating this 4 stars, but here's why: Because my daughter loves to read these books--so much that she came to me the other day and said, "I just almost finished reading Sky the Blue Fairy!" Then she proceeded to sit down and read the rest of it to herself. Now, granted, she still doesn't understand a bunch of the words, but she got the overall plot and several of the specific events--and she did it herself! If this is not a book WIN, I don't know what is. So for that alone, des [...]

    9. (Mommy's review from 10/4/10)The 5th book on the Rainbow Magic series is much like the others yet still different. I find myself admiring Meadows for her ability to keep them all so different while staying on track. It may sound easy but when thinking about it seriously I don't see how it can be.Each book could be read alone although I wouldn't recommend it. So far they've each had a bit of background for readers who haven't read the previous books and for the readers who are reading the series [...]

    10. This is one of the series of books in which some of the fairies had been thrown out of Fairyland by Jack Frost, rendering Fairyland colorless. Rachel and Kirsty are trying to locate the missing fairies, and this one involves the fairy named Sky.As usual, the inefficient slapstick goblins are around trying to catch the fairy, but they spend more time arguing with each other than doing what they aer supposed to be doing.Another cute book in the series, definitely for rather young readers.

    11. i think that this book is very good and fun because two girls found a fairy called sky. some goblins came and were under jack frosts command to make the whole of fairy land in to a cold and icy land. the goblins put a magical bubble around sky and pushed her in a freezing ,cold pond. when the two girls scared the goblins away and freed sky, sky was very very pale and her powers were all gone and when her friends saw sky they were very shocked.when sky got better , sky and her friends were trying [...]

    12. (My overall review for the rainbow magic series)These books were so magical to me as a child. They really got me into reading and I was so addicted. They helped me learn the colours of the rainbow and entertained me for several years. The books aren't very good. I've tried reading them again because I was interested in what I saw in them. The books are very similar and repetitive but to child version of me, they were completely perfect!

    13. we picked up this book when we had 30 minutes to kill in a library in another town. my 5 year old daughter sat, rapt, for almost the whole thing (and actually the only reason we stopped was that we had to go). when we got home, i found it from our own library and she gave it the same intense attention. the story isn't amazing, but i've been trying to push her toward chapter books and if this is what it takes to prolong her attention span, then so be it.

    14. Sky the blue fairy is the fifth rainbow fairy for Rachel and Kirsty to find. This mean some more bubble trouble for Kirsty and Rachel. When Rachel and Kirsty go to the beach one sunny day they find Sky under a rock crying. Now that Rachel and Kirsty have found Sky they now must find 2 other fairies, if not Fairy Land will be doomed and gray forever!

    15. "the water's really warm!" laughed rachel walker. She was sitting on a rock swishing her toes. In one. Of rainspell island's. Deep, blue rock. Pools. Her friend kirsty tate was looking for shells nearby. Mind u don't. Slip Kirsty!" called Mrs Tate. She was sitting further down the beach with Mrs walker.

    16. My library used to have an entire shelf dedicated to this series, and I ate these up like candy. These were the very first books I can remember reading, and they sparked my passion for books. Even though every single book in this series has virtually the same plot, and reading these now would make me roll my eyes, I owe a lot to this series. Looking at this cover makes me so nostalgic.

    17. I liked how Sky was stuck in a bubble inside a tide pool. The goblins came and skated on the ice. Sky was very cold and became sick. Kristy and Rachel met a crab who called all his friends. The crabs gathered seagull feathers to warm up Sky. They brought her home where all the fairies did a magic spell to make their sister, Sky feel better.

    18. Sky was trapped in a bubble. When Jack Frost's goblins got close to Sky in the bubble, the bubble froze, so all her color faded away. They got back to the pot at the end of the rainbow so all the other rainbow fairies that they found so far can help her.

    19. Now they have to find the blue fairy. But they have searched everywhere that they can think of and they can't find her. Will they ever find her? If they do will they find her in time? Read and find out!!! :)

    20. This is a chapter book series. I made the mistake of choosing a book in the middle of the series. P didn't seem to mind or notice the gap in the story line. She begged and begged for me to read another chapter every chance she got. We will read the rest of the series.

    21. I think this book is very adventrous and magical.This book is about two girls which are called rachel and kristy they always meet a magical fairy which is a coulour fairy.All seven fairys have a special colour.

    22. Sky is very dificult to find, since the Goblins make her veyr very ill! She gets frozen inside a bubble while the goblins dance on the little bit of ice around her. Bur Kirsty and Rchel are able to save her from the goblins , but will they be able to save from her illess.

    23. I liked this book because it could of been better but it was still a good book. I liked the characters except the goblins.

    24. I loved this as a child. Yes I know I am a boy and this should appeal to girls only, but fairies (kind and beautiful on the outside, dark on the inside) always fascinated me. I was a strange kid.

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