Dirty Baller

Dirty Baller RYAN Notorious That s me In every sense of the word I m the highest scoring football player in the UK It s true I score even when I m off the field What can I say I like the adulation One night while

  • Title: Dirty Baller
  • Author: Vesper Vaughn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • RYAN Notorious That s me In every sense of the word I m the highest scoring football player in the UK It s true I score even when I m off the field What can I say I like the adulation One night, while prowling my favorite bars, I happen upon the perfect little piece of tail everything I like in a girl Curvy Innocent American A blush that makes my bloodRYAN Notorious That s me In every sense of the word I m the highest scoring football player in the UK It s true I score even when I m off the field What can I say I like the adulation One night, while prowling my favorite bars, I happen upon the perfect little piece of tail everything I like in a girl Curvy Innocent American A blush that makes my blood burn For once I meet a girl who doesn t want to play games and when I finally get her into bed, she might just be the girl who I want for than one night The girl I can trust HAYLEY My first assignment for Sports Monthly was supposed to be simple Interview the UK s unbeatable soccer team Write a brilliant article And maybe just maybe even make my father proud For once It wouldn t hurt if I can even manage to call soccer football when I m across the pond Then I meet him, all six feet three inches, muscles for days, and rippling ink covering his powerful arms He s gorgeous, cocky, and oh my God that accent We share one wild night of passion that I won t ever forget The morning after, I realize he s not just some sexy British guy He is the subject of my article And now I m pregnant with his baby This book contains steamy sex scenes, a bad boy who only has eyes for one woman, cursing, no cheating, and a happily ever.

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    1. 4.5 stars. Yummy!! This was a fast paced exciting love story!Hayley is a journalist and she is about to get her first big piece. And what do u know, it's in London! First night in London Hayley meets one hot man and well against her better judgement (and her sisters advice) she takes him to bed. Only to wake up to an empty bedoh well one night was all she wanted. Until she shows up at the field to meet the players for her article and there he is in all his sexy glory!! Can she keep her head in h [...]

    2. I loved this book and is my favorite by Vesper so far. I loved the way they met, how their relationship developed and the ending. There are a couple twists and turns. I did wish for more soccer games, since it’s a sports romance. Hayley gets a great opportunity at work. She goes to London to interview a British star soccer player. Hayley works hard and never goes out anymore. Her sister can convince her to go out and see London. When she goes to drink in a bar, she meets Ryan. There is an attr [...]

    3. Vesper Vaughn did an outstanding job writing “Dirty Baller.” I loved the chemistry between Ryan and Hayley. Vesper really did a good job with the story line and the characters. Ryan is every bit the notorious, gorgeous, cocky player he is described to be in the synopsis. I have read some books where the synopsis didn’t fit the character in the book. Ryan finds Hayley and decides he has to have, “that fine piece of American ass” (quote from book). He couldn’t believe that she was so i [...]

    4. Another amazing book by Vesper Vaughn! This one is by far my favorite one. Hayley is my new book girlfriend! I have read a lot of books, and I have never felt more connected to a heroine than I did with Hayley. I saw A LOT of similarities between her and me, including going to a bar alone in a foreign city. Too bad my experience didn't result in meeting a Ryan. All I got was a massive hangover. And don't get me started on Ryan. Talk about bad boy reformation. He's every girls wet dream, even whe [...]

    5. I received an ARC for an honest review.I thought this was a very good read. I liked the whole stoyline, the way they met and how misunderstandings and fears come in bewteen them. I liked how the author uses Ryans addiction and shows the aftermath of treatment. I wish we would have seen a little more of Ryans career after he got back with Hayley, to find out how he did and if his team ever made it to the cupain. But overall a very good read and I would highly recommend this one.

    6. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.This is the cutest story I've ever read. I really, really loved it.Once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down. I wanted more and more. It's quite interesting.And yep, it definitely has a very happily ever after!I recommend it to everyone.

    7. DIRTY BALLER-HEART-MELTING & BLAZING HOT ROMANCEWHAT YOU’LL FIND IN THIS ROMANTIC STORY; RYAN MACKENZIE- is heart-stopping gorgeous, arrogant, hot-tempered; fast with his fists, has a problem with drinking, a past that haunts him and is the best football player is the UK, HAYLEY CHILDS is an intelligent red-headed curvy beauty, a bit shy; has a bit of sass too, and a journalist, also a cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, camaraderie, heart-rending moments, gripping suspe [...]

    8. 3.5 stars - A decent sports secret baby romance with a sweet HEADirty Baller was my first book by Vesper Vaughan and overall it was a decent sports secret baby romance. There were a couple of little inconsistencies that stopped me rating this higher but it’s not a bad read and ignoring the little niggles, I enjoyed it, especially for a English football/soccer star romance. Told from dual points of views, Hayley, an american journalist, meets Ryan, football star who is preparing to turn over a [...]

    9. Honestly, I devour secret baby sports romance books :) In Dirty Baller our H is Ryan Mackenzie and our h is Hayley Childs.Ryan Mackenzie has just been transferred to Houndslow. This is his last chance to clean up his act and continue playing the sport he loves. Ryan has anger management issues, on and off the field. He drinks, parties and has one night stands. After moving to Houndslow, he goes down to the hotel bar to see if there any women to spend a filthy night with. Ryan quickly spots the r [...]

    10. Received ARC in exchange for an honest review.I’ve not read this author before. I’m not new to the Bad Boy Romance or Sports Romance. There are so many versions of the sports and bad boy they all kinda seem the same. Not trying to sound harsh but to be honest Dirty Baller didn’t stand out for me. It’s was an ok read. I just felt there was too much added in some parts of the book and not enough in others. Its not very well balanced. For instance, since it’s a sports romance there needs [...]

    11. Hayley is sent to London for her first assignment for Sports Monthly, it was supposed to be simple. It was supposed to be her way of following in her father's footsteps and make him proud. It was supposed to be a matter of getting to know the team, interview them, and write her story. She just never expected to meet a man like Ryan.Ryan was kicked off his previous team for his anger and getting into fights. He missed his friends back home, but one night at his favorite bar he is instantly attrac [...]

    12. Dirty Baller is about Hayley Childs, an American journalist, and Ryan Mackenzie, a British football player (yes, soccer). Hayley is sent to London to get a story on the newest player on the Hounslow team. Her sister talks her into going to the hotel's bar and getting drunk and/or hooking up. She reluctantly goes down to the bar and promptly does get drunk and hooks up with a gorgeous hunk of a man, so she'll have her one night stand story to tell her sister. Ryan was that one night stand and is [...]

    13. This is a wonderful, heartwarming and interesting read and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The story covers Hayley (aka Hay) Childs who is a journalist and is given an assignment to go to London in England to write a piece on a British football club. Once she is in London she go to a bar/club (Nirvana) and meet Ryan Mackenzie who unbeknown to her is a bad boy football player of said club. What you will find in this story is drama, suspense, a opportunity, London, British football team, a bar/cl [...]

    14. "If I have any chance at getting Ryan back, I have to pull this off. For me. For him. For Us. For our baby."4 baby stars!!! Super sexy and totally adorable!Ryan is the bad boy football player in the UK, he's a player on the field and, well, off the field. He's a ladies man and he knows it. While at a bar one night he meets Hayley, they hit it off and wind up in bed together. Hayley is in the UK to interview the soccer team, she never expected to end up in bed with THE hottest player. And what ha [...]

    15. This was a sexy good read! If I was a reporter and had to fly over to London to write about their football (soccer) studs, that would be my perfect dream! This book provides you with a lot of bucket list removals, one night stand, and sexy athletics hunks fighting over you, love in all the right places. Sigh, I could go on and on, but in order for you to know all that I am talking about, you’ll have to get the book and read it for yourself.

    16. Hayley gets the chance of a lifetime when the paper she works for sends her to London, England for a story. She gets set up in a nice hotel and, after some pushing over the phone from her sister, she decides to check out the bar in the hotel. While there she meets Ryan, who she says she could listen to him talk all the time, after some liquid courage. Their paths cross again when she shows up at the local football clubhouse and finds Ryan at his first day of practice with the team. This begins a [...]

    17. I received this book free as an ARC for my honest review.Hayley Childs is a sports reporter on assignment to write an article about a football team in London. Ryan Mackenzie is star football player, just changed club, he is arrogant, aggressive and cocky. They met in the bar of the hotel they are both staying at and have a one night stand. The next day, Ryan disappears from his hotel room and goes to training for the 1st time with his new club. Hayley finds her way to the football stadium to do [...]

    18. I received this for my honest review. Hayley is sent to London for two weeks to do a story on a British football team, a dream assignment she is determined to do well. Once she gets to her hotel room she decides to head for the bar as sleep is not going to happen, at least she can sit at the bar for a quiet drink Ryan is out trying to behave he starts with his new club in the morning and wants everything to go well but he spots the red-headed beauty and is immediately drawn to her, Ryan and Hale [...]

    19. Vesper Vaughn why am I just now finding out about you? Seriously this book has everything I love in books, its the total package.Alpha Footballer Bad Boy ,Super sweet reserved heroine, a surprise pregnancy, and just enough angst. Ryan Mackenize is a Bad Boy a fighter a drinker, a one night stand only bachelor. He is now the new guy on the Hounslow team trying to stay out of trouble and start fresh.Hayley is a new journalist that writes about sports and gets a break through chance to go to London [...]

    20. I absolutely couldn't stop reading this story. When Hayley gets an assignment to go to London and write a piece on a football club, she couldn't be more happy. Ryan has anger problem and is reckless and gets sent to another time. Out for the night he meets Hayley, which Hayley never goes out and they want each other. Ryan feels he is getting close to Hayley and pushes her away and Hayley's boss wants her to write her story just on Ryan. Hayley doesn't want to write the story but finding out she [...]

    21. ~I was given this book for an honest review~This was a great book. I love that you get both povs from Ryan and Hayley. I know Ryan is a bad boy and has the charm to match. I have a problem believing that is this Hayley's dream come true but she barely spends anytime exploring London. I know she's there to write a story but I think she would make time to explore the city. Anyway, back to the story. I loved Hayley. She's this sweet little innocent girl who gets the story she's been wanting. After [...]

    22. Despite the title, this was a very sweet story. I got this story in exchange for an honest review. You have a plain Jane reporter who unknowingly meets and beds a footballer (soccer player in the US). Neither of them expected things to go the way that they did, but before you know it, they’re in love. I liked that they both had and gave what the other needed without being too ridiculous. While Ryan isn’t perfect, even he knows when he needs to ask for help. Hayley just needed someone to show [...]

    23. Ryan is a British football star, known as much for public drunkenness, brawling, and women as he is for his skill on the playing field. Surprisingly, his one night stand with American girl Haley has him questioning if he might actually want a relationship. Haley is trying to prove herself on the job where her father is a legend. Her big break as a reporter for a sports magazine comes when she is sent to London to write a story on a football team. Encouraged by her sister, she hooks up with the h [...]

    24. Ryan is a notorious football player. He has gotten into too much trouble and has been transferred to London for a clean start. He is a player, on and off the field. He meets Hayley, innocent, American, and gorgeous. Someone he thinks he can finally open up with and trust. Haley is sent on her first big assignment for Sports Monthly in London. She decides to live it up for the first time in her life, but does not expect to see her one night stand, Ryan, on the team she is interviewing.Ryan and Ha [...]

    25. I received a free ARC copy of this book for an honest review. Allison is a writer who snags her first big assignment with a magazine that deals in selling pages over principles. The great news is the job takes her to London, where she lets her good girl hair down for what she thinks is a one night stand. The bad to worse news? She’s tasked with interviewing a football club and her one night stand, Ryan, is the star player! This story was a surprisingly good mix of hot scenes and substance, fro [...]

    26. Certainly enjoyed Ryan & Haley's story. Haley is assigned to go to London to write a magazine article about Ryan's transfer to a soccer team in Hounslow, near London. Ryan has a reputation of anger aggressiveness, both on the field and off as well as an alcohol and womanizing issues. They meet by accident on Haley's first night in London in the hotel bar. With no names exchanged, they get together for a smoking one-night stand. It is only when Haley reports to the stadium to meet the team th [...]

    27. With being a newer sports journalist Hayley never expected to get the experience of going to London and being able to right an article on British Football. Hayley is not the type of girl who goes out to parties or clubs but once she gets to London her sister talks her into going and having one drink at the bar and with that one drink her life changes forever. Ryan has just transferred football teams because he has a bit of a problem with alcohol. Ryan comes out of the bathroom and see the most b [...]

    28. I enjoyed this story of opposites attracting and found both Hayley and Ryan to be well written and well rounded characters.The author did not shy away from the seedy side of football players and portrayed Ryan's addictions and his subsequent treatment realistically.The plot, with misunderstandings galore, was well paced. Normally I would have given the book 4 stars but the use of the wrong terminology for the football scenes (American? but definitely not British) grated and spoiled the flow of t [...]

    29. Dirty Baller had me hooked right in the beginning! I could not stop reading it. It all started with Hayley trying something new in a new, foreign city and Ryan, who has a thing for American girls, catching sight of her when she took his seat at the bar. Ryan is a football (soccer) player, talented with a little bit of anger issues and Hayley has been sent on assignment to write a piece about Ryan and his team. Hayley and Ryan get close and Hayley's assignment takes a turn she'd rather not see th [...]

    30. Overall this book was ok. Ryan figures that since Hayley is only there for a couple of weeks to write a story about his team, it is ok to get involved because it won't be enough time for things to become serious between them. When he feels that she betrayed him, he kicks her to the curb. Hayley goes back to the States and feels horrible for betraying Ryan in order for her to get her story. Months pass and both are miserable because they realize they are in love with each other but can't be toget [...]

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