Every Night I Dream of Hell

Every Night I Dream of Hell From the award winning author of The Glasgow Trilogy comes Every Night I Dream of Hell a dark and thrilling Glaswegian crime drama Nate Colgan would be the first to admit that his violent reputation

  • Title: Every Night I Dream of Hell
  • Author: Malcolm Mackay
  • ISBN: 9780316271776
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the award winning author of The Glasgow Trilogy comes Every Night I Dream of Hell, a dark and thrilling Glaswegian crime drama.Nate Colgan would be the first to admit that his violent reputation makes him very good at his job and bad at everything else After eighteen years spent working on the sidelines of Glasgow s criminal underworld, there s no question he ll accFrom the award winning author of The Glasgow Trilogy comes Every Night I Dream of Hell, a dark and thrilling Glaswegian crime drama.Nate Colgan would be the first to admit that his violent reputation makes him very good at his job and bad at everything else After eighteen years spent working on the sidelines of Glasgow s criminal underworld, there s no question he ll accept the central position that Peter Jamieson s organization offers him, despite his better judgment The organization isn t as strong as it once was its most powerful members are either dead or behind bars, including Jamieson himself, and the time is ripe for change.Chang begins with an execution a message for Jamieson s supporters which promptly sets the various factions within the organization against one another Colgan s position as security consultant means his duty is clear idneitfy the killer and find out who s willing to seize power, even if it means igniting a war Meanwhile, on the other side of the law, DI Michael Fisher conduscts his own investigation into the murder Both men can t help but wonder Why do these events coincide with the return of Zara Cope, the mother of Colgan s child, a disreputable woman with an uncanny ability to attract trouble and troublemakers A dark and thrilling crime drama, Every Night I Dream of Hell takes us deep into a world of violence, fear and double crosses.

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      197 Malcolm Mackay
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    1 thought on “Every Night I Dream of Hell”

    1. This book was fast-paced Glasgow noir with a large cast of gangsters warring with and double crossing each other. For me, the chief appeal of the book was the crisp, colorful language, although I admit that the accents on the audiobook were a challenge sometimes. I'll look for more by this author.

    2. Every Night I Dream of Hell – Brilliant Glasgow NoirEvery Night I Dream of Hell is the fifth book from the excellent writer Malcolm Mackay who has captured the dark heart of Glasgow in terrifying detail and imagination. Mackay is getting better with every book he writes, the characters are getting stronger, more defined completely unforgiving and totally compelling. None of these characters are written as anti-heroes but as the dark nasty criminals that they are.This thriller is narrated throu [...]

    3. I was happy to see this book emerge, because it continues the story of Scottish mob enforcer Nate Colgan, a smart, pessimistic man involved in Glasgow's underworld. The first three books in the series, with one exception, were all cracking good reads, and this one is as well.While there is a mystery component to this, what really makes Mackay's books stand out is the way his character describes the operations, shifting loyalties and nitty gritty details of the criminal life, with almost erudite [...]

    4. I'm in awe of Malcolm Mackay: the huge cast of characters, the claustrophobic atmosphere, the way he makes his characters likeable enough to be human but not likeable enough to actually like. It's yet another superb Glasgow gangster story.

    5. From the publisher: Nate Colgan would be the first to admit that his violent reputation makes him very good at his job - and bad at everything else. After eighteen years spent working on the sidelines of Glasgow’s criminal underworld, there’s no question he’ll accept the central position that Peter Jamieson’s crime organization offers him, despite his better judgment. The organization isn’t as strong as it once was: its most powerful members are either dead or behind bars, including Ja [...]

    6. This is my first Malcolm Mackay book - I should probably have started with the Glasgow trilogy, but I picked this up in a booksale at Hillhead library, so what the hell. It's a decent, if unspectacular, foray into the Glasgow underworld, and I thought, for the most part, it was pretty effective, and made a nice change from the Yank crime stuff I usually delve into.There's not a great deal in the way of character development; Nate Colgan is a 'gangland enforcer' (I sound like I'm writing for the [...]

    7. I am enjoying these books by Malcolm Mackay. Contemporary tartan noir with a realistic feel and some great characters. Set in Glasgow with rival gangs competing for territory and more. Only the second I have read but greatly impressed so far.

    8. Nate Colgan is a hard man, one of the most feared enforcers in the Glasgow underworld. He and his protege Ronnie are hired on as muscle by the Jamison organization, currently in flux with head man Peter Jamison in prison. When one of the group's mid-level drug dealers is killed by an upstart group who just arrived from the south, Nate is tasked with finding answers. One of the men in the organization is making a play to be the top dog, using this group from the midlands to help make his play wit [...]

    9. Pan Macmillan SA sent me an advanced reader's copy of Every Night I Dream of Hell by Malcolm Mackay a while ago, and although I was reluctant to begin it (I have to be in the mood for crime novels), I was hooked from the get-go.This intricate tale of mobsters and crime is beautifully written, and has an intriguing plot that'll keep crime junkies glued to their seats from beginning to end. The author has a unique voice, which works really well in this genre, and I'm interested to see what else Ma [...]

    10. Every Night I Dream of Hell by Malcolm Mackay is just that; a hell of a good book. I was unaware of the writer until recently and I am very happy that now know who he is. The book takes place in Glasgow, Scotland which makes the dialogue unique. Our hero, if you can call him that, is an enforcer for the organization A.K.A. the Mafia. His job is to beat the living hell out of anybody who crosses the organization. The book is full of crosses and double-crosses and at times you need the organizatio [...]

    11. Nate Colgan is a criminal whose job assignment within his criminal organization is to impress adversaries by his use of force, his violence, and his efficacy. He is thoughtful, but he is a wicked person by any standard and cannot escape just how wicked his occupation has made him. In his own mind, he tries to deploy reason to his life and at times he hates himself for what he does for a living. He is the father of a child whom he tries to be decent to, from a mother, Zara, who is, perhaps, more [...]

    12. One of the most depressing books I have ever read. Nate is working for gangsters in Scotland. He has a daughter that he care for but has live with her mother's parents. The girl's mother, Zara is someone Nate works to keep away from his daughter. We Zara comes back to town, bad things start to happen. The boss of the gangsters is in jail. Others decide that they will take over the organization. Zara is trying to help them. Nate tells the reader how unhappy he is. He feels caught up in his world, [...]

    13. If only this protagonist (cannot classify him a a hero) had gone into business, he could have run the world. Instead, he's the "smart muscle" for a Glaswegian mobster. Listening in on his thought process is as fascinating as it is repellent. I can easily see why his dreams are so horrible . That said, I read all the way to the end - and it seemed to cue up for a sequel. If that happens, I'll read that, too. Nate Colgan is too compelling a character to lose track of.

    14. Crime fiction. This was tale involving gangsters in Glasgow double- and triple-crossing each other in pursuit of greater power (and money) over their criminal activities. Everyone distrusts everyone else. The story's narrator was a muscle man named Nate Colgan, a 37-year old paranoid tough guy with problems staying asleep for more than a couple of hours. Great fun!

    15. The plot in this one is so convoluted I still have no idea what just happened. Mackay does a good job of presenting Nate Colgan as a very complex and conflicted character. Beyond that, I didn't know who to root for and I wouldn't really care if they all perished horribly. (Except DI Fisher, of course.)

    16. Not very good. Too slow, too much explanation and too much explication of who is who. The motivation of the situation is never really clear and the plot put in place to solve that situation is much too complicated. The main character is a dupe and will obviously get fooled again. Also I have to say I'm never really convinced by British villains. Except for Dimmesdale Piranha.

    17. Best Mackay I've read so far. Enjoyed the "Glasgow Trilogy", but was not knocked out. Thought "The Night the Rich Men Burned" was OK but a bit of a step down. But this volume hit on all cylinders.[Spoiler alert:] If you found the tough-guy character Nate Colgan (in earlier volumes) interesting, he's the protagonist here. I intend to track down the sequel ("For Those Who Know the Ending") ASAP.

    18. Would I want to hang out with Nate Colgan or invite him over for dinner? No. But it's fascinating to go along with him and watch him work out what's going on and who's behind it and what he will do to survive. You can bet that won't be pretty.

    19. A protagonist on the criminal side of things for a change. The story has some good plot twists and a bit of Glasgow atmosphere but too many characters, some odd shifting between narrators, and a few dangling threads.

    20. I'm a fan of this author's crime fiction, but I enjoyed the Glasgow trilogy much more than this book. While there were some high points, a lot of this story seemed more like a study in Scottish crime organization bureaucracy and the plot got mired in some of the resulting minutiae.

    21. No fun here. And the cast of characters listed at the beginning just made it seem that the author was too lazy to bother with character development. This author is usually such a treat, but but this time. Could barely stay conscious long enough to finish.

    22. Why do I love reading about these horrible people who do horrible things to each other? Because they're Scots (except for the dumb ones who are English), that's why! I love reading books set in the seamy underbelly of my favorite country in the whole wide world. Also, what a great title!

    23. It's just addicting, this Glasgow demimonde he's created with a panorama of criminal characters, high and low, each trying to preserve, protect, inflict, advance all interacting with each other.

    24. Great characters, hope to see more of Nate Colgan in future books. Will definitely be reading more of Mackay's work. Top notch crime novel.

    25. Plot moves and has twists and turns. The violence is much less than many books in this genre, which helped me enjoy the book.

    26. Solid "tough guy" organized crime novel - didn't realize this was the fourth book in a series and definitely should have read those first

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