Royal Rock

Royal Rock I won t kneel for anyone especially not that filthy prince It was like a dream when the crown prince of Starkland flew me and my family out to his castle We thought it was just another vacation but

  • Title: Royal Rock
  • Author: B.B. Hamel
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I won t kneel for anyone, especially not that filthy prince It was like a dream when the crown prince of Starkland flew me and my family out to his castle We thought it was just another vacation, but of course the prince had other plans He goes by Trip, and he s one filthy a hole He s a notorious bad boy and jaw droppingly handsome, as much as I hate to admit it And I won t kneel for anyone, especially not that filthy prince.It was like a dream when the crown prince of Starkland flew me and my family out to his castle We thought it was just another vacation, but of course the prince had other plans He goes by Trip, and he s one filthy a hole He s a notorious bad boy and jaw droppingly handsome, as much as I hate to admit it And I slapped him across the face the first time we met Just because he s royalty, doesn t mean he can whisper dirty things in my ear I don t want anything to do with that cocky jerk He talks to me like I m a servant, and it drives me crazy He wants me to be his princess and demands I wear nothing but his crown Now I m stuck, practically a prisoner in his castle Who knows if I ll ever get home Or if I really want to leave Royal Rock is very over the top, incredibly steamy, and features some very dirty language It s only recommended for audiences 18 Royal Rock is a standalone, full length novel No cliffhanger Guaranteed HEA For a limited time, Royal Rock includes Raging Hard A Stepbrother Romance totally free

    • ☆ Royal Rock || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ B.B. Hamel
      319 B.B. Hamel
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    1. 2*We have:1. A 20 yo American with permanently soaking-wet underwear and dripping pussy (try pantie-liner dear)2. A sewer-mouth, smirking king with a bad-boy image and a royal cock (he even mentions his own "muscular chest")3. A country with an anti-monarchy rebellion as a plot device. 4. A villain so ridiculous I was getting sea-sick from all the eye- rolling.5. " Fk, I am so close" she gasped."So f.g close. Please, Trip. Fk me""I am your f.g king now" I whispered to her."I am your fg" king and [...]

    2. 1000 STARS. 5 STARS DOESN'T'’T DO THIS BOOK JUSTICE Hamel is a DYNAMO when it comes to writing bad boy romance novels. She truly knows how to work a bad boy and make him believable and make you want him!!! It is hard to read her books sometimes because of the AMAZING SEX scenes (oh yea, you get hot and bothered, BAD). I loved the story-line and how the characters worked with it, even the minor characters were awesome. She grabs you at the beginning of the book and then you are hooked, and will [...]

    3. I was given this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Once I started to read about the cocky, arrogant king named Trip, I didn't want to put it down. It took me a bit to read it, but I finished the story. Bryce was a foreigner commoner, who was invited to Starkland with her father and stepmom by the prince. Supposedly Bryce's father's family used to be the monarchy before Trip's family took over. The people of Starkland weren't happy that Trip ended up falling in love with Bryce, as when they [...]

    4. This is a fantastic and intriguing book to read, it really grabs your attention from the first page and you will not stop reading until the last page and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this fascinating story. The story is about Bryce Koch, a feisty, take no nonsense female, who has some royal blood in her as the family came to America some 500yrs ago from Starkland. Bryce does not know that she has basically been imported to be the future bride of Prince Chistophe Wernhild the Third (aka Trig) who [...]

    5. Ms. Hamel needs to stop packaging stories with similar plot lines in the same bundle. I read PRINCE BILLIONAIRE right before this book, and it was like reading the same story but set in a different dimension.Almost the same characters, the same political intrigues, the same assassination attempts, the same sex on the battlementsThe sex was boring. It read like a middle schooler just learned a bunch of filthy words and linked them together to make himself sound like a grown up.

    6. "Nobody actually told you not to slap the king."What could be more intriguing than a girl from America on vacation in a foreign country to learn more about her heritage, and the first time she is introduced to the king, she slaps him? I've never read anything from this author before, and right within the first couple of pages of this book, I knew I wouldn't be able to put it down. Bryce Koch, her father, and her step-mother are invited to Starkland so that they can learn more about their royal h [...]

    7. I'm a firm believe that no matter what type of theme this author's book is, it will be awesome. In this one our H is Christopher Werner von Brunhild the Third, the right King of Starkland and our h is Bryce Koch.Bryce Koch and her family have been invited to Starkland by the now ruling family. because Bryce's family once were the rulers. Bryce had no idea as her father is an accountant. Once they arrive they are introduced to Christophe Werner von Brunhild the Third, the ruling King, who whisper [...]

    8. Wow , for me Royal Rock is such a refreshing surprise , an exceptional modern erotic and sexual fairy tale . I can't believe the way B B Hamel keeps making book after book each time getting much better . I love all her stories but this one is really unbelievable- and absolutely fabulous .You gotta love his Royal Highness Christopher Werner von Brunhild the Third, the right King of Starkland aka TRIP , who invites BRYCE , an American girl and her family ( Bryce's father is a distant relative of S [...]

    9. Imagine finding out you are of royal lineage out of the blue and were invited by the current royals to a visit, how fast would you pack?Bryce Koch, her father Robert and her stepmother Lucy were headed to what was to be Bryce's future husband.Of course, not that they knew this going into their travel to Starkland, but it was a ploy to have the lineage of an old respected royal ruling family united in marriage to the current king.Christopher Werner von Brunhild the Third, Prince of the Lowlands a [...]

    10. Arc copy for an honest review.5 starsRoyal Rock by BB HamelAn isolated island country, a King through circumstance and a rebel force. A girl from America who finds her ancestor’s were royalty way back. This is the backdrop to this new story from BB, quite different from her usual. We still get the arrogant, hot alpha male full of filthy language, out to get what he wants. The girl is unfiltered, she doesn’t care who he is when they first meet. With this country in turmoil and knowing somehow [...]

    11. Another great read, royals and an American girlI loved this story. Although I love most of B.B Hambel's books. I he stories are very detailed and you build a connection to the characters. I can reread her stories over and over. The scenes are hot too. Overview. Bryce (girl), her father and step mom were heading to a small European country that was part of her families past. Many centuries ago her family ruled there, but were defeated and they moved to America. Now they are on their way back to r [...]

    12. I want to start off by saying I love books by B. B. Hamel and this one is no exception! Royal Rock is one very fine full-length romance novel. There is an HEA and no cliffhangers. I would recommend this book to romance readers world wide, especially those who like a bad boy.Synopsis:Bryce recently found out she is descended from royalty. Her family have been invited to vacation at the royal palace in the country of Starkland where her ancestors ruled hundreds of years ago. When she first meets t [...]

    13. I had a little bit of a hard time getting into this. Part of it was the sort of over-the-top dirty-speak from Trip every time he got near Bryce. (Though I did laugh when she slapped him in public at their first meeting.) And then next thing he's being called away to deal with unrest in the country. And then more screwing. And more governing/avoiding getting killed. On the one hand, it was kinda sweet how drawn to each other they were, but it also kinda got old. Sometimes it felt like Bryce was j [...]

    14. These book was in the virgin bride book so I read it and it was funny at the beginning and yes i new sexy times were coming so with that in mind for me it was fresh to ready that the lead knew he was a slut and knew he wanted her and didn't fool or tried to change for her show her his you can say alpha me want you way (you want say it was something like that) I like that the lead was at the being has like boo not having it I don't care he is king, BUT THEN I know they write that when the get the [...]

    15. I received an ARC for an honest review.While I didn't LOVE the characters the way I've fallen in love with some other couples from this author, the book was still a good read. Trip is the spare now ruling Starklandia and needs an heir of his own, and Bryce's family once ruled the country before his kicked them out of power. So her family is invited back to the castle as guests of honor without her knowing what the king's true intentions are. Of course, he's gorgeous, rude and arrogant -- what ho [...]

    16. This was so over the top ridiculous. As soon as I finished it I started on another book in hopes to wash the awful taste of it out of my mind. I give it a half star; the only thing I truly liked about it was the main characters name (Bryce).

    17. *** this book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review*** it has been a while since i have reviewed a book from B.B Hamel. my reason being that i didn't like the last one i read and decided to put off a few of them. but when i received a copy of this one and began to read i was fucking hooked!!! i can't believe how good Ms. Hamel has been getting in her writing. i really really loved this one!! Christophe (Trip) is the King of starkland. Bryce Koch is a girl who descends from Royal bloo [...]

    18. Bryce just is your normal college student, just trying to get through life and finish up her nursing degree with as little drama as possible. Then she finds out that her family once ruled Starkland, an obscure European country that she's never even heard of before. Suddenly, her family is receiving an invitation to Starkland and the king is trying to marry her and produce an heir as soon as possible! It's definitely not the summer vacation she expected.Christophe Werner von Brunhild the Third, P [...]

    19. A standalone royal romance with a dirty talking king!I’m a big fan of B.B. Hamel’s books but I didn’t really know what to expect from this book as it takes on a new angle for a theme with using a royal king theme and an American girl whose ancestors were also royalty. After reading, however, I was torn with this book as it is well written (as always) but I really struggled to warm up to the two main characters, Bryce and Trip, and the overall story, although eventually I did.Alternating be [...]

    20. Bryce and her family have been invited to return to their ancestral home in Starkland; it is an all-expenses paid trip, and a chance to meet the current royal family. Bryce and the King, who likes to be called Trip, meet under audacious circumstances when Bryce slaps Trip for making derogatory remarks to her; she is the first person since Trip took the crown who has actually stood up to him, and there is nothing he wants more in a woman than fire and strength. The King has two problems to face; [...]

    21. Review for ROYAL ROCKThis was a gift for an honest reviewBryce Koch, is a very distant relative of royalty in Starkland. Her and her family have been invited by the current Royal family to visit the country her ancestors once ruled. What she doesn’t know is that there is a very nefarious reason for the invite. Prince Christophe Werner von Brunhild the Third, Prince of the Lowlands and The Right King of Starkland, is part of those plans. When she is introduced to him upon arriving, he whispers [...]

    22. Yes, your Highness! Okay then. Where ho I begin? Can you imagine receiving a letter claiming you're related to royalty goting back some hundred years or so? Well neither can Bryce! But her oh so haughty stepmother needs that step up and drags the family across the world for their summer vacation for that notch on her society belt that she's reaching for. Doesn't matter the consequences or plans that may be hatching halfway around the world. Trip, aka, the King, has ulterior motives and some hank [...]

    23. I received this book ARC in exchange for an honest review.Bryce is an American girl who discovers she has 'royal blood' of a small European country and is traveling with her family in what she believes one sponsored vacation by the current king. She soon discovers that his intentions are completely different.Trip for his part is a king out of the ordinary, young and rebellious, tattooed, muscular and with a dirty tongue, brought to Bryce for purely political reasons, he needed a wife and an heir [...]

    24. I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review.We have Bryce, who just found out that she's descended from royalty on her father's side. Her father received an invitation to return to the ancestral home of Starkland. How could they not, it was an all expense paid trip. Then we have the monarch that Bryce is supposed to "meet", Christophe Werner von Brunhild the third and he is the King of Starkland. Most people close to him just call him Trip. He was recently thrust into the mon [...]

    25. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I love all B.B. Hamel books and Royal Rock is one great addition to all her awesome stories. Royal Rock is a standalone, full-length novel. No cliffhanger. This issue is about Bryce & Trip and takes place in the beautiful isolated country of Starkland. What happened to a girl when she finds out that her father Robert Koch have royal blood and comes from an old royal family??? Bryce father is a kind man, an accountant, he had never talked a [...]

    26. I just don't understand these royal romances where the h goes in on her moral high-horse and automatically condemns a monarchy because they grew up in a democracy. This is a royal romance, meaning the royal aspect is supposed to be romanticized. If I wanted people spouting their political beliefs I care absolutely nothing about I'd go on Facebook, or turn on the t.v. Basically this is a story about a young woman who can only focus on banging a monarch, while claiming he is scandalous and she tot [...]

    27. Bryce Bismarck Koch is descended from an ancient royal line in Starkland. Everyone is shocked when Bryce slaps King Christophe "Trip" Werner von Brunhild in the face due to an inappropriate comment. Trip knows he's not the king his people want yet he's the only one who can run the country. Starkland is in the middle of civil war for not having a more democratic system in place. Bryce finds herself in an unique position to give Trip a different point of view about how things truly work. Trip can' [...]

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