Protector of the Pride

Protector of the Pride The third and final book in the Lions of Pride Island series Axel Hunt knows what s expected from him in life Find a mate that s suitable to the oracle mate her and rule his country ensuring peace

  • Title: Protector of the Pride
  • Author: Terry Bolryder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The third and final book in the Lions of Pride Island series Axel Hunt knows what s expected from him in life Find a mate that s suitable to the oracle, mate her, and rule his country, ensuring peace But all of that is turned upside down when curvy Lucy comes into his life, drawing his attention as never before Only problem She s his secretary Lucy has never plannedThe third and final book in the Lions of Pride Island series Axel Hunt knows what s expected from him in life Find a mate that s suitable to the oracle, mate her, and rule his country, ensuring peace But all of that is turned upside down when curvy Lucy comes into his life, drawing his attention as never before Only problem She s his secretary Lucy has never planned to put down roots or settle down She enjoys the single life and her work, and her sketchy family history don t give her a lot of hope that the right man would give her a chance But when she meets Axel Hunt, she realizes two things First, he s hot and makes her feel all kinds of things she never expected to feel Second, he s hopeless with women and has no chance of winning over a mate when one is picked for him With only a small ulterior motive, she proposes a win win situation Date her, just for pretend, and learn how to woo a woman But when a make believe relationship turns into real feelings on both sides, how will Axel and Lucy reconcile their love with the needs of a nation And can the fight the dangers lying ahead

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    1 thought on “Protector of the Pride”

    1. I knew Terry wouldn’t let me down. She knows her stuff and when she writes, she writes from the heart. “Protector of the Pride” just happens to be a very good book that makes you laugh, sad (king too busy to court women), excited, you get flustered (the sex…OMG), and of course there is the wanting to jump in book and WHOOP ASS!!! When a book makes you feel then you know the author has done her job!! The story-line and the characters all worked perfectly together. Even the minor character [...]

    2. King, yep, he was the king, just a soon as the Oracle named his mate. Of course, he'd have to get her to agree to mating with him, but he would be the king. What woman would say no to that? Until she named his future bride, Axel had plenty to keep him busy. Busy he had been since his teens when he'd taken over after his father's death. Lucy was his assistant/secretary. He'd come to depend on her. He was also way too attracted to her. Lucy didn't plan on mating anyone, but it had been a long time [...]

    3. I loved the way the author set Axel and Lucy on their course of action. Having her "help him out" for when the oracle officially told him who his mate is was great. The addition of the old dragons leads me to believe this is not the last book in the series, even though the epilogue seems to imply such. I also want to know what happened to their half brother Hercules, that was introduced in book 1.

    4. All I can say is thank god this was on kindle unlimited because I would be mad if I paid for it. I really didn't like anything about the book. Skipped through most of it

    5. I do love me a man that will fight for the woman he loves. Makes me all tingly inside. And the smut was a bonus too.

    6. Good ending for the seriesI liked both Lucy and Axel. Axel has the weight of the worlds on his shoulders, but then along comes Lucy to help him lighten up a little while helping with his work as Axel's secretary. The problem is that as the future king, his mate needs to be predicted by the Oracle, and he is falling for Lucy.I loved watching these 2 interact. They were obviously great for each other. There were a few twists that I wasn't expecting. This book seemed to be introducing the Awakened [...]

    7. Championing the KingSpectacular ending to the Lions of Pride Island series. Throughout this series Axel has been the King in waiting. Always the quiet brother, the private brother, the brother putting what is right for his country first and his own needs a dim second. Until Lucy, his new secretary. Lucy is smart, takes no guff and helps Axel with his duties like no other assistant has before. There's a strong attraction between them. It is drawing them into a questionable relationship that may d [...]

    8. 3 STARSLions of Pride Island was a cute series. It leads into the Awakened Dragons series, so there is THAT as an added benefit. As I sit here writing this, I keep asking myself, what as a reader am I looking for that I keep being a little upset. On a side note, I would recommend this series to anyone who are looking for something cute, quick and anyone who enjoys Terry Bolryder. My only wish is someday soon, when I pick up one of her series it might have a little more depth and I know I will re [...]

    9. A good light read to finish of this series and give Axel, the final brother and king, his long awaited mate.When Lucy suggested her plan I knew how this was going to go but it was still a fun read and I did like the part with the Seer doing her best to make Axel understand his responsibilities and that he needed to trust his instincts.Just needed to be edited better, at one point in the epilogue Brenna was called Char.

    10. Like the book.way to leave us hanging in the end thoughI figured Lucy and Alex would end up together but I didn't think you would throw in the twist of the new old dragons and nothing else. Will there be a new series about them getting mated? However, I have to say I liked that he grew a pair and went against the Oracle and followed his heart. The fight between Alex and the Dragon was awesome as well.

    11. Future King meets one thing he can't walk away fromKindle Unlimited standalone in series! He's been fighting an attraction because he knows his mate couldn't possibly be his assistant right? When they strike up a deal, it becomes more than either can walk away from duty or the woman he has fallen in love with??

    12. This was a good ending to this series. It was fast paced, sweet, and held some action. I liked both the lead characters and their strength and willingness to fight for what they wanted. There were several typos as well as names being incorrect (especially near the end). I think another round of edits would fix that easily enough.

    13. Well I now know how we got into dragons.I first caught onto her works through dragons later finding she had branched into all manner shifters. Boy was I lucky. She has a talent that makes each story an adventure. I cannot praise her works high enough. I am hooked.

    14. Lions pride Finished reading lions of pride island and loved it as always I wanted it to continue on with more stories

    15. Protector of the PrideGave it a five star rating. Great story loved it. Can't wait to read more of Terry Bolryder books in the future.

    16. LI love the book and the way the series runs together. I would recommend this book to anyone. Thank you

    17. Another awesome bookGreat to see the end of the set, the story was fabulous, as usual, and I love the hint of things to come!

    18. Reviewed at Shifter HavenIt’s always a slightly bittersweet moment when I come to the ending of a series. I’ve grown found of the characters, I cared about what happened to them and to say good-bye is not always easy… even if necessary. Yet – I’ve come to know Shifter Romance authors enough to know that the ending isn’t always the end of meeting up with favorite characters – so time will tell.The princes Beau and Cain have found their mates, even if they were picked out by the Orac [...]

    19. Another great bookThe last f this series was just as good as I knew it would be and leads us to the new series that Terry is writing about the dragons that are both out of sleep to help keep all shifters in line, have read all of the dragons that have been brought back from their sleep and they a really great a series, you will enjoy them as well.

    20. OMG! I can honestly say that I really loved this book better than the first and second book in the series. I LOVED and ENJOYED every page of the book from start to finish.I honestly knew that Axel and Lucy were mates from the first start of the book. There were a few scenes where I questioned myself if they even were meant for each other. From reading this book, it made me start to like Terry's writing even more than I did when reading the second one. And I absolutely LOVED how Terry threw in a [...]

    21. My favorite of the three brothers!! Axel is under a ton of pressure and he has yet to get the name of his fated mated mate from the oracle and without it, he can't take his place as King. He also has a new sexy secretary that he can't help but be seriously attracted to, but he can't get involved with her since the oracle should be picking his mate at any time. Lucy has the hots for her sexy, stressed out boss but knows that he's not for her and even if he was, she's not in the market for a mate, [...]

    22. Spoiler Alert - Don't read if you get upset at spoilersI have to be honest, I had trouble relating with the heroine at beginning of the book. The heroine, Lucy, practically goaded the heir to the throne into kissing her and taking her out. Her motivations seemed contrary, in one thought saying it is for his benefit, but then admitting to herself she wants him, then angsting over not wanting anything permanent with him. And again her not wanting anything permanent was partly because she did not b [...]

    23. Axel is a lion shifter prince who has to be mated before he becomes king. He doesn't choose his own mate but the oracle will give him his mate's name when she is ready. In the meantime, Axel is buried under all the royal responsibilities since his father was murdered when Axel wasa young man. Axel doesn't even have time to shift. H thinks that getting his mate will be simple and easy until he talks to his assistant. Lucy challenges him with the idea that he will have to romance his future mate a [...]

    24. King of his womanI'm so glad Terry did Axel's story last. He really proved he was the king of his domain. Lucy was just the woman for him she kept him on his toes and brought out the man he needed to be. The Oracle played him well. She really made him prove his was the right-hand to rule and protect his pride. He always put his people first. Never thinking about his happiness until Lucy. He was willing to give up his kingdom for his mate. This was a really good story. I love all of the books in [...]

    25. 2 1/2 Stars - I really expected more from Alex Hunt. He did not come across as King material. Lucy also, was not a great heroine me. It was all about her wants. Unfortunately, this story did nothing to enhance the series I am more intrigued about the lone old school dragon. That was the highlight for me. Now, these are just my own opinions on this story. I enjoyed the first two, but not this one at all. I really had to force myself to finish it. That was too bad. I hope the next one redeems this [...]

    26. Axel is becoming the king. He is waiting for the Oracle to tell him who his mate is. Lucy is axels secretary. When he tells her he's waiting for the Oracle, Lucy asks him how is he going to woo her. Axel is uncertain. So Lucy decides to let him fake date her, so he can learn. As they are doing this, they both are falling for each other, but, Lucy has a secret. Can this secret tear them apart? Need to read great story.

    27. A simple plan turned crazy!Wonderful conclusion to the series, full of romance, passion, loved, and learning that sometimes you need to stand up for what you want. Axel is a lion shifter price, destined to be King one day, Lucy is his secretary. They are both undeniably attracted to each other, but Axel is destined to mate with someone of the oracle's choosing. What happens when a simple plan for Lucy to help Axel be fit for a mate turns into real love?

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