Beauty and the Bear (Denali Den #1)

Beauty and the Bear Denali Den A proposal worth consideringFor werebear Silas Vane finding his True Mate has proven difficult than he imagined and he s getting grouchier by the minute waiting for her to come along When a nosy new

  • Title: Beauty and the Bear (Denali Den #1)
  • Author: Rebecca Thomas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: ebook
  • A proposal worth consideringFor werebear Silas Vane, finding his True Mate has proven difficult than he imagined and he s getting grouchier by the minute waiting for her to come along When a nosy, new hire starts asking questions about why he wants to marry so badly he tells her so he can have sex every day Fresh out of graduate school, Lexi Durham takes her firstA proposal worth consideringFor werebear Silas Vane, finding his True Mate has proven difficult than he imagined and he s getting grouchier by the minute waiting for her to come along When a nosy, new hire starts asking questions about why he wants to marry so badly he tells her so he can have sex every day Fresh out of graduate school, Lexi Durham takes her first counseling job at Denali Crossings, a wilderness therapy camp in rural Alaska When she spies on the super fine camp cook looking at an internet dating site, she offers to help Silas gets the surprise of his life when she offers to be his sex once a day girl It s a deal he can t refuse, only she s a human, and things could get complicated.

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      423 Rebecca Thomas
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    1. Forget werewolves - the shifter searching for their True Mate in this brilliant novella is a Bear - and in the beginning he’s definitely like a bear with a sore head as he’s getting fed up of not finding her! He’s Silas Vane, acting as Chef at a wilderness therapy camp in Alaska. Another person working there is recently qualified Lexi Durham but she’s there as a therapist and this young lady likes asking questions! Not only that but she’s a feisty female with a definite mind of her own [...]

    2. Wow!!!! This book was short but packed full of goodness!! Lexi and Silas could never be together. Silas is a bear for goodness sakes and even though I kept hoping to find out Lexi was a bear, she is humanThis was such a great read. Silas is a grumpy yummy bear!! This a summer must read!!**I received this book as an ARC from Rebecca Thomas (the author). Thank you Rebecca!! In return I gave my honest review

    3. The heroine, Lexi/Blue is a smart, sassy, knows-what-she-wants-and-will-go-get-it type of woman. She had just landed her dream job, albeit temporarily, but she is willing to go the distance to make sure she gets it permanently. She's also willing to face a grumpy cook, who happens to be a bear, for orgasmic blueberry muffins.Silas is one of the owners of the camp that employs Lexi, which makes him her employer. He doubles as the grumpy cook who bakes orgasmic blueberry muffins. He also doesn't k [...]

    4. Silas and Lexi/Blue are so AH-MAZING!!! I absolutely fell in love with this couple from page 1!There's something soooooo incredibly special about a super tall, sexy, muscular, and GRUMPY guy! Silas and Blue are hilarious at their first meeting! Sparks fly, hearts skipping beats, and it's mating season! Mating season? Well yeah.Silas is a bear and Lexi is human. Doesn't matter their species, these two are definitely meant for each other! Lexi has the unorthodox task of proving Silas is hers for l [...]

    5. I received an ARC of this book for an honest reviewLexi just graduated college and got a job in Alaska doing her dream job, she is working at a camp for teens for the summer as a therapist. Silas and Ryker Vane own the camp, Silas is desperate to find his fated mate and get married so he has started searching an online site for mail order werebear brides. Little did he know Lexi/Blue was going to come crashing into his life. I think my favorite scene in the book besides their initial meeting ove [...]

    6. Lexi has moved to Alaska for a job as a counselor. Silas a werebear who is part owner in the camp that Lexi is working at. Lexi learns that Silas is looking for a wife so he can have sex every day. Lexi offers up herself but their sex only relationship doesn't last long as feelings get involved. I normally wouldn't pick up a book about werebear's but because it was by Rebecca Thomas and every book she has written I have loved I couldn't not read it for only the fact that it was about werebears. [...]

    7. This is a wonderful read. Lexi gets a job as in Alaska. She meets silias which is a bear but Lexi don't know. She makes him an offer of having sex once a night. He takes the offer but fight his bear on being with her Lexi is his true mate but silias finds it hard to take because she's human

    8. When Silas's mate doesn't appear as quickly as he would like, he begins searching "shifter' dating sites Lots of drama and interaction between him and camp counselor Lexi. While he is searching for his mate, they begin a shifters with benefits arrangement and begin to experience deeper feelings. Lexi is all human and not a she bear. An interesting book and I enjoyed it even thou I don't usually read or like shifter/were wolf books. I received an advance copy of this book and voluntarily chose to [...]

    9. Short fast read. I have read some of her books set in Icy Cap, a town referenced in this story.Lexi, nicknamed Blue, is the more assertive one of this pair. Silas is very rigid in his thinking that humans and werebears should not be together. He doesn't bother talking to any of his family about the issue. This seems strange, as they opened this camp to deal with troubled teens, especially werebears, so I assume they would be open to communication about their issues. They certainly are with the t [...]

    10. Bear shifterA quick interesting read of a bear shifter set in Alaska. The was only two things that I would want more information on. One maybe a little more after the ending as wanted to see what happens with the characters. It is not a cliff hanger so just saying for my enjoyment. And a couple times they refer to her like sixth sense, wish there was a little more. Again just me wanting more. Over all a quick, enjoyable read.

    11. This is a good story but there was no intrigue or danger. The book; seemed to me; to be more along the lines of a contemporary romance except with shifters. However, it is still a very good story and I will be looking for more from this author.

    12. This is a cute short story that could have been developed into something a bit longer. The last quarter felt way too rushed.

    13. A fun and exciting book. I enjoyed reading it. They sure have a fun way to handle things. Makes for a bumpy road along the way. I recommend it. I couldn't put it down. I was given a review copy and voluntarily review it.

    14. I really enjoyed this bookI like this book slot. I enjoyed​ reading this I couldn't put it down. Looking forward to reading more of her stories.

    15. A fun and feisty shifter novellaThis is the first book by Rebecca Thomas that I have read, and I liked it enough to put the next book in the Denali Den series on my TBR list.  I love the setting in the Alaskan wilderness at an outdoors camp for were-bear teenagers with emotional or behavioral problems.  It was a little unlikely and illogical for the were-bears in charge to have hired a human counselor when they never intended her to discover that were-bears exist.  Other than that inconsisten [...]

    16. Beauty and the Bear, the first book in Rebecca Thomas's contributions to the Alaskan Den Men series was so good! I have always liked Rebecca's writing, but this is the first time that I have absolutely loved it. Seriously, she should write paranormal romance books more often because in my opinion she absolutely nailed it. I couldn't get enough of Lexi and Silas's love story. It was one of those romances that had my heart racing from the minute the two characters meet for the first time and had m [...]

    17. I obtained this ARC from the author and agreed to give it an honest review. Although the book was too short for my taste, as I wanted to see what happened next. Werebear, Silas Vane was tired of living alone and he longed for a wife and cubs, it was why he and his brothers built a camp site where cub werebears could learn how to shift comfortably. He just was having a hard time finding his true mate on the web sight intended for his kind.Fresh out of graduate school, Lexi Durham turned down a hi [...]

    18. Please, don't read this book.It's cheesy, corny and boring. The FMC is a dromat, she equals sex to love, at first says she is not interested in marrying, then talks about "emocional" connections with Silas and on and on.The plot is boring. Sounded good in the synopsis, but once read, there is not much to it. The dialogs sound as something written by a teen, the interactions lack of depth and the ending is predictable and mediocre.It's just not worth it.

    19. Beauty and the Bear by Rebecca Thomas.Oh my goodness, Rebecca has done it again, I absolutely fell in love with this book. This is a short fast read that held your attention all the way through. Silas a Werebear and Lexi/Blue is a human not suppose to be together and they have so much chemistry the pages are burning up. This is a must read, such a great book, Rebecca has out done herself with this book. I was given a complimentary book for an honest review.

    20. So much fun! Summer camp was never like this! Beauty and the Bear by Rebecca Thomas was exciting and sexy and very hot. The characters are great I adore Silas and Lexi( aka Blue). I laughed and smiled the entire read. I just loved their sparks. Thank you for a great read.

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