Bite Feel the Touch of Darkness Follow a vampire who can be as deadly as her prey Meet a down home southern girl who s found out much to her chagrin that vampires are her type Feel the euphoria of fear i

  • Title: Bite
  • Author: Laurell K. Hamilton Charlaine Harris MaryJanice Davidson Angela Knight Vickie Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780515139709
  • Page: 258
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Feel the Touch of Darkness.Follow a vampire who can be as deadly as her prey Meet a down home southern girl who s found out, much to her chagrin, that vampires are her type Feel the euphoria of fear in the shadow of a reluctant Queen of the Undead Step closer to the hot blooded edge of passion as a strange new mythology of the night is unveiled.The bite is back in vFeel the Touch of Darkness.Follow a vampire who can be as deadly as her prey Meet a down home southern girl who s found out, much to her chagrin, that vampires are her type Feel the euphoria of fear in the shadow of a reluctant Queen of the Undead Step closer to the hot blooded edge of passion as a strange new mythology of the night is unveiled.The bite is back in vampire fiction as today s most provocative authors of vampire fiction cast their irresistible spells on you .The brightest and hottest authors including New York Times best selling authors Laurell K Hamilton and Charlaine Harris tell all new tales featuring their best known and loved characters From Laurell K Hamilton, a never before published Anita Blake story in which Anita, temporarily separated from her vampire lover Jean Claude, must go to him for help on a case Where she finds herself once falling under his erotic spell A brand new, Southern Vampire story by Charlaine Harris features Sookie Stackhouse and the vampires who have come to define her romantic life, and have ended her hope of a normal one Newly crowned Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor reluctantly assumes her royal duties in MaryJanice Davidson s brand new novella Introduced in the anthology Hot Blooded and the romance Master of the Night, Angela Knight has created a fascinating universe melding Arthurian lore with erotic vampirism Finally, in the romantic novella Blood Lust , popular romanceauthor Vickie Taylor brings her own unique spin on vampires

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      258 Laurell K. Hamilton Charlaine Harris MaryJanice Davidson Angela Knight Vickie Taylor
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    1 thought on “Bite”

    1. This book is about vampires and sex - it's definitely not an example of good short story structure. The first story is an Anita Blake story, something I have never experienced before.Basically it started out with an interesting premise - a girl who is about to lose her leg who wants to become a vampire so as to save it. But then abandons this plot entirely so as to focus on the more important issue, that Anita Blake is involved with two incredibly hot guys but she hasn't had sex in, like, foreve [...]

    2. Since I’ve been reading the stories from this book in between other full-length reads, I should’ve been making notes on each story as I went along. That said, today I just read the Laurell K. Hamilton contribution, which was pretty short, only 30 pages, and previously, a couple of weeks ago, I read the Charlaine Harris and MaryJanice Davidson stories.The Girl Who Was Infatuated With Death by Laurell K. HamiltonUnlike her contributions in other anthologies, this was actually an original short [...]

    3. “Biting in Plain Sight”A vampire veterinarian, Dr Sophie Trudeau, from Embarrass, MN notices that another vampire is killing young women and decides to enlist the help of Queen Betsy to stop him. Meanwhile, local farmer Liam has been getting up the courage to confess his attraction to Sophie and insists on accompanying her.I liked that the town basically knew Sophie was a vampire, but didn’t give her trouble about it because she’s a good vet. Liam was cute, if a little heavy-handed and a [...]

    4. This was not long enough. I understand why the girl wanted to be turned. I think this one should have went into the story deeper. I was hoping he would be forgiven. On to the next.

    5. A short story in another series I love. This story is in the books Bite, and Strange Candy, it takes place in between the books Blue Moon and Obsidian Butterfly in the Anita Blake series. I have to say this is one of my favorite short stories by Laurell K. Hamilton, she makes you really understand the girl the story revolves around. I highly recommend reading this if you're a fan of the series. Merged review:I seem to be reading a lot of short stories lately since that's all I can find time to r [...]

    6. The MaryJanice Davidson book is great; it was fun to read a story about another character in the Betsy the Vampire Queen world. I really liked the Angela Knight story and went on to read the rest of the series. Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake story is good, but I'd read it before so it was hard to judge. The Vickie Taylor story didn't do it for me. The Charlaine Harris story was intriguing and made me look forward to the rest of the Sookie Stackhouse series even more than I already was.

    7. Laurell K. Hamilton's "The Girl Who was Infatuated with Death" was a good short story as long as the reader has read Ms. Hamilton's books that correspond with this short. It had more to do with Anita Blake than the girl infatuated with death it was supposed to. We didn't even find out what happened to the girl or the vampire who were supposed to be the basis of the story. If any reader is a fan of this author's herione Anita Blake, then they will love this short story."One Word Answer" by Charla [...]

    8. Genre: Urban Fantasy/Vampire Fantasy/RomanceNone of the five short stories really stood out to me. It wasn't an awful read, but I'm not likly to read it again. My favorite was the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse story, _One Word Answer_ - mostly because of the charm inherent in the tone and characters of those novels. I initially bought the book because of that story and was disappointed in it, having just read all the Sookie novels but I think I judged it harshly just because it wasn't as ri [...]

    9. If you follow the Sookie Stackhouse series, there may come a time where you felt that Harris forgot to tell you some crucial information and feel completely in the dark as to how Sookie got there and why. If you were like me, you reread several pages and realized it was a bad editing job and not my spacing out as I read. Well, I found those missing pages. Its called her "short story", which has nothing to do with "Dark Seduction", the short-story anthology's theme, but is in fact a cheap attempt [...]

    10. Bite contains five short stories. I rated them individually below and gave the overall book the rating of the majority of stars. The Girl Who Was Infatuated with Death by Laurell K. Hamilton - 3 starsOne Word Answer by Charlaine Harris- 3 starsBiting in Plain Sight by MaryJanice Davidson- 2 starsGalahad by Angela Knight - 2 starsBlood Lust by Vickie Taylor - 3 stars

    11. The only story I read of this was the Sookie Stackhouse short story! It was just ok, however I will admit that I'm not a fan of anthologies or short stories. I don't feel like the story lines ever develop enough or something. I am glad that I read it tho, cause I will always read all Sookie books.

    12. Angela Knight Galahad- 2 stars"This was like being trapped in an erotic version of Jaws." In no universe is Jaws erotic! Truebond- seriously I don't think I want to feel what and how my partner felt doing a bunch of other women. Yuck (unless of course I was there at the time;~0)

    13. This is a compilation of short stories. I only read One Word Answer from the Sookie Stackhouse series. Great background on the death of Hadley.

    14. Again just the Undead novella, Biting something. A bit better than the first novella. But still not my thing.

    15. I normally don't enjoy anthologies, but this one was very entertainig. It had a story from Anita Blake, Sookie Stackhouse and from Queen Betsy as well. This was a really great one.

    16. This was an OK read. Short stories to get you to know the authors and their writing styles.Anita Blake - I have read the entire series, so while reading this short, I knew this story already. It was more of a filler. It really isn't a full short - 30 pages, and I felt you would have to read the next book in the series to really get a conclusion to this story. It's a good lead up to continue in her series but not so much for someone just picking up this book and reading Anita Blake for the first [...]

    17. MehI read anthology for the Sookie Stackhouse story but I didn't particularly like most of the stories. The Blake story was a total nothing, nothing really happened and it was very uninteresting. The Stackhouse short filled in the how she got her cousins inheritance, but it wasn't a necessary read for the rest of the series. Davidson's novella was probably my least favourite I didn't like the characters. Angela Knight's Arthurian tale did pique my interest, the universe she created was quite int [...]

    18. Most boring book I've ever read. It took a lot of will power to finish reading it. The only decent short story plot was Blood Lust by Vickie Taylor. Even though the fact that vampires went around with long yellow thumbnails to pierce people's throats disgusted me quite a bit.

    19. A book filled with these awesome authors and some of the most fantastic series out there how can one read it and not love it?!

    20. Not all the stories in this book were great. The only author that I had read previously was Charlaine Harris so I can't attest to how they fit in with their respective series. If you don't read any of these authors and don't care for vampire/sci-fi/romance novels, skip itey were just too sci-fi/fantasy/romance and not good character developmentURELL K. HAMILTON - The Girl Who Was Infatuated by Death - Is about a mother who wants Anita to help her find her daughter who is infatuated with becoming [...]

    21. 1st Story - Laurell K. HamiltonAnita Blake, hoo boy I didn't think you could make me shake my head more in a short story than you do in a full novel. She knows the danger of sleeping with Jean-Claude and/or Richard yet in this one she pushes the stakes and teases Jean-Claude into some ooey gooey chocolate frosting foreplay. She knows she shouldn't be around him but Stubborn, Arrogant Anita Blake just can't help it because hoo boy that vamp is just too hot. *sigh* The short story had an interesti [...]

    22. The Girl Who Was Infatuated With DeathThis takes place within the Anita Blake series which I haven’t read (but will in the future). I liked the set up; girl who’s going to lose her leg wants to become a vampire instead (hey I would have felt the same not only as a teen but nowadays too, not that there’s anything shameful or bad about disability but if you have a leg you’d rather not lose it). Unfortunately it quickly delves into Anita’s love life and absolutely abandons the quite inter [...]

    23. The Girl Who Was Infatuated with Death by Laurell K HamiltonMs Anita Blake takes a case from a woman whose 17 year old daughter is battling bone cancer, and has decided to be turned to vampire for healing… she goes to her vampire ex-lover Jean-Claude, and he uses his contacts to find the vampire and stop the deed… and she decides being his lover, at least for now, is okay… hmmmOne Word Answer by Charlaine HarrisRead in another short story – when Sookie Stackhouse first meets Mr Cataliade [...]

    24. Bite is a collection of 5 short stories, (1) The Girl Who Was infatuated With Death by Laurell K. Hamilton, (2) One Word Answer by Charlaine Harris, (3) Biting In Plain Sight by Mary Janice Davidson, (4) Galahad by Angela Knight and (5) Blood Lust by Vickie Taylor. The first one is an Anita Blake short story which happened in between Blue Moon (read my review here) and Obsidian Butterfly. The story is about a girI who is suffering from bone cancer. Her mother found out that she had asked a vampi [...]

    25. After reading all the stories in this volume I am giving it an average score of 4.6 stars for all. Each story was very different from the other and while I liked some better than others I was still kept entertained by them all. The stories are all supposed to be based around vampires and lust, but only a few actually hit upon the lust. 'The Girl Who Was Infatuated with Death' is an Anita Blake short that takes place between Blue Moon and Obsidian Butterfly, which means Anita is still fighting he [...]

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