Proving Ground

Proving Ground From New York Times bestselling author and Edgar Award winner Peter Blauner comes a gritty new audiobook Ari Fliakos gives a splendid performance His versatile voice and energy enliven the many charac

  • Title: Proving Ground
  • Author: Peter Blauner
  • ISBN: 9781250117441
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From New York Times bestselling author and Edgar Award winner Peter Blauner comes a gritty new audiobook Ari Fliakos gives a splendid performance His versatile voice and energy enliven the many characters in this thriller Library Journal Ari Fliakos enhances an exciting story with his expert narration He gives everyone a unique identity, differentiating them throFrom New York Times bestselling author and Edgar Award winner Peter Blauner comes a gritty new audiobook Ari Fliakos gives a splendid performance His versatile voice and energy enliven the many characters in this thriller Library Journal Ari Fliakos enhances an exciting story with his expert narration He gives everyone a unique identity, differentiating them through varying tones, voices, and accents AudioFile MagazineNathaniel Dresden never really got along with his father, an infamous civil rights lawyer who defended criminals and spearheaded protest movements As an act of rebellion, Natty joined the U.S Army and served in Iraq, coming back with a chest full of commendations and a head full of disturbing memories.But when his father is found murdered near the peaceful confines of Brooklyn s Prospect Park, Natty is forced to deal with the troubled legacy of their unresolved relationship He also has to fend off the growing suspicions of NYPD Detective Lourdes Robles, a brash Latina cop with something to prove, who thinks Natty might bear some responsibility for his father s death Though truth be told, the list of people cops and criminals who wanted David Dresden out of the way is long The search for answers leads Natty and Lourdes into an urban labyrinth where they must confront each other and the brutal truths that could destroy them both.Proving Ground is Peter Blauner s first audiobook in than a decade It is at once a sweeping crime narrative, an intricate story about the quest for redemption, and a vibrant portrait of contemporary New York City, all told in Blauner s singular voice.

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    1. Proving Ground is the first installment in the new and very compelling series by Peter Blauner. I have to admit that it was quite a different and compelling read.Nathaniel Dresden, Natty, had served in the US army in Iraq. Now back from Iraq, he is still fighting his daemons. He had accidentally shot a 7 year old kid back there in Iraq and this dreadful event is still haunting him. He can’t get over what he did and saw in Iraq and it seems impossible for him to forgive himself and move on with [...]

    2. RATING: 2 STARS(Review Not on Blog)I called ita DNF at 55%. At 55% there still did not seem to be actiona lot of talk but no show. I stopped because the snail pace was killing me and the characters were not engaging enough to care where they ended up. Moving onto to something else.

    3. Two people have something to prove. Lourdes Robles is a homicide detective just off of probation who must prove she deserves to be back on the job. And, Nathaniel Dresden is a prosecuting attorney who has yet to get over what he did and saw in Iraq and who needs to prove to himself that he is capable of living a life he can be proud of. When his father, a defense attorney who always championed the underdog and disadvantaged, and who was always fighting the establishment is murdered. Natty comes [...]

    4. I received this book from the publisher through NetGalley to read and reviewPROVING GROUND by Peter Blauner, author of Casino Moon, and several other books, begins with Nathaniel Dresden aka “Natty Dread” a soldier in Iraq who is skilled in interrogation. Natty is the son of a well known defense attorney named David Dresden, and was given his nickname by his father David, a Bob Marley fan and a liberal in every sense of the word.Natty is on the team sent to locate Ahmar, the reported one res [...]

    5. 'Proving Ground', Peter Blauner's first novel in a long time, is a gritty crime story starring a cast of tough Brooklyn cops with a plethora of somehow connected murders to clear, a PTSD victim of the Iraq war who happens to be the son of a famous attorney who was just murdered, and some dynamite action and dialogue. I've seen Blauner's writing in this one described as being Richard Price-like, and I'd heartily agree with that. I couldn't put a finger on specifically how they're similar, other t [...]

    6. PROVING GROUND is a fantastic read! Nathaniel survived the war in Iraq but is left with mental issues. When his father, a civil rights attorney, is murdered, Nathaniel returns to New York. Nathaniel, who has had father issues since childhood, is told that his dad was in the middle of suing the FBI. Trying to discover who murderer is, a dirty law enforcer or a criminal, Nathaniel makes many shocking discoveries. There is a surprising twist at the end. I highly recommend this novel. I can't wait f [...]

    7. Nathaniel Dresden, Natty Dread for short, returns to the U.S. from a tour in Iraq with a battlefield death weighing on his conscience. But soon Natty faces a new crisis: His father David, a prominent civil rights litigator, is found murdered near the family's home in Brooklyn. The leftist father and soldier son didn't always see eye to eye; Natty, in fact, always got along better with David's larger-than-life law partner Ben Grimaldi.But soon Natty plunges into an investigation of his father's d [...]

    8. Proving Ground by Peter BlaunerProving Ground by Peter Blauner is a relentless thriller about an ex GI, Natty Dresden , who comes home to find his liberal father David, a criminal defense lawyer, has been murdered. He desperately wants to find the killer but he has his own problems to deal with as well. He's got terrible dreams of killing a kid in Iraq and he fades in and out of reality. Drinking doesn't help and he almost kills a firefighter in a brawl. Meanwhile, the book's second narrator Lou [...]

    9. I had just finished T Jefferson Parker's new book Room of White Fire when my wife brought home this book by Peter Blauner. I like T Jeff and I've read many of his books and he is an excellent writer. The main character in Blauner's book has a similar background that T Jeff's main character has in Room of White Fire, a survivor of the Iraq war with experiences we all know about but never have been told in detail. But I think Proving Ground is just a bit better in its development of the characters [...]

    10. Classic BlaunerThe main character(s) in this novel, as well as other novels by Blauner, are, at least to me always unforgetable for several reasons. They are identifyable because they are so human, flawed, yet with a rare nobility all wrapped up in one person. Plus, Blauner always deliversnan excellent story with excellent quality writing skills. He is in the top five of my alltime favorite authors!!!

    11. A crime novel from the perspective of an Iraq vet suffering from PTSD is one of the last places I'd expect lyrically descriptive and sometimes downright humorous passages, but here it is. The plot, introducing gung-ho police detective Lourdes Robles, ticks along in a fairly ordinary way, but it's the snappy dialogue and smooth writing that win this one for me.

    12. What a great book! This book is the first from this author in a decade. I hope that doesn't mean we won't get another for another decade. Proving Ground has it all : unique characters that draw you in and make you care about them, an interesting plot, and a setting while familiar to New Yorkers provides its own flavor and charm. Without spoiling the story or the superb ending, Blauner's sense of pace and just enough description to pull you in rather than drive you away results in a perfect novel [...]

    13. Great start of a new series! Defense attorney David Dresden gets killed and his sonwho just returned from the Army is a suspect. Lourdes is on the case and she doesn'ttake anything for granted Can Lourdes get to the bottom of the case?I liked this book, and can't wait for more in this series

    14. I certainly hope it doesn't take another decade for Peter Blauner to write the sequel to this book, because it was very good. Good characters, lots of plot twists and turns, and wonderful descriptions made this a fun book to read. Until I see the sequel has been published, I will have to content myself with watching "Blue Bloods", for which Mr. Blauner is the executive producer.

    15. This would not be a book I would have just randomly picked up, but once I started, I could not put it down.(I'm not typically a crime/mystery reader.) However, I had been craving a compelling read and had just said to someone, "I need a Hunt for Red October" or an early John Grisham. And I found it in Proving Ground.Beyond being a solid crime story, Blauner weaves in details of neighborhoods of NY, his keen awareness of his environment and description of characters and places that provide rich v [...]

    16. This book is a gritty murder mystery. Parts of it were a bit too coincidental but I found it interesting for two reasons. One, the main character Natty is a veteran from Iraq who is dealing with some serious PTSD. Having read about this, (Thank You for Your Service), I thought it added some interesting complexity to the story as did Natty's relationship with his father who was an ACLU type lawyer who took on lost causes and of course was opposed to the invasion of Iraq. The plot also dealt with [...]

    17. [Sigh] this book was headed to a four-star rating. And a solid one at that. And thenwell, I'd say my three stars is generous. This is a "gritty" novel--I'm just sure that is the right descriptor. Two main characters--a Latina police detective (Lourdes Robles, and she must be recurrent given how the book is listed above) and former US Army intelligence officer who is the son a famous radical lawyer. The murder of the radical lawyer father sets the plot in motion. The writing is pretty decent, the [...]

    18. (5)-Peter Blauner's trademark world-weary cynicism didn't dissipate during the ten year hiatus since his last novel. This book was with the wait, it has an intricate plot and rich characters set against the cultural stew of Brooklyn and a backstory of a returned soldier battling with PTSD issues. The social relevance is icing on the cake, though, this is riveting crime fiction and a worthy read.

    19. Blauner Returns With A Bang!It's been about eleven years since Peter Blauner's last book, at which time he had been one of my "must read" authors. With his new book, Proving Ground, Blauner returns to not only being one of my "must reads," he returns to being one of my most favorite thriller/mystery writers. Thus, it seems almost needless to say that Proving Ground is a book I'd highly recommend.Consistent with each of Blauner's previous six very good-to-excellent crime novels, Proving Ground is [...]

    20. My review for this book was originally published by Library Journal:In the latest from Edgar Award winner (Slow Motion Riot) and TV producer (Blue Bloods) Blauner, an Iraq war veteran returns home to New York following the murder of his father, an activist attorney who was suing the FBI for the “enhanced interrogation” of his Muslim client. Nathaniel Dresden, armed with a law degree and barely suppressed postwar rage, turns to his father’s law partner Ben Grimaldi for a chance to work on t [...]

    21. I see a movie or a TV show, based on this book, or series in the future. I picked up this book as a result of a Washington Post review and the fact that the author was an Edgar award winner. I was not disappointed as I truly enjoyed reading. The characters appeared real and captivating and the plot was tightly woven. Let’s start by saying the main trunk of the story is a police procedural involving the main character Lourdes, and her partner Sullivan, an old hand at murder investigation. The b [...]

    22. Proving Ground is the first book I've read from this author and I enjoyed it. Natty Dread aka Nathaniel Dresden is a returning Iraq vet whose trying to sort through his traumatic war experiences as well as his unconventional childhood as the son of a proselytizing defense lawyer and a flower child mother.When he reluctantly moves back home living with his mother and joinin his dad's law firm chaos ensues though Blauner makes th complex action believable as well as clear. The chapters alternate i [...]

    23. I won this book from . Very good book, about Natty (Nathaniel) Dresden. His father is a civil rights lawyer, and his parents are both activists. Natty hated it when he was old enough to know his father defended murders. As an act of rebellion Natty joins the Army and does several tours in Afghanistan. After Natty comes home his father is murdered right before a trial is set for Natty's father to sue the Government for a civil rights offence against a man named Ibrahim, who was sent overseas to b [...]

    24. This author is new to me; I ran across the book in the library, and I'm glad I picked it up. Very enjoyable detective/police novel. Loved the fact that one of the major characters is a smart, interesting, non-white female cop -- and her sister, a supporting character who is gay, is also a cop. Blauner does as good a job developing and writing about the female characters as he does with the male characters. The story itself kept my interest -- not really riveting, but good. Looks as if, from what [...]

    25. Blauner Is Back. I read Blauner's first book , Slow Motion Riot, years ago and it remains one of my favorite books. He has written intermittently over the years, each book a winner. Proving Ground is his first book in a while and he continues his winning streak. Blauner does inner city cops, lawyers, and the criminal milieu as good as anyoned I mean anyone. This book is a well written , gritty crime novel and more. Recommended.

    26. I was looking for an engaging summer read and heard this book recommended on NPR. It did what I wanted it to do: gave me a quick, engaging read with just enough depth to care about the characters and be moved. Terrific characters, an occasionally surprising plot, and vivid language. Very enjoyable, but don't bump other books off your list unless you just want a good cop story.

    27. A complex set of interwoven motives and actions. Two main POV characters -- Nathaniel (an Iraq war veteran with PTSD, and a lawyer), and Lourdes, a young policewoman investigating the murder of Nathaniel's father.The beginning of a series. I'll watch for more.

    28. This police procedural had the perfect mix of plot and character development. It may lack the action that some might expect in this type of book, but I found the complexity of the characters and their relationships engrossing.

    29. Good ReadFatty is consumed with guilt and PTSD after fighting in the war. He had a sprained relationship with his father and now he is gone. Killed by someone. Was it the FBI skilled him or someone else. A good read, not too surprising and solid.

    30. I received this book as a First Read. I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The story is largely predictable but the writing is good enough that it can be overlooked. The characters are well developed. The dialogue is realistic and some of the best I've seen in a book. A fun read.

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