Between the Devil and the Duke

Between the Devil and the Duke Their love was always in the cards He should have thrown her out But when club owner Alexander Lavoie catches a mysterious blonde counting cards at his vingt et un table he s intrigued than angry He

  • Title: Between the Devil and the Duke
  • Author: Kelly Bowen
  • ISBN: 9781455563418
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Their love was always in the cards.He should have thrown her out But when club owner Alexander Lavoie catches a mysterious blonde counting cards at his vingt et un table, he s intrigued than angry He has to see of this beauty in his club, in his office, in his bed But first he ll have to devise a proposition she can t turn down Gossip said he was an assassin.Their love was always in the cards.He should have thrown her out But when club owner Alexander Lavoie catches a mysterious blonde counting cards at his vingt et un table, he s intrigued than angry He has to see of this beauty in his club, in his office, in his bed But first he ll have to devise a proposition she can t turn down Gossip said he was an assassin.Common sense told her to stay away But Angelique Archer was desperate, and Lavoie s club offered a surefire way to make quick money until she got caught Instead of throwing her out though, the devil offers her a deal come work for him Refusing him means facing starvation, but with a man so sinfully handsome and fiercely protective, keeping things professional might prove impossible.

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    1. ***IT'S ALIVE***Ladies and gentlemen…we have a WINNER!!I have a confession…I normally prefer my hero in a historical romance to be the stuck up, snobby aristocrat who looks down his nose at…the commoners. I get a kick out of their arrogance and bossiness. Their confidence, to me, sends shivers up my spine. Well, I’ve been proven wrong. It seems I can be stimulated by a confident commoner just as much…if not more.I LOVED Between the Devil and the Duke. To be honest, I should probably re [...]

    2. 3.5 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Angelique's life has turned her from a pampered Lady of wealth to a masked card counting lady trying to keep the bill collectors at bay. Alex has been a farmer soldier fighting for his homeland to now the owner of the wealthiest gaming hell in London. They both have their secrets but the spark and burn between them won't be denied. Lies, betrayals, mone [...]

    3. I've given this an A- at AAR, so thats 4.5 stars rounded up.Kelly Bowen is one of the best of the bunch of new authors of historical romance to have emerged in the last couple of years, and she continues to show herself more than deserving of the praise her novels have received. I’ve reviewed a few and rated them highly, impressed by her ability to craft strong plotlines and characters, and to imbue her dialogue with unforced humour and realism. Best of all, she writes a strong, well-developed [...]

    4. Lady Angelique Archer has been trying to hold her family together since her parents died and their family fortune had gone missing. Her eldest newly titled brother is no help whatsoever since he spends his time and money on drinks and whores. Her affinity with numbers has given her the opportunity to make some money which her family desperately needed. And things were going well until she caught the attention of Mr. Lavoie. But instead of throwing her out of his gaming club he offers her a job. [...]

    5. I confirm: I'm Ms. Bowen fan! :)I love her writing style. It's just a right mix of descriptions, inner thoughts, great dialogue and hot attraction!I also like that in this series the heroines are very interesting. Not just physically (they're romantic heroines and therefore beautiful), but also women with unsual talents.Here we have Angelique who's a genoìius with numbers! Since I can add (or do any other mathematical calculation) worth a damn, I am deeply in awe when somebody can do that like [...]

    6. 5 Lisa Kleypas-likeStars !What a fantastic read ! Would absolutely recommend it to anybody in interested in a strongly written HR read with three-dimensional characters and a superb sub-plot. Well done !

    7. 4.5 "The Math Whiz Lady & Her Benefactor Turned HEA" Stars for the story & 5 stars for the narration!This listen flew by! I loved the chemistry between the H and He as well as the unexpected twists! Moreover, Ashford McNab's narration was divine!Source: Library-loan.

    8. Reviewed for herding cats & burning soup.: amzn/2lbGeV9Bowen just gets better and better! Between the Devil and the Duke was a thrillingly unique adventure that kept me eagerly reading justge. You know, instead of cleaning the house, or working on my steps. I just needed onege first. lol I loved the characters, the daring, the mystery and set up. The entire world is rich, luscious and utterly delicious.So the gist is that Alex? He's rather intrigued and that doesn't happen often. There's a w [...]

    9. As reviewed at Roses Are Blue: wp/p3QRh4-tTAngelique Archer never quite took during her first season. Because of her unwillingness to dance (which she did poorly) and her inability to make small talk, she soon became known as the Marble Maiden. She left society to take care of her dying mother, and never rejoined society as her father died not long after. With her family fortune seemingly vanished into thin air, and her wastrel brother continuing to spend extravagantly, Angelique has to take des [...]

    10. This is the third and final book in the Season for Scandal. The Hero, Alex, has been featured in the previous two books, where he appeared to be a worthy hero. This book did not disappoint. He was the hero that I hoped he would be from reading about him previously. However, the heroine stole the show. Angelique is an extremely intelligent heroine and sister to a marquess, who has fallen into near ruin. She is doing all that she can to prevent that ruin, and one of the few options she has remaini [...]

    11. The first two books in this series put Bowen on the auto-buy list for me. As improbable as the plots have been, the fact that she's had women engaged in unusual professions really captured my attention. I've been eagerly awaiting Alex's story (although not as much as King's, which I hope we'll get eventually even though she's moving on to a new series next). Unfortunately this book didn't quite meet my expectations.Bowen has created another intriguing female protagonist in Angelique. I like the [...]

    12. “You have impressed me immeasurably, Lady Angelique.”He was rewarded with a smile, one that actually reached her eyes, and the first one he had seen all night. “Good,” was all she said.”I have been waiting to love, not just like or enjoy, a book in this series and finally it happened with Between the Devil and the Duke. Although, what’s not to love when Kelly Bowen has once again deployed her signature trope of heroes who end up completely (to quote Miss Ivory Moore) besotted with th [...]

    13. Kelly Bowen is a relatively new addition to my auto-buy list of authors, and the Season for Scandal series has been fun, exciting, and a pleasure to listen to.Her heroines are strong, self-sufficient women, which is a bit of a stretch in Regency England, but Bowen makes it plausible. They are quite likable and able to hold their own against the men they are matched with. And although her first two heroes were dukes, they were not your usual dukes -- one was a former pirate and the other was a re [...]

    14. Great story and narration by Ashford McNab. (audible review)I really love Kelly Bowen's books! She writes such great stories. I want to see more of her on audible!This was a really good story. I liked Angelique a lot. Love a heroine that is good with numbers. She was strong, smart, witty and beautiful. Alex was great too. Rich, handsome, strong with the perfect amount of arrogance. They made a great couple together. The sex was hot and steamy but didn't take away from the story. I was very nicel [...]

    15. Kelly Bowen’s Season for Scandal series has introduced several intelligent and resourceful female characters but the third book Between the Devil and the Duke takes things one step further. Lady Angelique Archer is a true genius whose gift with mathematics may be the only salvation for her family. Her strength and composure in the face of overwhelming odds are bound to get noticed by a man who makes probability his living.The mysterious woman had caught Alexander Lavoie’s eye from the first [...]

    16. Seriously this book made me speechless!The whole mystery regarding the missing fortune was well kept.My suspicions started almost the same time with Angélique, which is ok because that girl is crazy smart, lol:)But when I found out the reason? It made me sick!Who the hell do they think they are?Everyone need to be end up in Bedlam because they were all maddening:(Here the clue, the sad thing is I couldn't hate the villain much really.:(So yup this book is another winner but I still love Elise' [...]

    17. Definitely my favorite one of this series. I've been intrigued by Alexander Lavoie since book one, and he was everything I hoped he'd be. I have loved that each book in this series has featured a strong, independent heroine, and that continued with Angelique. This book went in different directions than I expected, but I loved every one of them. It was full of adventure, action, intrigue, and lots of delicious chemistry.Now I anxiously wait with fingers crossed in hopes that Kelly Bowen decides t [...]

    18. Excellent read. The heroine, Angelique, is in dire straits. Her parents are dead, her brother is an idiot on his way to ruin and her younger brothers' school tuition is past due. She's beautiful in an unfashionable sense, has a gift with numbers, resourceful and is honest with herself. The hero runs a high class gambling establishment and is a partner in a 'fixer' business. The hero, Alex, won me over when he was attracted to the heroine not only because of her beauty but because of her intellec [...]

    19. This is the 7th book I have read from Kelly Bowen and they just keep getting better. Her characters are not always typical Regency well healed, handsome, hero's or wealthy young Debutantes looking for a husband on the marriage mart.There are Pirates, Gambling hell owners and lots of other interesting and smart hero's and heroines. This story is about a young lady trying to keep her brother from bringing the rest of her family to ruin with his drinking and gambling. Lady Angelique Archer is a gen [...]

    20. This series has sneakily gotten to be one of my favorite finds of the last year! After reading the first book I wasn't that certain, but the different appeal of the storylines was the one thing that hooked me then. With every installment after that, Kelly Bowen has cemented herself as a historical romance author I'll be on the lookout for more. BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DUKE delivered on everything I've been anxiously awaiting for since the hero first made his mysterious appearance in book one.W [...]

    21. 4 StarsWhy I Read ItKelly Bowen has become one of my favorite historical authors in the past year and I love what she is doing with this Season for Scandal series. Alex has been an integral part of the series and I wanted to know more about him especially in light of the information received in the previous installment, A Duke to Remember.What I Liked About It1. Kelly Bowen continues to provide me with intelligent, spirited heroines who are unorthodox yet still feel realistic to the time period [...]

    22. 3.5 stars!!!Kelly Bowen has really established herself as an author that delivers consistently solid, great historical romances because of her focus on the heroine's growth, progress, emotions, pleasure and of course, happiness.Once again we return to Chegarre & Associates, and our associate this time is Alexander Lavoie, Elise's brother. Our heroine is Angelique Archer, the closed off lady who is playing vingt-et-un at Alex's club to scrape together money for her family's dwindling fortune. [...]

    23. Every time something terrible happens, the leads can't help but have sex. It's as if distress turns them on.

    24. Oh my gosh I freaking loved this! The first 2 books were both good but didn't wow me. But this one certainly made up for them! I loved everything about this book. I still want a book about King though

    25. Review copy courtesy of the publisher.I've been reading a lot of sci-fi and paranormal romance lately and I'll tell you that I've been getting a bit burned out. So it was beyond refreshing to pick up this historical romance by Kelly Bowen! Between the Devil and the Duke is Book 3 in her Season for Scandal series but do not fear I went ahead and jumped in, in the middle!Angelique Archer was an awesome heroine. She's been dealt increasingly bad hands in life but she never lets it break her. She ju [...]

    26. I have enjoyed every single book in the Season for Scandal series by Kelly Bowen. In fact, I think this one was my favorite. It features Alex Lavoie, the male member of the Chagarre and Associates team. He's also a spy of sorts and owner of a gaming hell. That is where he meets our heroine, Angelique.She is something of a card shark. Brilliant with math. And it's that skill she hopes to use to save her family from complete destitution. Both of her parents are dead and her brother, though a peer [...]

    27. It's been far too long since I've read a historical romance book. Kelly Bowen's Between the Devil and the Duke was a great way to break that trend. This was such a delightful read promising both romance and mystery and it lives up to it in a big way.The story has a really great flow to it. Immediately we are drawn into Angelique Archers world as a well born lady whose discovered she and her brother don't inherit much more than their home. There's no cash to live of of so she takes to playing car [...]

    28. So, yes 2 stars. I'm so disapointed.I loved the previous books in this series, and Ms. Bowen's books before that. But this one, to me, missed the sparks I did find in those other books. The heroine was as strong as all Ms Bowen's heroines, but it somehow didn't work out, and I took a pause, then another, read another book, came back to this, liked it a bit, started skimmingAnd then, the big secret was revealed, and that was such a let down If anyone reads my reasons, and doesn't agree, or notice [...]

    29. Riveting! Swept away! Yes, I was utterly swept away and caught up in the story of the Marble Maiden, Angelique Archer, doing what she can to save her family. An honest and brave woman, intelligent and gifted--in the way that sets this masterful historical romance in motion.Exclusive club owner Alexander Lavoie had noticed the masked woman who came to play, purchased a bottle of brandy, won at vingt a and left with her winnings in hand. When one of her opponents became too presumptive, he interve [...]

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