Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander's Account of the Hunt for the World's Most Wanted Man

Kill Bin Laden A Delta Force Commander s Account of the Hunt for the World s Most Wanted Man Kill Bin Laden A Delta Force Commander s Account of the Hunt for the World s Most Wanted Man

  • Title: Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander's Account of the Hunt for the World's Most Wanted Man
  • Author: Dalton Fury
  • ISBN: 9780312384395
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kill Bin Laden A Delta Force Commander s Account of the Hunt for the World s Most Wanted Man

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    1 thought on “Kill Bin Laden: A Delta Force Commander's Account of the Hunt for the World's Most Wanted Man”

    1. So I'm a bit conflicted. The author clearly says on the jacket and foreword that this is the only real account and how no one else who's written about Tora Bora was there and so he wrote this book to correct all the poor, secondhand accounts. Then he acknowledges that Gary Berntsen was there (JawBreaker), that Gary Schroen was there (First In), that Billy Waugh was there (Hunting the Jackal), that the Green Berets and the Air Force Special Operations Command was there. So the only accounts I gue [...]

    2. There was a program that BBC aired in November of 2001 (just days before the incident in Tora Bora) where Jeremy Vine revealed an FBI document in which US agents were told to "back off" from investigating the Bin Laden family. That seemed kind of weird but irrelevent until just a few days later when it was reported that the Pentagon ordered American troops to stand down when they had Osama bin Laden cornered in Tora Bora in December of 2001. Dalton Fury, the commander on the ground at Tora Bora [...]

    3. This book was given to me by one of my ex Green Beret buddies several hours before bin Laden was killed in May 2011. His comment was "The Army realled f*cked up at Tora Bora". I agree.However, the fault did not rest with the super soldiers of the Army's elite Delta Force whose actions form the core of this book. Rather, Delta was hamstrung from the outset of this operation to kill bin Laden deep in the Afghanistan mountain stronghold of the master terrorist.George W. Bush wanted to use our Musli [...]

    4. Well, with a title like this, and a comic-book pseudonym like that, what red-blooded American male HASN'T bought a copy the day this came out? This was OK. The author certainly isn't a talented writer, but this is a very interesting look at the Battle of Tora Bora and how Delta Force operates in a war zone. For an account of bin Laden's personal escape and movements during and after the battle, see Descent into Chaos: The United States & the Failure of Nation Building in Pakistan, Afghanista [...]

    5. Before Seal Team Six finally found Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in May 2011 and ended his days, the US government thought he was hiding in the Tora Bora mountain area of Afghanistan. This book is about a joint effort of the Delta Force and the CIA to find and kill him at the end of 2001. It's an interesting book in several ways. First, you really get a good description of the way this battle was fought. Working in the background behind local Afghan forces (who were being paid thousands of dollars [...]

    6. I've read quite a few books on the Afghan and Iraq Wars and more than a few Special Ops bios and histories. I must say, this one is pretty meh.'Fury' (a pseudonym) is the Delta troop commander at Tora Bora and so provides a very detailed account of the battle. That's the good part. Now for the bad.Number one gripe has to be the 'characters'. I realize that Fury is working with some serious restrictions due to security. A lot of these books have the same hurdle to overcome. Fury tries to breathe [...]

    7. As an audio book, this was a dud. The actor reading the book just didn't sell it. Waah waah. As a war story memoir whatever, solid 3 stars. You like this genre, then you won't be disappointed. You're looking for something about the Battle of Tora Bora, sure this is ok. Not gonna change your life, but not a waste of time. If the "oh Delta is awesome" had been dialed down a bit then it would have been ok. That said, if you're an eleven year old with a pellet gun, then stop doing your chores or hom [...]

    8. This was a fascinating, mostly well-written and intelligent insight, from a Delta Force insider, of the nature of commando warfare, in hostile terrain, against a ruthless enemy, and alongside unreliable allies.In early 2002, in the immediate post-9/11 environment in America, where revenge for the terrorist attacks burnt hot in the political and public psyche, Usama bin Laden was designated Public Enemy No.1 and an urgent priority was placed on tracking him down, and killing him and as many of hi [...]

    9. An excellent first-hand account of the war on terror immediately following 9/11. Not gory, but an honest telling of how American commando troops fought.

    10. These guys took the spotter positions from 5th special forces group and negotiated with the generals to attack Bin Laden at Tora bora. They worked close with the CIA, they also worked with Grey Fox, one of the radio intercept units. The used combined arms to lase guide the bombing and tell of the frustration of working with and depending on the local forces. Wikipedi: A former Delta Force commander, using the pen name "Dalton Fury", who was present at Tora Bora has revealed in a book that bin La [...]

    11. What happened in December of 2001 in Tora Bora doesn't easily fit into a sound bite, so the reality has been vulnerable to spin and drama. Author Dalton Fury notes that not everyone is happy that he has committed this to print, but history undoubtedly will be.Companies tout their modern, flattened organizational charts. Managers are told to "push decision making down" to its lowest level. The US military has not gotten the message.Delta Company, incredibly trained and equipped, was put on the gr [...]

    12. The opening chapters are rough but strengthens once the story gets into Afghanistan and to Tora Bora. There is a long section criticizing the quality of journalistic coverage of special operations- the level of real facts getting to the journalists is so low that any noise floor of BS will get amplified into otherwise higher fidelity news coverage. But he neglects to mention that the same is true for his end: there is a long tradition of highly embellished or entirely fabricated stories coming n [...]

    13. Book review: Kill Bin Laden by Dalton FuryWritten by Jared Sparacino I rate the book Kill Bin Laden by Dalton Fury 4.5 out of 5 stars for many reasons. This book provides exceptional detail to help you visualize what is going on throughout most of the book. I think that the book needed more critical changes in the plotline to give it more variety of action scenes, if you know what I mean. Along with that, I do believe the book spent too much time on specific parts which is why I would have liked [...]

    14. An accounting of the hunt for Bin Laden during the last months of 2001 as told by the Delta operator in charge of the mission. The book does a good job of articulating the various issues Delta faced when dealing with the Afghan warlords in their supposed joint mission to get the terrorist. Issues such as the fact that the Afghans would not break their custom of leaving the battlefield at nightfall each night, regardless of whatever important ground was gained and required holding. Also the distu [...]

    15. Dalton Fury was the main Field Commander of Special Forces overseeing the operations to kill Bin Laden in the mountainous region of Afghanistan called Tora Bora and he gives quite a detailed account of what took place there.Very informative historical reading. The story flows smoothly and is easy to understand in what actually occurred.Many mistakes and wrong decisions were made where they could had gotten Bin Laden in December of 2001, but a number of suggestions Fury made in trying to made the [...]

    16. First, some background. Dalton Fury is the pen name for the Delta Force officer who led the covert Battle of Tora Bora, the closet we have ever come to killing bin Laden. The author's real name may never be known.This book is another example of how a true event can often be much more compelling than the way a book is written. I'll go easy on Fury simply because I'm sure this book was picked apart piece by piece by analysts to make sure no sensitive material was given out. The story was really co [...]

    17. This is a very encompassing book detailing the first efforts to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice. But as the reader will find out, in those early days of the conflict, George Bush attempted to work with the tribal leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan in an effort to build a solid foreign policy and provide the elders of the tribes, a place of importance in the eyes of their people and the world.Unfortunately, his efforts turned into a political and military debacle that allowed “Enemy #1” of [...]

    18. After spending quite a few years in Iraq as a contractor, I have had the privilege of running into some members of the special forces community. Though they were NEVER (I can’t stress this enough, the NEVER once, not EVER said that they were SF. They all claimed to be EOD or Explosives Ordinance Disposal) once said that they were SF, they wore sanitized uniforms, which means no unit insignias, rank or name tags, this is a dead giveaway that these soldiers, sailors and marines were SF. I used t [...]

    19. The author provides a first hand account of the early stages of the war in Afghanistant in late 2001 and early 2002. The most interesting parts are descriptions of how air power is combined with special operations forces and the use of Air Force Combat Controllers. Also, the descriptions of the problems in relying heavily on the local (Mujahdeen fighters) and how that and the local politics limited efforts to have a more aggressive campaign. The down side of this is the same with many other "uni [...]

    20. This book reads like it was written by a military commander. Several other books that I have read by special forces members seem a bit more raw where as this is a bit more polished. This really comes as no surprise as it is kind of what I expect from someone who has risen to the ranks of O-4/5 in the United States military complex. The account was written down to give a first hand view of the Battle Or Tora Bora. From the authors explanation, he wanted to share his story after reading several di [...]

    21. For the individual who has an interest in the Delta Force or the short battle in the Tora Bora mountains of Afghanistan - this is the book. The author walks the reader through all the obstacles that Delta encountered in their attempts to kill Osama bin Laden shortly after the events of 9/11.Having been involved in an ethnic war (Vietnam) I was not surprised by the treachery, deceit, and opportunism exhibited by the Afgans. In the author's opinion they were more interested in money and looting de [...]

    22. I say this with love and admiration, but I have to laugh at my fellow brothers in arms, the Special Ops troops. They are so very good, but they do seem to believe their own hype and spin sometimes. The SEALs are the worst in this area. They all act bulletproof and yet, we have one man who has outwitted all of them, us and the entire USA Whiz Bang Intel gang.Technology, drones, cluster bombs, computers, et al is all well and good for this generation of video game war fighters, but ONE man, with l [...]

    23. I liked this book. It deals with Delta Force (and Green Berets, Air Force FAC's and Brittains SBS, Special Boat Service) and the opening days of the War in Afghanistan. The title may be a little misleading, because they do not discuss the actual killing of Bin Laden, just the initial days and weeks of the battle, particularly at the Tora Bora cave complex. The author discusses what went right, what could have been done better, and what could have potentially ended the conflict in those first wee [...]

    24. Kill Bin Laden offers a thrilling "boots on the ground" narrative of the hunt for UBL in the Tora Bora region of eastern Afghanistan in December 2001. Written by Dalton Fury (not his real name)a former Delta Force operator who had tactical command of the team assigned to go into Tora Bora and eliminate Usama. Refreshingly, Fury keeps his political opinions to himself while still managing to deftly demonstrate how political wrangling in the upper echelons of the U.S. command structure, as well as [...]

    25. Very insightful story of the couple week battle in the mountains of Tora Bora shortly after 9/11. Under presidential direction, a handful of Delta Force troops had Osama Bin Laden trapped in the mountains but could only call in airstrikes against Al Qaeda. The local Afgans were the fighting force that the Delta operators were ordered to support. Most likely it was these Afgans playing both sides that allowed Osama to escape. Had the Delta Force been unleashed they probably could have killed Osam [...]

    26. A very detailed account of the battle of Tora Bora. The book isn't action packed because the delta operators relied on native afghans to do the gun fighting (the delta operators primarily directed ruthless air support). The author certainly knows what he is talking about but the delivery is a little choppy at parts. The chapters are divided into small sections (this is probably due to the fact that Fury had to leave some details out). This gets a little a annoying but then again, Fury is a soldi [...]

    27. Excellent read very intense and gripping, as a former soldier I think the book reads well to everyone . Dalton takes the reader deep inside the exhaustive hunt for UBL, helping navigate through the difficulties of linking up and forming an alliance with the native peshmerga of the northern alliance. The last days of the hunt takes dalton his team and peshmerga deep into the mountains of Tora Bora. It is here they believe they have UBL cornered in a cave complex only to see him slip out the back [...]

    28. I recently re read this book in November after returning from 2 years in Afghanistan. Its amazing that of all the resources and pull The Unit has it still came up short in completing it's mission of finding Bin Laden, through no apparent fault of their own. A great look into the Army during it's transitional period last decade both the Special Ops and Conventional side. The terain is a real bear to fight in Afghanistan and Dalton does a great way outlining this issue in particular. Mr. Fury also [...]

    29. This was a good book, and gives information regarding the Delta Force and special ops, which is/was interesting to me. Besides that enjoyable aspect of the book, it is not the book about the Navy Seal who actually killed Bin Laden, but rather is about the failed attemp to catch him in the Tora Bora Mountains. The warlords are depicted in a way that makes me think they can never be trusted! They always acted in their own self interest, advancing or strengthening their power base and riches. If th [...]

    30. A great look inside the reality of modern special operations. No Hollywood glamour, just extraordinarily well-trained, well-conditioned and smart men doing an extraordinary job. The prelude chapters set in Selection and the Balkans are just as gripping as the main action in Afghanistan. However, if you are like me, you will find it truly disheartening to hear how much higher ups, up to and including the Bush White House, forced our nation's finest warriors to fight with one hand tied behind thei [...]

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