Reunited at Christmas

Reunited at Christmas Two years after the avalanche everyone thought had claimed her life Ruby Prescott returns to the remote Alaskan town of Love And no one is ecstatic than her husband Liam and their young son Even if

  • Title: Reunited at Christmas
  • Author: Belle Calhoune
  • ISBN: 9780373819522
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two years after the avalanche everyone thought had claimed her life, Ruby Prescott returns to the remote Alaskan town of Love And no one is ecstatic than her husband, Liam, and their young son Even if amnesia has robbed Ruby of her memories, she s soon woven back into the fabric of their lives As they celebrate the holiday season, Ruby is falling head over heels foTwo years after the avalanche everyone thought had claimed her life, Ruby Prescott returns to the remote Alaskan town of Love And no one is ecstatic than her husband, Liam, and their young son Even if amnesia has robbed Ruby of her memories, she s soon woven back into the fabric of their lives As they celebrate the holiday season, Ruby is falling head over heels for the man she s told was the love of her life But she can t escape the feeling that there s something Liam is keeping a secret Will the return of her memories tear them apart for good or will this be a Christmas she ll never forget.

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    1. Even though it is book four in a series I’ve never read before, I liked the cover, and liked the trope-tastic blurb, and so I decided to give Reunited at Christmas a go. Plus – reunion story = my favourite!This one started off well. Sure, it’s high and improbable drama: a heroine presumed dead in an avalanche two years earlier who suddenly walks into her tiny hometown with no idea she is from there, and no idea who she is.However, this sort of plot is the reason books such as The Darkest H [...]

    2. We are in Love ,Alaska for Christmas but Liam is sad because his wife has been gone for 2 years and he has a young son.Imagine to his surprise when Ruby shows up with amnesia.Ruby and Liam have issues that require faith, love, and God for this to work.This was a beautiful story for Christmas.I received a copy of the book with no review required, but I give my opinion.

    3. Reunited at Christmas: Alaskan Grooms book 4 is by Belle Calhoune. This is perhaps the best of her books in this series. It certainly kept me reading until I was finished. It is definitely about second chances. Liam Prescott was only thinking of making this Christmas the best for his five-year-old son, Aiden. After losing his precious wife, Ruby, two years ago, he felt he needed to do this for Aiden. However, he could never forget his love for Ruby and the crushing avalanche that took her life. [...]

    4. This is the fourth installment in the Alaskan Grooms series by Belle Calhoune, but this one can be read as a standalone as well. I have not read the other in the series before this one and was not lost in this one at all. Liam was focused on making little Aiden's Christmas the best he could make it with his mother having been killed two years earlier. Liam never will forget his love for Ruby though and plans to help Aiden keep her memory alive as well. When Liam walks back in to his office after [...]

    5. Christmas SurpriseNo one is shocked more than Liam when he sees a woman that could be his deceased wife's twin. He knew a twin wasn't possible and his wife died in an avalanche while on a search and rescue mission. There are sparks when they meet and tears when she sees her son. But that's just the start. Can a woman who doesn't know who she learn to love the man who knows her better than anyone else.

    6. Love, Alaska is the setting of this sweet and cozy Christmas story. It's the fourth book in the series and even though I have not read the other books yet this book is a great stand alone read.Liam Prescott is the local town doctor. He has managed to get through life for the last two years as a single dad to his son Aidan after his wife Ruby is missing and presumed dead from a tragic avalanche. Ruby proudly loved her job as a search and rescue team member.Life is turned upside down again when Ru [...]

    7. After two years of mourning the loss of the love of his life, Liam gets the shock of a lifetime - Ruby is alive, just can't remember him or their life together. This is the basis for a different, unique kind of second chance story as Liam and Ruby are trying to find out will the new memories be enough to build a future on, or are the shadows of the past always going to be around. I can't imagine the agony and angst Ruby must live with, knowing that everyone else has a point of reference that she [...]

    8. A Holiday Must Read!!Fall in love with the people of Love, Alaska, this Christmas season! Some say you only find one true love in life. Well, for Liam Prescott this is certainly true. He and his one true love Ruby, met, got married, had a son, and had what seemed to be a perfect life, that is until one day, she is buried under an avalanche of snow and considered dead for 2 years. For Liam, and his son Aidan, their lives have been left with a huge void. A void that is hard for Liam to face every [...]

    9. This is book #4 in the series of Alaskan Grooms. I, like others, was totally expecting Liam's story to be like the others, even though Liam (in the other books) has been married and we know that his wife died during a search & rescue operation in Colorado 2 years previously. In previous books, Liam has had to deal with his grief and raising his young son alone. As I said, I was expecting Liam's story to be where he finally "turned a corner" and was ready to get married again so he would find [...]

    10. Liam has been grieving his wife, Ruby, for two years and trying to be the best single dad to their little son. So he's shocked to walk into the police station and see his late wife sitting in a chair with no memory of who she is, or that she's married with a son. She moves into the spare bedroom in their home in hopes of regaining her memory and reconnecting with her son. Yet something seems to be missing from the puzzle pieces she's given by her husband Liam. It's like he's keeping a secret.Thi [...]

    11. Reunited at Christmas is book 4 in the Alaskan Grooms series by Belle Calhoune. Its a love story about a husband and wife who find their way back to love after tragic circumstances. I really loved this book. I'll admit I'm a sucker for Love Inspired Alaskan books and this one did not disappoint. I loved the twist in this book. In the previous 3 novels, we believe that Ruby is dead and poor Liam needs to come to terms with her death. I assumed that Liam would get his own book. It is a series afte [...]

    12. It's been two years since the Liam's wife Ruby gone missing during a search and rescue, that left her missing presumed dead. Now shes back with amnesia and working on getting her memories back. Liam knows their history is rocky with the hopes that if he doesn't' tell her things will be as they were when they were once happy.Apparently this book is apart of a stand alone series, and with how good this book turned out I think I'll be going on the hunt for the previous books on the other friends lo [...]

    13. Imagine that you lost the love of your life, the mother of your child in an avalanche. Her body is never recovered, but after an amount of time has passed, she is declared dead. And your world crashes around you. Fast forward to two years from that tragic timemeone walks back into your life that looks, talks, acts like your "deceased" wife, but she has absolutely no idea who you are or the life you had together. This is the story that takes place in this book!I was totally drawn into this book f [...]

    14. Just finished reading Reunited at Christmas by Belle Calhoune. Set in Love, Alaska, part of the Alaskan Grooms series, readers are immediately met with a shock. I admit, I did not read the synopsis before reading the book so I was surprised to learn Ruby had survived the search and rescue mission two years before but had no memory. In dealing with the emotional turmoil brought on by these events, everyone is reminded to rely on God to get you through tough times. Most importantly, the book exami [...]

    15. I received an advanced copy of this book. This is part of a series of Alaskan grooms by Belle. I have read the first 3 and I was excited to read this one. I enjoyed this story, as I have the other ones. These characters seem more real to me. I can imagine the struggles this couple faced in their marriage. I enjoy the family dynamics of the extended family also. The setting being Christmas in a small town added a touch of magic, but I really do not get to experience that where I live, so I just a [...]

    16. This is book four in the Alaskan Grooms series. I do feel it is a stand alone novel, yet was excited to learn it was part of a series. I now look forward to going back and reading about the lives of the others in this novel. I fell in love with the town of Love, Alaska. All the many loving people and their unique personalities. Liam Prescott is a handsome doctor with a secret he is afraid to share. Ruby can only remember the past two years of her life, however she feels drawn to the town of Love [...]

    17. I was so excited that Liam and Ruby got their own story! This is the fourth book of the wonderful Alaskan Grooms series that are set in the lovely Alaskan town of Love. This book is particularly fascinating to me, having had a similar friend who suffered from amnesia after an accident, and, like Ruby, could no longer remember her marriage. The author so beautifully weaves the story around God’s truths of forgiveness & second chances, and of the ever-faithful God working and guiding us, in [...]

    18. 3T/0H~ ARC via Netgalley ~- I was unaware this novel was part of a series, so for a bit I felt like I was the new kid in class unsure about what was going on or truly understanding the connections between the characters. Which may have/most likely hampered my enjoyment.- Stories with children are always hard, but I really loved the little boy in this one and what he brought to the story.- Truthfully, I have read very little "Christian" romance. While I enjoyed the main characters, the story of t [...]

    19. Belle Calhoune has written another great story about Love, Alaska. Reunited at Christmas is a stand alone book but it was even more enjoyable because I’d read the earlier books in the Alaskan Grooms series. Handsome Dr. Liam is a wonderful protagonist as is his wife, Ruby, who has amnesia! Liam is torn between telling Ruby the truth about their marriage and keeping quiet and hoping she won’t remember their last discussion before her accident. I highly recommend this Alaskan romance. I receiv [...]

    20. A nice CLEAN romance! A buy and enjoy it book. While the plot line in this story is familiar, the writer took time to engage you in the characters. I was a little disappointed for only one reason .You would need to start from the beginning of the series to understand all the interaction of all the characters in this one. I just let it go and sat and enjoyed this one instead of thinking of all the other stories that went before. Other than that. Great job! I sincerely enjoyed reading this one. I [...]

    21. I really enjoyed this book. I liked how the heart knew even thought the head did not. Ruby disappeared during an avalanche and suddenly returns to Laim and their young son. Ruby has lost her memory and does't remember anything of her life before. She saw a commercial on TV and that prompted her to visit the place that seemed so familiar.

    22. Though I didn't really like Rudy at all, I found her too contradictory, I did like that the author deviated from the standard romance novel formula and created something more unique than the regular Love Inspired books.

    23. Love, love, love. So glad there was a happy ending for Liam with Ruby. Want Honor & Sophie's stories. Love Love, Alaska. Wish I could be part of Operation Love.

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