Kingpin Alannah Sullivan met Dominic Collazo when she was only in the fifth grade She knew him when the other kids called him names and made fun of his over sized facial features She knew him when he was a sh

  • Title: Kingpin
  • Author: W.S. Greer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alannah Sullivan met Dominic Collazo when she was only in the fifth grade She knew him when the other kids called him names and made fun of his over sized facial features She knew him when he was a shy introvert with a quick temper She knew him when he was first introduced to the mob lifestyle by his father, a made man in the St Louis mafia Alannah knew Dominic beforeAlannah Sullivan met Dominic Collazo when she was only in the fifth grade She knew him when the other kids called him names and made fun of his over sized facial features She knew him when he was a shy introvert with a quick temper She knew him when he was first introduced to the mob lifestyle by his father, a made man in the St Louis mafia Alannah knew Dominic before anybody could see his potential, and she fell in love with him when she was just a teenager just in time for her family to pack up and move away from the city and the boy she loved But, Alannah is back now, and after ten long years, Dominic Collazo is all grown up No longer the quiet loner, Dominic is larger than life, and every woman s fantasy He s a rich casino owner with the looks of a Greek god, and an alpha male persona to die for He s also a captain in the notorious Giordano crime family When the two of them meet again in the lobby of Lumiere Place Casino Hotel, Alannah has no idea that her second chance with Dominic will also be her biggest curse As drama immediately ensues and bullets start to fly, Alannah has to ask herself if Dominic is worth all the trouble that comes with him Would you risk everything to be with the love of your life, even if he s the mafia s newest KINGPIN

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    1 thought on “Kingpin”

    1. Well, color me surprised that W. S. Greer is actually a male author. I totally had no idea. No wonder I feel that there isn't enough sex, hotness and fluff for me. Sorry, I'm shallow that way. Alannah Sullivan and Dominic Callazo met when they were both 5th grader. Alannah is the new girl in school, while Dominic is the school outcast. Somehow when Dominic saved her from a certain bully, they both formed a special bond throughout their years together. Almost 30% of the book is about their childh [...]

    2. Cliffhanger but a great read.The book opens when Dominic and Alannah meet for the first time when they're both eleven years old, this is the start of their friendship and we follow them at two year intervals, we meet them again at thirteen and then fifteen when Alannah's family move away but ten years later and she's back.I really enjoyed this book, something was different from the beginning but it wasn't until I'd finished that I discovered what it was, this was written by a man. Yes there's lo [...]

    3. I liked this book even though it lacked the usual angst that I love in these kinds of Mafioso romance.Dominic Giovanni Collazo was shunned by his classmates and they tormented him by calling him “ugly Dominic”. When Alannah Sullivan arrived at his school, Dominic felt protective of her especially since the same kids were making fun of her as the new girl. It’s a new school half way into her fifth grade year, but Alannah was no stranger to starting over. After all, she has moved around a bi [...]

    4. Dominic is simply DIVINE! In fifth grade Dominic met his soulmate, Alannah, while protecting her from a bully. This big, strong, Italian kid defended her and protected her when no one else would help! Sa-woonnnnnnnnnnn!!Life and circumstances get in the way and the two drift apart emotionally and physically. Fate intervenes and a decade later the two literally run into each other! Oh what will Alannah do after running into that 6-foot wall of luciousness? Not much yet. Unfortunately. Dominic is [...]

    5. This is the first book I've read from this author and it was a good introduction to his work.What I liked:~ the history of Alannah and Dominic's friendship and later relationship~ the little points of suspense~ Dominic. I loved this boy from the start. Nothing like an underdog, the bullied, to grow up not only beautiful but successful~ Dominic's relationship with his father. Boy did he idolize that man~ the way that Alannah and Dominic seemed to re-connect instantlyThere were other little things [...]

    6. They met when the h is new at school when she's being bullied by a boy the H saves her and they became friends he's always alone because kids called him ugly Dominic during 4 years they're inseparable They both dated other kids and when they are in a homecoming school dance he tells her that he's in love with her they both lose their virginity to each other when they're 15 years old the h has to leave because her father in the military and he's being transferred. during the course of the 10 year [...]

    7. Incredible read!! I was taken from the first chapter! I felt so bad for Allanah and Dominic when they were younger, but coming into each other's life was just the right timing! Dominic was a no nonsense kind of guy from an early age. He made Allanah feel safe and loved. Allanah showed him through friendship and love anything is possible. I loved this story! They have so many obstacles to overcome . Their love is from such a young age they will do anything for each other. The Epilogue scared the [...]

    8. 2.5 stars. This could have been a 4 star book. The beginning was great. I really liked the premise of an ugly duckling becoming a gorgeous mafia boss and his heart belonging to the one girl who knew him and believed in him back when he was an ugly duckling. It started out great When they were children. I liked how the story was developing and how the author was building the history and relationship between them.But then once she moved away and they got older The plot went downhill. The pace qu [...]

    9. Great premise, very poor execution.The dialogue read like something written by a 12 year old attempting fanfic for the first time, there was no character development, and the relationship was so superficial no deep feelings anywhere, no romance, the sex was just like 'and then they fucked', honestly how is this even advertised as romance?

    10. kfforever/Reviewed by Sharon ThérèseKFF weren't planning on reviewing this book but once in awhile, a read of this calibre merits a word or two. Having never read any works by this author and being a genre we thoroughly enjoy, we were to say, a tad curious. Yes, we all one-clicked and going in blind couldn't have been a better way to get to know the author's storytelling technique which to our delight, consumed us from part one to right up until the epilogue. Speaking for myself, I have to add [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this book! This story is told in dual POV, starting when both Alannah and Dominic are just 11 years old, at the beginning of their friendship. We also get to see Dominic's life when he's with his father and some of the "excursions" they do, not really of the legal variety. We also get to experience the heartbreak that happened when they were 15, starting with Alannah having to relocate for her father's job, and the tragedy that Dominic suffered.Now they're both 25 and Alanna [...]

    12. This Thing Of Ours we call - The Family !This was my first book by the author and it was soooo good. Dominic Giovanni Collazo meets Alannah Sullivan in 5th grade , when they're just 11 years old. But Dominic knows from that day on that she belonged to him. He helps his dad , Donnie Collazo in some illegal activities . Donnie is a made man in the Giordino family of St.Louis and his ambition to become a capo takes him on a fatal trip of extortion, Illegal Gambling, Theft . Pretty soon his son Domi [...]

    13. KingpinI really super enjoyed this story. I don't often read mafia books but this was one with a difference. We follow a young boy who's life was always destined for the mafia through his life starting from aged 11 and see how it's turns out for him a s a grown man. There are fantastic descriptive words in here and the smaller details that make a story come to life are included. I orginally started this book with the intention of reading a couple of pages to get a feel for the story and then wai [...]

    14. This was my first time reading anything by W.S. Greer, but i thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kingpin has a bit of everything romance, suspense and angst. It details a young boy growing up within the mafia world. Kingpin is Dominic and Alannah's story. Dominic and Alannah met when he protects her from a bully, time and circumstances cause the two best friends to drift apart. A decade later, it's fate when they reconnect. Dominic and Alannah have very different lives. Alannah is a nurse and Dominic [...]

    15. Kingpin (Italian Mafia #1)By: WS Greer4/5 starsAllanah is an Air Force brat and knows that her father’s orders can change not only the Air Force base they live on, but also the state, the geographical area and possibly the country. She leaves behind friends and schools and has to start over. She doesn’t like being the new kid, especially in the middle of a new year.Dominic is the outsider at his school, who wants to do normal kid things, but isn’t accepted by his classmates and is bullied. [...]

    16. I am a sucker for a good mafia story, and W.S. Greer did not disappoint. With a hammer to the fingers and a bat to the head, Kingpin is a gritty and raw look at the mafia's hold on the lives of the players involved. The characters are damaged, flawed, and hold true to the mafia lifestyle. Weaving in the intricacies of trying to find balance with family and love, what happens when the family you always thought was most important is at war with the wants, desires, and needs of the heart? Would you [...]

    17. This is the first book that I have read by WS Greer and I'm so glad that I got the opportunity to read it! I can not say enough about how amazing this story truly is. Alannah met Dominic when they were in grade school. He protected her from a bully and she befriended him even when no one else wanted to be his friend. The two grow close during school and tell each other the truth about everything. Due to the fact that Alannah's dad is in the Air Force, Alannah's family has to move after her and D [...]

    18. Dominic and Alannahwow!!!. From the beginning I was drawn into their story. Its a different feel than his other books, which I also loved, but I feel this one was so much more. It had everything and this is from a someone who never read any mafia type booksI was loving it!They meet when they were kids in 5th grade when he stuck up for her when she was getting bullied. No one talked to him, but there was something about him that Alannah was drawn to. From there they became best friends. When they [...]

    19. The best work by WS Greer yet. I thoroughly enjoyed Kingpin, which followed Dominic and Alannah from schoolyard bullying days, to being separated by military family life to being reunited as adults and it was just a well put together story that kept you engaged throughout. You felt the young love of a couple of teenagers who bonded over a common hatred for school bullies and the pain of them being separated. When they reunited, you cheered for how they picked up like they'd never left one anothe [...]

    20. 5 Stars! Holy godfather batman! With just the perfect balance of drama, true love and interesting fortune Kingpin has left me completely satisfied… that is, until I read the Epilogue! With exciting twists and wondering if the young couple you start reading about can pull their crap together once they are adults in the mafia second chance romance i found myself on my toes almost the entire time. I loved every minute of this book, but then again i am completely obsessed with the godfather movies [...]

    21. So you know when something is hyped up so much and then when you read/watch it you are disappointed because it didn't live up to you expectations??? Well that's not the case for this. I was excited to read this book and I'm glad I did.It is a fast paced book and I loved how he touched on them at a young age. How we learn everything about them ahead of time. If you're looking for a mafia book, this is for you. If you're not looking for mafia, this is still the book for you. The ending leaves me w [...]

    22. Alannah and Dominic will steal your heart. Right from the beginning, this book was addictive. I loved the beginning of their relationship. So emotional and touching. I love that Alannah does not judge Dominic for his lifestyle choices. Her story and how she held on to him for all those years was beautiful. Dominic has never forgotten the girl who stole his heart so long ago. These two characters are incredible. The storyline was amazing and flowed seamlessly. The connection these two share is in [...]

    23. I realy don't know how to rate this book so i won't. Don't get me wrong it is a good read but for me the angst is not angst at all. I had the filling like i was reading a diary in dual POV .And that ending??? Is this part one of the story or what??? I don't have a clue and as much as i like both of them now i have zero answers to everything.

    24. Loved itThis book grabs your attention from the beginning and holds on to it tight. It's everything you would expect from a mob story and I am looking forward to reading more.

    25. A good read that was so easy to read. I really didn't have to think to much about this book it was a strong story that was easy to follow. Alannah and Dominic met in school and fast became best friends then later lovers. Dominic's father is a member of the mob and soon introduces his son to the life and eventually Alannah has to move away. Fast forward to when Alannah and Dominic are adults and She decides to return and try to rekindle their relationship, but little does she know Dominic is now [...]

    26. KingpinAmazing, beautiful, w and an awesome read. Read this book in just 1 day. It was amazing and I can't wait to read the second book.Thanks, Henry Etebar

    27. I had to stop at chapter 26. I could not finish this book, it became real boring to me, I just wasn't into it. I hate leaving books unfinished, but I'm just waiting time.

    28. I went searching for a mafia romance book and when I read the synopsis I was really intrigued and ready to see what this author had to offer me. The story is centered around Dominic and Alannah. They meet at the age of 11 when Alanna moves from California to St. Louis due to her father being transferred because of his enlistment in the Air Force. The author painstakingly takes his time developing and building a relationship between these adolescents into their teenage years. Abruptly at the age [...]

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