Small Lives

Small Lives Translated by Jody Gladding Elizabeth Deshays

  • Title: Small Lives
  • Author: Pierre Michon Jody Gladding Elizabeth Deshays
  • ISBN: 9780972869218
  • Page: 289
  • Format: Paperback
  • Translated by Jody Gladding Elizabeth Deshays.

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      289 Pierre Michon Jody Gladding Elizabeth Deshays
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    1 thought on “Small Lives”

    1. vite minuscole, ma a tratti du palle discretamente grandi.avrebbe dovuto insospettirmi aver perso il filo già leggendo il risvolto di copertina. colpa di una scrittura che non è solo complessa - non lo riterrei in assoluto un limite - ma volutamente complicata. fatta di periodi tortuosi e concetti lambiccati. la scorrevolezza deve fargli schifo, a pierre michonima di produrmi nel lancio plastico con cui congedo i libri da quando l'età mi ha resa insofferente, per 106 pagine ho ascoltato rumor [...]

    2. También en esa nada se ancló su aparente cinismo; sin duda agotó su vida en búsquedas de cabos de cordel para atar en lugar de ese eslabón faltante; y quizás fue también para colmar ese vacío por lo que el alcohol entró en su cuerpo y en su vida, con el puesto que conocemos, el de la plenitud siempre prestada y siempre desvanecida, el puesto tiránico del oro líquido que en el seno de sus botellas contiene todos los padres, madres, esposas e hijos que se quiera. La inutilidad del pasad [...]

    3. Michon is much better when he writes about others rather than himself. The chapters here about wandering family members and friends from school are filled with wonder and depth and mystery, investing memory with an exploratory expansiveness that resonated down to the obscurest cells of my grey matter; but the chapters that deal with himself and his struggling attempts to write, and his drug use and his relations with women, felt unnecessarily excessive and surcharged with intentional self-mythol [...]

    4. Creature dispotiche“Mi resta la casa; il mio amore per lei non è venuto meno. C’è un glicine morto che si dispera; le intemperie e la mia incuria hanno mandato tutto in rovina; le essenze rare che Félix aveva piantato per me crollano a una a una sui fienili, tra scricchiolii improvvisi e lente erosioni; i forti venti scagliano lastre d’ardesia ubriache contro gli ippocastani, l’acqua morta si accumula dove i vivi dormivano, cadono fotografie e in fondo agli armadi altre sorridono nel [...]

    5. Un mondo virato seppiaUna lettura particolarmente impegnativa si dipana attraverso otto capitoli/racconti che originano dalla memoria dell’autore e della sua famiglia.I primi sono anche i più affascinanti, interamente costruiti su frammenti di ricordi, sensazioni, volti e paesaggi, reliquie di personaggi dalle esistenze sfuggenti, appena percepite dal narratore bambino o non ancora venuto al mondo, che supplisce con l’immaginazione e il grande talento visionario ai vuoti della memoria e all [...]

    6. Going through this novel 'Roemloze levens' (orig. Vies minuscules) by Pierre Michon, written in powerful language, beautifully enriched with many metaphores and metonymia, I sometimes had some trouble in getting sufficient grip on the meaning of certain fragments. Nevertheless it overall was a joy, this close reading, about friends and relatives of the author, wrapped in the form of a novel, well, actually a series of portraits.I have been scolarly helped by the translator: Rokus Hofstede. Many [...]

    7. La scrittura come redenzione di vite perdute. E la scrittura come trappola che attende paziente la sua preda. Vite che incontrano il loro senso attraverso la scrittura, e vite che si perdono inseguendo le promesse della scrittura. Una lingua ricercata, una sintassi complessa: uniche armi contro la consunzione della morte e del tempo. Un'opera dall'architettura solida e implacabile: cappella di famiglia che accoglie nomi, frammenti di esistenze inimmaginabili o soltanto immaginate, gesti irrepara [...]

    8. Le vite qui raccontate saranno anche minuscole, ma la scrittura è grande, ricca e capace di mettere luce e anima ovunque.Vita di André Defourneau ★★★★★Vita di Antoine Peluchet ★★★★Vite di Eugène e di Clara ★★★★★Vite dei fratelli Bakroot ★★★★Vita di père Foucault ★★★★★Vita di Georges Bandy ★★★★★Vita di Claudette ★★★Vita della bambina morta ★★★"Semmai l'aspirazione a non interrompere, a non diluire la densità di una simile sc [...]

    9. Those haunted by the small people in one's personal past who have perished and only continue to exist in one's own soon-to-perish memory will find this a rewarding read. But beware. Michon, who was not a child of privilege and struggled to achieve his impressive cultural knowledge, experiences the world through the lens of literature and painting. Consequently, his writing is breathtakingly, sometimes maddeningly, inter-textual and sends one running to the internet on virtually every page to tra [...]

    10. First of all, I just want to say that I really like the idea behind this book. It is split up into 8 novellas that each tell the story of people who influenced the author's life at one point or another. When put together they tell how the author came to write this roundabout version of an autobiography. My problem with it was the style. The sentences seemed to go on and on and on (at one point I counted: 20 lines with no full stop.) I know this is considered stylistic in the Romance languages, a [...]

    11. Michon is a magnificent prose stylist and his instrument works best when he is writing the lives of others. When writing about himself and his drug-taking, betrayals, and so on, it does not work so well, partly because the language surreptitiously glorifies with its music what he pretends to deplore. So I find some hypocrisy in his self-portrayal ("You women all left me because I behaved so badly, but see, I have become a great writer nonetheless, and you with all your pitiful virtues are now a [...]

    12. Ce livre représente beaucoup d'émotions pour moi, par la manière dont je l'ai acquis et par les événements qui se sont déroulés durant sa lecture. Il a été pour moi un coup en plein cœur, tant de signes que j'ai relié à mon propre vécu : un de ces livres dont on a l'impression qu'il s'écrit sous nos yeux, qu'il ne parle qu'à nous. Vision égocentrique. Livre merveilleux par son expression de la ruralité. Je souhaite dorénavant lire l'ensemble de l'oeuvre de Pierre Michon.

    13. () Moge een trefzekere stijl hun val hebben vertraagd, waardoor de mijne misschien ook trager is; moge mijn hand hun hebben vergund, hoe vluchtig ook, in de lucht een gedaante aan te nemen, louter opgeroepen door de spanning in mij; mogen ze, door mij te vellen, hebben geleefd, hoger en lichter dan wij leven, zij die zo weinig waren en weer zo weinig zullen zijn. En mogen ze misschien, wonderlijk genoeg, verschijningen zijn geworden. Er is niets waar ik zo dol op ben als op een wonder.Maar heeft [...]

    14. I'm pretty sure I missed about half of this book in my first reading - it's written in highly literary French, and at some point it's going to require a reading with a dictionary in my other hand (which is not the way I prefer to read a book, but this one is probably worth understanding). The premise is intriguing: it's an autobiography, more or less, but written in the form of short stories beginning with more-fiction-than-not accounts of relatives about whom little to nothing is known and even [...]

    15. Wat een geweldig boek dit. Dat had ik niet verwacht toen ik aan het eerste verhaal van deze zogenaamde bundel bezig was. Ik moest erg wennen aan de stijl van Michon. Hij gebruikt lange zinnen met veel beeldspraak waar ik als lezer even tijd voor nodig had om op waarde te kunnen schatten. Op een gegeven moment viel het kwartje. Zo spreekt Michon over het verre Amerika, de plek waar een verdwenen hoofdpersoon uit een van de verhalen naar toe zou zijn gegaan: ' een rijk maar gevaarlijk land, een mo [...]

    16. Vite Minuscole finge di essere due cose, in realtà ne è solo una. Gli otto capitoli, ognuno dedicato a ritrarre una (o due) persone, sono, in realtà, il dipinto letterario di Michon. Ovvero, ciò che lo spinge a scrivere, in particolare, come è diventato uno scrittore, come è riuscito, dopo l'enorme crisi artistica adolescenziale-adulta, a scrivere finalmente qualcosa. Ma, d'altronde, questo aspetto è sottolineato dalla prima frase del libro: "Inoltriamoci nella genesi delle mie pretese". [...]

    17. Some stories about different people. Some of the characters are likable, some not, some left me indifferent. Some stories were reasonably interesting, some boring. Not too impressed. Maybe I should have read it quicker and in English.

    18. Gli otto splendidi capitoli di questo libro racchiudono, come gioielli grezzi, storie destinate all’oblio, storie di uomini e donne che se non avessero avuto legami di parentela o rapporti passeggeri con l’autore, sarebbero scomparsi nel dimenticatoio, nel calderone dell’umanità. Sono biografi di personaggi non illustri ma tratteggiati in modo sublime, in una Francia fatta di campi coltivati, piccoli villaggi, chiese di campagna, contadini e bettole dove ubriacarsi bello

    19. Pierre Michon est un très grand écrivain, vivant. Vies minuscules expose les portraits de huit anonymes qu'il a fréquentés, et de sa mère, et de toutes les femmes qui l'ont empêché de se noyer dans l'obscure lagune de la réminiscence de son impouvoir. Ce sont autant de reflets de Michon lui-même. Ils portent une imprécation asymptotique, incrédule, vexatoire et pourtant salvatrice, dans le grand balancement d'une parole en attente précaire, à l'humour cautérisant. On trouve des mot [...]

    20. 'Moge een trefzekere stijl hun val hebben vertraagd, waardoor de mijne misschien ook trager is; moge mijn hand hun hebben vergund, hoe vluchtig ook, in de lucht even een gedaante aan te nemen, louter opgeroepen door die spanning in mij; mogen ze, door mij te vellen, hebben geleefd, hoger en lichter dan wij leven, zij die zo weinig waren en weer zo weinig zullen zijn. En mogen ze misschien, wonderlijk genoeg, verschijningen zijn geworden. Er is niets waarop ik zo dol ben als op een wonder.Maar he [...]

    21. Unruly, that is the word that went constantly through my head, reading this book. Unruly, primarily because of the style: Michon uses a vocabulary that is a lot richer than my not too limited knowledge of French; moreover, his sentences have a very irregular rhythm: in general it are long sentences, whith each part of the phrase regularly going its own way, in a different direction than the start of the sentence. Difficult indeed, although I must admit I got used to it a bit after a while and Mi [...]

    22. Vidas minúsculas que reconstruyen la propia. La belleza de una autobiografía que se descubre en los otros. André Dufourneau viaja a África y con él, el autor se da cuenta que "la escritura es un continente más tenebroso, mas incitante y engañoso que África" . Restos de antepasados conectan y construyen su YO en un papá que desaparece , unos abuelos Eugene y Clara que lo quieren de remplazo ¿Por qué Clara le roba la vida a Eugene? ¿Por qué Eugene se bebe la que le queda? Excelencia L [...]

    23. Pierre Michon is not accessible. His sentences ramble on for lines and lines and lines and they end up so far away from the starting point it seems as though there should be paragraph breaks separating them rather than five commas and two semicolons. Sections of the novel are deeply interesting and moving (my favorite chapter was The Lives of Eugene and and Clara, which was bittersweet and poignant), but for all the re-reading I had to do to understand Michon, it wasn't very rewarding.

    24. Le style parfois très hermétique de Pierre Michon (phrases alambiquées qui n'en finissent pas, vocabulaire très riche) est parfois décourageant, voilà pourquoi il vaut mieux lire ces fragments de vie d'une seule traite ; chaque interruption de lecture rend sa reprise encore plus laborieuse. Mais une fois qu'on est plongé dedans, on peut pleinement profiter de ces huit courtes biographies parfois très émouvantes.

    25. This collection of stories about ordinary people and their lives & deaths reads like a poem. I started it after having zoomed through a more fluffy sort of book and I had read a few pages before I realized I had to adjust my pace and reorient my brain if I wanted to get anything out of it. So I went back to the beginning and took it word-by-word and sentence-by-sentence and it was really beautiful & sweet. Especially the part about the grandparents.

    26. Questo libro entra a pieno titolo fra quelli che ho apprezzato, ma non ho amato. Non sono riuscito a entrare in sintonia con il respiro di una prosa tanto densa da risultare faticosa. Degli otto capitoli di cui si compone l'opera, quello che mi è piaciuto di più è stato "Vite dei fratelli Bakroot", il più vivo e sincero, a mio avviso.Sinceramente non lo consiglierei.

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