Danganronpa: The Animation, Volume 1

Danganronpa The Animation Volume Equal parts social sim murder mystery and courtroom thriller Polygon Each year the elite Hope s Peak Academy selects only the most gifted and talented students to enroll plus one ordinary student c

  • Title: Danganronpa: The Animation, Volume 1
  • Author: Spike Chunsoft Takashi Tsukimi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Equal parts social sim, murder mystery and courtroom thriller Polygon Each year, the elite Hope s Peak Academy selects only the most gifted and talented students to enroll plus one ordinary student, chosen by lottery Makoto Naegi was that lucky person or so he thought When he shows up for class, he finds the elite students are a bizarre cast of oddballs under th Equal parts social sim, murder mystery and courtroom thriller Polygon Each year, the elite Hope s Peak Academy selects only the most gifted and talented students to enroll plus one ordinary student, chosen by lottery Makoto Naegi was that lucky person or so he thought When he shows up for class, he finds the elite students are a bizarre cast of oddballs under the ruthless authority of a robot teddy bear principal, Monokuma The bear lays down the school rules the only way out of Hope s Peak is to not only murder another student but get away with it, as every murder is followed by a tribunal where the surviving students cross examine each other Inspired by the video game series for PSP, released through NIS America Based on the anime TV show, released in 2015 through Funimation.

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      336 Spike Chunsoft Takashi Tsukimi
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    1. **I received a free eARC from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review**Every year an elite school selects fourteen gifted students, and an ordinary one who is chosen at random, to enroll. This lucky student is Makoto Naegi, who, after the welcome ceremony, realizes he might not be so lucky after all.The school's principal, a robot teddy bear called Monokuma, tells the students that the only way to graduate and leave the school is to kill another student. But even more rules [...]

    2. I absolutely adored Danganronpa as a video game. I didn't play it myself, but I've watched the first game fully through gaming videos on youtube. It was such a unique and creepy concept. I couldn't stop watching. I know there is a second game and also an anime, but I haven't tried those (yet). Now, there is manga coming out. This first volume was really good. It didn't differ much (if at all) from the video game, but it still made me laugh and tear up a bit. It's been a while since I experienced [...]

    3. Makoto Naegi; an average boy has the luck to go to a very special school called Hopes Peak Academy where some of the best young prodigies go to to get better at what they excel at. But what Naegi does not know is that this is not your average fine private academy. This school is ruled by the evil bear principal named Monokuma who traps the students in the school and forces Naegi and fourteen other students to kill each other to escape; but the catch is, if you kill someone you have to convince t [...]

    4. Like announced in the summary, it's inspired of a battle Royal with a twisted wicked crazy teddy bear. It remind me of the bear from "Bleach". Other references, a bit of "The Hunger Games" as well as "D-Gray Man" in the illustrations.Personally, I've liked the bloody plot and the sweetness and naive aspect of the hero. This first volume made me curious enough to make me wait the sequel to know who will die next! LOL!Cool one!newbooksonmyselves

    5. Alucinante. De verdad, el mejor manga que he leído hasta la fecha.El manga parte de una base buenísima ya que la idea y la trama de la historia es brutal y completamente cautivante para el lector. Pero, ¿el desarrollo? Es completamente inesperado, hace que te tomes en serio todo lo que está pasando desde prácticamente el principio y los sentimientos del lector dan igual, lo cual es algo que no hace más que añadir crueldad y giros a la historia.Los personajes están muy bien definidos y la [...]

    6. I love Dangan Ronpa with all my heart, and to other adrenaline-junkies out there, this is the manga for you! To any new fans of Dangan Ronpa, I recommend watching the anime before reading this manga, so you get the pulse and mindset of the franchise. The manga follows the same format as the animation, with a few minor details missing from the plot, but not so much that it ticks any experts off. To those who got a little mixed up with the trials and murders while watching the anime, reading the m [...]

    7. Hach, ich liebe den Anime so - und will auch irgendwann die Spiele spielen. Keine Ahnung, warum ich so einen Narren an Danganronpa gefressen habe. Der Anime/Manga ist bizarr mit skurrilen Charakteren, die Mordszenen haben es sich in sich - und erst die Wendungen gegen Ende :D

    8. A decent summary of the game, with a little bit of original content. I highly advise playing the game first, though, because this will take all the fun of solving the mysteries right out it.

    9. Because I've played the game, I knew everything already so it wasn't anything new. Still liked to see the class trial, even though they feel short.

    10. This was a great manga, loved the anime adaption! I loved this version because of the way the class trials unfolded.

    11. Just as good as the anime (since it was based off that) but personally I found it quite hard to read backwards. Didn't take long to read and ended with body discover 2, so only had one death and one trial.

    12. Honestly, everyone else has pretty much said my opinion. I was brought into this series by a few friends, and I loved it.

    13. Ah yes, gimme those wacky homicidal hijinks the Japanese do so well.This falls more into the 'silly' category than 'horrifying insanity'. The violence is (relatively) tame; instead the the focus is more on the absurd circumstances our characters find themselves in, locked in their school unless they can murder another student and get away with it (it gets worse too, but I don't want to spoil ALL the surprises).Have I mentioned how much I love that "survival game" is basically an entire genre in [...]

    14. Yet another "teenagers forced to kill each other" story, a genre whose popularity I think merits some serious academic examination. The setup seems preposterous, with some unknown party abducting fifteen of the "ultimate" students in their particular areas and trying to get them to kill each other. Hey, instead of having them kill each other, wouldn't using their skills to accomplish something be a lot smarter? Why somebody who can build exploding robot bears and the other technology underlying [...]

    15. Danganronpa comes in three media forms: Video games, Mangas, and Anime. I think the games came before the mangas and the mangas before the anime. I played the first and second games and absolutely loved them. The third is on my Steam wishlist, but I am waiting for it to go on sale because it's expensive. While waiting for the third game, I read the first manga and wasn't a fan as it was essentially the same exact thing although I probably should have assumed that would be the case. The anime was [...]

    16. I had never heard of this before but was very excited to read it after seeing it. Monokuma, an evil robot teddy bear principal is probably the "Ultimate Weirdest Villain" ever! LOL. The plot of being locked up and each one gets killed has been done before (and I love these types of stories!), however, Danganronpa brings a crazy psycho, a bunch of kids who must kill each other, and a court case trial together after each death. The deaths are weird; as are the motley collection of students. The bo [...]

    17. Figured I'd finally read this after knowing about this series forever and seeing lots of cosplay. It was an entertaining, violent plot with lots of mystery that kept me turning pages. As long as you suspend your belief some, it seems like it'll be a fun ride. Although I was surprised how quickly (view spoiler)[Junko got killed. Does she come back somehow? I'm just confused because lots of people cosplay her for only being around for a few chapters (hide spoiler)]. I'd like to try playing one of [...]

    18. Read as digital ARC.I am DYING to get my hands on Volume 2! At first I was a little concerned about pacing, but that was just because I wanted to be able to spend more time with the awesome characters. Now that I've been through a volume and get how it works, I can't wait to use my Nancy Drew detective skills and try to solve the next case. It's such a brilliant concept and I love the Ultimates and the uniqueness of each character--I just wish we'd started with more than 15 because I want more!

    19. Well i watched the anime. it is a really fun watch and solving along the main characters. the music and animations and effects are what gets me into it the most. the story is really interesting too. tho the last episode was kinda. wrapped up too simply for me. but who knows. there's another game abt it, i heard.

    20. This book is the derivative of the wildly successful game series of the same name. The character portrayal is dangerously crude and the jury deliberation sessions are severely watered down. As a spin-off though, it does manage to pique my interest enough that it creates a sense of urgency in me to lay my paws on the games.

    21. El título da para chistes fáciles sobre la calidad de entretenimiento que da la serie, pero afortunadamente por ahora me resulta bastante digna.Ooootro survival manga que se suma al catálogo argentino y que afortunadamente parece que no va a durar tanto como para terminar deseándoles la muerte a casi todos los personajes.

    22. As a huge Danganronpa fan, game, anime & now manga - I think this is amazing. The anime's dub in English was pretty terrible to be honest, but this doesn't follow suit. It fit the games very well, and it was an enjoyable read with a nice afterword at the end. I also liked the colored art in the beginning and the fan art at the end.

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